The Boot Camp for Feminists

If someone approaches you in a shopping center parking lot and asks you to finance a boot camp for radical feminists, would you

a) laugh, thinking it was a joke?

b) respond, “You’ve got to be kidding”?

c) run the other way?

Now let’s put some meat on the bones of the solicitor: a little girl, somewhere between the ages of five to seventeen.  She is looking up at you, smiling sweetly with a look of expectation.  She is dressed in a Daisy, Brownie or Girl Scout uniform –yes, a Girl Scout uniform!

Long considered a paragon of virtue and as American as apple pie, in the last decades the Girl Scouts have taken a sharp left turn.  Today’s Girl Scouts have lost the traditional moorings established by Juliette Low, and now mirror the ideals of Gloria Steinem.  

Over the next six weeks, millions of Americans will unwittingly shell out some $700 million to buy their cookies.  The money from these cookie sales will be used to turn young girls into militant, anti-God, men-hating citizens of a greater global universe, where everything is situational, free-love is practiced and abortion is a basic human right.

Unfortunately, most of these girls come from conservative, God-fearing households whose parents are unaware (or in denial) that the organization has morphed into the feminists’ boot camp of choice.  Just look at the organization’s major sponsor: the Dove Self Esteem Fund and Unilever, a perennial donor of Planned Parenthood.

Examine the organizations the Girl Scouts are promoting: CARE, a leading lobbyists for abortion on demand worldwide; the population control organization UNICEF,  MTV, the Women’s Media Center founded by Steinem and Jane Fonda, and Media Matters which is funded by George Soros and run by a cadre of left-wing progressive socialists.

“Out” are the ranks and badges that girls proudly displayed to indicate a mastery of useful skills.  “In” are the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards which are won by taking a series of  “Journeys” to toward the New Age.

A new Journeys series, “It’s Your Story, Tell It!” was announced on January 17th.    Guess the last one wasn’t radical enough.

The new program doesn’t tell you that a godless New Age is the final destination but anyone who critically examines it will recognize the obvious.   Unfortunately, most parents and local leaders will not do the homework before they enroll their girls.   The Girl Scout hierarchy is banking on the fact that, once parents/leaders begin a program, they are reluctant to stop.   By design, the first journeys begin innocently enough, but there are tell-tell signs.  The Brownies (Grades 2 and 3) are introduced to yoga, encourage to emulate a girl who has read all of the Harry Potter books and told to “hold a special stone” (a dumb rock) to help remember a happy time.

It isn’t until Grade 4 that you realize the great I AM has been invited to take a hike.  An asterisk suddenly appears by the word “God” making Him an option in the Girl Scout promise.  The new God is self, or “self-esteem.”  At this level the girls are introduced to muses and invited to adopt one of their own.

The “aMuse Journey” for the 4th and 5th Graders introduces girls to Josefina Lopez and her play “Simply Maria” or “The American Dream.”  In this play the father figure and religion are presented as evil.  The oppressed mother tells her daughter that sex is dirty and her job is to obey her husband – no matter what –  and bear lots of children.   However, Maria learns there is a life that doesn’t include cooking and cleaning and that nice girls can enjoy sex and don’t have to be a virgin when they marry.

In the “MEdia Journey,” Cadette Scouts are encouraged to go to Media Matters and The Women’s Media Center with its links to National Organization for Women, Feminist Majority Foundation, Planned Parenthood, etc. for further enlightenment.

Junior Scouts can earn the “Our Rights, Our Responsibilities” patch by going to third party web sites like UNICEF which tells them how to make “Condom Cupcakes” and role play about having sex with or without a condom.

The fifth journey for Senior Scouts is “Mission – Sisterhood” which is a full embrace of the “women’s rights movement.”

So, what are you going to do when a Girl Scout approaches you with a box of cookies this year?

I’m going to politely decline   Then, I will hand her leader some material on American Heritage Girls.  It’s the only all-girls organization that has a formal relationship with the Boy Scouts of America.  Now, those two organizations won’t compromise your values and are worthy of your support.

38 thoughts on “The Boot Camp for Feminists

  1. Homosexuals have become influential to the extent that they have because homosexuals are some of the most brainy and talented people there are. Most people in the general population are not college graduates. The majority of homosexuals have at least aBachelor’s Degree. Thus, they are able to outearn and outperform the rest of us and bankroll anything they choose to the hilt.

    Culture conservative groups should have, long ago, addressed the need to develop shoestring budget strategy in order to hold their own with brainy, well-educated, and well-heeled homosexuals.


