The Curse of Comfortable Christians

July 2,  marks the 233rd anniversary of our legal separation from Great Britain.  It was on this day in 1776, that the Second Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence.

The next day, John Adams, the man who would become our 2nd president, wrote to his wife Abigail:

I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival.  It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty.  It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward for evermore.

As it turned out, Adams’ timing  was off by a couple of days.  July 4, the day the formal document was approved, became the nation’s official birthday but the die was cast on the day our Founding Fathers “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence,” mutually pledged to each other their “Lives, Fortunes and sacred Honor” to establish and defend the United States of America.

Adams proudly put his name on that document.  He was a Christian, as were the  overwhelming majority of the signers of Declaration of Independence, and for some 200 years, the laws of our nation were a reflection of the moral laws God set forth in the Bible.  As a result, the hand of Providence remained over this country, allowing us to become the most affluent, influential and powerful nation on earth.

In the last few decades, we have turned away from God, the way the Children of Israel turned their back on the great I AM.  It is not surprising, that His hand of protection now has been lifted.
That is why many Christians will be forgoing the traditional celebrations this year, using this birthday as a day of repentance.  This Sunday, July 5, is a call to fall on your knees, repent of your sins and pray for forgiveness and healing in our land.

Robert Knight laid out the dramatic changes that now threaten our very existence in his book, Fighting for America’s Soul.

As Knight points out, these changes violate our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, while creating “group-based ‘rights’ that are used to punish individuals who do not conform to the New Age vision of limitless government, ‘equality’ over freedom, the eclipse of American sovereignty and the transformation of biblical morality into a form of ‘bigotry’ punishable by law.”

Why do I, as individual, and we, as churches, need to repent?  Aren’t these things out of my/our control?

Not at all.  Here in the United States of America, we the people are, in effect, Cesar and the overwhelming majority are Christians.   There is no excuse for what we have allowed to happen to this land.   There is no such thing as a value-free law or a value-free piece of legislation.  Therefore, if we aren’t electing lawmakers who are passing laws based on our values, somebody else is.

The truth is that we, as Christians, have become too comfortable, too given to the pursuit of wealth, fame, entertainment and personal pleasures to spend our time watching what is happening in the halls of government.

We don’t carefully examine the candidates before we vote.   We don’t consider their stand, even on the moral issues.  In short, we select our president and the rest of our representatives the same way a seven-year-old selects her Barbie doll.

Once in office, we treat our elected representatives like kings and queens.  We don’t hold them accountable for what they do.  Most of us don’t even know how or where to begin.

We, as Christians, have ignored the Biblical prohibitions and warnings against borrowing and have allowed our country to become a debtor nation to communist China and other anti god nations.

We, as Christians, want the government to provide for our every need.  We have elevated government to the place that God once occupied in our lives.

We, as Christians, have been afflicted with “terminal niceness.”  We would rather wink and nod at immorality than confront it.

We, as Christians, pretend that we don’t know that an unborn child is a human being, created in God’s image, with certain inalienable rights.

We, as Christians, have allowed our tax dollars to pay for abortions and “safe sex” education that encourages our young people to experiment with fornication and homosexuality.

We, as Christians, have been silent and  allowed good to be called evil and evil to be called good.

Shame on us!

It is, indeed, time to humbly fall on our knees, ask for forgiveness and be willing to turn from our wicked, slothful ways.  When we do that we have the assurance that God will hear from heaven and heal our land.

Learn more about our Christian Heritage with these books:

Below is a prayer that can be offered in your church Sunday based on the information in this column:

Lord we recognize that the overwhelming majority of our Founding Fathers were Christians and with a firm reliance on your protection of divine Providence, they mutually pledged to each other their “Lives, Fortunes and sacred Honor” to establish and give us a country that recognizes that our basic human rights come from You our Creator.

Those men worked tirelessly on our Constitution with its system of checks and balances.

They recognized the power of the public purse.  They knew that if our citizens were ever taxed to the point that they could not control a fair portion of what they earn, the freedom that they fought so hard to earn would be an illusion.  For that reason, they gave the power to control the public purse to the House of Representatives and they arranged our government in such a way that those representatives would be required to stand for re-election every two years so that we could hold them accountable.

They also gave the  House of Representatives, along with the Senate, the power to make the laws by which we are governed.  For some 200 years, the laws of our nation were a reflection of the moral laws You set forth in the Bible.  As a result, Your hand of protection remained over this country, allowing us to become the most affluent, influential and powerful nation on earth.

In the last few decades, we have turned away from You, the way the Children of Israel did many years ago.   Therefore, it is not surprising, that Your hand of protection has been lifted.

We have sinned, oh Lord, individually and as a nation, so we humbly come before You to ask Your forgiveness.  Lord cleans us from our iniquity so that we might again be called Your people.

Lord, here in America, we the people are, in effect, Cesar and the overwhelming majority are Christians.   There is no excuse for what we have allowed to happen in this country.   There is no such thing as a value-free law or a value-free piece of legislation.  Therefore, when we failed to  elect lawmakers who would pass laws based on your values, somebody else did.  Forgive us Lord.

We have become too comfortable, too given to the pursuit of wealth, fame, entertainment and personal pleasures to watch what is going on in the halls of our government.  Forgive us Lord.

We didn’t carefully examine the candidates running for the right to represent us before we voted.   We didn’t consider their stand, even on the moral issues.  In short, we have been selecting our presidents and the rest of our representatives, on both the local and national level, in much the same way a seven-year-old selects her Barbie doll.   Forgive us Lord.

