Girl Scouts go hard-left and downhill

“Change” was the buzz word for the Obama campaign. Change was also the buzz word at the 51st Girl Scout National Council Session and Convention held earlier this month in Indianapolis, Indiana. It stands as further proof that change is not always for the better.

From the opening ceremony to the exhibitors in the convention hall, it is clear that the direction the Girl Scouts has chosen is a hard left, downhill.

These changes began in 1970, when feminist Betty Friedan was put on the national governing board. Then, partnerships were forged with Planned Parenthood, the green extreme, gun control advocates and other left-wing groups.

In 1980, the organization changed its policy on homosexuality and welcomed lesbians as scouts and troop leaders.

In 1993, the Girl Scouts put an asterisk by the word “God” in the promise and invited girls to tell the Creator to take a hike.

Patriotism has been replaced with globalism. This year, the traditional flag ceremony was trashed. The girls didn’t respectfully carry the U.S. flag into the hall. Instead it was bunched together with the flags of other countries and pulled in by a golf cart to the nonsensical – some say drug related – 70’s Chicago tune “25 or 6 to 4.” After the girls recited the promise, the band broke into “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Keynote speakers included left-wing political activists actress Geena Davis, who starred in “Commander in Chief,” and former Ms. Foundation president Marie Wilson, who founded the White House Project and Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

A large portion of the program was devoted to the antics of leadership consultant Christian Whitney Sanchez who used a process called “StoryWeaving” to lead the almost 10, 000 attendees and national council and girl members in a giant “Kumbaya” session to get them further down the garden path to the New Age and make them think it was all their idea.

Sanchez is about as far from founder Juliette Low as one can get. Her bio says she was born under the Leo Sun Sign and spent her undergraduate years with Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess. She practices yoga and meditation as she engages in daily life as “spiritual practice” and looks for opportunities to fulfill her purpose of “contributing to the evolution of human consciousness.”

On the way to these sessions, the Girl Scouts could visit displays that feature the Sophia Dolls collection to help them find their “inner goddess.” According to the manufacturer, which donates a percentage of all sales to the Girl Scouts, these dolls “serve as a personal empowerment tool by allowing you or your daughter to connect with inner wisdom to guide in expanding and balancing life roles.”

The highlight of the convention was the unveiling of the latest “Journeys” program inspired by the Ashland Institute and created with the help of Brian Bacon of the Oxford Leadership Academy, who is a practitioner and teacher of the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga and a “senior member” of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. These programs are billed as a “leadership experience.” Girls are encouraged to become “agents of change” – ah, there’s that word again – for the global good.

These programs are egocentric and devoid of any mention of family. There is a strong anti-boy tone. Instead of mother and father, the books refer to “trusted adults.” Gone is the Judeo Christian tradition on which the Girl Scouts was founded. The emphasis is on moral relativism and “self.” The books are salt and peppered with Eastern religious practices. Girls are encouraged to make a Zen garden, use yoga and martial arts as a form of relaxation and use a Japanese tea ceremony to “clear the mind.”

Newcomers to the Girl Scouts may not immediately recognize the danger. On the surface, the new Daisy and Brownie Journey programs begin innocently enough and there is no asterisk by the word “God” in the promise in these books.

Although the Scouts have emphasized “change,” leadership recognizes that once a family, which holds to Judeo-Christian values, has a girl in Scouts, that family is reluctant to face this mistake and “change” to a program that isn’t in conflict with its values.

Fortunately, there are better alternatives. Legacy Clubs for mothers and daughters began last year in Draper, Utah. American Heritage Girls, which began 13 years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio, is now nationwide and most closely mirrors the scouting program begun by Juliette Low.

Yes, at times, change can be beneficial!

