Seniors Divorce AARP (It’s harder than you think)

It was a marriage made in Heaven, or so it seemed, senior citizens and the AARP.

When you reach age 50, you get a letter from the AARP inviting you to join and offering discounts at thousands of businesses across America, and an opportunity to purchase insurance on almost everything at the AARP’s group rate, all for $16 per year.

With 84 million Americans now over the age of 50, and some 40 million of them carrying AARP cards, that’s real clout.  Something for practically nothing, what a deal!

Every year, thousands of Americans join AARP before they realize those discounts come with a lot of heavy baggage.

The AARP uses the clout that it gets from its behemoth membership to lobby for left-wing, big government programs that saddle your grandchildren with mountains of debt and drive up the cost of almost everything you use.

In the past the AARP has lobbied for:

•    Higher taxes on gasoline
•    A new consumption tax
•    The abolition of corporate deductions for advertising
•    Higher income tax rates
•    The creation of a fourth income tax bracket

Many now realize that they can get the same (or better) discounts by joining AAA — the automobile club — without the excess liberal baggage.  Furthermore, many careful shoppers have discovered that the insurance they bought from the AARP was at an inflated rate.

Even more troubling, AARP members recently discovered that the organization is lining up with the Obama Administration and the Democrats to try to put our healthcare completely under the thumb of the federal government and the AARP stands to benefit.

Senior citizens aren’t stupid.  Most know that “the government option” will drive most private insurers out of business and lead to less care as they age and need it most.  Yes, more and more seniors are waking up to the  fact that the AARP has been cheating on them so they asked for a divorce.

Thousands of seniors are cutting up their AARP cards and calling the national headquarters to ask for their money back.  A similar situation occurred in 1994 when the organization lined up with Clintoncare.  At that time, some 2.6 million members decided not to renew their membership.    Did the AARP loose some of it’s clout along when its membership dropped?  No! It papered over that fact.

Dave Van Atta, revealed in his book, “Trust Betrayed,” that in July 1995, it secretly altered the books to give itself an additional two million members.

According to Van Atta, no one really knows just how many actual members the AARP has because of some deft slight-of-hand that is a closely guarded secret, known only to members of the senior staff.

The AARP conveniently gives a “free membership” to an applicant’s spouse, a fact that irks single members who often complain that they are paying double.  For many years, the AARP used a formula accepted by advertisers by multiplying the number of households by 1.5 to come up with a membership count.  But, in a closed-door session in July 1995, Van Atta reported that the board decided to mask its declining membership by using 1.6, instead of 1.5, which gave it a paper boost of 2.11 million members overnight.

Will the AARP use the same slight-of-hand to mask the revolt of its membership in 2009?  What do you think?

The AARP doesn’t represent senior citizens.  It uses them.   Sure it provides some “services” to seniors like tax preparation and job training but those services are not really free.  In 2007 and 2008 the organization pulled in $159 million in grant money from the federal government for providing these services.  Then, it turned around and used our tax dollars to lobby for still more federal money. (Technically, it can’t use our tax money for lobbying but, in reality, it all goes into the same gigantic pot.)

The truth is the AARP makes so much money from selling insurance and other services to seniors, it could well afford to do these things on its own . . . if it really cared about the welfare of the members it claims to represent.   In 2007, the AARP raked in $497,000,000 from “royalties.”    That’s a fancy word for the kickbacks  received from the companies that benefit from the AARP hand-off, which is double the amount of money the AARP receives from membership dues.

This helps explain why the AARP isn’t listening to you.  The AARP figures, if there is a sucker born every minute, than there are at least two suckers turning 50 every minute, so the AARP fat-cat executives laugh all the way to the bank.


Learn more about the AARP by reading this book.  It’s a few years old, but it will give you great insight.

20 thoughts on “Seniors Divorce AARP (It’s harder than you think)

  1. Jane,
    The real question you don’t answer is – why isn’t there a group like AARP for those who do not want to support a liberal group but do want the features provided by AARP? I thought I saw an email from WND once about a group such as this, but if there was one I can’t find it now. Seems like if it ever did exist WND would have put a link to the group by the listing for this article or at the least made sure you had the info in your article.


  2. Your list of AARP lobby efforts omits one of their longest and most anti-elders campaigns.

    Since at least the early 1990’s AARP has been a vigorous supporter of efforts to deprive americans of second amendment rights. Not only have their efforts supported
    draconian “gun-control” measuresin order to garner political IOU’s to apply to pro-elder laws in other
    areas, but have actually defended their stance on the ground that elders.

