Confessions of a Flu Victim

Those of you who regularly follow my column may have noticed it has been missing for the last four weeks.  During that time, I battled complications from the flu and, at times, my very life hung in the balance.

You’ve seen the statistics.  Every year, some 25,000 people die from the flu.  This year, the outbreak has reached epidemic proportions and the danger is far from over.

What makes someone vulnerable, while others recover few weeks?  How do you know that what you are experiencing has crossed the line into dangerous territory?

Those a both end of the age spectrum or especially vulnerable, as are those with any underlying medical condition.  I had been battling a pesky sinus condition for a few weeks before becoming ill on Christmas Eve.

Sometime before dawn on the 26th, I passed out from dehydration, was treated in the emergency room and tests were run.  A few days later, the hospital confirmed I had influenza B and could expect to be sick for at least two weeks. I still felt terrible, but, okay, that was to be expected.  I took my medicine, drank lots of fluids and slept most of the time.  By the second week I was no better, and by Sunday January 7, the fever was back.  These are all dangerous signs.

The next morning, we headed to the doc who sent me to the hospital.  He called ahead to the emergency room and told them I needed to be admitted and what treatment to begin.

The next two hours were the most excruciating.  The ER was packed.  There were a lot of sick people there but most belonged in the doctors office or a clinic.

Why were these patients clogging up the emergency room?  Because if they went to a doctor or clinic, they would have to pay.  Our perverse system makes the hospital treat anyone who walks through the door, while a doctor still has a choice.  As long as our emergency rooms have to function as “free clinics” this will get worse.

Also, the system rewards those who fail to save or obtain health insurance by passing on the cost of their treatment to those who do in the from of higher prices.  ObamaCare will do nothing to solve this problem.  In fact, the evidence shows that ObamaCare is forcing many companies to go to part-time workers, trim the number of their employees, or pay a fine and abandon their health care coverage all together.

I sat propped up between two chairs until they could find a gurney.   I never made it into an actual emergency room.  The very sick patients who needed to be admitted were kept in an auxiliary area with a little curtains between them and treated until they could find rooms.  I could hear the groaning of those around me.  I remained in this makeshift area for another 24 long hours.

Hospitals were full after the holidays with patients who had scheduled elective surgeries, in other words, patients who could pay their bills.  There was little room left over for emergency patients like me who may or may not be able to pay.  Can’t blame the hospitals.

Over the next six days, I received what is still the best health care in the world.   What if this happened 5 or 10 years down the road?  Would I have survived?

The only way ObamaCare will work is to ration care.  That’s how it works in countries with socialized medicine.   That is why the unelected 15-member Independent Payment Advisory Board was created for Medicare.

Don’t worry, if you aren’t old enough for Medicare, you will be.  In the meantime, do you want this panel making cookie cutter decisions for your mom and dad?

Prior to this experience, I was so discouraged about where this country is headed, I seriously thought about giving up the fight, throwing up my hands and saying, “What’s the use?”

In this period of confinement, I had a lot of time to pray.  I was reminded that when God puts a problem on our heart, we are to ask Him for direction and follow through. The results are God’s job!

To be born in, or become a naturalized citizen of a free country is a great gift, one worth fighting for.

So, I’m no longer ready to throw in the towel.  I am ready to write more columns and books, make more speeches and help enlighten anyone who will listen.

Thank you Lord, for this flu.

7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Flu Victim

  1. I wondered why we not not seen any articles from you. So glad you are better. I can identify with your hospital experiences….went through a lot of stuff last year. We are blessed to have the health care we have, but feel it is going to change big time. Like you, I feel
    we have got to be proactive. Don’t know how we can stop the ER’s being Dr”s offices for some, but it has got to stop! Hospitals are loosing money and I fear some of our brightest will no longer have the desire to go into medicine due to all the headaches of the government…….hopefully God will lead us down the right path.


  2. All good patriots are happy to hear that Jane Chastain has recovered from the flu and will continue telling the truth…a scarce commodity in today’s world. This is a good time to warn people that the flu vaccines are of, at best, dubious value and pose a very real risk, due to toxic additives and impurities. There is mounting evidence that vitamin D3 supplementation may give people considerable resistance to the flu, and possibly several other illnesses…including cancer. Supplementation of up to at least 20,000 IU daily is safe.
    Of course, under Obaminable’s Deathcare program, the elderly, the disabled, and the terminally ill will be left to die slowly and probably will not even receive pain medication. But there will be plenty of funding for sex change operations, and treatment of AIDS. Convicted murderers, rapists, etc. will receive the very best care, along with terrorists and illegal aliens. And the Unpresident and the rest of the aristocracy will have separate coverage. We must do as they say…not as they do.


  3. So glad to hear you are better! I have two recent examples of where healthcare is headed on BOTH sides of the “who pays” fence: 1) I pay dearly for independent insurance (close to our house payment) and this past year my doctor ordered an EKG due to an exam and my insurance company denied it saying they didn’t feel it was medically necessary!
    2) My husband is on disability and went to the ER with an aortic aneurism last year. The doctor heard he had VA, said he needed surgery but it was expensive, and wanted to discharge him even though the lab said there was evidence of a small leak! Another doctor and nurse stepped in and got him transferred by ambulance to another hospital, all because (we believe) the first doctor didn’t want to take what the VA would reimburse him for! Luckily we are now both OK, but what if…? Do people really think the expense and bureaucracy of Obamacare would IMPROVE this?


  4. Praise God for your recovery and your last paragraphs wherein you reaffirm a dedication and realize your assignment to keep up the good fight. I too am often discouraged at the direction the Republican Party is taking and the lily-livered leadership we currently have. And as far as medical treatment goes, we as a nation are losing our great medical practitioners and services because of government intrusion. Free enterprize has a way of sorting things out. Pray that government intrusion is removed and that medical people can practice medicine without insurance panels and government death panels. Jane, you are ‘right on!” when you fight on and write on. Blessings, Warren


  5. Seems like I recall someone else passed out from dehydration, hit her head, got a concussion and could not testify before congress??????

    Seriously, glad you are better and sorry you had to go through that ordeal.


  6. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this outstanding blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this blog with my Facebook group. Chat soon!


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