Girl Scouts 97th Birthday (Nothing to Celebrate)

Wisdom and respect are the normal benefits of the aging process.  Not so with the Girl Scouts USA!  As the Girl Scouts turn 97 today, there is not much to celebrate.  Membership is down. Cookie sales have dwindled and they are floundering around trying to be relevant.

Yes, the GSUSA is dumping the “dorky” vests and “singalongs” around the campfire (the words of others, not my own) in an effort to be “cool” and “edgy.”   It’s sad, really, like a senior citizen shopping for a bikini and getting a tattoo in an effort to be noticed. 

Individual achievement and earning badges are out.  Political correctness and self esteem are in.  Girls still will have an opportunity to earn badges – for now –  but the emphasis is on the new Journeys programs which focus on broad themes and encourage “group think.”

These programs were inspired by a New Age group  and created with the help of Brian Bacon of the Oxford Leadership Academy who is a practitioner and teacher of the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga.

The Daisy and Brownie Journey programs begin innocently enough.  The youngsters  meet flowers and critters who encourage them to explore botany and the environment and introduce them to the U.N. concept of  “global diversity.”

By the time an “enlightened” Girl Scout reaches the Seniors program, she is encouraged to become an  “agent of change” for the global good and an  “ambassador” for causes championed by left-leaning women’s  advocacy groups.  Partnerships have been formed with Planned Parenthood, and the Girl Scouts have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with gun control advocates and radical environmental groups.

Moms, have traditionally been the backbone of scouting.  They have served as mentors and troop leaders, chauffeurs, fund-raisers and organizers.  Today, moms are being told to take a hike when their daughters become teenagers.  Yes, moms are to be replaced at the most critical time in a girl’s life with young adults or others judged to be suitably “hip” and trained by groups like the Ashland Institute who will lead their daughters down the garden path toward the New Age.

Today’s Girl Scouts are a far cry from the scouts that were founded by Juliette Low, with whom they – and I– share this birthday.  Before joining Low’s Girl Scouts a girl took a solemn oath to serve both “God” and “country.”  This represented a real commitment and the girls who joined  took it seriously.

In 1993,  God was reduced to an asterisk in the Girl Scout Promise.   Sure, the Creator can still come along on these Journeys if a scout so desires, providing the great I AM can tolerate the moral relativism that permeates these programs.

It now appears that service to this country may also be on the way out with the new emphasis on globalism.  Last year at the 51st Girl Scout National Council Session and Convention the traditional flag ceremony was trashed as was the playing of our nation anthem.  Flags of all nations were brought in bunched together to the tune of “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire.

All civic organizations are losing membership with more things competing for our attention and more demands on our time.  However, the Girl Scouts, in an effort to keep up with the times, have thrown out their core value system, the very thing that makes scouting a worthwhile endeavor.

Last year, the Girl Scouts hired brand manager Laurel Richie, who created campaigns for American Express and Campbell’s soup, in an effort to make Girl Scouts more appealing. However, this is not simply a matter of target advertising or slick new packaging for a proven product.  This product has been changed and drastically so.

Meanwhile, the Boy Scouts have remained true to their values.  That is why membership in the BSA still is considered an honor and a privilege.  Thankfully the Boy Scouts have opened its Venturing and Sea Scout program to girls.

However, for those moms who want their daughters to enjoy the traditional benefits of scouting in a gender-specific program, American Heritage Girls offers the best alternative and is one of the fastest growing organizations in America today.

As a Girl Scout, I was proud to celebrate my birthday along with my sister scouts.   As an adult, I bought a ton of cookies every year to celebrate this occasion.  Not anymore!

This year, I’ll send a donation to the BSA and hand out letters to every cookie seller I meet offering their troops a $100 donation if they will switch their charter to the American Heritage Girls.

52 thoughts on “Girl Scouts 97th Birthday (Nothing to Celebrate)

  1. Jane,

    As a ScoutMaster of the BSA I just wanted you to know that there have been rumors of the BSA allowing girls to join in the regular scout program. I do not know if it will happen or not. I do agree about the GSA and I am glad there is an alternative for girls. I will make sure that any girls asking about scouting will get the information about Heritage Girls in my local area, until the BSA chganges if it does. Thank you for your articals in WND, I read each and everyone. Terry


  2. While I agree with several points you have brought up, I would like to say that I am proud to be a Girl Scout and leader. In our troop that asterick is ignored. We continue to focus on God as a core value in our lives. Our girls wear their “old-fashioned” uniforms to church on Scout Sunday. We still perform the American flag ceremony at each and every meaning along with the original Girl Scout promise. Just the other day while sitting in our circle, one of our 10-yr old Juniors asked…”Was Juliette Low a Christian?” I had them slowly repeat the promise. “On my honor I will try to serve God…” I stopped them there and told them that indeed her values started with God as the center. We try to instill those same values in our girls regardless of what the new direction of the national Girl Scout movement might be. These girls need us, and I for one am proud to be able to be involved with this organization.


  3. Jane, thank you for once again bringing to light the truth behind the facade of the GSUSA. I am amazed daily at how the majority of Americans believe that GSUSA is still a values-based, religious organization.

    Wake Up America!

    The GSUSA took a sharp turn to the left in the 70’s with the addition of the radical feminist board members and national staff. They have since headed full-throttle down the path of political correctness. The GSUSA no more represents the conservative values of Christian families than does Nancy Pelosi and her buddies (Obama included). Conservatives and Christians should be fleeing the GSUSA in droves, and never looking back. Don’t buy the cookies — your money is only going to support liberal causes at the national level that MOST of America doesn’t support. Of your money, each troop only receives pennies on the dollar for each box sold.

    For those GSUSA leaders who believe they can run a “Christian” girl scout troop, it’s time to pull the wool from over your eyes. Your intentions are pure and I applaud your dedication. But, you have been duped by an organization that you trusted, and you must now come to the realization that they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And, with the removal of the “try-its” by 2010, your troop will be required to use the Journeys curriculum. Take a good hard look at these books — they are filled with anti-family sentiment, not to mention all of the political agenda, new age, eastern religion and plain old secular slants.

    This is not how we should be raising our daughters!! Our children, my daughter, deserves better. And, Praise God, there are alternatives that honor God and still have the foundational principals of scouting. Look at American Heritage Girls. They even have a Trailblazer (i.e. lone scout) program available now for girls who are not close to a troop, or who are in military families overseas, etc. AHG is now available to everyone.

