Palin Out but not Down

On July 3, Sarah Palin did the unthinkable.  She resigned her office as governor of the state of Alaska and threw away any hope of running for higher office.

If you believe that you are either delusional or a liberal loon, incapable of rational thought.

Three days after the big announcement that left political pundits of all stripes spinning in their chairs,  here was this damsel, who wasn’t supposed to be able to survive in an interview with a media big shot, taking on all comers with flare.  There was a catch.  Palin didn’t go to them.  She made them come to her.  Smart!

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell had to don waders to catch up with Palin on one of her husband’s fishing boats.    The Palin we saw in that interview was the real deal, not the caricature that sat down with Katie Couric during the presidential campaign.

That Palin was restrained by her highly paid, over educated handlers who wouldn’t let her take the gloves off, when needed.  Anybody who has ever been put in that kind of position could see that she wanted to put Couric in her place when she asked her stupid condescending questions, but she didn’t.    Instead, out of respect for John McCain,  Palin did what her handlers asked her to do – make nice.    She kept herself contained, to her own detriment.

The real Sarah Palin is completely at ease with the media and comfortable in her own skin, whether in designer clothes or caked with fish slime.    That was apparent Monday.  When Mitchell pressed for her to come up with yet another reason that she resigned as governor, Palin came out swinging, “You aren’t listening to me,” she scolded the veteran political reporter, as she explained, again, that it was costing the state millions of dollars and thousands of hours of state time while there are worthy public issues that need to be addressed.   For Palin, consideration was “how does this affect the state?”

Why must we keep on searching for answers that simply are not there?  Why not simply take Sarah Palin at her word?

In Washington, it is considered beyond the realm of possibility that any public office holder would sacrifice her own political future, if necessary, if it was in the best interest of the people who put her in that office.   By resigning, Palin is allowing Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell to take up the issues she championed, finish hard and run for reelection from a position of power.

Even with all the attacks and ethical charges that have been thrown at her, it would have been easy to simply ride out the last year and a half of her term as governor while spending most of her time on the campaign trial.  That’s what Barack Obama did as a freshman senator.  Palin said she hates the political game that “some politicians play” of pretending they don’t know if they are going to run again.  She said, “I knew I wasn’t going to run again so I’m going to be honest with Alaskans.”

Palin is just as likeable and attractive as our 44th president but, unlike Obama, who had no executive experience when elected to the highest office in the land, she has.  Furthermore, she accomplished more in her first two years as governor than most do in four to eight.  Palin is a quick study and smart.   When her Teleprompter broke down during her acceptance speech at the GOP convention, she kept right on going without missing a beat.  When Obama’s Teleprompter breaks down . . . I rest my case.

On Monday, Palin clearly came out the winner in that interview with Andrea Mitchell.  This is the Palin you will see in the months to come. This is the Sarah Palin that so many people in this country have come to know and respect.  An honest woman with no guile, Palin really loves Alaska and her country the way she loves her husband and family.

How refreshing!

Andrea Mitchell is no lightweight.  She has been covering politics, for more than three decades  Mitchell was interviewing heads of state before Couric had her first TV gig.

If Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, Sarah Palin is now the Queen of Politics.   The GOP has had no one since Ronald Reagan who can excite a crowd like she does and there is no one on the political horizon who can touch her.   Her simple announcement was the 2nd biggest story of the week, and bear in mind, Jackson had to make the final exit before getting that kind of media attention.

11 thoughts on “Palin Out but not Down

  1. Sarah Palin is the most feared politician since Ronald Reagan; by the left that is.

    Most people should believe that what she said was the truth, that she wants the best for Alaska. With the state having spent in excess of two million dollars and she and Todd having incurred about half a million in debt seems to be good reason to leave her job.

    I know there are others beside myself who are looking forward to hearing that she is going to be the candidate we will be able to support in 2012, without having to hold our nose when we vote. I for one am tired of having to vote for the lesser of two evils,and if the RNC doesn’t get behind this woman, I am through with the GOP.