32 thoughts on “Girl Scouts go hard-left and downhill

  1. I continue to be concerned that you refer to “the scouting program begun by Juliette Low” without any clear understanding of either the program or the context it was developed in. You may enjoy reading her original handbook, in which many examples of Native American folklore and ceremonies, are discussed. The last time I checked, Native American folklore is not based on Judeo-Christian principles. Your deridement of Eastern religions and other spiritual practices smacks of bigotry and ethnocentrism. Are you advocating that ONLY Christians be allowed in Girl Scouting? Or that Christian ideals are superior to all other ideals? Perhaps that Girl Scouts should not make an effort to understand the billions of others with whom we share this world? Low founded her first troop in a time when girls lived by many social strictures, and her first troop, and first handbook, included many activities that were “changes” – sports, auto maintenance and driving, outdoor skills, to name a few. She recognized change, and encouraged Girl Scouting to grow and change. I am proud to still be a Girl Scout, proud of the legacy that Juliette Low gave us, and proud that Girl Scouts learn to recognize beliefs other than their own.


  2. Wow, I can’t believe that they would have such a disrespectful flag ceremony at their national convention. It’s like they are mocking everything we stand for as Americans! And they claim to NOT have a religious foundation or direction, but in my book, the New Age and Eastern Meditations are religions — or at least religious cults. Why hasn’t the country figured this out?

    More importantly, why is the Catholic Church still supportive of, and bound to the GSUSA? Certainly someone within the Catholic Church has got to see that GSUSA does NOT support the pro-life and pro-family values of Catholics? When will the parish members rise up in revolt and take their girls out of Girl Scouts?

    The women leading these groups are no longer going to be able to pick and choose what they want to teach and try to “spiritualize” the GSUSA program and make “Christian” girl scout troops. The new Journey’s curriculum will be the only thing available as of 2010. What will it take to make these leaders realize the trash that GSUSA is trying to shove down girls’ throats?

    Wake up America! It’s time to initiate a mass exodus from GSUSA. The only way we’re going to be able to affect them is through the pocketbook. Don’t renew your membership. Don’t buy their cookies. There is power in numbers. Boycott the GSUSA!


  3. Having had my older sister enter the Girl Scouts a couple years ahead of me, I anticipated joining the Boy Scouts. It was a big deal for me, at ten, to take a personal pledge, one that was not simply led by a teacher and followed by all the class, but one that was explained in detail, one on one, before I was accepted as candidate to become a Scout.
    Several adult leaders spent several hours over a few weeks, asking me questions like why did I want to join, and what I expected to get out of it, and what I was willing to dedicate to and how serious I was about what they considered a serious, long term committment.
    I went from “tenderfoot” to “Life Scout” over some five years, and then went into the Sea Explorers, the senior Scouting experience for young adults, and stayed with them until I enlisted in the Marines.
    At no time during the training and experience, nor since then, has there been any reason or even suggestion that the oaths I took were fulfilled, and done, but remain with me, today. I am still a Life Scout, still bound by my oath, and still bound by the laws and principles. I find myself so because I am still bound by my oath of allegiance to the Constitution I made when I became a Marine, and there is no real room to surrender it while maintaining the principles and roots those oaths were founded upon.
    In my own mind, the deliberate dedication to absolute principles, with the very real intent of holding my word with my life as my bond, meant those oaths were forever.
    In my travels around the world in all the various things I’ve done for a living, I’ve found that almost every Scout I have ever met who stayed in long enough to achieve such rank and have pride in it, considers himself to remain a Scout, to the day they die, and still responsible for the oath they made, and upholding it.
    The Boy Scouts was put together to build a nation of men who had the character of solid citizens. It was built around the same principles of our Constitution. It was intended to prepare young boys to become real men. It has worked admirably for an hundred years, until the amoral left chose to take it down. It may still have some value, it will not for long, because principles matter, and an “amoral perspective” by definition, has no principles except having no principles.
    The Girl Scouts was built for the same purpose, however it was subsumed by socialist workers early in its time and has never had the purpose of building citizenship because of this.
    I believe that the difference between men and women, as relying on different perspectives to come to their beliefs has made the Girl Scouts far beyond “vulnerable”, and only an issue now because they’ve been ignored, and subverted from within rather than confronted, for the purpose of destroying them.
    It would seem that nothing I inherited from my parent’s generation has any worth at all to the generation of my children, and they will have the socialist dream that they have pursued since childhood, and the beginnings of the hard push for the final chapter of american socialism, and the making of a new communist nation.
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC


  4. Jane,

    The recent election results and things as you pointed out in the Girl Scouts indicate that the end is near. I don’t believe that the true Christian church will even be in this world two years from now when the 2010 elections occur. We can just sit back now and laugh as Obama and Hillary make things worse in the Middle East. What will happen is that they will cause the United States to turn its back on Israel, and then that will be the final nail in the coffin that brings terrible judgment upon the United States. Many more Katrinas and much worse will then happen to the United States, but again the true church will not even be around at this time in the world to witness these events.



  5. I see what you’re saying about Girl Scouts, but I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet. While I am not a Christian, the organization is going pretty far left, even for me. Still, other scouting organizations for girls cannot offer the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, or the benefits of having earned them.

    However, the purpose of my email is to let you know that there is another organization out there for girls called Frontier Girls, which I believe deserves some plugging, as you do American Heritage Girls. AHG is a bit thumpy and, if I remember correctly, very much a “women should be at home barefoot and pregnant” philosophy. I do believe in the power of girls – and as a stay-at-home mom, I believe there should be more of them, and more honor and reward in doing so – but I believe a woman should be encouraged to choose her own way. This is one of the reasons I believe Girl Scouts exist and one of the things I believe AHG fails at conveying. I’ve not been in the program – this is just my observation as someone who has scoured their site, looking for alternatives…

    Anyway, Frontier Girls, I believe, is closer to what Juliette Low intended for Girl Scouts – not AHG’s. I believe scouting should have a spiritual foundation, but not a Christian one, and that these matters are best handled in the family setting, not the troop setting. That goes for new age, Christianity, etc. etc. Girls in scouting should focus on true teamwork, friendship, camping/outdoors and community service – period. Frontier Girls is my “plan B”, should things go irreversibly left in GSUSA.



  6. Dear Jane,
    I am distressed to hear this, but am not surprised. I am scared about where our world leaders are leading us too. I do feel we had a chance to make a difference and America blew it this time. I can only pray now that Obama has enough sense to not lean his ear to hard to the left wing extremists.
    I am an AHG Coordinator now for a Catholic parish in Ohio. We also have Girl Scout troops in our parish and we do work together with them regarding service projects to help our church, but beyond that we have little in common any longer. We did Scouting for Food with the local Boy Scout Troop and Pack, work with outdoor service projects, helping the shut in and needy and basically jump when we are called. I believe no matter what faith you are when you stop recognizing God as the center of everything you do, you as an organization or troop will eventually fail. This is what scouting is all about and was intended to be 100 years ago. If you change it then it is just not scouting. We all have different ideas of what is best for our girls. I want positive role models for my girls and in Ohio, this stopped when the lesbian agenda became more important than camp safety to the Girl Scout program. I do believe it is right for girls to recognize a creator in order to advance to the highest level, the Stars and Stripes award. You cannot be an Eagle without this. These principles are what our country is founded upon. Soldiers are dying so that left wing feminists can do whatever they want, and I am just waiting for the day for it to all catch up to them. They are a fad. In order to receive the Stars and Stripes award, you must complete many badges, do hours of community service – a project similar but harder to finish than the Gold Award requirements, and fullfill a religious emblem award. These are hardly homemaker type badges and believe me, my 12 year old would not be interested if they were like this! They are relevant to the girls interests of today. My oldest daughter went to Challenge Camp in Ohio at the Boy Scout reservation and earned more badges than my Boy Scout (‘course she’s a year older). She earned Zoology, Biology, Swimming, Canoeing, Archery and next year, plans on learning to shoot a rifle (not an AHG badge). Oh boy. She is on her way to earning Outdoor Skills, which in involves rope tying, fire safety and fire building, ax and saw, outdoor cooking,first aid, hiking, orienteering and so much more. This also means a lot of camping and of course, spiders. She is also working on the Catholic Marian Award with 7 other girls. If you are looking for an organization that recognizes God and you want to be able to say a prayer without getting stared at or scolded for it, AHG is a great place to get started. And if you think Girl Scouts is better just because you don’t feel you are a “Christian” that’s fine. I think the world is big enough for all of us. It’s a free world, thank God. Thank God for the founders of AHG because I really believe my family’s lives would be less enriched without a true scouting program than encourages values and family life. Also the risk management and Child Protection policies are steller. I don’t think my back ground was ever checked as a parent volunteer by anyone. I was so touched at my last campout when the girls started singing Amazing Grace together. We are all of different faiths- but worship the same God so if this sounds like something for you then check out American Heritage Girls- it has been so right for me and my girls!