    Check them out at Do this for our country and your daughters — they deserve nothing less.


  4. OY! Another useless rant about the GS. GS has never been about religion! The organization is still strong and value oriented, both my girls are part of it. If they remove the try-its so be it. The Journeys curriculum is not the way it is portrayed by the commenter above. They still earn patches for it. Too bad you and your cronnies are so darn paranoid and narrow minded.


  5. The change of a trend is like the movement of a glacier – very slow. The Girl Scouts of America is moving away from what parents want for their daughters and the ranks will diminish accordingly, as you’ve noted is happening. This country leans right of center and the loss of American values will take its toll. Thank you, Jane, for this great article, your generous offer to any troop that changes over to Heritage Girls… and Happy Birthday to you, too!


  6. Out of curiosity I looked at the American Heritage Girls’ website, and I was immediate struck by the fact that it is basically a Christian ministry in which the “Great Commission” and faith in Jesus are core principles.

    Not that there’s anything WRONG with that, necessarily, but it seems pretty exclusive. Say whatever you want about the Girl Scouts of America (or the Boy Scouts, for that matter); at least THOSE organizations welcome members of ALL faiths.


  7. Dear Mrs. Chastain:

    Like most Americans, I was unaware of the direction that the Girl Scouts had taken until recently. My enlightenment came from an unusual source. For nearly three years, I’ve been running a blogsite that is largely dedicated to the subject of child exploitation in the popular culture. This was spurred by the advent of the motion picture “Hounddog” in 2006; a film that, as it became evident, represented the first overt attempt by American filmmakers to legitimize child pornography in this country.

    In discovering this, I necessarily came to learn much about the film’s principals. Noteworthy among them were the central character (the then-12 year old Dakota Fanning) and her mother/manager, Joy. In a well-publicized PR move (before the film was made), Dakota and her younger sister (actress Elle Fanning) had joined the local GSA. It was also touted that Joy Fanning had been a Scout herself. Videos of the kids’ induction and stories of their cookie-selling escapades briefly inundated the fansites.

    How, then, did their later, tragic career moves square with this? I accessed the San Fernando GSA chapter’s website to find out. After their announcement column of the Fannings’ joining… nothing. Certainly, there was never any mention of the fact that, less than a year later, their most celebrated member had become America’s youngest ever porn star.

    (By the way, the Fannings’ membership did not long endure past the PR benefits!)

    What WAS there, however, were a number of glowing, but vaguely worded tales that were fairly riddled with New Age and politically correct terminology. That was enough, by itself, to tell the story of what that chapter had become. An investigation of the national website revealed much the same. In the process, I, like Linda B., discovered the reason.

    I’m sure that, as with Amy’s chapter, there are still other GSA people around who hold to the traditional, guiding virtues of what was once a highly esteemed American institution. Sadly, it no longer is. While some chapters may stay true, it’s only too evident that the national council has become terminally corrupted over a long period of time.

    With respect to what Mr. Roth said, I’ve advocated before that the BSA program that includes girls be expanded. In fact, why could not the Boy Scouts institute a concurrent program for girls? One that retains the core principles that both the Boy and Girl Scouts once shared? Since the GSA, as a whole, no longer provides this, something needs to step into the breach. In this amoral and impersonalized world we now live in, those values and social skills that scouting traditionally provides are more vital than ever.

    When the first scouting program for girls was initiated, they were called the Girl Guides. Perhaps the BSA’s governing council might consider forwarding such a program. The way they’ve stood firm against counterculture attacks from all sides is indicative of a basic adherence to their timeless values. Little girls deserve this, too. If the GSA has faltered so grievously, who better to take up their fallen banner?

    Yours truly;

    Steven Mark Pilling

    P.S. I’ve read your columns before. Thank you for your good works.


  8. While everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion–and to publish it…I believe that your’s flies in the face of the actual experience of girls and adult volunteers in Girl Scouting today. The program has held onto it’s best practices and has also expanded to include the experience of girls today–which one could argue has changed a bit since 1912.

    Are you opposed to the program materials (have you actually read them?), some of which are in the Journey books, that help girls understand bullying and how to prevent it, that encourage them to accept and appreciate one another’s differences, that teach them online safety and includes an online safety newsletter for parents ( Are you actually afraid of materials that were, perhaps created in part, by someone who practices yoga and meditation?

    Certainly the Boy Scouts, which is largely funded by religious organizations, is going to be a more conservative organization. But Girl Scouts is open to all girls–and sends a message of inclusiveness to them. Do you really think that girls need to battle one more form of being excluded or seen as part of an elite clique because of their religious beliefs? Isn’t there enough discrimiation in the world?

    When a girl, returning from a hike with her Girl Scout Leader, tells her that this was the best day of her life, wouldn’t you say that Girl Scouting still has plenty to celebrate?

    And what’s with bribing Girl Scout troops to switch to American Heritage Girls? Do you really think that is the best use of your public platform…bribery?

    When I say the Girl Scout Promise, “On my Honor, I will try, to serve God and my Country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law”…that is exactly what I mean, and there are millions of girls and adults that stand with me. I am truly sorry that you have chosen to no longer stand with us as a Girl Scout.

    Juliette Gordon Low was a pioneer, an advocate for change and equal rights…and someone that I believe would be very proud of Girl Scouting, as it was–and as it is becoming.


  9. I was a scout leader from Brownies to Cadets who wore a vest covered with patches, still have it and the memories that go with the vest. My girls proudly took part in the ceromony of retiring an American flag. The night was cool as we gahtered around the camp fire pride was in the air every girl celebrated her country freedom and the ability to honor God. By the way they all wore their uniforms and vests with pride.
    I am still in comunication with many of those young ladies. They recount their scouting days the principles and lessons learned passing them on to their children.
    It grieves me to think what has happened to Girl Scouts and that God is being pushed to the background. We see this happening in so many areas of our culture.
    Parents check the reality of what is happening and direct your girls along a safe God given path.