Once in office, we treat our elected representatives like invincible kings and queens.  We don’t hold them accountable for what they do.  Most of us don’t even know how or where to begin.  Forgive us Lord.

We have ignored the Biblical prohibitions and warnings against borrowing and have saddled our children and grandchildren with a debt they will never be able to repay.  Forgive us Lord.

We want the government to provide for our every need.  We have elevated government to the place that You, oh God, once occupied in our lives.  Forgive us Lord.

We want the government to provide for our neighbors needs instead of meeting those needs ourselves.   Forgive us Lord.

We have become willing to surrendered more and more power to the government even if it means losing the ability to control the education of our children, our healthcare or a fair portion of what we earn.  Forgive us Lord.

We have allowed our country to become a debtor nation to communist China and other anti god nations.  Forgive us Lord.

We have become so complacent that we have allowed our leaders to tear down the walls of our defense.  We fail to defend our borders.  We have allowed our military equipment to become outdated and our military forces to become thin.  We have blindly accepted the empty promise that we have an adequate defense against incoming ballistic missiles so we won’t have to challenge the status quo.  Forgive us Lord.

We, as Christians, have been afflicted with “terminal niceness.”  We would rather wink and nod at immorality than confront it.   Forgive us Lord.

We, as Christians, pretend that we don’t know that an unborn child is a human being, created in the very image of God, with certain inalienable rights, and we have allowed our tax dollars to pay for the killing of these, the most innocent among us.  Forgive us Lord.

We, as Christians, have looked the other way and allowed the lives of many of our elderly and infirm to be snuffed out prematurely.   Forgive us Lord.

We, as Christians, have blindly accepted the notion that homosexuality is an immutable characteristic and have allowed our civil rights laws to be rewritten in such a way that those practicing this lifestyle can be rewarded as a protected minority group.  Forgive us Lord.

We, as Christians, have allowed those promoting homosexuality and same-sex marriage access to our schools.  Forgive us Lord.

We, as Christians, have allowed our tax dollars to pay for condoms and “safe sex” education that  encourages our young people to experiment with fornication and homosexuality.  Forgive us Lord.

We, as Christians, have allowed judicial activists on the bench to erode the culture at a rate that could not have been accomplished through the normal legislative process.  Forgive us Lord.

We, as Christians, have been silent and  allowed good to be called evil and evil to be called good.
Forgive us Lord.

Lord, we seek your face.  We ask you to grant us the wisdom and the courage to confront these issues each and every day that remains in our lives here on earth.  Raise up people in this congregation who will help train us on how to go about holding the people we have elected, accountable.

Give us the will to vote those people, who will not uphold your standards, out of office at the first available opportunity and raise up godly people to take their place.

Lord we know that our eternal home is with you.  We long for the day of your coming, but when you come, it is our prayer that you find us working to be good stewards of all that you have given us, and that includes our citizenship in this the United States of America.

Lord, allow us to be your instruments in healing this nation.  This we ask in Jesus name.  Amen!

33 thoughts on “The Curse of Comfortable Christians

  1. A few years ago I saw what IMHO is a textbook example of Christian “doublethink.” In front of me at a red light was a minivan sporting both a “God Bless America” bumper sticker and a “Choose Life” license plate. How anyone opposed to abortion could demand God give his “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” to a government that allows infanticide for profit is beyond me. (Disclosure: I have a “Choose Life” plate.) I also wonder how many superpatriots waving the bloody shirt over the ~3000 fatalities on 9/11 realize that America’s abortion mills reached that death toll by 6 p.m. that day — and every other day.

    Any time I see one of those “God Bless America” signs or stickers (or hear someone say it) I instantly say to myself, “Why on earth should he?”

    “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” — Luke 6:42


  2. It is incredible that so many black american pentecostal christians voted for Obama simply on the colour of his skin, when in fact he is the most anti-christian president the country has ever had. Many Jews voted for him and he is the most anti-Israel, the country has ever had.

    See my article I wrote a couple of years back:

    God bless you folks who are fighting against this evil.



  3. Daniel prayed for his nation. God does answer prayer. Both are good models to know and follow. However, sadly I believe repentence nationwide will never happen, not even 10% will happen. (I wish is was 100% 😉 One ray of light is that there will always be select true Christians that pray, such as you and I, for our leader/s…our government, etc…but that does not mean God will allow the USA to not be judged for its murder of multi-millions of babies and exporting and getting the world addicted to porno.

    I have no doubt there were many God-fearing Jews carried away to Babylon. If its the pilot’s turn to die, sometimes there may a be a Christian on board. Life happens and God historically uses the godless to judge the ones that should be God-fearing and are not.

    Keep up the good work Jane, but don’t pray for the world system…Jesus sure doesn’t. (John 17:9)

    Steven Louis Garner


  4. Wonderful insight Jane!
    Unfortunately we as Christians forget that we are at war whether we like it or not. The war between good and evil, right and wrong,the war we enlisted in when we became followers of Christ. We are told in 2 Timothy that as soldiers of Christ we are to endure hardship, be engaged in warfare, and not be entangled with everyday life. Proverbs 31 tells us that we should be speaking for the speechless, pleading the causes of those who are appointed to die, the poor and the needy.Instead of arming outselves for war with weapons that are mighty in God, we hide in our foxholes ignoring the battle that rages on around us.In 2 Chronicles when King Jehoshaphat was faced with an attack from the people of Moab, Ammon and others, he set himself to fast and seek the Lord (2Chron 2:3). He realized that they people that he was up against were very great and strong and he truly did not know what to do. God reassured him by telling Jehoshaphat that the battle was not his but God’s. The king’s job was to go out against them, trust in God and God would do the rest. We need to stand up, buckle on our armor, ready our shield, sharpen our sword and go forth wherever our Heavenly Commander and Chief leads us.


