The 2010 Election: Us versus Them

Along the road of spending, the government either takes over, which is socialism, or dictates institutional and economic life, which is fascism.– Herbert Hoover

Off-year elections are usually yawners. Not this one. Our economic problems have awakened voters and ignited political passions.

In the last two years, the country has taken a hard left turn and is traveling at the speed of light away from the free market, which isn’t perfect but has given us the highest standard of living in the world.

The new destination is socialism, a system that has brought much of western Europe to the brink of economic collapse and thrown Greece and France into chaos.

This election is not about political parties. It is about ideology.

It is between those who believe that government is the solution to every problem and those who see government as the problem.

It is between those who feel that the way out of our current economic woes and staggering national debt is higher taxes and those who feel the answer is to cut government spending.

It is between those who want government to control most everything and those who want the government to simply get out of the way.

The battle lines have been drawn. On one side are government workers at all levels – whose wages and benefits are way out of line with the private sector – and the rest of us who are paying their salaries.

Sure, we appreciate our teachers, police officers, firefighters and postal workers. They work hard but so do the auto mechanics, waitresses, factory workers, truck drivers and those in countless other professions in the private sector who are paying their inflated salaries and benefits. How much is too much? We are now to the point where many are saying, “Enough!”

We’ve scoffed at the French for protesting their government for considering a proposal to raise the retirement age to 62. But consider states like Ohio that allows many of its employees to retire at age 48 with 88 percent of their salaries. California isn’t too far behind. It has allowed its police offers and others to call it quits at age 50 with 90 percent of their salaries. Many of our states are going broke simply because of sweetheart deals cut by politicians with the state’s employees unions in return for campaign cash and endorsements.

Daniel DiSalvio, a political scientist at the City College of New York, estimates that the size of these unfunded pension obligations total some $2 trillion. Furthermore, some 16.6 million state and local government workers across the country earn on average $14 more per hour in wages and benefits than their private-sector counterparts.

Meanwhile, the size of the federal workforce has grown to 2.65 million. These federal employees earn 30 to 40 percent more money than those in the private sector. Then add the 7.6 million contract workers and another 2.9 on the receiving end of government grants.

If you take those numbers and add them to the current federal workforce and include postal workers and military personnel, that conservatively brings the number of people now working for the federal government to around 15 million. That makes the number of workers at all levels of government around 32 million, which is roughly 23 percent of the total U.S. workforce of 140 million. That means almost one out of every four workers depend on the government for their paychecks.

Add to that the number of people now on the public dole. If you exclude those retirees on Social Security, there are some 18 million receiving either SSI or Social Security who are under retirement age. There are 50 million on Medicaid, 40 million on food stamps and 10 million who receive unemployment benefits. There are not that many people left to pull this wagon.

As the government grows, the private sector shrinks. You can’t have it both ways. Margaret Thatcher correctly stated the problem with socialists governments: “They always run out of other people’s money.”

This year, millions will make a choice between a future paycheck or a government handout, between leaving our kids an inheritance or in debt to the Chinese.

These are the issues that define the 2010 election.

9 thoughts on “The 2010 Election: Us versus Them

  1. We just read your column “2010 election: Us against them” and felt compelled to write and say this: Those who believe big government is the solution to every problem are one of two things. They are either ignorant to truth and reality, or they are totally aware of what’s going on, having no moral backbone and wishing to be a part of the “ruling class.”
    We’re very concerned about the upcoming elections. My wife said something a few days ago that really got me to thinking. She said, “Have you noticed how close most of the polls for the elections always seem to be? Especially this year. 44% to 42%, etc. Seems to me that would make it much easier for anyone planning to manipulate the votes to dig up a few hundred or thousand more to enable their candidate to win. The fiasco up in Minnesota with that moron Al Franken comes to mind.”
    Yikes! She may have something there. Not to mention the fact that every now and then someone has discovered that, even though he/she may have voted for a Republican candidate, their vote was recorded for the Democrat! They’re then told, “Oh, sometimes you accidently choose (poke/push) the wrong one. It happens.” Yeah, sure. I’m afraid there might be far more voter fraud going on today than we realize. We certainly can’t depend on the lamestream media to keep us informed.
    It appears the only way conservatives will win is if it’s by a landslide. Close contests are going to go to the corrupt left who have shown they will do anything to win!


  2. Jane,

    I just read your column for WND – 2010 Election. Wonderful. Thank you.

    Just one correction. I recently wrote a comparative analysis of the statistics for the unemployment figures being bandied about today compared to those of the Great Depression of the 1930s (GD#1) – about 22% or 23%. I refused the “official” figures being put forth by the current White House and the feds, and all the pundits of the Mainstream Media (MSM). I don’t watch teevee.

    After striking out on searches of several websites (Wiki et al), I retreated to the cumberson Social Security Admin website and started looking and clicking on everything, looking for the real figures.