  2. Jane, another winning column. Bravo! So much speculation on Palin when, in fact, she has said what she means and means what she said. No hidden agenda. She is going to campaign for worthy conservative candidates begining in Texas with Rick Perry. She will excite the conservative movement, the grass roots movement, as we’ve not seen in decades. Goal? To change the majority in the House and pull out some of those unbelievable Democrats in the Senate, starting with Harry Reid and Chris Dodd. The excitment and size of the tea parties indicate this will be a rousing grass roots revival of the America we knew and love! Go Sarah! Go Jane!


  3. I don’t consider myself a liberal loon, so that must mean I’m delusional. Assuming Sarah Palin has ambitions for higher office, I don’t see how her resignation furthers them. If she quit because of the attacks on her family then what will she do the next time she runs? The attackers aren’t going away. The people who filed baseless ethics charges against her in Alaska will simply find a national audience. The charges won’t go away. Tasteless comics and ambitious journalists aren’t going away. What if Palin had endured the same attacks after being elected vice-president? Would those attacks not have mattered or would John McCain be exercising his powers under the 25th Amendment? Nothing about this makes any sense.


  4. Sarah will be an outsider inside the “Beltway”.

    She is not a lawyer, as are 90+% in congress.

    She has worked in a business. 80% of congress has not.

    She has executive experience and BO and most others up there do not.

    She has common sense. That certainly makes her an outsider.

    Really a missfit for D. C. She might even stand up for the taxpayer.


  5. Pat,

    Perhaps you have heard so much spin, you are just stuck. Please go back and re-read this column. It wasn’t that she couldn’t take the heat — she has had that every since she began poking her finger in the eyes of the establishment. However, it has intensified since she became a national figure to the point that it has paralyzed her state. She did it to allow her Lt. Gov. to move forward with her reform agenda. She didn’t want Alaska to lose that opportunity. She did the right thing for Alaska and she is just going to let the chips fall where they may.


  6. Dear Jane:
    When I read your 3rd paragraph, I mistakenly thought you had misspelled the word flair. On subsequent readings, I have concluded that you actually meant the spelling you used, and Sarah Palin is taking on all comers with something that dazzles, blinds, bewilders, and stupefies her enemies. Very clever of you. Very clever of our beautiful, guileless future leader, taking us into a Heaven-sent 180-degree turnaround in our nation’s history. The mental picture evoked by your narrating the story of Andrea Mitchell in waders being rightfully chided by an abused Sarah Palin is priceless. Let’s all pray for Sarah as she holds that Flare of Freedom high.
    Vaya con Dios!


  7. Woopi!!! Sarah you are one great lady with more guts and spunk than the whole of Capitol Hill put together. They are scared that Palin would show them up with her honesty, and concern for her State of Alaska. I wish other politicians had her ethics and would not rob their state coffers while running for other positions.
    Jane I was at a Rally on the 4th July and all the folks I spoke with were for Our Lady Palin, bringing smiles and hope.


  8. Jane,

    Whatever Sarah Palin does for the future will end up leaving a positive legacy for years to come. If she decides not to run in 2012, she will help the candidate who is out to defeat Obama. Obama will cause us to lose thousands of troops because of his big blunders, and will even make some of the most liberal Democrats “spew up their lunch”! Some of Obama’s blunders will be the way he handles the crises in Afghanistan, North Korea, and the Middle East. These will be “Emperor” Obama’s crowns of thorns.


  9. you’ve nailed it. and what we need are more “Sarah Palins” in the party or we are defecting en masse.
    We keep sending in our donations to the Republican this and Republican that and 59 million held our noses and punched the chad for Mccain but how long can we stand to do it? Newtie and Steele had better get out of the way and make room for some young turks and female whippersnappers…


  10. Regarding Palin — Much can happen between now and 2012; it’s possible Palin may run on a third party ticket. If the socialist democrats continue on their present course most of America is going to be really upset. I think 2010 will give us a hint of that as a possibility, that is if we can keep ACORN’s fingers out of the pie!


  11. I was a democrat until I started my own investigation into Obama. I knew I would never support him. I wasn’t crazy about McCain but when he chose Palin I thought this is it. I voted McCain. But only because of Palin. If she is on the ticket next time she has my vote. She is not a phony like the rest. She will do what is the best for this country, not for herself. I think she’s proved that. And if McCain would have turned her loose and let her do it her way McCain would be president.


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