  2. Thank you so much for the heads up. Thanks to your article I will be doing research on the Modern Girl Scouts to present to other moms out there.


  3. Though I often agree with you, I have to differ here. Out in the rural hustings, Girl Scouts is a big deal and they run their own program, basically ignoring the central organization. My daughter is the wife of a Lutheran Minister and leads a brownie troop. Two older girls are in scouts and one in Daisies. These little girls love scouts, and the bulk of the cookie money goes to their activities.

    Believe me, the furthest thing from these little girls minds is”feminism”. They are just having a great time. I suppose a feminist leader could direct the program that way if parents let them, but the girls, with their parents guidance, pick there own badges and they are usually fun and practical. Making sock puppets, learning to cook, putting on a dinner, etc.

    The real problem is that the women and girls in the real program have no control over career crackpots that rise in this volunteer organization, and they should. We are finding this is true in all kinds of volunteer organizations with professional staffs.

    Maybe you should focus on how to get these crackpots, feminists in this case, out ofthe organization when it does not reflect the views and values of those dedicated volunteers that work so hard to mold the character of little girls in a fun and God pleasing way.


  4. I am a 67 yr.old Lifetime Mbr. and I work daily to expose the evil of this liberal, progressive, feminist org. I am also a mbr. of the St.L Arch Catholic Comm. YOU may think you are not supporting this org. that partners with PP but you are!!!The uniform,the books,the badges,pins and even the visual support are all support and evil. Get out and form your own group or join the AHG girls, Make no mistake they have an agenda and its about your daughter and teaching her masturbation tech. choose a hard or soft object,talk dirty to your partner. Lesbians at the GS camps here in Mo. as the leaders. This is an organized group and they are stealing the innocence of our girls. Get on FB MAKE THE GIRL SCOUTS CLEAN AGAIN go to the links and get out and help me. I am the adm. of this page that was started by Austin Ruse the editor of C-FAM The latest attacks on the Catholic Church should make all morally conscience people shudder. THANK YOU Jane for getting the message out. God Bless Jane in St.L. Mo.


  5. I don’t know if this will be published, but however much I may disagree with the author of this blog, those are her beliefs and the GS may very well be teaching girls about the things stated here.

    But Jane, they are not teaching them how to masturbate and how to please partners in bed. That’s just ridiculous tripe and actually made me laugh out loud. You’re delusional Jane.


  6. Jane, Thanks for this well written and informative article. Every Girl Scout family and society in general need to know the truth about the agenda of GSUSA. I understand there are several troops that don’t share the same views as GSUSA but we are supporting them in name and financially when we participate in their organization. Those of us who have troops in our churches are sending a signal of approval to the world .. Girl Scouts can’t be all bad, there are troops in many of the churches in my area. What about the girls that don’t go to church, who are part of GS, who have a radical feminist leader teaching girls this garbage? Don’t we have an obligation to them, as well as to our own daughters? We cannot allow GS to continue to send girls down the path to premarital sex, to individualism (ditch the family values and if it feels good do it), to Planned Parenthood and NARAL, and more, just because we are happy in our own little troop. Please wake up and see what is going on in GS outside your little box. It is not pretty!


  7. Your blog tells a very sad story of the demise of a fine organization. I can personally vouch for the high moral standards of the ladies who operated the Girl Scout camp half a mile down river from the Boy Scout camp I attended half a century ago, as well as our leaders who would not let us near their camp.

    The responses above are most interesting. In my experience there has been no correlation between homosexuality and intelligence.

    And lastly, your “imposing your god” on us? Really, “D.” is a bit overly sensitive since you did not seem to refer to your God. “anti-God”, “God fearing households”, and “God … an option” in the pledge. Perhaps “D,” has a hidden fear that she/he is wrong and there really is a God!!!


  8. I have to disagree with you. Both of my girls are in girl scouts and I have no idea what you are talking about. My girls are in no way doing anything of the sort. I go to all of their meetings and I stand behind the Girl Scouts 100%. I to also actively involved in my church and our Girl Scouts and I believe you need to quit stirring up “trouble”. These little girls sell their cookies with pride. Some of this might be true about the bigger cities but in no way is true about our smaller communities.