  5. Jane,
    Christian or Jew it doesn’t seem to make any difference what we do to try to straighten up our governmental problems. We have the tool of the internet with which we can email our representatives, we can write letters, or we can call them on the phone, but they ignore us.

    Knowing the problems and being able to see the solution is one thing, but trying to get out elected leaders to listen to us is quite another altogether.

    I know eventually it is in His hands, but it is so frustrating to be able to do seemingly nothing to convince our elected “representatives” to do their job.


  6. You say John Adams was a Christian and indeed he identified as a “liberal unitarian Christian.” The guy also denied, often bitterly mocked, original sin, the Trinity, Incarnation, Atonement, and infallibility of the Bible. I have the quotations if you’d like to see them. Was he still a “Christian” according to your understanding of the term?


  7. Jane,

    Also, if you want to learn more about what the FFs really believed, beyond David Barton land, you can read my group blog American Creation OR listen to a show I did with the infidel guy last night. I am NOT a partisan secular leftist, but rather someone dedicated to debunking the myths propagated by the religious right AND secular left on the FFs & religion.


  8. I believe that there is a reason that the United States, once the most powerful nation on earth, is not mentioned in end-times Bible prophesy. A few short years ago it would not be believable that the United States would soon be insignificant on the world stage. It is surely believable now. This country has enjoyed countless blessings from the Lord because of our forefathers acknowledgment of Him. Those blessings have been withdrawn as He has been kicked out of our society. “This world is not my home, I’m just passing through,” has always been true, but it has more meaning now.


  9. Great article, however, Jesus said to not kill. Paul also told us to respect those gov’t authorities put over us. This country was blessed DESPITE these sins. The Revolutionary war was a revolution, don’t forget. We took matters into our own hands. Blessed are the peace makers.


  10. Who said “The pen is mightier than the sword”? I will still try using the pen as you do Jane, I will speak up for our freedoms, which are being erroded away.
    Oh! Woe is America that turns to the toys of life and turns away from principle, ethics, honesty and caring of fellow man.
    To care for others does not give the right of sluggards to devour the hard work of the diligent man and say “You have and I want what you have worked for.” We all have responsibility and our Government also has a duty to be fair and not devour us and Our Constitution with their greed and pride, turning deaf ears to the people.
    May we turn to God and seek his forgiveness.


  11. Ms Chastain. Thank you very much for writing one of the best articles that I’ve read for our Independence Day this year. I was proud to feature it on my website as a positive alternative to the secular America-bashing articles that usually come out during the various patriotic holidays. I’m also researching to add a large section on America’s Christian heritage, which I hope to upload in the next few months. It’s very encouraging that folks like yourself have not forgotten our roots. Keep up the great work.


  12. Jane,

    A sign that today’s churches in the United States are in bad shape is that (God help us) Rick Warren has become “America’s Pastor.” One can easily tell that Warren is not from Billy Graham’s generation, and that he has had little adversity in his life to deal with, because of his continual lack of insight and lack of good judgment. It is appropriate, however, that Warren is the face of today’s baby boomer and lethargic churches in America. Most churches in America today don’t even talk about the Second Coming and will truly be caught asleep at the wheel when the Rapture occurs. Most churches in this country will be full right after the Rapture happens just like they were full right after 9-11, but then their attendance will once again drop off, again just like what happened within a year after 9-11.



  13. I think it is folly to ignore the destructive effects of some events.

    Time was when only a few trust fund widows and scions traveled to Europe. Many were inevitably mesmerized by the magnificent architecture, art, literature, and music of the Old World. How many of them brought back toxic ideas?

    World War I was the first time large number of Americans had traveled to Europe. There were those people who hoped Americans would adopt more “enlightened” attitudes. One of the popular songs of the time was “How You Gonna Keep Them Down on the Farm After They’ve Seen Paree? by songwriter Walter Donaldson.

    The Scopes trial in Dayton, TN, resulted in a court decision allowing teaching evolution in tax supported schools. Clarence Darrow, an agnostic, was the famous attorney for John Scopes, a science teacher.

    Time was when prayer and Bible reading took place in tax supported schools. In 1963, the Supreme Court banned them in the “Murray v. Curlett decision. Madalyn Murray O’Hair, an atheist, Communist, and all-around moral degenerate, was the plaintiff.

    In January 1973, the Supreme Court made abortion on demand the law of the land in Roe v. Wade.

    Time was when churches took strong stands on issues. They actively opposed slavery and supported civil rights for black people. When President Lyndon Johnson was a US Senator from Texas, a radio minister said some things unfavorable to him. Senator Johnson authored legislation to end the tax exempt status of churches and ministries taking political stands. Since then, many churches and ministries have avoided taking strong stands. The law still stands and has never been challenged on the basis of the First Amendment. In the 1990s, the Church At Pierce Creek lost its tax exempt status when it took a strong stand against President Bill Clinton.


  14. My heart grieves as I have watched “the Church” become more and more enmeshed with the world to the point we no longer discern a difference between the world and the Church.
    Our hope, as true Christians, must be in Christ. Sadly “the true Christian” no longer fills the church pew & acceptance within the community seems to be the primary goal.

