Obama finds A– to Kick

Earlier this month, in an interview with Matt Lauer,  Barack Obama, lowered the standard for the nation’s chief of state when he used a vulgarity in an interview for the “Today Show.”  Consumed with frustration over his inability to turn back the tide on the Gulf Coast, Barack Almighty delivered the now infamous line, “I want to know whose a – – to kick.”  On Tuesday, he found one.  No!  He found two – the American people and the American economy.

In his Oval Office address to the nation, Obama was a cross between a slick politician and a bully.

Who is getting bullied?  We are.

Bullies never miss an opportunity to kick a person who is down.

On Tuesday night, the president seemed determined to kick the life’s blood out of our struggling economy and consumers who are doing their best to weather this storm.

Instead of addressing the crisis at hand, Obama took a page from Rahm Emanuel’s (You never want a serious crisis to go to waste) play book and used this moment to advance another of his unpopular agenda items.

In this dreadful economy,  the people of the United States are hurting.   The oil leak in the Gulf has left many in that region feeling hopeless.  They needed to hear this president say that he would wave the Jones Act, which has prevented nations with the most advanced oil cleanup rigs from coming to our aid.  They needed to hear this president say, he would lift the moratorium on offshore oil drilling, and protect thousands of jobs that are at stake in the region.

Instead, Obama hit them, and us, another dreadful blow, by vowing to shove, the cap and tax bill down our throats at a time when we can least afford it.

This does absolutely nothing to help the situation in the Gulf.   Furthermore, this bill, which will tax carbon emissions, adds to our economic woes by driving up the cost of fuel and everything that is manufactured or transported, and all in the name of combating an unproven theory called “human induced global warming.”

This is far from a crisis!  In fact, there is strong evidence to suggest that the earth may be in the beginning of a cooling trend.  Nevertheless, Obama is using the old “bait and switch,” substituting what well may be a phoney crisis for the real crisis.

Looking for alternate forms of energy is a good thing.  Pretending that there is no more oil to harvest here at home or that we have to force oil companies to drill 50 miles offshore – in the danger zone – is a bad thing.   However, taxing carbon emissions in this economy is sheer folly.
It is tantamount to telling a family, where the head of the household is out of work, that they have to leave their perfectly good home and move to a more expensive place right now!

The economy of the Gulf Cost is dependent on three things: fishing, oil drilling and tourists. The oil spill has wiped out number one.  This irresponsible president is wiping out two and three by putting a moratorium on oil drilling and adding to the cost of a vacation for already cash-strapped families who regularly visit the region.

Yes, kick em while they are down!

Obama had the nerve to brag about the credentials of Steven Chu, his Secretary of Energy, the man who has been helpless in this crisis, the man who wants gasoline to be as expensive in the U.S. as it is in Europe.

Still the most disingenuous part of the president’s speech came in his closing remarks where he sought to connect with our deep spiritual roots.  Obama, who finds time to play golf and entertain celebrities but does not attend church, invoked the name of God three times and used the word “prayer” five times.

Please spare us!

One could be charitable, and say that this president is simply inept.  After all, before being elected president of the United States, this man had never run so much as a candy store.

Nevertheless, it appears that Obama is so committed to a leftist agenda that he will stop at nothing in order to attain it.

Yes, kick em while they are down!  And, if you examine the sermons of Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of the church Obama faithfully attended before coming to Washington, D.C.,  you get the feeling that perhaps –  just perhaps –  he thinks we deserve it.

7 thoughts on “Obama finds A– to Kick

  1. Jane:

    It doesn’t help when you see pictures of the oil spill figures on a government whiteboard showing 60K to 110K barrels per day [1] and then the Coast Guard says only 5K.

    Why does our government keep lying to us? This is doing nothing but breaking down trust and sowing terrible evil seeds of discord, suspicion and fear. Don’t people recognize that this is happening?


    [1] http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/williams/100615


  2. Ms Chastain:
    I’m pretty good at engineering though without formal trainings. Maybe that is why I have been able to solve some problems quickly that stymied trained engineers, I am not trying to brag here but to explain my ability which is a gift and cannot be acquired by training. It involves thinking — imagination and vision — but also requires a lot of knowledge which does come by training or reading.

    Both Dad, a civil engineer, and R. G,.LeTourneau, a self taught electrical and Mechanical engineer, came to the same conclusion, Graduate engineers were carbon copies of existing texts with no room for additions or revisionsl.; Dad said I had not been through the mill so had nothing to unlearn. I have had some experience with off shore oil field personell and they tend to be set in their wasy and difficult to see alternate and unconventional solutions.

    LeTourneau developed the first Jack-up drilling platform that could be floated to location and then jacked up on three legs to form a stable drilling platform. From there we gradually moved into deeper waters with dynamic positioning of a floating platform instead of anchors or ground support.

