Obama Women: Clueless Government Gals

Barack Obama is going to war with Mitt Romney. He isn’t fighting this war himself. He is fighting it with some women. Not just any women, he has a brigade of women who cannot or will not think for themselves.

They pick their president the way a seven-year-old picks her Barbie Doll. They think Obama is cute and swoon over meaningless phrases like “hope and change.” They have bought into his class warfare rhetoric, the old zero-sum game. I am poor (or not as comfortable as I’d like to be) because someone else is rich. Obama has promised to punish the rich and these women believe the rich deserve it.

Who are the rich? That depends on whom you ask. For these women, it is anyone who has more than they have. Obama’s tax increase on the rich would run the country for all of eight days and hurt small businesses that file as individuals. How does this help women?

Their savior has promised to punish the “evil corporations” who would hire more workers they don’t need if only they weren’t so stingy with their stockholders’ money. These women can’t comprehend the fact that corporations don’t pay taxes. They simply pass them along to their customers in the form of higher prices which hurts everyone, and hurts the poor women disproportionately. They also can’t comprehend that their stockholders are made up of millions of average women whose retirement depends on corporate profits.

Some of these Obama women see themselves as helpless victims who cannot get an education, job or promotion without the help of the federal government. They cannot feed themselves, put a roof over their heads or a diaper on their babies without the help of Uncle Sam. And, please, whatever you do, don’t ask them to pack a school lunch. That, too, should be provided by the poor saps known as taxpayers. These women are wards of the state, literally and/or mentally.

There is another brigade made up of women who joined this war over the right to kill their unborn children. Part of the more militant showed up in Tampa this week dressed as giant vaginas. It was meant to shock us.

They are to be pitied. Many of these women have had an abortion or two. Deep down they regret those decisions but bury their guilt by seeing how many women they can “help” do the same. Every abortion seems to validate the decision they made to end a life. These decisions are often made under pressure, in haste or desperation.

These vagina women mask their pain with militance and fool only themselves. They call themselves pro-choice so they won’t have to acknowledge what they are really promoting: abortion, promiscuity, hedonism and selfishness.

If these women believe abortions are so wonderful, why don’t they offer to pay for them for others. Sure, they want taxpayers to pay the abortionists to kill these children but they never offer to dig into their own pockets.

Those on the other side of this issue offer all kinds of free services to pregnant women who want to give their children a chance at life. These services include free housing and medical care. And they call us “extreme!”

If the truth is known, it is Obama who has waged war on women:

He erased many of the protections that military women enjoyed that prevented them from being assigned to combat units and used as cannon fodder.

He would erase the hedge of protection placed around the traditional family unit by promoting gay marriage.

He will destroy the world’s best healthcare system by putting an unelected board of bureaucrats between a woman and her doctor.

Furthermore, a full 92 percent of the jobs lost under this president were lost by women.

While women were losing their jobs by the hundreds of thousands, President Obama chose to focus on an agenda of more taxes and more regulations that further weakened our struggling economy.

When Dodd-Frank prevents banks from making loans to small businesses, women are hurt.

When his EPA drives up electricity prices and his officials at the Department of Interior prevents oil drilling, women are hurt.

Obama has tried to stir women up over a phony wage gap that can be explained by the choices made by women in the workplace. However a real wage gap exists in his own White House where the salaries of his male staffers are18 percent higher than the salaries of the women who work there.

His hypocrisy knows no bounds!

No, real women are not joining his war and they aren’t fooled by this rhetoric. Real women think for themselves.

4 thoughts on “Obama Women: Clueless Government Gals

  1. Great column Jane! Lenin had his women, Hitler and Mao had theirs. If Obama’s women AND spineless men get in again buckle your seatbelts it’s gonna be a bumpy ride, we’re going down. We’ve flipped God off. Everyone needs to take a few minutes and read Deutoronomy 28. I suppose it was just a coincidence that Southern Decadence, the biggest gay pride festival began the day that Isaac hit New Orleans as well as Katrina 7 years ago. Nothing to see here folks just keep moving.


  2. Ann Romney spoke about and to the real women out there.
    During her talk, I thought of the definition heard many years ago of a lady. “A lady is a woman, around whom I want to be a gentleman.” Ann Romney is such a lady.


  3. Hitler’s motorcade routes were lined with ecstatically screaming women, their eyes practically bulging out of the sockets. Hitler had his mindless toy, Eva Braun, and Slick Willy had Monica what’s her name, the dumb fat girl.
    It is interesting that the same groups within the population supported Hitler, Slick, and Obaminable: women (more than men), lawyers, academics, and people from the entertainment industry. Hmmm…it’s almost as if the three of them have something in common.


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