  9. Astounding. You are all the first people I’ve ever encountered outside a history book that are still in the land of ‘Kinder, Kuche, Kirche’. Am I actually reading this online in the 21st century?! I quit Scouts in the early 80s, because, even as a 4th grader, I was uncomfortable with what felt very much like a conservative Christian agenda masquerading as an organization purporting to have a progressive, feminist goal. You do all know the definition of ‘feminism’, don’t you? From reading this article, and all your responses, I’m forced to conclude that you do not. -It has to do with wanting women/females to have equal political, social, and economic rights and opportunities. If you are anti-feminist, it means you want your daughters to grow up with fewer opportunities than your sons have. As no mother in her right mind would wish that for her child, there is obviously no rational or thought-ful basis for any of your statements and arguments. Please do some reading and research, and bring yourselves up to date – you are far, far behind. Yes, I cannot emphasize too strongly how far behind you all are. I’m glad that the Girl Scout organization has finally become more inclusive of all beliefs, and that it is now actually providing girls with the foundation they need to become fulfilled, conscientious, and successful adults, and to be able to make their own *informed* decisions about their life choices. Shame on all of you for wanting to deny them that opportunity! Shame on you for remaining so uninformed and misinformed yourselves!


  10. David, the badges are on their way out. Journeys are the new core. The cool badges in science are all being retired because god forbid our girls compete in the world market as scientists (which the US already lags in, and girls in particular lag in) — but, by golly, our Girl Scouts will be prepared to whine about their supposed entitlements, since huge swathes of the material are all about thinking about how put-upon we are.

    Kathy, how does asking girls to picture a world made of only girls promote diversity? Actually, how does that world survive more than a generation, as my 14yo daughter sarcastically inquired? I cannot emphasize too strongly how off base you are in your assessment of what’s going in the organization. Intelligent girls are asked to spend their time navel-gazing about possible problems in their lives rather than spend their time learning skills. Shoot, I’d be happy if they wrote a Journey about, say, engineering or logic, but instead we’re learning all about Feminist Studies (just a huge world job market for THAT degree, let me tell you). The girls are no longer getting a foundation in life skills that actually allow them to survive in the world that might not hand them everything on a platter (some of us have to work for a living, you know). Shame on you for wanting to deny them the opportunity to learn a skill rather than thinking/planning/conceptualizing! Shame on you for remaining so uninformed and misinformed yourself!


  11. To those respondents who do not believe any of these facts I suggest you invest in a Journey Amuse program book and go to page 50,51. I would suggest that you ask your councils if they partner with PP but they lie. My suggestion is to have the Girl Scouts own up to what they are about. I am sure some progressives will sign on. For those of us who do not approve we could then choose. To lie about your agenda while taking our money is unfair and very sneaky and I ask you why? Follow the money trail it is as simple as that. Jane


  12. Jane and Kathy,
    Please identify your sources for saying badges are being discontinued. That is certainly not what I see happening, and if you have reliable and verifiable information to the contrary, please share it.


  13. Kathy- well done. How ironic that some of these posters are calling OTHERS crackpots! D Davis and his gays-are-the-new-Jews conspiracy theory is beyond bizarre, even for a Jane Chastain fan.


  14. Tamara,

    I used the terms “In” and “Out” in explaining the badges versus the Journeys program. The emphasis is now on earning the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. To earn the Gold award, a girl must complete the Journeys program.

    A couple of years ago, the word on the street was the badges were going to be phased out. They received a lot of backlash from this so,for now, the badges are still an option. However, if a girl wants to go for the “Gold” she has to complete the Journeys program.


  15. David… unfortunately, you may think that the cookie money goes to the troop, but only about 45-50 cents of each box sold goes to the troop. The rest goes to support the liberal agenda at the national and council level. Your daughter and other well-meaning, Christian GS leaders may think that they can keep their troops “clean”. But, unfortunately, if they use the “Journeys” program books, they will see the “creep” of the liberal bias in all of the levels. As you suggest, the founders of American Heritage Girls did work to change these things/attitudes from within the GSUSA organization, but their cries fell on deaf ears. So, they started another organization where they could maintain the Christian emphasis within the program. You should check them out at .


  16. I don’t see that completing Journeys and earning badges are mutually exclusive activities. Back in the day, to earn First Class, you had to complete Challenges as well as badges. This doesn’t sound like a drastic chnage to me.


  17. Tamara,

    They are not mutually exclusive. However, every young girl faces time constraints and if a girl is trying to reach the top level today, she must complete the Journeys program. Marketing strategy dictates that changes are never drastic but happen over time. I would suggest that you examine the Journeys programs for yourself, beginning with aMuse. Ask yourself, what is the world view this organization is promoting? Who are the women presented as examples? Look at the organizations and news sites to which the girls are referred.