  7. Whilst the Girl Scouts are diminishing in size and effectiveness, many of these young women have joined the Venturing or Sea Scout programs offered through the Boy Scouts of America. Fully one-half of all young women in our Venturing Crew have given up on Girl Scouting for all the reasons mentioned in the article. They are overjoyed to be able to have a decent, respectful organization to belong to, to be able to recognize God, and to be unashamedly patriotic. More on the Venturing program can be found at


  8. I wish to address the references to American Heritage Girls. We are a Christian based scouting organization that is dedicated to “building up” the next generation of women in our country. I have been involved in the program at many different levels with all ages of girls. I have watched the girls grow in their self esteem, self worth, and individuality. The Christian perspective is not to limit or constrain our girls. It is a perspective that gives them a more profound sense of self- worth and empowers them to grow in an environment where God’s absolute love and acceptance is given. The program emphasizes a wide range of life skills, technology, and personal development. To borrow a phrase, the program is “to be all you can be” within the moral environment of Godly family and leaders. Indeed, it is my desire for my own squad that my girls develop their own unique talents; contribute to the betterment of society; and grow in their Christian spirituality . It is not about being naïve as the phrase “barefoot and pregnant” implies; but about understanding our choices in life and choosing to follow an ethical and moral path. If you are interested in a program that believes in developing moral character, deepening your daughter’s Christian faith, serving others, complementing her education, and just having fun with other girls; then AHG is certainly worthy of a closer look.


  9. Ahhhhhhhhhh, Fall is in full swing and with it your yearly rant against the Girs Scouts. As usual your rant is baseless and ill informed. I have two daughters in GS and can attest that what you wrote above is nothing but bigotry and misinformation…


  10. Hi again,
    I was in a hurry yesterday and wanted to correct that I was never back ground checked by the Girl Scouts of America as a parent volunteer that I know of, but heavily checked by AHG and also take this responsibility for all of my leaders and parent volunteers. They are fingerprinted and must take the Child Protection class. I am informed by my parish if there is a problem, but not given specifics. Also, only leaders have to sign the “statement of faith.” which is very close to the Catholic Apostle’s Creed. Girls do not and are not pounded with religion during their experience although they may choose the Bible Basics badge as something they can work on. Girls of any religion may be an American Heritage Girl.
    God bless American Heritage Girls!

    And the Venturers actually led the Adventure Camp girls (ages 6-10) and the older sect (ages 11 -18) at Challenge Camp and were the best role models I have ever seen! The girls really looked up to them. In addition, 2 Adult members of American Heritage Girls must also be present for every 6-12 girls (depending on the age group). My oldest is definitely looking into Venturers, but only after she tries for the Stars and Stripes award. Go Venturers!


  11. Thanks, Jane, for clarifying what I’ve been feeling for the last few years. I’ve had a feeling of wariness and being very unsettled about where my beloved GS organization is headed.