  10. I have been a GS Leader for 3 years and have two daughters in it now and one joining next year. I am unhappy with the change to journeys and having my Daisies go through it has been… well… boring. I have not yet introduced my Brownies to it and will continue the traditional way until try-its are gone. My girls are in it for the long haul and we to still say the pledge and law the way it was written. Our sevice unit still does the flag ceremony the traditional way and the girls all earn their religous awards.The college scholarship is essential for my girls. My sons will be Boy Scouts as well. I can teach the values, and will not be pushed out of it. I believe Girl Scouts needs to be fun and teach these girls how to be part of something and do what they can to make our community stronger and closer. We still donate our time and effort, whether donating food to the food shelf, singing Christmas carols to the seniors, making and donating blankets to the fire department and police station, cleaning our parks and roads and anything else we can get our hands in and help. The community will always need Girl Scouts and will always welcome them, no matter how the “program changes”. This is what scouting is about. Learning how to be a caring, wonderful person and working as a team to make the world a better place.


  11. Elizabeth,

    If you are referring to Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga, it is a cult, not a yoga center.

    According to this site, Brian Bacon recently broke ties with the group, but this is after he consulted with GSUSA and helped train staff.

    Whether or not this group is a cult (although the facts presented point to YES), an organization serving children needs to be above reproach. GSUSA has no business bringing questionable groups and consultants in to create programs and materials that our girls will be exposed to.

    Even more concerning is the fact that GSUSA wants to lower the age if their volunteers — presumably because they will question less and be more accepting of whatever programming comes down the pike.


  12. It would be wonderful if the Boy Scouts would create a program for girls! Our family has been in GS for over 15 years, but we’d gladly make the switch at this point.

    We looked into AHG, but they just don’t have the resources to make it feasible for the girls in our troop. Some of the best parts of scouting are connecting with local girls and troops within the council, the travel opportunities, and summer camps. The closest AHG troop is 70 miles from us and there are no camps that I’ve been able to find.

    4H is another option that appeals to me, and is something our troop is interesting in exploring further.

    I have a 5th grade troop and can’t envision us still being Girl Scouts when they are in 12th grade. As soon as we find a viable alternative, we’ll make the change.


  13. Well, America is also becoming markedly liberal in our policy and actions, though the majority of Americans do not feel in line with such choices. I’d venture to say a majority of Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Leaders (of which I am one) do not agree with the new path of GSUSA, either.

    So the big question is, do we bail? Should we leave the United States because things are going in the wrong direction? Or should we cry about what is wrong, but stop at that? Maybe we should try this one- raise our voices, volunteer our time and talent, and get involved to fix what is wrong. Novel idea, I know…

    Look- the liberal bunch is a small bunch with very large and loud mouths. My high school teacher once taught me that “Those who yell the loudest in an argument are generally those who know they are wrong but don’t want to admit it.” In polls of Americans large and small we see a continued trend of conservatives and moderates being in the majority. Those liberals just cry the loudest and convince people that everyone else feels the same way, then they put in their representatives in form of special interests (or “consultants” in the case of GS) and ruin our sound policies and traditions.

    I for one have studied the AHG plan and while it seems good, it just is not Girl Scouts. I will be sticking around, working my tail off to fix what is wrong and to bring the voices of the majority of leaders and girls to those in the top. Eventually, things will turn around- IF we stick around to fix it. If we all bail ship, what then? Could you imagine all moderates and conservatives bailing on the United States? what would be left?


  14. Wow, I must not be part of the same GS movement that you are all describing! My girls (who are all teens BTW) have completed the first book in the journey program. They learned how to treat themselves and others with respect and how to work with people who might have a different point of view from theirs.

    In addition, they have completed service projects to help needy children in the area, collected boxes of cookies to donate to the homeless, and are getting ready to start a drive to collect items for the animal shelter.

    Strangely enough, the parents in my troop look to their churches and places of worship to teach their children religious values – they are not expecting me to impart my religious views to them. They expect me to work with their girls to learn the value of helping others, and becoming strong women who can defend their views and opinions. No one has left my troop recently, and I have added 3 new 7th graders this year.

    What GS is and has always been about is developing girls to their full potential as women. I find it amusing that the idea that a girl might have a forum to express her own opinion is so threatening to Ms. Chastain. Perhaps she views women as timid little girls who should know their place. Certainly Juliette Gordon Lowe never felt that way, and never imposed a religious litmus test on the girls when she started GS.

    I wonder if Ms. Chastain has ever actually attened a GS troop meeting – perhaps if she did, she’d find that the organization is still relevant, and parents are still signing their daughters up.


  15. Regarding the last post, Tricia is well intended to think she can change GSUSA as were the founders of AHG. The founders were long term GSUSA volunteers who loved the organization until they discovered the mission creep and true agenda of the “new girl scouts.” They attempted to make changes within their local council and the national organization for two years, but to no avail. That was in 1993 over 16 years ago! The changes in GSUSA became evident as early as the seventies when Betty Frieden served on the Girl Scouts Board of Directors.

    Cursing the darkness just doesn’t work with an organization that is owned by its national office not charter organizations. This is the basic difference that has allowed GSUSA to drift while BSA has stayed solidly moored to their original mission.

    AHG is scouting for girls with advancement, leadership, outdoor adventures and friendships. No they don’t own camps, nor do they want to because they gladly help organizations that already own the headache of a camp, by renting them! Now that’s efficiency.

    If you love scouting for girls the way it was originally intended , you need to check out AHG. Liberals are notorious for destroying venerable organizations, sometimes conservatives need to build new ones. I am thrilled that these parents cared enough to give this gift to their daughters and to the rest of the girls in the US. That’s not bailing, that’s building and that’s what prompted the early colonists to build this great country.


  16. Dee — I’m wondering if you have actually attended recent council leadership meetings or the national conference. Perhaps if you did you would be more aware of what is happening within the organization.

    Religion aside, there are some alarming issues with our program, structure and leadership. Staff and volunteers are asking questions and GSUSA pats our hands and tells us not to worry our pretty little heads because they know what they are doing.

    Perhaps it is GSUSA that views women as timid little girls who should know their place.


  17. Dee,

    It is wonderful that you are able to keep your troop relevant. But that is more of a reflection of your efforts than those of the organization. I say that only because there are troops that never quite get their footing despite having a good program and materials.

    The hard truth is that a troop is only as good as it’s leader. If the volunteer base is feeling alienated and can’t support the new program, then it won’t be successful.

    It’s easy to get into a war of words on these blogs, but most of us honestly want to leave someting behind that is better than how we found it. We care about the girls and the organization and want to see it thrive. That just won’t happen under the current regime.

    My suggestion would be to adopt the “back to basics” approach that this country is beginning to embrace. Girls need to know how to be self-reliant and able to thrive when times are bad. They need to be able to eat healthily on a tight budget, make minor repairs when there is no money to hire someone, and develop resiliency when bad things happen.