  18. Seems to me the organization is promoting an ability to consider multiple points of view on the way to choosing one’s own perspective. The realities of modern life are not pretty, nor are they simple. It is important to be able to look at a variety of points of view, including ones you may decide are absolutely not for you. What if a girl looked at this website, for example? What would she see? A lack of tolerance for other opinions and adults calling each other ugly names? Or would she see that people of goodwill can and do disagree, yet are still able to speak respectfully with each other? I’ll vote for informed choice over blind acceptance for my daughter any day of the week.


  19. Catholics are especially offended by this “Simply Maria” play and with Girl Scouts in general. We do have another alternative: Little Flowers Girls’ Club
    ( Girls earm badges, medals, etc by practicing virtues and learning about saints. There is no national organization, so it is run at the local level and no “dues” gets paid up the ladder. A Catholic boys’ program and older girls’ programs are also available.


  20. Tamara,

    There is only one point of view promoted by the Girl Scouts, the extreme left. There is no balance. If that were the goal, GSUSA would be sending them to Media Research Center as well as Media Matters to sift through the news. If the goal was to have them consider multiple points of view, they would be sent to Concerned Women for America along with the National Organization for Women. They would be sent to Life Issues Institute along with Planned Parenthood.


  21. After much debate I withdrew my daughter from GS last March. I could not stomach the relationship that WAGGS has International Planned Parenthood. The pamphlet controversey aside, WAGGS most definitely partners with the UN and IPP on several fronts. At the same youth UN Convention where IPP either did (or did not) pass out the “Hot, Happy, and Healthy” pamphlet (what a terrible piece of “information”), there were international Girl Scouts demanding their “sexual and reproductive” rights and “safe access to abortion all across the world.” Gender equality and empowerment is one thing, but promoting abortion and supporting unprotected sex with HIV positive people is totally incomprehensible to me. No thanks, not my kids.

    I called the GSUSA about that- they read me a canned response about the pamphlet situation. When they realized I wanted to talk about the IPP relationship, my phone calls were dodged until I finally tracked down some “supervisor.” He then told me I was mistaken about the relationship of GSUSA, WAGGS, the UN, and IPP. I let him know I was reading my information directly from WAGGS’ website, but he still refused to admit that GSUSA is a part of WAGGS. Now I was a GS, I was a GS leader for my daughter’s troop, and my daughter was in her 4th year of Scouts. I know the Handbook and I’ve taught these badges. I proceeded to explain this to him but he then got VERY unpleasant and eventually hung up on me. Why hang up on me if he is right?

    We have just attended our first AHG meeting in the Pittsburgh area tonight. It seems like a very good group. I am impressed with the Handbook, selection of badges, and I love the Christian aspect of its foundation. I think this could be the group for us.


  22. I am more than upset over this whole attack on Girl Scouts. I have been a Girl Scout leader in my community for 9 years, my daughter was a Scout until she graduated and is now a life time member. She worked very hard on her “Gold Award” project, and it was not in any way an anti-Christian project. She designed, and built a reflection garden for a religious based home for unwed pregnant teenagers who had been kicked out of their homes. This garden gives them a place to think, pray, and reflect on their future. She had to earn badges to complete this project as well as put over 100 hours on her actual project. She also worked hard to earn the Bronze and Silver Awards and received a college scholarship from the local council. Girl Scouts does teach girls that they can achieve anything that they set their mind to do and gives them the support they need to do it. As for the cookies, although councils vary on how the money is split, I can tell you that in our council, 19% stays with the troop, 22% goes to the baker who makes them, 4% is used to pay for the incentive prizes the girls get for selling, and 55% goes to the council (not national) to pay for adult educational opportunities, camp property improvements, scholarships, financial assistance, and general operations of the local councils. The new program for Girl Scouts is “Discover, Connect and Take Action”, look it up!!. As for the Journeys, not all troops use them. We have a multi-level troop and only the little ones do use them. Girl Scouts found out before, look up Studio 2B, that if the girls don’t like a program, they won’t do it. The new Gold Award requirements state that a girl along with several other requirements complete either two (2) journeys or earn the Silver Award and do one (1) journey. They have also increased the number of hours they should work on the actual project. By the way, with the Journeys, they earn badges or other awards and they can still earn their badges the “old fashioned way”. Girl Scouts encourages girls to think better of themselves and to aspire to do great things and to teach others, what’s wrong with that?