    I’ve been a GS most of my life. I’m now a trainer at my council and it’s my job to send these leaders and their girls down a path (a “Journey”) that is unsteady at best.

    You’re absolutely right about it being extremely left of center. Juliette Low was ahead of her time and I think what she did for girls was outstanding work and I will always cherish her efforts. But the organization as it stands today is not based on my own personal ethics, and certainly not hers, and I’m afraid that after reading your opinion piece of the convention, it may be time that I severed ties with Girl Scouts. My trainer and leader friends will probably wonder among themselves why I left unless I explain myself. But how can I tell them why I’m leaving without making them think I’m rejecting them personally?

    It’s going to be hard but I feel it’s for the best.

    I was at the national convention, and the feminism of Ms. MS and Ms. Davis was so overwhelming and scary for me that I had to leave the convention hall and go outside for a breath of fresh air. Ms. MS told us that we’d have to help ourselves, “the military won’t help us”. That did it for me – my son is becoming a Marine as I write this, and that was absolutely all I wanted to hear from her.

    GSUSA has gone astray, as has the Girl Guides Association from around the world. They’re all changing for the worse. It’s a huge wave of socialism we’re experiencing now as a result of the last election – and I weep for the future.


  12. I find it sobering to realize that the farther our nation turns from God, the more anti-American it becomes. As a leader in American Heritage Girls, I am honored to be a part of a program that realizes the importance in passing on the values of our country and a deep respect for our flag and our national anthem. Our country has been the greatest country ever because of the foundations we were built on. Everyone knows that a building is only as strong as it’s foundation. When we leave our foundational values, our country will cease to be great. American Heritage Girls is a great place for the older generation to pass on those foundational values to the next generation. Thank you for all you do to reveal the truth.


  13. I wonder if anyone could explain “the lesbian agenda” for me? I have not encountered it, and would like some more information. I also would like to know more about “the true Christian religion”.



  14. My 1943 edition of Leadership of Girl Scout Troops, Intermediate Program says right here on pages 349–350

    Girl Scouting is non-sectarian — open to girls of all faiths. That is to say, it is open to all those who find the Girl Scout Promise and Laws in agreement with their own moral and spiritual ideals of living. Girl Scouting recognizes the value of religious training and therefore encourages every girl to be a better member of her own religious group.

    In other words, Girl Scouts have been able to promise to serve Buddha, and the “Judeo Christian tradition on which the Girl Scouts was founded” has been missing since at least 1943.


  15. In Response To Ana: The information is not ill informed. Those who allow such propaganda to cloud their vision accuse those who point out the truth of bigotry. What would have been evil about having a traditional American flag ceremony in AMERICA!? Are we not the United States of America? We should then have every right to be proud of our country and give the flag the respect it deserves. Any organization that would disrespect the flag and all it stands for needs to be call out for the problem that it is.

    So I wonder, could the fact that you are so involved with the program mean that you have allowed it to desensitize you to what is really going on?


  16. Oh how the Girl Scouts have changed! Upon studying the original handbook written by Juliette Lowe “How Girl can Help their Country” she writes of her vision and that vision is rarely found in Girl Scouting of today.
    Duties: #1 Be womanly – none of us like women who ape men.It is better to be a real girl such as no boy can possibly be.
    #5 Be good mothers – some time when you are grown up and have children of your own to bring up you will have to know what good to give them, how to look after their health, how to make them strong and how to teach them to be good, hardworking, honorable citizens in our big growing country.
    #11 patriotism – you belong to the United States of America one of the great world powers for enlightnement and liberty. It did not just grow as circumstances chanced to form it. It is the work of your forefathers who spent brains and blook to complete it. In all that you do think of your country first.
    Hint to instructors p.117 Sunday- In Christian countries all Girl Scouts should without fail, attend Church or Chapel….
    Juliette Lowe was an avid Bible reader (her red leather bible was given to her by her mother) and she sought God’s guidance through her study.
    Yes Daisy (Juliette’s nickname) loved nature, was enthralled with “indian” life and knew young girls had great potential. She loved scouting – the ideals of patriotism, respect, reverence, the importance of learning life skills and humility. A far shot from the “It’s a girl’s life – live it” egocentrism of today’s Girl Scouts.
    PS the new girl scouts allow for atheists, wiccans, new age spiritualists and others to lead girls and influence their lives – what would Daisy really do?


