Sarah Palin: Dumb like a Fox

She didn’t have time to do Meet the Press or This Week or any of the other big name political shows that are considered a “must” by political insiders. So where was Sarah Palin?

Now we know the answer to that nagging question. She wasn’t breast-feeding Trig, helping the older kids with their homework, learning the latest stump speech or brushing up on issues great and small for the vice-presidential debate. She was shopping till she dropped at Sacks and Neiman Marcus with the GOP’s charge cards.

She was visiting spas, getting spray tans, having her nails done and her hair coiffed.

When she wasn’t having temper tantrums, she was playing the vixen, parading around in a towel to embarrass McCain staffers.

That’s what unnamed sources told reporters from Newsweek, the New York Times and Fox News. They all drank this Kool-Aid and then regurgitated it for the rest of us to swallow.

Pardon me while I recover from a belly laugh!

How can anyone believe that trash?

Palin, the mother of five and the governor of our largest state gets an unexpected phone call asking her to put her life, and the life of her family, on hold to become a candidate for vice-president of the United States. For the last two months she was hounded by the media. The long knives were out for her at every campaign stop. Most of her time was spent preparing her stump speeches and for the debate of her life; and some disgruntled, unnamed staffers want us to believe that Sarah Palin spent her time worrying about such drivel.

Her face was plastered on billboards. The press had her staked out. She couldn’t go anywhere without the secret service and an entourage, so when did she conduct these clandestine shopping sprees?

If you believe that, than you are dumb enough to believe that the woman who took on corruption in her state and ousted a sitting governor from her own party didn’t know that Africa was a continent, not a country, or the parties to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

No less than Randy Scheunemann, McCain’s foreign policy aide, and Steve Biegun, a former member of Bush’s National Security Council, have come forward to say it isn’t so. These men spent hours briefing her but Newsweek and The New York Times have been too busy fawning over Obama to question them?

Alaska shares a border with Canada. NAFTA is important to Alaska and Palin was actively involved with Canada on trade issues. As for the charge about Africa, her campaign spokesman Meg Stapleton told CNN’s Campbell Brown that, once during a briefing session, she was responding to an issue and she miss spoke and “in the middle (of her statement) she said ‘country of Africa’ and somebody instantly wrote it down.”

Scheunemann told the Anchorage Daily News that Palin’s debate performance speaks for itself.
“The idea that she could stand up on the stage with somebody who’s been in the Senate for 35 years and discuss domestic and foreign policy as effectively as she did, and yet somehow she doesn’t know who is in NAFTA and doesn’t know that Africa is a continent and not a country is laughable.”

Anonymous attacks by disgruntled political staffers who feel slighted, or are trying to curry favor with the media, or trying to build up their current (or future) bosses are nothing new.

When staffers of George H.W. Bush began trashing Ronald Reagan, soon after the Gipper left the White House, they were quickly taken to task by Chief-of-Staff John Sununu and the new president immediately called Reagan to apologize.

If McCain doesn’t step forward to defend his running mate and soon, this will be a terrible black mark against his name, not hers.

Reagan was constantly maligned by the media. They called him a “cowboy” and a “B- movie actor,” not ready for prime time. To be sure, getting up to speed on foreign policy is a daunting task for any governor but let us not forget that Reagan proved to be a master in this arena and, in his plain spoken way, stood up to countries great and small.

While the pundits most adored by the Washington media have written Palin’s political obituary, she is adored by the rank and file. Ninety-one percent of Republicans have a favorable view of her and 64 percent say she is their choice for the party’s nominee in 2012. That’s four years away, but already “Palin 2012″ bumper stickers are showing up on cars and there is an army of conservatives who are anxious to enlist in her campaign.

13 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Dumb like a Fox

  1. There is no accounting for popularity. Sometimes the crowds get it right and often they blow it. How else do you account for a whole parade of popular scoundrels throughout history?

    Certainly Mr. Reagan is popular – but he was a lightweight. His adventures in Latin America pretty much assured Chavez’s success (just as Bush II has gift wrapped Iraq for the Iranians). His military victories were against mice that roared. His” victory against Communism” left the real enemy, Russia, very much in tact. Meanwhile, he inaugurated out-of-control GOP spending.

    Palin is equally unimpressive. She is full of energy and painfully ignorant about the larger world. A former news reader, she got her start on the national stage reading well a speech that somebody else wrote. Big whoop.

    So, let us all rail against bogeymen communists – and fend off “socialism”, in between nationalizing banks, insurerers, and car companies, while we cherish our Medicaid and Medicare and Social Security.

    Look. We need real discussion on real issues. We need accountability. We need to experiment and keep our minds open. All the isms and both parties need to be held up to the light. We need to rethink our politics.


  2. Palin For President 2012 Website Crashes Due To Explosive Support Due to McCain Operatives Trashing Sarah Palin

    The same GOP establishment Bush/McCain political operatives and “so called” strategists who failed in their campaign to elect John McCain president are failing again in their savage attempt to destroy the political career of Sarah Palin. The Sarah Palin For President in 2012 website received more traffic and support since the attacks began following the election than in the entire period leading up to the election. This campaign is similar to their attacks on Congressman Ron Paul and the results are the same.