    The people who are surviving and thriving in the current economic situation are the ones that can roll up their sleeves and figure out a way to make it work. It’s great that GSUSA wants to teach environmentalism (surely we have a responsibility to be good stewards) and other soft skills. But in the end, girls also need to learn practical skills to developing to their full potential as women.

    If Journeys were optional and supplemental, I’d be supportive. But as a stand-alone program they fall short in so many ways.


  18. Oh, and by the way, at least ask your readers to get the name of the organization correct. GSA is the Gerontological Society of America, a very fine group that researches the aging process. Girl Scouts of the United States of America, BTW the name that Juliette Gordon Low chose and that continues into the current era, is GSUSA.


  19. “hand out letters to every cookie seller I meet offering their troops a $100 donation if they will switch their charter to the American Heritage Girls.”

    So AHG would theoretically get a group of people willing to sell out for $100, which means less than $10 per person?


  20. Jane gave us some enlightening information about what has gone on behind the scenes with the powers that be in GSUSA. However, those who wish to see Girl Scouts the way it used to be should not abandon the program. They should find a way to get involved. My mom was my leader for 12 years and now I’m continuing the tradition. I’m not giving up on Girl Scouts. I find that even though there are some changes in the program, girls still love what I loved doing as a Scout and Girl Scouts still provides girls with an amazing chance to develop into successful and caring young women.


  21. As a member of the organization you seem to dislike for 30 years. I will have to say, Join it and find out for sure what you speak. No matter what has happened over the years changes, etc. we have always rebounded. I personally looked into AHG seeing as their National headquarters is 1 mile from my home. Their system is similar only if you are not a Christian or claim to be by renouncing your religion you are NOT welcome. The asterisk was added so you would know you were welcome. I would challenge you to be an “Agent of Change” and do first hand research and not a bunch of hearsay. GS is not going away and because of GREENBLOOD Traditionalists, we will fight to keep all going well. My area will never do away with Camping, Sing a-longs, and FUN. This organization is founded with the philosophy, To Quote Mrs. Juliette Gordon Low ” What do the girls want to do!” That is always the way a girl grows in our organization.

    I am Proud to be a part of this organization and FAMILY. As being one of 3 2nd Generation scouts with 30 years each and 2 Gold Awards in the mix, I proudly wear and share my History and knowledge with girls of all ages.

    There are a lot of Leaders with 50 or more years experience still out there spreading their knowledge with today’s young girls , who may just one day be ours bosses. And censoring what we say or do.

    Just my personal opinion.

    Leader, Volunteer, and Gold Award Recipient


  22. I was a Girl Scout for 4 years as child and have been an adult leader for 8 years. My daughter is a first year Cadette who has earned the Bronze Award and is working on her Silver Award, and has a plan for the Gold Award already. Never has Girl Scouting been more relevant and more necessary to girls in our changing world. Try-its, Badges and Interest Projects are not being phased out. Journeys were implemented to have a nationally standardized program that any trained volunteer could deliver with a minimum of planning. The Journeys are a supplement to the core program, to be used as needed.
    The Girl Scout Promise remains: On my honor, I will try to do my duty to God and my country, to help people at all times and to live by the Girl Scout Law.
    The Girl Scout Law is:
    I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong and responsible for what I say and do; and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout.
    What is wrong with that?
    Proud Member of the Girl Scout Council of the Colonial Coast.


  23. “So AHG would theoretically get a group of people willing to sell out for $100, which means less than $10 per person?”

    A troop willing to switch to AHG for $100 would already be looking for a new program, so she might be doing them a favor.

    I find it odd that you use the term “sell out” in this context, when in reality it is GSUSA that has done so. They have clearly sacrificed the integrity of the program in an effort to become more popular. And that, my dear, is the epitome of sell-out.


  24. “GSA is the Gerontological Society of America”

    Wow Tamara — thanks for your profound and relevant comment. I’ll bet you would have been rearranging the deck chairs as the Titanic went down…


  25. “GSA is the Gerontological Society of America”

    According to the official handbook published in 1920, Juliette Low first named the organization “Girl Guides of America” and later changed it to “Girl Scouts” in 1915. GSUSA came later.


    Your comment actually supports previous conversations that GSUSA has not done a great job of defining the image, uniforms, awards, and even the proper name of our organization. Who can keep up with the constant changes?


  26. Jane-
    What proof do you have that Brian Bacon helped create the Journeys programs? I understand GSUSA partnered with the Oxford Leadership Academy to facilitate a “thought leader” retreat back in 2007, but I think you are making a false assertion that Brian Bacon helped crate these programs.
    Brian Bacon did work with a local Arizona GS council to create an Oxford Youth Leadership program, but that is not related to the nation-wide Journey programs. Jane, could you clarify and offer proof or cite a source indicating Brian Bacon’s exact role in the Journey program and books? Thanks.


  27. I am interested in Rhoda’s question. There is a big difference between “facilitating a thought leader retreat” and helping create the nation-wide Girl Scout journeys program that girls and volunteers use every day. If Bacon really did help create these materials I sure would like to see some evidence. He isn’t acknowledged in any of the books as a contributer. Wishing that Brian Bacon and his dubious connections with cults influenced these materials so that you can continue to bad mouth the Girl Scouts doesn’t make it so. Some evidence would be helpful.


  28. I was a Blue Bird (from Campfire Girls–early 1970’s) for a year and I have fond memories of that time. When my younger sister was the same age, she joined GSUSA as a Brownie and my mother became the Cookie Mom as well as all around volunteer (wherever it was needed). By proxy I was part of the group, too, helping with cookie orders, “big sister” to many of the Brownies in her group (I had school activities I was involved with so I wasn’t at every troop meeting), helped with badgework, etc. I saw what GS was about and loved it!

    When my eldest daughter was old enough to join as a first year Brownie, I also joined as the Assistant Troop Leader. Our troop was small yet we did a lot of things together with other troops. I was also involved in planning the spring break day camp program for that year and learned quite a lot about GSUSA. We moved later that summer (military), I once again joined our local council and continued as ATL for our Brownie troop until our Leader moved and I took her place.