  17. I recently delivered a speech to a boy scout unit..I titled it: The Wind versus the Lion..The wind being PC and the Lion being Teddy Roosevelt. TR is hated by the left today more than ever for he never strayed from the beaten path of decency and common sense.As he always declared: there are things I can do ,cant do and simply won’t do!.and another ” even a half step towards evil is wrong!” The boys scouts ,like their Founder is fighting the good fight..Remember TR is the only president who earned the Congressional medal of honor for courage and the Nobel peace prize for common sense..we need both virtues in this present crusade…..Nino


  18. I have just read the artcle and also all of the posted comments.
    I am not familiar with the author, Jane Chastain, but this article and her tag line (politically direct) give me a clear idea of her standings.
    I am a Lifetime Girl Scout member. I was in Girl Scouts from 1 – 9 grades and have also been a Troop Leader for nearly 12 years.
    While I, personally, do not view all of Jane Chastain’s points in the same light as she does, I must say that I, too, have been concerned and also disenchanted with the general direction that the Girl Scouting program has taken over the past several years: specifically with regard to the new “format” they have adopted for earning badges & awards and (while I do usually understand and sometimes even applaud) their amazingly energetic efforts focused on new membership enrollment with younger girls (Kindergarten – 3rd grades), minority and underprivileged individuals, and various other ‘creative enrollment’ practices, I have become increasingly disappointed and saddened with what I see as their nearly non-existent efforts to appeal to potential new teenage girls and (I think even more importantly) retain the current teenage members that they have.
    I am so glad my nearly seventeen year old daughter is lucky to be having two different Scouting experiences by being involved in both Girl Scouting and the BSA’s Venturing programs.


  19. In response to the lesbian agenda question:
    Three years ago, I attended Girl Scout summer camp Butterworth in Ohio with my then 3rd grader. It was a long weekend, however, after many failed attempts at getting in this camp, we were pretty excited. Thank God I was with her. Throughout the weekend, there was a counselor there who was “in charge”. A gifted singer and talent, at first look appeared to be a maintainance man. She tromped through camp hugging younger councelor girls with bugle boy glasses, men’s shorts and her breasts were full, but taped close to her breast. Her legs were not shaved and sported dark hair. Her hair was cut short, and slicked back. Now, I am not a bigot. I have a long track record in Human Resources to prove it. By the end of camp, she cornered me (after I had to pretend to fry like bacon to get a piece) and on Sunday morning and asked me if I enjoyed camp that weekend. I said yes. She then proceeded to ask me for marital advice for her and her “life partner” right in front of my third grader. Well, at this point, I was just plain shocked and upset, and the PMS side of me lashed out. I told her any talk of life partners in front of children was just plain inappropriate. I told her I wanted to talk to someone in charge. She said “That would be me” and smiled smugly. I went home, answered the life partner question as best I could and then compiled a long letter to the council. They told me they were an equal opportunity employer and there was nothing they could do about this. The lesbian was in charge alright, and I promptly took my daughter OUT of Girl Scouts. You see, for girls, they need a safe camp experience and she told me “if it makes you feel any better, most lesbians aren’t petifiles. Whatever. I told her most lesbians aren’t role models either and hung up. Now, come on GSUSA, wake up and smell the coffee. You are serving a minority of the world with this agenda and your relationship with Planned Parenthood is a shame.


  20. I am going to say you’re off the beaten track. First of all I worked at the National Sessions (strictly business stuff) and it was not how you picture the first days events.