    Maybe the GOP establishment and their Neocon and Wall Street special interests should try the politics of inclusion instead of exclusion for a change and welcome real conservative supporters and candidates into the Republican Party. Although the GOP establishment has almost destroyed the Republican Party, real conservatives will come together and restore the GOP to the original Ronald Reagan vision of fiscal and social conservatism.

    “At least the website crash will give us the opportunity to maybe catch up and reply to all the people wanting to join the Sarah Palin For President 2012 grassroots campaign,” says Ron Holland.

    Keep up the good work, McCain operatives as your “keystone cops” approach to the McCain presidential campaign elected Obama president in the 2008 election and your attacks are just what we need to start the Sarah Palin For President in 2012 campaign for the GOP nomination for president.

    Maybe these operatives should work for the Democrats in the next election so they will be defeated. Then again, considering their performance to date, maybe they were working for the Democrats during the 2008 election.

    Ron Holland,
    Sarah Palin For President 2012 website

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    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.


    Apache/1.3.41 Server at Port 80


  3. Trashing Sarah Palin is quite simply the beginning of the 2012 Presidential election season. The Republican’s most well known candidate and probably the best is Sarah Palin. The democrat party certainly wants to eleminate the only Republican who can beat Obama for re-election in 2012.

    Expect more of the same from the beltway insiders, not less.


  4. Great article Jane! You are doing what the media is supposed to do – expose the truth. Ironic how differently Sarah has been handled compared to her counterparts. Some of the problem may be her gender, but most of the problem seems to be her views. Too bad mainstream media won’t recant their accusations.
    Sarah’s speech today at the Governors’ Conference reaffirms her desire to better this country and she will if given the chance. Will the GOP take the risk?
    She is likeable, seemingly fearless, no nonsense and has strong leadership skills. Her moral compass is strong and she is what she is. what’s not to like? She scares the liberal elite and I say Go Sarah! You are a great role model for all women. Hunters would rather shoot at the eagles than the pigeons. Let em talk!


  5. Thank you! Who is the RNC protecting? It’s surely not Sarah Palin. There should be public repercussions. The salacious glee with which Cameron and Newsweek reported the mean girls gossip without even specifics stories or shopping receipts was appalling. Maybe before the internet this story might have been gone in a few days. Now – The reporters and the political aides need to watch themselves.


  6. Jane,

    The rats and cockroaches have been exposed! I’m going to say this publicly: Obama will make so many blunders which will be costly in human lives during his presidency, and the public will be ready to toss him out of the White House. Hilary will likely chime in and remind the public that she would have pulled out the troops from Iraq in less than 60 days had she been elected. It’s time, meanwhile, to pray for the candidate God wants in office. Now I hope I don’t sound mean to say this, but I will anyways: MOONBATS: YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!

    Have a great day Jane!


  7. This is an excellent clear headed analysis of the facts. This women was running for vice president, has a family including a special needs baby and was still governor of Alaska. It would take a serious “willing suspension of disbelief” to believe the rumors and gossip told about Sarah Palin. She has a record to refer to when judging the dubious stories and reports about her. It is ironic how obtuse the “smart people” are when it comes to determining what is most likely true or false.


  8. In all of my 70 years I have never seen so much enthusiasm over a vice presidentoal candidate, especially one on a losing ticket. Sarah Palin is the best thing to happen to the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan. Let the neo-cons run her down as much as they want to; they are the ones that will be irrelivent in 2012, not Sarah.


  9. The fact is that Palin knew nothing about the Supreme Court and couldn’t name any real newspaper that she read. She’s ignorant. Perhaps not stupid, but decidedly ignorant. What really turned off her detractors was the ugly combination, though, of ignorance and righteousness.

    We’ve been there and done that w/ Bush. Most of our families lost ground under the man – and then got positively buried at the end of his term. Same ugly combination. Not gonna do THAT again.


  10. Dumb like a fox? No, just dumb like Sarah Palin. All one needs to do is listen to her impromptu remarks. Any fool can read prepared lines from a teleprompter, but the biggest dummies are the ones with limited knowledge who try to ad lib their way through. All Katie Kouric had to do for the public to see exactly how much of an intellectual cypher Palin is, was to let her talk. If the lady is seriously regarded as “the future of the Republican party” then the GOP had better be prepared for a very long, very cold winter —- perhaps three or four presidential terms worth.


  11. Nothing is more ignorant than: “The fact is that Palin knew nothing about the Supreme Court and couldn’t name any real newspaper that she read. She’s ignorant.”

    It has and was never conceded that she knew “nothing about the Supreme Court” or that she couldn’t name any real newspaper that she read. These absolutes are the type of flavors found in every pack of Kool-Aid.


  12. Comments from readers about Sarah Palin’s inability to give a response that was not from a telepromter: So much emphasis on her but not on Biden’s numerous guffaws (he has hoof and mouth diesease) i.e. not even knowing which article of the US Constitution derives the authority and powers of the VP????? And how about Obama’s comment about 57 states and he has 1 more o go? The man got elected president and flubbed up on the number of states in the country where he presides. The unbalanced amount of attention to the most trivial details of everything about Palin versus the unsumountable overlooked corruptness, questionable character, smugness, etc of the Obama/Biden fellows shows that the liberals are indeed trying to blackball a 2012 run for president. As this presidental reign developes, our wallets are going to hit hard. Two years ago when Palin was elected govener of the great state of Alaska, she put billions of dollars of state money in savings. “Dumb” like a fox? Smarter than Wall Street


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