    I agree with the other writer regarding Rick Warren & when I have voiced it to other “Christians” am thought to be legalistic, since all the Purpose Driven materials have grown the church, so he must be right.
    May we, the true Christian, stand firmly upon biblical truths and not waver or crumble, no matter how persecuted … and, we are more and more persecuted for that stand.
    Continue to stand, Jane!


  15. The founding fathers were NOT christians, thank goodness. They were mostly Deist and the quotes you are posting are bogus and were created by a lying ‘christian’ and have been debunked many times. Why do you people who claim to be gods children have to resort to lies constantly. Read the Treaty of Tripoli and see how Washington and Adams truly felt about christianity.

    Here are some honest and provable quotes from the founding fathers. You need to go back and study your history as you are posting lies. A true christian is a selfish, bloodthirsty arrogant fool.

    John Adams (American Statesman, 1735-1826)
    “The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.” (Treaty of Tripoli, Article 11: Written during the Administration of George Washington and signed into law by John Adams.)
    “The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity.”
    “As I understand the Christian religion, it was, and is, a revelation. But how has it happened that millions of fables, tales, legends, have been blended with both Jewish and Christian revelation that have made them the most bloody religion that ever existed?”
    Thomas Paine (American Statesman, 1737-1809)
    “What is it the Bible teaches us? — rapine, cruelty, and murder. What is it the Testament teaches us? — to believe that the Almighty committed debauchery with a woman engaged to be married, and the belief of this debauchery is called faith.”
    “It is the fable of Jesus Christ, as told in the New Testament, and the wild and visionary doctrine raised thereon, against which I contend. The story, taking it as it is told, is blasphemously obscene.”
    “As to the Christian system of faith, it appears to me as a species of Atheism — a sort of religious denial of God. It professes to believe in a man rather than in God. It is a compound made up Chiefly of Manism with but little Deism, and is an near Atheism as twilight is to darkness. It introduces between man and his Maker an opaque body, which it calls a Redeemer, as the moon introduces her opaque self between the earth and the sun, and it produces by this means a religious, or an irreligious eclipse of light. It has put the whole orbit of reason into shade.”
    “I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life.”
    “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church”
    “All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”
    “Each of these churches shows certain books, which they call revelation, or the word of God. The Jews say that their word of God was given by God to Moses, face to face; the Christians say that their word of God came by divine inspiration; and the Turks say that their word of God, the Koran, was brought by an angel from heaven. Each of these churches accuses the others of unbelief; and, for my own part, I disbelieve them all.”
    “No man ought to make a living by religion. It is dishonest so to do.” It has often been said that anything may be proved from the Bible; but before anything can be admitted as proved by the Bible, the Bible itself must be proved to be true; for if the Bible be not true, or the truth of it be doubtful, it ceases to have authority, and cannot be admitted as proof of anything.
    I would not dare to so dishonor my Creator God by attaching His name to that book (The Bible).
    Of all the systems of religion that were ever invented, there is none more derogatory to the Almighty, more unedifying to man, more repugnant to reason, and more contradictory in itself, than this thing called Christianity. Too absurd for belief, too impossible to convince, and too inconsistent for practice, it renders the heart torpid, or produces only atheists and fanatics. As an engine of power it serves the purpose of despotism; and as a means of wealth, the avarice of priests; but so far as it respects the good of man in general, it leads to nothing here or hereafter.
    Ethan Allen (American Revolutionary and Statesman, 1738-1789)
    “That Jesus Christ was not God is evidence from his own words.”
    “I have been given the denominated as a Deist, the reality of which I never disputed, being conscious that I am no Christian.”