    It was the first year as a Junior level volunteer (I moved up with her as our entire Brownie troop flew up –no younger ones were left behind) and for her as a Junior when I saw the changes being made. I was not comfortable with the reconfigurations, but I didn’t voice that out loud to anyone, especially my daughter. She was the one who said she didn’t want to continue on and pointed out the changes she saw in the program which she didn’t like. I encouraged her to continue on and give it a try—like anything new you need to give it time and I was honestly trying to do just that. I didn’t get the support I had before, our council had some of its own rumblings therein–other leaders voicing what I hadn’t been–and discussions about the changes. My daughter and I decided GSUSA was no longer taking her where she wanted to go (figuratively) and we separated from the group about half way through her first Junior year.

    American Heritage Girls was still young and being developed when I heard about it. I inquired if there was a troop where we were moving to (yes again–this entire scout experience is through three moves over 8 years) and there wasn’t. Once we were established, I looked into what was required to start up a group but didn’t have a home church to do that at the time. Three years later we moved back and our church had an AHG group which formed about a year before our return. I was pleased to see there were girls there my youngest daughter had grown up with as a toddler (before our move) and they reconnected once we joined the group. I volunteered as the snack coordinator, helped out with badgework as needed, then became one of the board members. Over the past two and half years, I am pleased to see our daughter flourish, make friends, keep with the AHG values, learn to have a servant’s heart (as a daughter of a soldier you learn this very early on), as well as earn her badges.

    We don’t have a main campground we can call our own. We are one of six troops in our state (three are new this year), and I personally do try to gather the troops together for a Spring Camporee. It’s not easy doing this as the distance is great between troops but we do make efforts and plans to accommodate each troop. We’ve been invited by another troop in a neighboring state for a week long summer camp for our Explorer/Pioneer/Patriot level girls to attend and meet other girls from four other nearby states. Yes it’s a long drive yet it is definitely worth it for the girls. AHG will be 14 years old this fall. We have come a very long way in a very short time. Adjustments have been made as needed, and program costs are not always easy to handle, especially in this current financial roller coaster our country is experiencing, yet we are making sure our girls receive what they need (uniforms, badges, handbooks, funding for events) through donations from other families in the troop. We don’t have a large financial base to work from, and we are making the steps we need to ensure the future of AHG. Our troops are growing each year. Our troop has nearly doubled in number each year. The families all know it is a Christian faith based group and we have had one family decline to continue their daughter’s membership after a few meetings because it did not aligned with their religious preference. We were sad to see them leave yet encouraged them to continue her involvement in some kind of girls’ group–and they did have her join GSUSA instead.

    We are NOT against GSUSA, just offering a different kind of girls’ scouting group based on the faith we believe in. I looked at the Frontier Girls website mentioned above and see they formed in early 2007. I wish them well. A variety of options for our girls is better than one or none at all. Not all of our girls will fit perfectly in one group or another. The parents will find which group is better suited for their daughter(s) and may they excel in whichever one they do join. Their future is ours, too.

    The American Heritage Girls’ Mission: “Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country.”

    “American Heritage Girls is a Christ-centered scouting ministry.”


  29. I became an AHG co-leader when my daughter joined a local troop last year and we LOVE it! We began looking at Girl Scouts, but the more I researched, the more I realized that some of the things encouraged and advocated in GSUSA were in opposition to our faith. I was glad when we found out about American Heritage Girls. The troops aren’t as plentiful or accessible as Girl Scouts, but the quality of what they are taught and values that are instilled are worth the extra time it takes to get to a meeting or event.
    …and, to echo the above post, AHG is not against the Girl Scouts, but it does offer a scouting alternative that includes God as a key element in the equation. Those are the values I want my daughter to learn.


  30. I was a Girl Scout as a child and loved it enough to become a leader to my own daughter’s troop for 13 years. The alignment with Planned Parenthood and the continuing liberalization and political correctness, along with the removal of God from the promise are the main reasons we started an American Heritage Girls troop when my granddaughter got old enough. I personally do not know of any GSUSA troops that promise to love Satan or worship the trees, but the idea that they CAN is, at least, scary. It is interesting to note that there is a Wiccan award that can be worn as official insignia by Girl Scouts.
    In response to an earlier post, AHG does NOT exclude girls that do not profess Christianity, but the leaders must sign a statement of faith. It is a Christian organization and may not be for everyone, but for those who want a values-based scouting program for their daughters, this is it! Also, kudos to the Boy Scouts for standing firm in their beliefs!


  31. Girl Scout bonuses a surprise

    By JAMI KINTON • News Journal • March 31, 2009
    MANSFIELD, OH — Girl Scout Council employees across the country received thousands of dollars apiece when “retention bonuses” were distributed at the end of 2008.

    The checks were delivered at the end of a year-long consolidation process that affected nearly 300 councils, according to the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland Council.

    In Mansfield, 16 staffers with the former Heritage Trails council divided approximately $50,000.
    At the least, the bonuses were a surprise to some, considering today’s economic climate.

    “In all the years I was there, we never got a bonus like that,” Maureen Welch, former executive director of the Heritage Trails council, said. “It should have been used for the girls. I don’t understand them doing that.”

    A former board member said part of the bonus money was given because employees hadn’t received raises in a few years.

    However, Welch said cost-of-living raises were given annually, in addition to merit raises.

    “Sometimes it was 1 percent, sometimes it was 5 percent,” Welch said. “It was all dependent upon what the cost of living was at that time.”

    On Jan. 1, the North Park Street-based council merged with southeastern Ohio’s Heart of Ohio Council and Seal of Ohio of Greater Columbus to form the new Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland in Columbus.

    The new council serves 34 counties and more than 30,000 girls ages 5 to 18.

    Shawna Gibbs, spokeswoman for Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland Council, said the national organization, GS USA, provided the bonus option for any council involved in a merger.

    The board of directors approved the option for the former Heritage Trails group in November. Gibbs didn’t know when bonus checks were delivered, though every employee at Heritage Trails received one — regardless of when they were hired.

    She estimated employees received about $3,000 each, but said the bonuses depended on salaries.
    “GS USA gave this option as a way to keep people and move forward,” Gibbs said. “The year-long merge was a lot of hard work, with a lot of time involved.”
    GS USA officials could not be reached for comment.

    Gibbs said the money for the bonuses was drawn from the general fund.
    “These were not United Way dollars,” she said, referring to one of the main Girl Scouts program sponsors, which fell short of its funding goal for the year, raising just 87 percent of its goal in Richland County. “The general fund is made up of different types of funding.”

    Welch, of Caledonia, worked with Girl Scouts for 33 years, retiring in 2004. She said donor money and the sale of Girl Scout cookies go toward the general fund.