    Elderly people are often the target of choice for criminals, largely due to
    the infirmities of age, yet the AARP considers access to self-defense more
    dangerous than the criminals.

    AARP is primarily devoted to peddling democratic socialism as a path to
    security for elders. At 69 years of age I have yet to see anything they
    have done that actually benefits those they claim to represent.


  3. Lars Larson suggests: AARC (American Association for Retired Conservatives). I have never had anything to do with AARP because of their liberal stand but would definitely join AARC! How about the rest of you?


  4. Subject: CARP?

    Hi Jane,
    So let’s start the Conservative Association of Retired Persons. I am looking for my next career.
    Here are my founding principles for CARP:

    Thou shalt honor thy father and mother (don’t deny them healthcare because
    of out of control government spending)

    Thou shalt not murder (in utero or

    Thou shalt not give false testimony (help liberals lie about what is in the
    health care plan or count people in the census who aren’t legal citizens or
    who don’t exist (sampling)).

    Thou shalt not steal (overcharging our members or confiscatory tax rates for

    Thou shalt not lie (lobbying for policies inimical to our members or lie
    about membership numbers).

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods (tax the rich to pay for healthcare).

    A mass exodus from AARP will break the organization. Let’s break it.

    CARP: We don’t pull the plug on Grandma.

    Let’s start CARPing to our political representatives.

    Ken S.


  5. I sent the CEO of AARP a letter canceling my membership and returning my membership card–cut in two. I also told him that they were not authorized to use my name for any purpose since they have gained a reputation for lying. They are now trying to backtrack on their previous support of ObamaCare saying they never supported it. Hopefully, they will no longer have the funds to prop up the democrat destruction machine.





  7. Jerry Howard’s absolutely right that AARP wants to deprive citizens of firearms — a main reason I refused to join. Yet millions of people praise he organization for all its discounts. So it’s truly ironic that you can get better dicounts by joining the NRA.

    As for a counterpart conservative organization, try the Seniors Coalition.


  8. I regularly print mailing labels to affix to undesired “junk” mail. They read, “I DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH ANYONE AFFILIATED WITH THE SCUMBAG AARP”


  9. I wait for the day when some one will initiate a deep investigation into the inner workings of AARP. Who benefits from the hundreds of millions of dollars they take in every year Certainly not any of its members.

    I was once an AARP automobile insurance client of Hartford ITT. When they increased my rates (I had and still have a perfect driving and credit record) they informed me that as an aging senior. ( I was 70 at the time) My rates had to be increased. One of the great “benetits of AARP membership.

    I immediately canceled both the insurance and AARP>


  10. If you are interested please email and or call so that we can discuss your needs.

    We are independent insurance agents in CA AZ NV

    Charles G. Jarai, CLU


  11. I used to be an AARP member. Several years ago a friend of mine said he would never join AARP because they supported gun control. I emailed them about it and AARP confirmed that they donate money to gun control organizations. Because seniors are more frequently victims of crime they need to be able to protect themselves so I realized that I couldn’t be a part of AARP and canceled my membership. I’m glad that you and WND are letting people know just how leftist AARP is.


  12. Jane,
    When I turned 50 years ago I joined this organization. They used to send their magazine out once a month. I read it and everything in it screamed LEFT WING. I immediately cancelled my membership and will NEVER become a member again. People who are members should pay more attention to what this organization does.
    It does NOT represent the best interest for the elderly just themselves.


  13. AARP and Hartford insurance have conspired to cheat seniors. DO NOT get AARP Hartford insurance – it is a SCAM!!


  14. Best you could edit the webpage name title Seniors Divorce AARP (It’s harder than you think) at Jane Chastain : Politically Direct to something more generic for your blog post you create. I enjoyed the the writing however.


  15. I received a phone call today from AARP which asked me to stay on the line for a tele-town hall seminar session with Greg Gianforte running for Governor of MT.
    My question was “Does Gianforte as REBUBLICAN governor plan on ending the new scourge of euthanasia and supporting freedom of conscience for healthcare workers.
    Of course with AARP recently blocking passage of Idaho’s freedom of conscience laws and AARP praising Planned Parenthood as well as supporting lesbians and gays, I did not expect to have my question answered by Gianforte. Of course I was correct-Gianforte avoided my question and the tele-town hall ended.
    Shame on Gianforte for being a wolf in sheep’s clothing and putting Montanan lives last in place of BIG land, BIG business and BIG money in his pockets$!!!


    1. If you made the mistake of joining AARP, I hope you called and said, “Take my name off your roles,” and cut up your AARP card. You can get the same benefits with AAA without the left-wing baggage.


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