    Thomas Jefferson (American Statesman, 1743-1826)
    “The clergy, by getting themselves established by law, & in-grafted into the machine of government, have been a very formidable engine against the civil and religious rights of man. They are still so in many countries & even in some of these United States. Even in 1783, we doubted the stability of our recent measures for reducing them to the footing of other useful callings. It now appears that our means were effectual.”
    “But a short time elapsed after the death of the great reformer of the Jewish religion, before his principles were departed from by those who professed to be his special servants, and perverted into an engine for enslaving mankind, and aggrandizing their oppressors in Church and State.” Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Kercheval, January 19, 1810
    “An amendment was proposed by inserting ‘Jesus Christ,’ so that [the preamble] should read ‘A departure from the plan of Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion’; the insertion was rejected by a great majority, in proof that they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mohammedan, the Hindu and Infidel of every denomination.”
    “In every country and every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own. It is easier to acquire wealth and power by this combination than by deserving them, and to effect this, they have perverted the purest religion ever preached to man into mystery and jargon, unintelligible to all mankind, and therefore the safer for their purposes.”
    “There is not one redeeming feature in our superstition of Christianity. It has made one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites.”
    “The clergy converted the simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving mankind and adulterated by artificial constructions into a contrivance to filch wealth and power themselves…these clergy, in fact, constitute the real Anti-Christ.”
    “Millions of innocent men, women, and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burned, tortured, fined, and imprisoned, yet we have not advanced one inch toward uniformity.”
    Were the Pope, or his allies, to send in mission to us some thousands of Jesuit priests to convert us to their orthodoxy, I suspect that we should deem and treat it as a national aggression on our peace and faith.
    The Christian god can easily be pictured as virtually the same god as the many ancient gods of past civilizations. The Christian god is a three headed monster; cruel, vengeful and capricious. If one wishes to know more of this raging, three headed beast-like god, one only needs to look at the caliber of people who say they serve him. They are always of two classes: fools and hypocrites.
    Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man.
    …I concur with you strictly in your opinion of the comparative merits of atheism and demonism, and really see nothing but the latter in the being worshipped by many who think themselves Christians.
    History I believe furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance, of which their political as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purpose.
    James Madison (American Statesman, 1751-1836, Co-Author Declaration of Independence)
    “During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of Christianity been on trial. What has been its fruits? More or less, in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy; ignorance and servility in the laity; in both, superstition, bigotry, and persecution.”
    “In no instance have … the churches been guardians of the liberties of the people.”
    “Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise.”
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” [from The First Amendment to The United States Constitution]
    “The civil government … functions with complete success … by the total separation of the Church from the State.”
    “We hold it for a fundamental and undeniable truth that religion, or the duty which we owe our Creator, and the manner of discharging it, can be directed only by reason and conviction, not by force or violence. The religion, then, of every man must be left to the conviction and conscience of every man: and that it is the right of every man to exercise it as these may dictate.”
    Abraham Lincoln (American Statesman, 1809-1865)
    “The Bible is not my book nor Christianity my profession. I could never give assent to the long, complicated statements of Christian dogma.”
    “My earlier views of the unsoundness of the Christian scheme of salvation and the human origin of the scriptures have become clearer and stronger with advancing years, and I see no reason for thinking I shall ever change them.”
    I see a very dark cloud on America’s horizon, and that cloud is coming from Rome.
    I am for liberty of conscience in its noblest, broadest, and highest sense. But I cannot give liberty of conscience to the pope and his followers, the papists, so long as they tell me, through all their councils, theologians, and canon laws that their conscience orders them to burn my wife, strangle my children, and cut my throat when they find their opportunity.
    My earlier views at the unsoundness of the Christian scheme of salvation and the human origin of the scriptures, have become clearer and stronger with advancing years and I see no reason for thinking I shall ever change them.
    Albert Einstein (Scientist, 1879-1955)
    “My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble minds. That deeply emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God. ”
    If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.
    “I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, whose purposes are modeled after our own – a God, in short, who is but a reflection of human frailty. It is enough for me to contemplate the mystery of conscious life perpetuating itself through all eternity, to reflect upon the marvelous structure of the universe which we can dimly perceive and to try humbly to comprehend even an infinitesimal part of the intelligence manifested in Nature.”
    Mark Twain (American Writer, 1835-1910):
    “The Bible is a mass of fables and traditions, mere mythology.”
    “It ain’t the parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand.”
    “I am plenty safe enough in his hands; I am not in any danger from that kind of a Diety. The one that I want to keep out of the reach of, is the caricature of him which one finds in the Bible.”
    “Our Bible reveals to us the character of our god with minute and remorseless exactness. … It is perhaps the most damnatory biography that exists in print anywhere. It makes Nero an angel of light and leading by contrast.”
    “In religion and politics people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing.”
    Man is a Religious Animal. Man is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion — several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight.
    If Christ were here now there is one thing he would not be-a Christian.
    A man is accepted into a church for what he believes and he is turned out for what he knows.
    There is one notable thing about our Christianity: bad, bloody, merciless, money-grabbing and predatory as it is – in our country particularly, and in all other Christian countries in a somewhat modified degree – it is still a hundred times better than the Christianity of the Bible, with its prodigious crime- the invention of Hell. Measured by our Christianity of to-day, bad as it is, hypocritical as it is, empty and hollow as it is, neither the Deity nor His Son is a Christian, nor qualified for that moderately high place. Ours is a terrible religion. The fleets of the world could swim in spacious comfort in the innocent blood it has spilt.
    During many ages there were witches. The Bible said so. The Bible commanded that they should not be allowed to live. Therefore the Church, after doing its duty in but a lazy and indolent way for 800 years, gathered up its halters, thumbscrews, and firebrands, and set about its holy work in earnest. She worked hard at it night and day during nine centuries and imprisoned, tortured, hanged, and burned whole hordes and armies of witches, and washed the Christian world clean with their foul blood. Then it was discovered that there was no such thing as witches, and never had been. One does not know whether to laugh or to cry.
    Strange…a God who could make good children as easily as bad, yet preferred to make bad ones; who made them prize their bitter life, yet stingily cut it short; mouths Golden Rules and forgiveness multiplied seventy times seven and invented Hell; who mouths morals to other people and has none himself; who frowns upon crimes yet commits them all; who created man without invitation, then tries to shuffle the responsibility for man’s acts upon man, instead of honorably placing it where it belongs, upon himself; and finally with altogether divine obtuseness, invites this poor, abused slave to worship him!
    O Lord our God, help us tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells; help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead; help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief; help us to turn them out roofless with their little children to wander unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst, sports of the sun flames of summer and the icy winds of winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring Thee for the refuge of the grave and denied it…
    The Christian Bible is a drug store. It’s contents have remained the same but the medical practice continues. For 1,800 years these changes were slight-scarcely noticeable… The dull and ignorant physician day and night, and all the days and all the nights, drenched his patient with vast and hideous doses of the most repulsive drugs to be found in the store’s stock… He kept him religion sick for eighteen centuries, and allowed him not a well day during all that time.
    These people’s God has shown them by a million acts that he respects none of the Bible’s statues. He breaks every one of them himself, adultery and all.
    Our Bible reveals to us the character of our god with minute and remorseless exactness… It is perhaps the most damnatory biography that exists in print anywhere. It makes Nero an angel of light and leading by contrast.
    I bring you this stately matron named Christendom, returning bedraggled, besmirched, and dishonored from pirate raids in Kiao-Chow, Manchuria, South Africa, and the Phillipines, with her soul full of meanness, her pocket full of boodle, and her mouth full of pious hypocrisies. Give her soap and a towel, but hide the looking-glass.
    He killed all those people — every male.
    They had offended the Deity in some way. We know what the offense was, without looking; that is to say, we know it was a trifle; some small thing that no one but a god would attach any importance to. It is more than likely that a Midianite had been duplicating the conduct of one Onan, who was commanded to “go into his brother’s wife” — which he did; but instead of finishing, “he spilled it on the ground.” The Lord slew Onan for that, for the lord could never abide indelicacy….
    Some Midianite must have repeated Onan’s act, and brought that dire disaster upon his nation. If that was not the indelicacy that outraged the feelings of the Deity, then I know what it was: some Midianite had been pissing against the wall. I am sure of it, for that was an impropriety which the Source of all Etiquette never could stand. A person could piss against a tree, he could piss on his mother, he could piss on his own breeches, and get off, but he must not piss against the wall — that would be going quite too far. The origin of the divine prejudice against this humble crime is not stated; but we know that the prejudice was very strong — so strong that nothing but a wholesale massacre of the people inhabiting the region where the wall was defiled could satisfy the Deity.
    There has been only one Christian. They caught him and crucified him — early.
    The so-called Christian nations are the most enlightened and progressive … but in spite of their religion, not because of it. The Church has opposed every innovation and discovery from the day of Galileo down to our own time, when the use of anesthetic in childbirth was regarded as a sin because it avoided the biblical curse pronounced against Eve. And every step in astronomy and geology ever taken has been opposed by bigotry and superstition. The Greeks surpassed us in artistic culture and in architecture five hundred years before Christian religion was born.
    Nothing agrees with me. If I drink coffee, it gives me dyspepsia; if I drink wine, it gives me the gout; if I go to church, it gives me dysentery.
    The church is always trying to get other people to reform; it might not be a bad idea to reform itself a little, by way of example.
    The two Testaments are interesting, each in its own way. The Old one gives us a picture of these people’s Deity as he was before he got religion, the other one gives us a picture of him as he appeared afterward.
    God, so atrocious in the Old Testament, so attractive in the New — the Jekyl and Hyde of sacred romance.
    To trust the God of the Bible is to trust an irascible, vindictive, fierce and ever fickle and changeful master; to trust the true God is to trust a Being who has uttered no promises, but whose beneficent, exact, and changeless ordering of the machinery of His colossal universe is proof that He is at least steadfast to His purposes; whose unwritten laws, so far as the affect man, being equal and impartial, show that he is just and fair; these things, taken together, suggest that if he shall ordain us to live hereafter, he will be steadfast, just and fair toward us. We shall not need to require anything more.
    William Howard Taft (American Statesman, 1857-1930):