    “Donors can specify if they want their money to go toward camping or for uniforms or they can just donate openly to the general fund,” she said.

    Mansfield resident Karen Smith, whose daughter Emily, 12, has been involved in Girl Scouts for five years, said she was surprised by the bonuses.

    “This makes me really angry. Even if the economy was stable, I still wouldn’t think this was OK,” Smith said. “Those girls work very hard to sell cookies, and this just goes totally against what Girl Scouts is all about.”

    Emily, a member of Troop 02156, doesn’t understand the bonuses either.

    “This upsets me because the girls do a lot more work than people think selling cookies,” she said.”If they have the extra money, we could use it for trips and things.”


  32. Jane’s always good for a laff. What a nut, ranting about the Girl Scouts, and dragging little girls for they’re weekly brainwashing at a “scouting” meeting which Jane, in her “wisdom”, has mistaken for high mass at St. Peter’s. Jane, keep up the hilarious work!


  33. I think GS fails because it offers no real teaching to girls. I went through GS as a youngster (in the 80s) and mostly we made yarn belts and went to the apple orchard. Fun times were had, but I certainly didn’t learn how to be more involved in the world around me, which was essentially the failure of my scout leaders. However, I find it interesting the main focus here is that the GS is no longer a Christian organization with a focus on God. Granted, the GS and BS were founded on Christian principles, but even the BS knows to keep those principles as a foundation and not overpower every work and deed by using God as a cherry on top of a cupcake. I think the biggest failure of the GS today is a bland focus on “empowering” girls with “enlightenment” and as they learn to be a global “ambassador”. Girls need to learn how to DO things. They need to know how to get lost in a forest and find their way back. To actively engage other cultures through its people. These actions teach young girls confidence and desire beyond faith, or perhaps on top of faith. Forcing a focus on Christian principles every step of the way of earning a badge is distracting and belittles the learning process. Americans today aren’t global-minded or civic-minded enough, but most responses here seem to be too upset over the GS’s lack of teaching Christian principles. Isn’t that what bible camp is for?


  34. Jane,

    Thank you for so clearly stating what so many of us have felt is the
    death-knell of our beloved Girls Scouts USA.

    As a mom of twin girls we happily started a new troop nearly 9 years ago
    with about 20 homeschool girls/moms. We sang the songs, did the crafts,
    took a girls-only campout, earned the badges and lovingly sold those tasty
    memories by the thousands – COOKIES!

    After just a few years we all became uneasy at the leftist track of all the
    leader’s training and content in the girls’ books, in particular as they got
    older. Most disturbing to me personally was the offer of one of the
    long-time district leaders as a resource for “lesbian-sensitive” issues that
    it was assumed we would all gladly explore with our troop of girls!

    I left without a moment’s delay, but still felt that my girls would “miss
    out” on the wonderful camaraderie of a troop.
    We found the wonderful American Heritage Girls club site a few years ago,
    but too late for my girls to join since we’d have to start a group here in
    the Northwest where everything is liberal!!

    However, back at the same time I started working with my girls in a GS
    troop, my husband & oldest son joined an old Boy Scout troop (over 87 years
    old this year!) and now that son and his next brother are Eagle Scouts, our
    youngest is finishing his last 3 ranks and my husband has been the
    Scoutmaster for nearly 9 years! We are proud that Boy Scouts of America has
    not backed down on their core beliefs and we have seen a real hunger for
    families to find a place where there are traditional boy things to do – like
    use a knife, build fires (& pioneering projects 🙂 as well as shoot rifles
    and arrows. The community service focus goes without saying an important
    character building resource too. But perhaps it is that vow to “serve God &
    country” that most of the boys actually are proud to recommit to for those 7
    years of weekly meetings and campouts.

    I personally work with the older Scouts who are earning the Family Life
    merit badge on the road to gaining the Eagle rank.
    They are required to complete several things, but the most significant is
    two major projects to serve their families. This gives them a challenge to
    think about their families as a growing young adult and also develop their
    planning skills as well as the process to accomplish the projects. It is a
    thrill to see a young man of 15 or 16 begin to step into the role of
    “leader-servant” with his own family and gain the seeds of a heart to
    prepare him to contribute to his future family and community.

    Thank you for your wonderful endorsement of Boy Scouts – they are “standing
    firm” without apology. I hope you’ll find a way to highlight their 100th
    birthday next year – 2010!

    Thanks for being a voice of wisdom and reflection on current events,

    nancy hamilton
    bellingham, wa


  35. Both of my daughter’s have benefited from GSUSA programs including Leadership Institutes on Global Warming and international travel where they learned not only about themselves, but about how others live. I am thankful that there are many different programs to meet the needs of individuals. How sad would it be not to have choices. I just wish that everyone had the opportunity to make that choice without being judged. Jane keep your $100 and give it to a group that has already choosen the path you endorse, but allow the rest of us to work toword making our program stronger for the girls that want to continue to grow in Girl Scouts.


  36. Jane,
    Thank you for continuing to share the truth, for this is what God calls us to do. God calls us to seek Him whenever we can. I had both my girls in Girl Scouts and after learning about their ties to Planned Parenthood, I knew that God was no longer a part of Girl Scouts. After talking one on one with a lesbian at camp, who talked about her life partner in front of my then third grader, I knew something was deeply wrong for I complained about the role models and I was ignored. Girl Scouts care about what the board’s adults want and think is important, and they are truly lost, because they have thumbed their noses at God, who should be the center of everything we do and should be looked at as a guide when it comes to our daughters. I want what’s best for my daughters and right now, that means teaching them how to do things that are revelant. They already know how to blog and use a computer. As their mother, I am raising them to help the poor through service work. They are learning how to take care of themselves and learning about industries through badge work. They are helping their church through service and I hope one day they will be part of a service industry. This means setting goals and doing the work, not blogging and reading books about it. Girl Scouts might mean well, but I doubt it. Change is hard, Change is scary. AHG is structured similar to Boy Scouts, moving through ranks, receiving awards through service and badge work, learning how to do a flag ceremony, how to be reverent. It encompasses all the values that Christians hold dear. It enhances church teaches, but does not replace these. It is excellent and I will be doubling my troop this year. AHG is a change because it means work for everyone, and it’s a lot easier to sit at your computer and blog than to teach a girl how to put a tent up, how to orienteer herself out of the woods, how to cook outdoors, how to hike without getting lost. Girl Scouts have given up on their market by allowing Planned Parenthood in and sharing their market with PP. How very sad I am for Girl Scouts and for all my friends who are too scared to just tell their daughters that it no longer aligns with their faith’s teachings. That’s just the way most parents are today. They would rather let their daughters chose what is best for them, and they just don’t have the energy to be good parents and stand up for the truth and stand up for God in the process. Do not drop your daughters off at Girl Scout camps, it is no longer safe. Be sure to have a parent there from your troop to guard them.


