Hypocrites, Feminists, Phonies and Fakes (The Rant Against Melania Trump)

Leftists have steadfastly argued that first ladies of the United States are off limits to public criticism even when they jump off their protected pedestals, move into the West Wing and dive into the muck and mire of political issues, even when they hurl hateful insults at political opponents, dress like a tramp and, yes, even when they openly criticize our country.  These same leftists have turned on the afterburners in an attempt to demonize Melania Trump. Continue reading “Hypocrites, Feminists, Phonies and Fakes (The Rant Against Melania Trump)”

How to Stop the Democrat Party’s Temper Tantrums

Never before have we witnessed such petty behavior by a losing party following a presidential election.  Traditionally, this is a time for the nation, led by our representatives in Washington, to come together in a spirt of bipartisanship and renew our efforts to work together to build a better, stronger and more prosperous country that works for every American.

It’s called the honeymoon period for good reason.  It is time to put aside the hurts leftover from the campaign in an effort to govern.   It is a time for a fresh start and new beginnings.  It is a time to put aside any differences that remain and help the new president get off to a good start for the sake of all concerned.

Instead, the Democrats, who were soundly defeated at every level of government, have staged a prolonged temper tantrum, playing the role of obstructionists at every turn.   Some 70 lawmakers refused to show up for the inauguration.  Then, they slow-walked the effort of Donald Trump to put his cabinet in place.   Most of Barack Obama’s Cabinet picks were approved by voice vote within a few days.  Did the Republicans like his choices or agree with their objectives?  Not at all, but they respected his right to select the team that would help him govern.

Now, many of those same Democratic congressmen and senators have decided to boycott President’s Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress on the 28th of this month when he will lay out his vision for the country.   What can they possibly hope to gain for their constituents  by burning the bridges of communication?  Why are they fanning the flames of disappointment and discontent?

Last week, Fox News Cannel’s Neil Cavuto had a jaw-dropping interview with Rep. Jared Polis, a Colorado Democrat, that held the answer. Continue reading “How to Stop the Democrat Party’s Temper Tantrums”

Confessions of a Flu Victim

Those of you who regularly follow my column may have noticed it has been missing for the last four weeks.  During that time, I battled complications from the flu and, at times, my very life hung in the balance.

You’ve seen the statistics.  Every year, some 25,000 people die from the flu.  This year, the outbreak has reached epidemic proportions and the danger is far from over.

What makes someone vulnerable, while others recover few weeks?  How do you know that what you are experiencing has crossed the line into dangerous territory?

Those a both end of the age spectrum or especially vulnerable, as are those with any underlying medical condition.  I had been battling a pesky sinus condition for a few weeks before becoming ill on Christmas Eve.

Sometime before dawn on the 26th, I passed out from dehydration, was treated in the emergency room and tests were run.  A few days later, the hospital confirmed I had influenza B and could expect to be sick for at least two weeks. Continue reading “Confessions of a Flu Victim”

Obama Women: Clueless Government Gals

Barack Obama is going to war with Mitt Romney. He isn’t fighting this war himself. He is fighting it with some women. Not just any women, he has a brigade of women who cannot or will not think for themselves.

They pick their president the way a seven-year-old picks her Barbie Doll. They think Obama is cute and swoon over meaningless phrases like “hope and change.” They have bought into his class warfare rhetoric, the old zero-sum game. I am poor (or not as comfortable as I’d like to be) because someone else is rich. Obama has promised to punish the rich and these women believe the rich deserve it. Continue reading “Obama Women: Clueless Government Gals”

Obama Picked Paul Ryan

Obama has no one to blame but himself.   While Romney was mulling over a list of possible running mates, it was the president who made the selection of Paul Ryan inevitable.

Shortly after Romney became the presumptive GOP nominee, Obama had his surrogates out trying to tie the former Massachusetts governor to the dreaded Ryan budget.   It was not difficult as Romney had praised Ryan’s effort and did not try to distance himself from the affable Wisconsin Republican.

Fear began to set in.  Ryan had a plan that not only included shrinking the size of the federal budget but, horrors,  reforming entitlements.  Obama had done zilch!   Aaaagh! Continue reading “Obama Picked Paul Ryan”

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Last week, Fox News reported that asparagus growers in Washington State leave 10 percent of their crop uncut because of a labor shortage. Farmers are said to be losing a combined $200,000 a day.  This is happening in a state where the unemployment rate is almost 11 percent.   What’s wrong with this picture?

Farm wages are either too low, welfare too high or too easily obtained or a wicked combination of all three which has robbed us of our self-reliance, determination, dignity and pride as a people and as a nation. Continue reading “What’s Wrong with this Picture?”

The “Unthinkable” Arrived . . .and no one noticed

Sandra Fluke, the 30-year-old shameless Georgetown law student who, last week,  was invited to address Democrat members of the House of Representatives on her need for free contraceptives, is now a media darling.  Her name has become a household word.  It  may soon be added to the dictionary as a verb “fluked” and the ever popular adverb, “fluking.”