    Lets face it we do need to say we are a global world. The flags were done different from what I understand to follow the International body that is affiliated with the GSUSA. WAGGAGS is the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. WAGGAGS Members were representing 29 nations at the convention.

    As to the journey books – these are “extra” programs. Not the only program materials available to leaders. Leaders do realize that not all girls can thrive on the journey books materials.

    As to the asterick in the promise – it was done to help bring more girls into the fold – its a diversity change.

    Lastly, the Catholic Church is affiliated with the GSUSA for a good reason. They recognize the needs for programs like this for the girls to achieve higher goals.

    As to the Boy Scout stuff – for shame the BSA’s programs for co-ed stuff where I live starts at age 14. Where’s the girl supposed to be before that? Barefoot & pig ignorant?


  21. The Washington Post recently printed an article that was prompted by GSUSA. The result was a piece that clearly pushed the Journeys over badges, and called for younger leaders. The organization currently has a problem recruiting enough leaders to cover the number of girls who want to join troops — what do they hope to achieve by alienating the very volunteers that are the backbone of the organization?


  22. In regards to Stacy’s comment back in November. This was brought to my attention this morning and I wish to address it. Please do not give Frontier Girls a plug by bashing another organization. AHG is a wonderful program and not at all “thumpy.” They are simply a Christian organization that is not afraid to admit it. They do not promote the “barefoot and pregnant” adgenda either and I highly respect them.

    For those interested in Frontier Girls, we are a conservative merit badge based program that focuses on patriotism, character building, leadership and a love of learning. We offer more than 150 different badges and are adding more everyday. You can find us at, but I highly recommend you also check out American Heritage Girls at and fully researching the Girl Scout program as well before making any decisions so that you find the program that is right for you.


  23. Kerry,

    I have been doing research on girls scouting programs and I have the utmost respect for you on confronting a post and giving respect and encouragement to do much research on ALL scouting organizations.
    We need more integrity as such. You represent frontier girls well 🙂

    Thank You!!


  24. I was a Girl Scout Leader for 4 years and am appalled at the Left turn taken by this organization. I resigned about a month ago, because as a Catholic mother of two preteen daughters I cannot support their agenda. Here is my resignation letter to GSUSA…

    Resignation Letter to the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan

    July 23, 2010

    In today’s world I look for ways to keep my children safe. As the mother of two girls on the verge of teenhood, I need to monitor all of their connections with the outside world. It is why I do not allow them on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter, it is why their email is monitored, it is why we go to church each and every Sunday and it is why I have to resign as a Girl Scout Leader and remove my children from Girl Scouts.

    In the past 18 months I have come in contact with many GSUSA affiliations that don’t respect the beliefs I have as a Catholic mother of two girls. In our life – God is Essential, NOT an OPTION, Planned Parenthood is NOT an OPTION, extreme political and social views are NOT an OPTION…which makes Girl Scouts NOT an OPTION for us.

    It saddens me that after 5 years of being a leader at my daughters’ Catholic School I find that I must leave the organization. I also must share the knowledge I have read about GSUSA with other mothers at my school and at my diocese. I have also shared this information with our priest and have his support as well.

    There are some that will dispute the facts, say they can keep their girls safe and continue their association with GSUSA. Yes…I can keep my children safe, but I must reach out to those that may not be able to do so. And what happens when my daughters want to continue scouting beyond my scope? I would have to tell them that despite our long association the organization that we belong to is no place for young women to learn Christian and Moral beliefs. What example am I setting then?

    So it is with sadness, disappointment and anger that I will be resigning as the leader of Troop 43938 at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School and dissolve the troop entirely. It is with joy that I am able to begin a new charter of American Heritage Girls to continue the scouting experience with women of FAITH.

    My prayers are for you as you navigate what are tricky waters. It does seem that by trying to cater to the noisy few you have abandoned a larger contingency and given up your heritage.