    Deep into the website I discovered the official workforce figure to be 168 Million, not the 140 Million quoted in your column. I also discovered the number of Unemployment checks being mailed out every month! I don’t recall the exact figure (too many zeroes), but I do recall the exact percentage – 34%! Now 34% of 168 Million is about 57 Million – Unemployed! That figure is half again greater than the unemployed during GD#1. Therefore, by their own statistical government figures, we are NOW well into Great Depression No.2 (GD#2), NOT a “recession” as they want us to believe. I knew it! I felt it in my bones!

    This information is all in the public domain. Check it out, as I have done. I’m sorry, I did not save the URL for the page of the Social Security site to save time.

    God bless you, Jane, and keep those columns coming for WND et al.

    Richard Hunter

    Manchester, VT


  3. Jane, As a follow-up, I know of all the problems of fraudulent vote casting using electronic voting machines for which there is NO paper trail record. Cynthia McKinney comes to mind, and all the “chads” in Fla years ago. For more than 20 years, I have told everyone that would listen to use a paper ballot for ALL votes, fed, state and local elections as I have been doing for the last 30 years. It’s kinda hard to fudge a paper ballot trail. Always apply early for an Absentee Ballot but do not mail it or bring it in until a few days before the election date.
    Absentee ballots are the only countermeasure to fraudulaent electronic voting machines. The new electronic voting machines in Florida are a joke. They do everything that the “old” electronic votiing machines did, except it prints the fraudulaent result out on a piece of paper, spits the paper out and erases ALL the on-board vote counts. The ONLY answer to such shenanigans is Absentee Ballots!
    Rick Usher


  4. Abraham Lincoln put it so succinctly when he famously said: We need more pullers at the oars, not passengers in the boat.
    He also famously said: He who participates has the right to criticize. Selah.


  5. Certainly this election is about the direction we are headed and should be. Deeper down I think the election is about representation of the voters who sent them there.

    Now we elect a Repblican or Democrat and they go to Washington and represent the party, not the voter. Look at health care which passed when 60% of the voters were against it, but the party wanted it.

    Look at our schools where the teachers do not represent the students/parents who hire them, but rather the teacher’s union who produce lower test scores and fight teacher accountability.

    Look at the auto union in Michigan that represented the 400,000 members so well that there are less than 100,000 members now.

    Look at the AARP that endorsed Obamacare, ignoring the fact that the vast majority of their members were violently opposed. AARP represented the insurance companies, not the members.

    Lets vote Tuesday for people who will represent us.


  6. Jane:

    Thank you for your faithful rhetoric which provides your readership with the truth, versus the propaganda that is published and promoted by our own government[written or televised.] Moral, ethical truth is a rare commodity in today’s politics.

    I appreciate everything you stated about an over-whelming number of government workers and big government with one exception.

    For you and your readers benefit, I wish you to consider an opposing thought in regards to the salaries and retirement of our courageous police, military and firemen and women who put their lives on the line, day in and day out!

    Certainly, their retirement dates are earlier than most, and pay scales may or may not be too high, depending on what you consider the worth of your home from fires, the well being and protection put forth by both the military and the police for each and everyone of us as American citizens. These government workers, at a cost to themselves earn their keep!

    I assert that this small group of government paid workers DO deserve and earn their salaries and earlier retirements due to the stressors they endure on a daily basis – in our behalf.

    Big Government and higher government wages of many in the private sector, as a rule is wrong, but perhaps some government workers do not fall into that catagory of over-paid, glutonous government. Let’s not”throw the baby out with the bathwater!:

    Thank you again, Jane for your politicially “direct” commentary – disseminating the truth.


  7. Jane,

    You can bet that if the elections are close, the lefties will be screaming for a recount, and they will keep throwing their temper tantrums until they either get their way, or are shown beyond a doubt that their opponent won fairly. In the cases in which the conservatives win, they will throw a hissy fit, saying that the Republicans stole the election through fraud and deceit.

    Another thing occurred to me: I think the Democrats deliberately got the illegal drug proposition 19 onto the ballot, so that it would divert attention away from the massive liberal records of failures Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown have behind their 68 years of failed liberal politics (40 for Brown, 28 for Boxer). Prop 19 is a near perfect diversion, since they can try to look good on camera, opposing the measure! However, I smell a rotten carcass behind it!


  8. In reply to Ed Endo’s comment (above), the same must be said for same-sex marriage legislation. A pure diversion from the issues that matter most. Same-sex unions nationwide account for less than one point five percent of the population – anywhere. Who cares? They will receive their reward in due season. Let’s all stay focused on the main issues that matter. It’s not Prop.19.


  9. 1’ve been saying right along that we a re in a depression but the powers that be are afraid to use the word (depression) they are afraid a of a panic or a reveloution also afraid that rthe paople may pull all their money out of their banks an create a futher disaster. to the money system.


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