    I am not bragging when I say I am competent to have brought the oil leak under control within the first few days, given the authority and necessary information. The technical information is available and the espertize to install it. Whether you have that information or depend on those who do is immaterial. I have one system that, with no or light ocean currents would have worked, not been overly expensive and would have prevented the oil from mixing with the Gulf waters,. I am not wedded to that one system because there could easily be conditions that would cause insurmountable problem and call for a different solution., Once we got the oil to the surface it should have been easy to isolate it with plastic curtains surrounding the oil. Being lighter than the water the oil would float yet not exert undue pressure on this type of containment which could be quite large.. From there it would have been simply a matter of transferring the oil to tankers. I am only giving a light sketch of what I am talking about yet have a lot more detail in my head.

    There has been no effort made to catch the leak from day one. I am not saying BP was not concerned or did not try but they were following their hide bound text and experience, trying to stop the flow from the well rather that tackle the containment of that flow. From what I can find out indicates that the oil could have been captured within days of the tradegy. What they tried could not work due to the nature of the problem because they were tackling the wrong segment of the problem. The cap that filled with unexpected Ice was massive but still could have worked to bring the oil to the surface if that had been their goal.

    Obama had it in his power to assess the roblem and the tools to solve the problem but not the imagination or the knowledge of what to do. He has allowed the leak to thoroughly foul the Gulf and now that it is too late to do anything about that you will see that the leak will finally be brought under control. The only explanation that seems reasonable to me is that we are under the control of an evil spirit because we have turned our backs on the Lord.. I was looking for another verse that I cannot find so it may be that I am remembering something that is not in the Bible. However, in searching I found this passage that has a significant thought that will be in play over this oil spill as well as other facets.

    Mt 20:12 Saying, These last have wrought but one hour, and thou hast made them equal unto us, which have borne the burden and heat of the day.
    13 But he answered one of them, and said, Friend, I do thee no wrong: didst not thou agree with me for a penny?
    14 Take that thine is, and go thy way: I will give unto this last, even as unto thee.
    15 Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good?

    Verse 15 Is it not lawful is where our government says no. The administration does not believe it is lawful for me to do with my own as I will. When we are not generous be begin to cheat ourselves and start sliding downhill. Government redistribution of wealth is not the same as being generous no does it have the power to innovate or prosper..

    Watch and you will see how Obama has no interest in our environment, only in how he can gain absolute power. That is what Satan has striven for from the very beginning.
    Richard L. Whitford



    I was the Energy Czar for a Fortune 300 company during the Energy Crisis in the Mid-70’s … We drilled over 50 gas wells for our own manufacturing plants … We even built our own “gathering system” to collect the gas from the wells to our plants only to have the government “confiscate” our gas when natural gas was being rationed.

    There was no shortage … It was a ‘P….g Contest” between John Dingell and his congress and the Oil & Gas companies. They shut down plants all over the country … Who lost? … The American working family.

    My company had over 10,000 people laid off while our government played ‘political games”

    Now it is the same thing … We need an Energy Plan and it shouldn’t be some partisan issue that gets pushed around for over 35 years. In the mid-seventies we didn’t even have an Energy Dept. Now look at it!

    I think we should vote them all out or at the least ask each congressman where he stands on energy.

    Hell yes I am mad … Where is the outrage … We need to take our country back … This November is a good time to start.


  4. R G LeTourneau is probably the most interesting biography that I have ever read. He lived his Christian faith both at home and in his business.

    During WW II he made a large portion of the earth moving equipment for the US war effort. One year he made a profit of, as I recall, $3 million. He and his wife discussed their usual tithe. She said that they had never spent as much as $25,000 and they should give 90% to the Lord’s work. This left them still with too much so they gave 90% of the rest.

    On his payroll were several full time ministers. Any employee could leave work to talk with them any time and with full pay.

    Lets compare this to the union shop of today. No, that would make me ill.


  5. Jane,

    Somehow Obama trying to look like a tough guy is like Rahm Emanuel teaching a charm school. It is so contrived and comical, how can anyone take him seriously and that’s part of the problem…


  6. Jane,
    You have presented an accurate assessment of the lack of character, experience, knowledge, compassion and decorum of the narcissist who occupies the White House.This vulgar comment is just another of many insights into the nefarious disposition of this bitter socialist. What a shame that the highest office in our great land is reduced to such degradation! God Bless . Keep exposing.


  7. Chickens have a way of cackling when they get pecked at. 0bama just got pecked at, and hated it, so he is looking for someone to gouge with his big blabbering beak!

    Jane, you know me since we’ve worked together, and you know I wouldn’t just say something to make light of a situation, so you can believe I’m still ticked off with 0bama’s attitude towards us. 0bama and Biden are 2 tarballed bullies in politics, waiting to peck someone with their big gaffing beaks!


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