    In Faith,

    Sue Atwell
    Former Girl Scout Troop Leader

    For Your Consideration:


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  26. I read what Stacy wrote about American Heritage Girls and the plug for Frontier Girls and want to add that I did not view her comment as bashing at all. I’ve had my dd’s in A.H.G. and my 10 year old was told that she needed to start wearing a bra to the meetings. She had no breast buds showing at that time and still doesn’t. When the same dd mentioned that she wanted to be an engineer the leader told her that her job was in the home being a good mother. I confronted her on the comment and she stood her ground and told me I needed to get into a good womens Bible study. Bra’s are something her father and I have the authority on! After several more patriarchal issues my husband pulled her out of A.H.G. I know another A.H.G leader from a different troop who is in the Quiverfull movement and we weren’t about to transfer them over to that group. Stacy more then likely was not out of line when she mentioned barefoot and pregnant in regards to American Heritage Girls, because some of the troops operate with that mentality.

    I want a scouting program that doesn’t teach girls (in a roundabout way) that their soul purpose is to be stay-at-home wives and mothers. They have a brain and deserve the opportunity to use it just like any male in our society.

    I’ve never been in Girl Scouts but I don’t understand why it would be okay to complain (bash) Girls Scouts but not American Heritage Girls. I highly disagree that American Heritage Girls is a better alternative to Girl Scouts because they offer very little diversity in badges. This is why Frontier Girls looks like a much better option and I only wish there was a troop in my area.

    By the way, I am Christian (Republican) and don’t agree with some of the issues that Girl Scouts stand for but don’t want the extremely hyper-Victorian right wing agenda of American Heritage Girls either.

    I have been looking at Frontier Girls for a while now because of Stacy’s comment. I don’t know her personally but I wish I did because we both have insight on this topic with American Heritage Girls.

    I don’t understand why someone would have their girls in two different groups. One group should have all the badges imaginable available to girls to earn. It looks like Frontier Girls is a well-rounded organizations with an unbelievable number of badges offered. It also appears they believe girls have the option to be stay-at-home moms or career driven girls but that they should be trained for both options so they can make their own choices. That sounds like a much more logical stance in my opinion.


  27. I really like your writing style, fantastic info, regards for putting up . “If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk” by Laurence J. Peter.


  28. I loved this article. I was never in Girl Scouts because my parents did the research ad send me to American Heritage Girls instead. I absolutely love AHG and everything it stands for – faith, purity, etc. I have never found any of the badges or leaders to be “barefoot and pregnant” and feel that any troops that follow this code are an anomaly. I have more than fifteen badges of mostly outdoors stuff – outdoors skills, archery, swimming, etc. I also have things like the Marian Medal, Bible Basics, and Creative Writing. I think there is great diversity in the badges. Some badges include My Style, which is about fashion, Physical Fitness, Rock-Climbing, Shooting Sports (to be released in 2015, I believe), etc. It’s a great program and much better than Girl Scouts is, based on what I have heard from friends I have in Girl Scouts. I am in high school and still love AHG.


  29. Hi! I was reading the article and the comments. I currently am an American Heritage Girl. I find that the people in it are very kind, sweet and accepting. Yes, it’s a Biblically based program, but, no, we don’t “Bible” thump. Like, we don’t force it on others. For the whole stay at home thing, I’ve never seen that in my troop. I agree with whoever said it was an anomaly, because it is. We’re allowed to do stuff besides “stay at home” stuff. Like, we learn archery and woodworking a bit, and we go camping all the time. Its a great program and I love it.


  30. Just a quick update on Frontier Girls. We now offer more than 1,200 individual badges in addition to a wide variety of higher awards and serve girls ages preschool through adult. 2 years ago we started offering programing for girls and women 18+ so that no one would ever age out of the program if they wished to continue earning badges. We now have quite a number of adult troops that have specifically for older women to earn badges together. Some of these troops are linked to a local girls troop, but many are stand alone. For those looking for an alternative to Girl Scouts, we have much to offer.


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