Obamacare: Throw Mamma from the Train!

Obama is out pushing a health care reform bill he hasn’t read and guaranteeing that it will offer

•    lower cost
•    promote choice
•    cover everyone
•    be more efficient
•    won’t increase the deficit
•    give free ice cream

Okay, I admit that I lied about that last part if you will acknowledge that Obama simply cannot achieve the other five goals without drastically lowering the amount and quality of the healthcare that Americans now receive and have come to expect.

Just last week Obama told an audience that attended a Town Hall at Broughton High School in North Carolina, “(N)o one is talking about some government takeover of health care.”

Of course not but that is the goal.

This clip of Obama offered by breitbartTV contains the following quote from the SEIU Health Care Form on March, 24, 2007.


“I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program . . . A single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. And that’s what I’d like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately. Because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate, and we have to take back the House.”

Most of us don’t want a panel of unelected bureaucrats deciding what treatments our doctor can and cannot offer us.  That is why President Obama is now hiding behind meaningless rhetoric, while some of his Democrat colleagues in Congress have been much more candid.

Obama’s initial plan is to lure us into an HMO  or the “government option,” which will hamstring your physician and put a gatekeeper between you and every specialist on the planet.

Initially, you will have plenty of choices, or so it will seem, but there is a catch.   If the government is allowed to dictate what insurance companies can offer us, plans A through Z are all going to be different shades of the same color.

At some point you will discover that the private plan you have is exactly the same as the government-run plan but, guess what?  The government-run plan will be cheaper.  The government-run plan doesn’t have to show a profit.  It has unlimited resources – our tax dollars – and it will use those resources to drive the private plans out of business.

Once the door slams shut, the cost-cutting will begin in earnest and Mamma goes under the train.
Congress plans to pay for this $1 trillion-plus noose around our necks with a $500 billion cut to Medicare, the program that is set to explode in the next few years as the baby boomers began to retire.

How, pray tell, do you cut $500 billion from a program that is expected to grow by 30 percent?  You limit the amount of health care the elderly can consume.  It’s called rationing and it’s in there and it is real.

If you want to know how government-run health care works, examine the system in Great Britain where the elderly are routinely given the shaft.

Here in America, people are living longer and enjoying more active lives that ever before.   We have come to expect that if a hip, knee or a heat valve wears out we will get another one promptly.   If we let the Obama Administration put the “public option” in place, very soon it will become the only option and Mamma (and Papa) will become expendable.

One of the most disturbing parts of H.R. 3200 is Section 1233 which provides “counseling” to seniors to encourage them to sign documents which will limit the care they receive should they become seriously ill.  In the event they do not take this bait, the government ultimately will decide what end of life care they will receive or, more correctly, be denied.

The fall guy in the system will be the poor, overworked – and soon to be underpaid –  primary care physician who will be expected to limit care and treat conditions that he or she should refer to a specialist.

In the case of coronary disease or cancer – the most common problems affecting the elderly –  this is tantamount to using a handyman to do the work of an experienced plumber or electrician.  Simple jobs are no problem, but for more complex issues, the results can be disastrous.

Larry: You killed somebody! You killed a person. You’re a murderer. You took a life!
Owen: You’re right. You’re right, I’m no good. How could I do that?

Throw Mamma from the Train, 1987

You can read the fine print in H.R. 3200, which is chilling, or you can save time and use your own common sense.

Move away from this train.  You are about to get creamed!

7 thoughts on “Obamacare: Throw Mamma from the Train!

  1. Why isn’t someone talking about the real problem with health care cost?

    Insurance companies sell what JQPublic wants to buy. They do not dictate coverage.

    Doctors want to treat patients with maladies. They do not dictate costs nor what treatment is not available.

    A huge part of the cost is defensive. Doctors can’t run a business that mandates their presence while they are in court with some silly trial lawyer.

    More than half of the cost of health care is created by the fear of litigation.

    Professional Insurance premium.
    Extra tests and exams to avoid problems in court.
    Huge paperwork costs.
    Medical review after review.

    The health care facilities in this country can perform with the same fantastic efficiency and productivity that we have in manufacturing and every other area if they could get the 800 pound gorilla of trial lawyers off their back.

    Did I mention that the trial lawyers support Democrats.


  2. Jane,

    It really is amazing what a pathological liar Obama is. He truly is a Marxist, who believes that the end result justifies the means of getting there. Since Obama’s word is worthless, it is obvious now that Obama’s denials about being influenced by Jeremiah Wright were bald-faced lies. Obama soaked up every minute of the twenty years he spent in Wright’s church listening to the anti-American hate and Black Marxist Liberation Theology.

    The anti-Christ will be a lot like Obama in that he too will be a pathological liar and will be able to sway and fool millions like Obama already has. The anti-Christ also will fool Israel and will turn against Israel like Obama already is doing. Perhaps, instead of Obama being addressed “President” Obama, he should be addressed instead as “Almost the anti-Christ,” Obama.



  3. One standard that is close to my heart, if America’s leaders truly believe in the proposed healthcare system, then the proof of their convictions are in their actions.

    If our leaders of our country are convinced that this healthcare system is the best for the citizens of America – then the same healthcare should equally be the best for the leaders and their families as well – “put your life where your mouth is!”

    This is the litmus test – if they won’t consider their constituents lives as valuable as theirs – what does that say about the program they’re introducing and going to force upon us?!

    Remove these leaders if they don’t put America first. It’s past time to wake up and take America back for the people!


  4. People just don’t get it. Obama is promising something he cannot deliver. I use this analogy.

    A father takes his family out to eat weekly. They dine well, at fine restaurants. Dad begins to realize, “This is really costing me big bucks- we’re going to have to cut down on the cost of these dinner nights”.

    But at the same time, the kids begin to say that they have friends who never get to go out to eat and their lives are so miserable as a result, so couldn’t they also bring them along?

    If Dad consents to increasing the size of the party, will they be able to continue eating in all those same fancy restaurants and still allow Dad to cut his costs?? NO! The only way to continue to have all those extra people in the dinner party for the SAME amount of money, let alone for LESS money, is
    for Dad to decree, “we’re going Denny’s or McDonald’s instead.”

    WIth Obamacare, we’ll soon all be having basic hamburgers, no fries and water all around.


  5. If Congress had been listening to the people in the first place, about TARP, about the taxpayer funded stimulus gazillions, government takeover of a major industry at expense of bondholders, government ordained taxpayer bailout of financial messes at the core of home mortgage and insurance industries, THEN perhaps no rational thinking, fiscally prudent Americans of ANY party would feel compelled to raise their voices in town hall meetings to be heard by their representatives . We used to be a two-party system. The Dems and Repubs didn’t listen. Now we have a third party – the Tea Party.


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