    “I do not believe in the divinity of Christ and there are many other of the postulates of the orthodox creed to which I cannot subscribe.”

    Mahatma K. Gandhi (1869-1948), Indian nationalist leader:
    It is impossible for me to reconcile myself to the idea of conversion after the style that goes on in India and elsewhere today. It is an error which is perhaps the greatest impediment to the world’s progress toward peace … Why should a Christian want to convert a Hindu to Christianity? Why should he not be satisfied if the Hindu is a good or godly man?
    How very nice it would be if the missionaries rendered humanitarian service without the ulterior aim of conversion.
    I hold that proselytisation under the cloak of humanitarian work is unhealthy to say the least. It is most resented by people here. Religion after all is a deeply personal thing. It touches the heart. Why should I change my religion because the doctor who professes Christianity as his religion has cured me of some disease, or why should the doctor expect me to change whilst I am under his influence?
    My fear is that though Christian friends nowadays do not say or admit it that Hindu religion is untrue, they must harbour in their breast that Hinduism is an error and that Christianity, as they believe it, is the only true religion… so far as one can understand the present (Christian) effort, it is to uproot Hinduism from her very foundation and replace it by another faith.
    The first distinction I would like to make … between your missionary work and mine is that while I am strengthening the faith of people, you (missionaries) are undermining it.
    If I had the power and could legislate, I should stop all proselytizing … In Hindu households the advent of a missionary has meant the disruption of the family coming in the wake of change of dress, manners, language, food and drink …
    I regard Jesus as a great teacher of humanity, but I do not regard him as the only begotten son of God. That epithet in its material interpretation is quite unacceptable. Metaphorically we are all sons of God, but for each of us there may be different sons of God in a special sense. Thus for me Chaitanya may be the only begotten son of God … God cannot be the exclusive Father and I cannot ascribe exclusive divinity to Jesus.
    It is my firm opinion that Europe (and the United States) does not represent the spirit of God or Christianity but the spirit of Satan. And Satan’s successes are the greatest when appears with the name of God on his lips.
    I consider western Christianity in its practical working a negation of Christ’s Christianity. I cannot conceive Jesus, if he was living in flesh in our midst, approving of modern Christian organizations, public worship, or ministry.
    It pains me to have to say that the Christian missionaries as a body, with honorable exceptions, have actively supported a system which has impoverished, enervated and demoralized a people considered to be among the gentlest and most civilized on earth.
    A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (Founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, India, 1896-1977)
    “The sastras [scripture] of the yavanas, or meat-eaters, are not eternal scriptures. They have been fashioned recently, and sometimes they contradict one another. The scriptures of the yavanas are three: the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran. Their compilation has a history; they are not eternal like the Vedic knowledge. Therefore although they have their arguments and reasoning, they are not very sound and transcendental. As such, modern people advanced in science and philosophy deem these scriptures unacceptable.”
    Raja Ram Mohan Roy, (1772-1833), Indian reformer:

    Most Christian converts had been allured to change their faith by other attractions than by a conviction of the truth and reasonableness.