  37. This was posted on another discussion board today:

    In the new Volunteer Essentials resource, it states…

    “Going forward, to earn each of these awards, girls first complete a grade-level journey (two journeys for the Gold Award). Journeys provide girls with experience with all three keys to leadership and prepare them to identify community needs, work in partnership with their communities, and create take-action projects that make a lasting difference.”

    “After completing journeys, girls apply their insights and skills to plan and carry out action projects based on their unique visions. The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards offer girls relevant, -grade-level-appropriate challenges related to teamwork, goal setting, and opportunities to build community networks.”

    It looks like completing the journeys will the prerequisites for the higher awards.


  38. Boy Scouts of America and American Heritage Girls have an official partnership now, Jane, could you check into it and write an article? This is a true breakthrough!
    God Bless all your efforts. Mothers and Fathers who are looking for a program similar to Boy Scouts for their girls, without the threat or influence of Planned Parenthood or lesbian rights to camp counseling positions and leadership positions should strongly consider American Heritage Girls. The program is finely tuned to what most conservative Americans want for their daughters. What are you waiting for? Start a troop and begin the memories of outdoor fun, love of God and country and building daughters of true integrity!


  39. Press Release

    American Heritage Girls first all girls’ organization to Partner with
    century old Boy Scouts of America

    The American Heritage Girls (AHG) was presented a Memorandum of Mutual Support by the Boy Scouts of America at the AHG National Leadership Conference on Friday, June 12, 2009 at 7 pm at Vineyard
    Community Church in Cincinnati.

    This Memorandum is historic in nature as it is the first presented to an all girls’ organization in the one hundred year history of the Boy Scouts of America.

    The Memorandum was presented to AHG National Executive Director, Patti Garibay by BSA’s Director of the Community Alliances Team, Charles Holmes, of the Boy Scouts of America, Irving, Texas.

    American Heritage Girls’ volunteers from across the country participated in trainings and workshops during the weekend as well as witnessed this historic event. The Memorandum was signed by the National Executive Director and Founder of the American Heritage
    Girls on the same kitchen table where AHG was founded nearly 15 years ago.

    American Heritage Girls was started in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1995 in order to offer a faith based leadership development program to girls ages 5-18.

    Through the AHG program, girls are enriched physically,
    mentally and spiritually through a diverse range of badge activities, community service projects, camping and more, thus making the AHG program a good book end to a church sponsored BSA charter.

    American Heritage Girls currently has Troops in 39 states, and its new
    independent girl program, the Trailblazer Program, currently operates in two European countries and Japan and in state side areas that presently do not have AHG troops.

    The formal partnership will begin immediately. The structure of both
    organizations is very similar thus allowing BSA and AHG to work cooperatively on service projects, membership growth and programming
    initiatives across the nation.


  40. Although GS is a Business, just like the PTA and numerous other organizations claiming to put
    children first, it is the individual things within
    the group that affects the child. Just like having
    that special teacher you never forget, you can have that special troop leader too. Girls in GS do fun things together with a group of girls they learn to love, and do things together they may not have had a chance to do had they not joined.


  41. Liberal, Conservative, for God, against God, you can argue about this with Girl Scouts and hundreds of organizations until the end of time.
    What’s important is the skills that girls are learning to become self confident adults with skills for daily survival in this world as well as leadership skills.

    However, the new Journeys Program is steering away from this.

    I’ve been involved with girl scouts for 10 years as a mom, volunteer, and leader, and am not aware of anyone who was asked for input on the new program. It was created at a corporate level under a cloak of secrecy and unvailed to all as take it or leave it.

    It is a drastic change, and like most businesses, motivated by money.

    If you look at the current financial status of GSUSA, and evaluate the new requirements for the Journey program and the Silver and Gold awards, you will find that it is no more than a marketing stragegy to shift the main focus of girl scouts to community service and volunteering.

    More visibility = more financial contributions.

    Girl Scouts have always volunteered in the community, but have primarily focused on skills training and personal development.

    The new Journeys program seems to not really be about the girls, but rather corporate survival.

    What a shame.


  42. July 8, 2010

    An Open Letter to the Girl Scouts of America:

    It is because of my love for God and my country, as well as my desire to help and protect others that I sadly, but resolutely resign from the Girl Scouts of America (GSA). I can no longer be a leader or supporter of an organization which is so deeply infected by beliefs and programs directly opposed to those held dear by my family, my faith and my country.

    In particular, I am appalled by GSA’s long-time affiliation with Planned Parenthood (world’s largest abortion provider and “anything goes” sex promotion); its support of worldwide reproductive rights; its use of lesbian and Marxist role models for girls; its promotion of New Age and socialist philosophies, and similar radical, morally bankrupt ideas. (See specifics below.)

    Clearly, GSA is no longer the organization I joined as a second grade Brownie in 1971 when I proudly learned the Brownie Girl Scout Promise: “I promise to do my best, to love God and my country, to help other people every day, especially those at home.”

    My Scouting journey
    The leadership skills I learned becoming a First Class Scout, in 1979, helped prepare me for this decision (First Class was the highest award in Girl Scouting from 1963-1982). To receive the award, I worked tirelessly throughout junior high to earn the requisite badges as well as meet the required “challenges” designed to test my knowledge and skills based on Girl Scout ideals and values. Among the badges I earned were Sports, Science, Child Care, Hiker, Traveler, My Government and yes, even the Homemaker badge.

    Girl Scouts enabled me to go to places and to learn things I otherwise never would have had the opportunity to do. I learned valuable business and marketing skills from selling cookies. I learned leadership skills by helping and leading younger Scouts. I became a self-starter with a quest for knowledge. I loved scouting so much, that even when my troop folded in the ninth grade and there wasn’t a single Scout in the eighth grade, I joined the seventh grade troop – all so I’d be able to complete my First Class journey. I continued two more years through the end of my junior year of high school.