Meanwhile, virtually unnoticed by the mainstream media,  two Australian college professors, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva, set off a firestorm of worldwide proportions by arguing for legalized infanticide.

Fluke’s appearance was a cheap publicity stunt, little more than a pep rally for President Obama’s plan to force religious institutions to cover contraceptives even if it violates their moral principles. Continue reading “The “Unthinkable” Arrived . . .and no one noticed”

Thanksgiving and the Welfare State

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings and thank God for them. For the early pilgrims, these blessings were simple and few. The first thanksgiving celebrated at Plymouth was for a bountiful harvest following a year the colonists suffered great loss from hunger and disease.

In the years that followed, days of thanksgiving were solemn yet joyful occasions. Hard work was a fact of life but no guarantee that a family would have the necessities needed to survive. Our ancestors understood that they could plant and plow but only God could make things grow. Continue reading “Thanksgiving and the Welfare State”

Girl Scouts 100th birthday: Why Everyone isn’t Celebrating

The Girl Scouts USA will hold its 52rd Annual Convention next week in Houston. It is to be the kickoff off to the 100-year anniversary on March 12, 2012, and the Girl Scouts are inviting everyone who has ever been a member of the organization to join in the celebration.

There was a time when I bled green and gold, but I will not be joining this party. The Girl Scouts have strayed far from the ideals of founder Juliette Gordon Low. Her scouts pledged to do their duty to “God and My Country” to help other people at all times and to “obey the Girl Scout Laws.”
The Laws encouraged young girls to uphold the highest moral standards. The original “A Girl Scout keeps herself Pure,” was expanded to read, “A Girl Scout is Clean in Thought, Word and Deed.”

Today’s Girl Scouts have put an asterisk by the word “God,” making the great I Am optional. Although local troops can pray to a creator if they choose, most don’t. It’s seen as so last century. Gone, too, are the moral absolutes recorded in His Word.

Today, the scouting experience largely depends on the area council and local troop leaders. Some are quite conservative, but these troops swim upstream against the national organization and have no say in matters of policy.

The beginning of the end of Juliette Low’s brand of scouting came in 1970 when feminist icon Betty Friedan was put on the national governing board. Now it is controlled by left-wing ideologues.

In 1980, the organizations changed its policy on homosexuality and welcomed lesbians as scouts and troop leaders. Today, it’s virtually anything goes. In fact, you no longer have to be a girl to be a Girl Scout. One needs only to “identify as a girl” to be accepted.

In the 1997 book “On My Honor: Lesbians Reflect on Their Scouting Experience,” an administrator of the organization estimated that 30 percent of the professional staff were lesbians. GSUSA policy states that it does not permit the “advocacy or promotion of a personal lifestyle or sexual preference.” One can examine the list of entertainers, speakers and role models who will be presented at Houston to see that it is dominated by gay-rights and pro-abortion advocates and left-wing ideologues. Many have more than a casual connection to the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

The headliner is ABC’s left-wing journalist Katie Couric who often uses her position to salute her liberal heroes and bash conservatives.

Singer Sara Bareilles, who built her career performing and speaking at homosexual events will entertaining the crowd. She has appeared in a gay film and is a darling of the Obama White House.

Houston’s homosexual mayor, Annise Parker, and Rice University sociologist Stephen Klineberg. a prominent researcher on LGBT acceptance are speakers. Others include:

JoDee Winterhof, former Hillary Clinton campaign strategist and a vice president of the relief organization CARE, a leading international abortion advocate.

Feminist leader and Democratic Party activist Swanee Hunt. In her over-the-top article “Gagged and Bound” for Scripps Howard News Service, she bashed President G.W. Bush for signing a bill that banned the grizzly partial-birth abortion.

C.J. Golden who works with Girl Scout councils around the country to combine Taoism with “modern-day defiance.” Her website TaoGirls.com provides links to GirlZone and Teen Wire, Planned Parenthood’s explicit website for teens.
This is just a small sample. You can find a list of controversial speakers at speaknowgirlscouts.com, along with links to background information that has been scrubbed from their bios on the GSUSA official site.

Be advised: An important part of this year’s program is something called Conversations of Consequence such as “Moving Beyond Diversity to Inclusion.” Now I wonder what that’s promoting? Hummm!

Gay-rights advocate Marlee Matlin is reported to be speaking on philanthropy in one of these “conversations.” Matlin is the deaf actress who starred in the HBO series “The L Word.”

GSUSA puts on a good public face and still manages to snag a few Christian individuals and religious groups who are either ignorant of its agenda or in denial. However, many Christians have fled, and the exodus continues.

Clearly, the Girl Scouts’ 100-year journey took a sharp left turn in 1970 and is now headed downhill at a rapid pace.