    Bhaktivinoda Thakura (Gaudiya Vaishnava Acharya, India, 1837-1914)
    “Some philosophers say that because of the first living entity’s sin all the other living entities are imprisoned in the material world. Later, punishing Himself for their sins, God delivers the living entities.”
    “Deliberating on the virtues and faults of this world, some moralistic monotheists concluded that the material world is not a place of pure happiness. Indeed, the sufferings outweigh the pleasures. They claim that the material world is a prison to punish the living entities. If there is punishment, then there must be a crime. If there were no crime, then why would there be any punishment? What crime did the living entities commit? Unable to properly answer this question, some men of small intelligence gave birth to a very wild idea. God created the first man and placed him in a pleasant garden with his wife. Then God forbade the man to taste the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Following the evil counsel of a wicked being, the first man and woman tasted the fruit of the tree of knowledge, thus disobeying God’s command. In this way they fell from that garden into the material world filled with sufferings. Because of their offense, all other living entities are offenders from the moment of their birth. Not seeing any other way to remove this offense, God Himself took birth in a humanlike form, took on His own shoulders the sins of His followers, and then died. All who follow Him easily attain liberation, and all who do not follow Him fall into an eternal hell. In this way God assumes a humanlike form, punishes Himself, and thus liberates the living entities. An intelligent person cannot make sense of any of this.”
    “These philosophers say that the living entity’s life begins at birth and ends with death. After death, he is not born again. After death he attains the results of his actions in that one lifetime.”
    “To accept this mixed-up religion one must first believe these rather implausible things: ‘The living entity’s life begins at birth and ends at death. Before birth the living entity did not exist, and after death the living entity will no longer stay in the world of material activities. Only human beings have souls. Other creatures do not have souls.’ Only extremely unintelligent persons believe this religion. In this religion the living entity is not spiritual in nature. By His own will God created the living entities out of matter. Why are the living entities born into very different situations? The followers of this religion cannot say. Why is one living entity born into a house filled with sufferings, another living entity born into a house filled with joys, another living entity born into the house of a person devoted to God, and another living entity born into a wicked atheist’s house? Why is one person born in a situation where he is encouraged to perform pious deeds, and he performs pious deeds and becomes good? Why is another person born in a situation where he is encouraged to sin, and he sins and becomes bad? The followers of this religion cannot answer all these questions. Their religion seems to say that God is unfair and irrational.”
    “Why do they say that animals have no souls? Why do birds and beasts not have souls like human beings? Why do the human beings have only one life, and, because of their actions in that one life are rewarded in eternal heaven or punished with eternal hell? Any person who believes in a truly kind and merciful God will find this religion completely unacceptable.”
    “These philosophers say that by cultivating fruitive work and speculative philosophy one should make improvements in the material world and in this way please God.”
    “The followers of this religion have no power to worship God selflessly. In general their idea is that by cultivating fruitive work and speculative philosophy one should work to make improvements in the material world and in this way please God. By building hospitals and schools, and by doing various philanthropic works, they try to do good to the world and thus please God. Worship of God by performing fuitive work (karma) and by engaging in philosophical speculation (jnana) is very important to them. They have no power to understand pure devotional service (suddha-bhakti), which is free of fruitive work and philosophical speculation. Worship of God done out of a sense of duty is never natural or unselfish. “God has been kind to us, and therefore we should worship Him.” These are the thoughts of lesser minds. Why is this not a good way to worship God? Because one may think, “If God is not kind to me, then I will not worship Him.” In this way one has the selfish, bad desire to get God’s kindness in the future. If one wishes that God will be kind by allowing one to serve Him, then there is nothing wrong with that desire. But the religion under discussion does not see it in that way. This religion sees God’s kindness in terms of one’s enjoying a happy life in this material world.”
    Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950), Indian nationalist and philosopher:
    The mentality of the West has long cherished the aggressive and quite illogical idea of a single religion for all mankind, a religion universal by the very force of its narrowness, one set of dogmas, one cult, one system of ceremonies, one array of prohibitions and injunctions, one ecclesiastical ordinance. That narrow absurdity prances about as the one true religion which all must accept on peril of persecution by men here and spiritual rejection or fierce eternal punishment by God in other worlds. This grotesque creation of human unreason, the parent of so much intolerance, cruelty, obscurantism and aggressive fanaticism, have never been able to take firm hold of the free and supple mind of India.
    Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), Indian spiritualist –
    We who had come from the east have sat here day after day and have been told in a patronizing way that we ought to accept Christianity because Christian nations are the most prosperous. We look about us and we see England the most prosperous Christian nation in the world, with her foot upon the neck of 250,000,000 Asiatics. We look back into history and see that the prosperity of Christian Europe begin with Spain. Spain’s prosperity began with the invasion of Mexico. Christianity wins its prosperity by cutting the throats of its fellow men. At such a price the Hindoo will not have prosperity.
    They come to my country and abuse my forefathers, my religion, and everything; they walk near a temple and say ‘you idolators, you will go to hell’, but they dare not do this to the Mohammedans of India, for the sword will be out, but the Hindu is too mild.
    And may I ask you, Europeans, what country you have ever raised to better conditions? Wherever you have found weaker races, you have exterminated them by the roots, as it were. You have settled on their lands, and they are gone for ever. What is the history of your America, your Australia, and New Zealand, your Pacific Islands and South Africa? Where are the aboriginal races there today? They have all been exterminated, you have killed them outright, as if they were wild beasts. It is only where you have not the power to do so, and there only, that other nations are still alive.
    If Christianity is a saving power in itself, why has it not saved the Ethiopians, the Abyssinians?

    Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), Russian writer and philosopher:
    I believe Christ was a man like ourselves; to look upon him as God would seem to me the greatest of sacrileges.
    H.G. Wells (1866-1946), British author:
    The greatest evil in the world today is the Christian religion.
    I think that it stands for everything most hostile to the mental emancipation and stimulation of mankind. It is the completest, most highly organized system of prejudices and antagonism in existence. Everywhere in the world there are ignorance and prejudice, but the greatest complex of these, with the most extensive prestige and the most intimate entanglement with traditional institutions, is the Roman Catholic Church. It presents many faces to the world, but everywhere it is systematic in its fight against freedom.
    As with the Christian religion, the worst argument for socialism is its adherents.
    Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Irish author:
    When I think of all the harm the Bible has done, I despair of ever writing anything to equal it.
    Missionaries are going to reform the world whether it wants to or not.
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902), American suffragist:
    I found nothing grand in the history of the Jews nor in the morals inculcated in the Pentateuch. Surely the writers had a very low idea of the nature of their god. They made him not only anthropomorphic, but of the very lowest type, jealous and revengeful, loving violence rather than mercy.
    Helen Keller (1880-1968), American activist and lecturer:
    There is so much in the bible against which every insinct of my being rebels, so much so that I regret the necessity which has compelled me to read it through from beginning to end. I do not think that the knowledge I have gained of its history and sources compensates me for the unpleasant details it has forced upon my attention.

    Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899), American politician and lecturer:
    The inspiration of the Bible depends on the ignorance of the person who reads it.
    With soap, baptism is a good thing.
    Ministers say that they teach charity. That is natural. They live on hand-outs. All beggars teach that others should give.
    The clergy know that I know that they know that they do not know.
    God did not reward men for being honest, generous and brave, but for the act of faith. Without faith, all the so-called virtues were sins. And the men who practiced these virtues, without faith, deserved to suffer eternal pain. All of these comforting and reasonable things were taught by the ministers in their pulpits — by teachers in Sunday schools and by parents at home. The children were victims. They were assaulted in the cradle — in their mother’s arms. Then, the schoolmaster carried on the war against their natural sense, and all the books they read were filled with the same impossible truths. The poor children were helpless. The atmosphere they breathed was filled with lies — lies that mingled with their blood.
    Why should I allow that same God to tell me how to raise my kids, who had to drown His own?
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), American transcendentalist:
    I like the silence of a church, before the service begins better than any preaching.
    We must get rid of that Christ, we must get rid of that Christ!
    The word Miracle, as pronounced by Christian churches, gives a false impression; it is Monster. It is not one with the blowing clover and the falling rain.

    William E. H. Lecky (1838-1903), Irish Historian:
    There is no wild beast so ferocious as Christians who differ concerning their faith.
    W. H. Auden (1907-1973), English poet:
    The only reason the Protestants and Catholics have given up the idea of universal domination is because they’ve realised they can’t get away with it.

    Ferdinand August Bebel (1840-1913), German socialist leader:

    Christianity is the enemy of liberty and of civilization. It has kept mankind in chains.
    William Blake (1757-1827), English Romantic poet:
    If Jesus Christ is the greatest man, you ought to love him in the greatest degree; now hear how he has given his sanction to the law of the ten commandments: did he not mock at the Sabbath, and so mock the sabbath’s God? Murder those who were murdered because of him? Turn away the law from the woman taken in adultery? Steal the labor of others to support him? Bear false witness when he omitted making a defence before Pilate? Covet when he prayed for his disciples, and when he bid them shake off the dust of their feet against such as refused to lodge them? I tell you, no virtue can exist without breaking these ten commandments.


  16. Christians & “Hate” Bills

    If “hate bill”-obsessed Congress [and Obama] can’t protect Christians from “gays” as much as it wants to protect “gays” from Christians, will Congress be surprised if it can’t protect itself from most everyone? If “hate bills” are forced on captive Americans, they’ll still find ways to sneakily continue to “plant” Biblical messages everywhere. By doing so they’ll hasten God’s judgment on their oppressors as revealed in Proverbs 19:1. (See related web items including “David Letterman’s Hate, Etc.,” “Separation of Raunch and State,” “Michael the Narc-Angel,” “Obama Avoids Bible Verses,” and “Tribulation Index becomes Rapture Index.”) Since Congress can’t seem to legislate “morality,” it’s making up for it by legislating “immorality”!
    [We are a longtime “underground” ministry specializing in airing unique articles such as the above listed ones – and we will give $100.00 to anyone who isn’t “moved” by them! If you will pray for us, someone will know it!]


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  19. I just want to say, aside from the particulars (i.e., not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing with anything at all on this page of yours or others), that I feel your long-form blog posts, with the premises and also logic of arguments outlined and evaluated in a structured manner, is wonderful. Way too much content inside the blogosphere is comprised of sweeping or obscure statements as well as assorted rhetoric, instead of the rational approach you take.


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