    I’ve worked for a leading manufacturing company for 24 years; the last 13 as a public relations executive. Currently I oversee social media and digital communications for the company. I particularly like teaching and mentoring college students and new professionals, an interest which likely began in Scouts.

    My current Girl Scout affiliation began five years ago when I became co-leader of my daughter’s troop. It was a natural evolution and the fulfillment of my childhood dream. I’ve treasured the opportunity to help my daughter and her friends grow from Daisy to Junior Scouts, to experience new things and to serve others. It brought back all my treasured Girl Scout memories – until last year.

    My decision to leave the Girl Scouts
    Like so many organizations today, the Girl Scouts have become extremely secularized by trying to be all things to every minority group. It has forgotten the founding principles of our beloved country. In my opinion, your decision to make God optional in the Promise, in 1993, was the beginning of your identity crisis. Factors that contributed to my decision to leave follow:

    • In March 2010, GSA allowed Planned Parenthood (PP) to distribute a 20-page brochure – “Healthy, Happy and Hot: A Young Person’s Guide to their Rights, Sexuality and Living with HIV” – which promotes sexual promiscuity for girls, regardless of their HIV status. The brochure was distributed in a no-adults-allowed auditorium at GSA’s World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides panel at the United Nations. My question is: “How is this activity part of your role as a non-profit organization dedicated to building women of character?” Unfortunately, this is not the first time GSA has been involved with Planned Parenthood.
    • At the same UN meeting, the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides produced a document saying young women “demand their sexual and reproductive rights including access to comprehensive sexuality education, and sexual and reproductive services including contraception and emergency contraception, in order to avoid unintended pregnancies,” and also called for access to “safe abortion.” These demands are certainly not the type of rights and services supported by me or my family, friends and faith community since they cause severe harm (physical, moral and spiritual) to others as well as to the girls themselves.
    • Many Girl Scout councils nationwide are partnering with Planned Parenthood to teach the Becoming a Teen badge. Again, I ask, “Why would fifth or sixth grade girls benefit from the misleading ‘wisdom’ of this pro-abortion organization?” Teaching girls outdoor skills is very different than teaching them about their sexuality, especially using such depraved materials from the nation’s largest provider of abortions. (PP was founded by Margaret Sanger, a champion of eugenics who wanted to eradicate Blacks through abortion.)
    • Girl Scouts promotes lesbian, feminist and even Marxist women as role models with very slight regard for women of faith, in its high school-age Journeys module: “Your Voice Your World: The Power of Advocacy.”
    • Girl Scouts promotes anti-Christian “New Age” ideals throughout its booklets, badges and experiences, while at the same time touts an aversion to being identified with any particular religion or movement. You can’t have it both ways.

    Protecting and improving the world around me
    As a Christian woman and a devout, life-promoting Catholic, I can no longer accept the organization Girl Scouts of America has become, and what it advocates and teaches America’s young women. And, while I can protect my daughter and the girls in my troop at our Catholic school, I was taught to protect others and to improve the world around me (Girl Scout law), so my resignation must be more than a departure of one leader and one Cadette scout.

    My plan is to share this information about the true nature of today’s GSA which doesn’t match its image, reputation and nature from just a few decades ago. I also want to encourage parents at our school, in the Council, and in my archdiocese to do similar research, which can easily be done on the Web. Over the last year, a few moms have sent links to articles about the above mentioned activities, which concern them greatly. Interestingly, we don’t have a kindergarten, first or second grade Girl Scout troop at our school, coincidence?

    Another mother, who also is a former GSA leader, and I are beginning an American Heritage Girls troop for our older girls, and another mom already has volunteered to begin a troop for younger girls. I’m looking forward to teaching my daughter and the girls at our school the American Heritage Girls (AHG) oath: “I promise to love God, cherish my family, honor my country and serve in my community.” In stark contrast to GSA, the organization’s faith-centered focus and dedication to service, spiritual growth and outdoor skills is something I can embrace – something now missing in the organizational DNA of the Girl Scouts of America.

    Meanwhile, I will pray for the wisdom of the leaders and volunteers of your organization in the hope that you will return to your Girl Scout roots, which you’ve now so clearly abandoned.

    In strength,

    Mary Henige
    1979 First Class Girl Scout & Former GSA Leader
    Detroit, Michigan

    • “Girl Scouts Distribute Planned Parenthood Sex Guide at UN Meeting,” Terrence McKeegan, J.D.; March 11, 2010, (be sure to click on the brochure link)
    • “RUSE: The Girl Scout Sex Guide,” Opinion Editorial, March 18, 2010, Washington Times,
    • “Girl Scouts challenged to repudiate abortion leader: Recommendation follows controversy over ‘how-to-be-hot’ brochure,” Bob Unruh, April 2, 2010,
    • “Girl Scouts exposed: Lessons in lesbianism/Communists, radical feminists cited as role models for troops,” Chelsea Schilling, May 17, 2009,
    • Girl Scouts’ birthday – but nothing to celebrate, Jane Chastain, March 12, 2009, World Net Daily,
    • “The Girl Scouts’ new radicalism,” Marcia Segelstein, July 1, 2008, Perspectives column,
    • American Heritage Girls: Alternative to GSA,
    • “American Heritage Girls and Boy Scouts Sign Memorandum of Mutual Support,” July 6, 2009,,


  43. The person who claims to be a long time scout disillusioned with the program and now linking to all the references should re-submit some of those references.

    At least to my observation, all of them refer to WorldNetDaily (a far right blog / news collation site), (again, conservative web site with ax to grind with anyone not rabidly anti-choice), Washington Times (again, conservative mouthpiece that largely owes it’s relevance to sounding like the Washington post).

    In brief, if you want be taken seriously and not be intellectually dishonest, link to references that are not circular or from organs that have a vested interest in your conclusion. It’s like saying “it’s on wiki, therefor it must be true).


  44. If you are looking for a true alternative to Girl Scouts, try Frontier Girls ( They are open to girls of all faiths (ages 5-18) and promote patriotism, good character and a love of learning. With over 1200 badges in nine Areas of Discovery there is something for every girl. Frontier Girls also honors the requirements of other scouting organizations and many of their troops are partnered with local Boy Scout troops.

    Higher awards include:
    Liberty Award
    Leadership Award
    Fruit of the Spirit Award
    Make a Difference Award
    Servant’s Heart Award
    Major in an Area of Discovery
    Gem Award (highest award available at each age level)


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