  23. “If someone approaches you in a shopping center parking lot and tries to tell you that your local Daisy, Brownie and Girl Scout Troops are really boot camps for radical feminists, would you

    a) laugh, thinking it was a joke?

    b) respond, ‘You’ve got to be kidding’?

    c) run the other way?”

    People, think for yourselves please! Don’t let people such as the author of this article and the many alarmist commenters here think for you. If you are not active in your local troop like me, a Roman Catholic Deacon, and my very faithful Roman Catholic wife are, then do your homework. Talk with the troop leaders, ask to read the materials that your daughters will be given, request a written breakdown of where the cookie money goes like “Joanne B” points out, and satisfy yourselves that it is an honorable group for your family to be associated with. Not only am I an ordained Roman Catholic Deacon, but I also hold a top management position in a MAJOR pro-life non-profit company. If there was even a hint of anything un-Christian or pro-choice for my daughter to be a part of, we would leave in a minute without any hesitation whatsoever. We will continue to monitor the materials that we are given to use, as well as continue to closely watch the money trail. Just be smart, think for yourselves, and don’t be bullied by alarmists on either side!


  24. I have been a Girl Scout leader for 8 years. Jane is absolutely correct. The local leaders and service units are blithely unaware that it is the Regional and National bodies that are promoting the radicalism, slowly, incrementally, Progressively. If you want proof, go to a website started by current and former Girl Scout leaders, co-leaders, lifetime members and supporters. Joanne, the girls are now REQUIRED to complete Journeys to earn Bronze, Silver and Gold awards in 2011. Tom, the financials can be viewed on There is even a video clip of the GSUSA CEO, Kathy Cloninger, admitting Girl Scouts are allowed to partner with Planned Parenthood. Trust your own eyes and ears, and if you don’t like what you DISCOVER, then CONNECT and TAKE ACTION and SPEAK UP to your closest council.


  25. Our girls need for us to be role models. That means that we need to make the hard decisions. log onto also Make the Girl Scouts Clean Again on FB and Honest Girl on FB Words that are not based on fact are just that words.As a current active Girl Scouts and I can tell you all of what you do want to hear is true. That, does not mean that every troop is doing it. The Boy Scouts will not partner with the GS. THAT…is very telling. They do however partner with the girls group AHG. We are a sister to every other GS. The first pin on our scout uniform is the WAGGGS pin. That my unbelievers is very telling. Do you, even though you are fortunate to be in a clean situation want your $$$$$ going to poison other girl victims. I think not. We must be responsible. I stay with this once clean group because I cannot change things unless I am a part of them. I feel it is a responsibility of every thinking adult to do their homework. DO NOT believe get your own homework done and then get on board and expose them. It is all true and I have shed many tears. In my home I have a museum of GS yesteryears. I pray that your discernment will lead you to protect girls who are at the mercy of this organization.


  26. Tom, I am so glad you read the article. I am certainly aligned strongly with the Catholic Church and the Pro life movement. My hubby has been in seminary and we are very active at our Catholic Church as well. I have done my homework too and I had to say “no” to the GS. While many local troops may participate in the religious awards and do service, the cookie money still goes upward in the organization and gets into the wrong hands, hands that I would not support. Dig a little deeper, you will find what you need. Good news is that there is an alternative now to GS, American Heritage Girls and they are growing in all churches throughout the nation (YAY). Corrinne, I beg to differ with you, maybe your local troop is not teaching the girls these things but there have been GS troops that have visited PP centers for sex ed training and “girl” talk. Have you read the hot and sexy pamphlet? I know, you will say that they deny publishing this, well I would too if I was them and this was all over the internet (just sayin).
    There is nothing like this in the alternative organization as far as I can see. This organization (AHG)is pro faith, pro-service, pro-life and pro-women being who God made them to be.


  27. Deacon Tom,
    Please check out the new “It’s Your Story: Tell It” GSUSA Journeys series, just released in January 2011. Specifically, the Cadette Media Book honoring Carole Jenkins on pages 70-71, written for 6th-8th graders. On page 71, you will find GSUSA referring girls to the website Check out the about/partners tab on this site, where you will find TWENTY SEVEN live links to pro-abortion websites. Is this a site we want our young girls surfing? Why is GS sending them there? And can you downplay this in light of your pro-life mission and Catholic faith?

    There is much more content in this new series that promotes an agenda very contrary to the teachings of the Church. Please see for the money trail and many more facts.

    And yes I am “alarmed” at this issue … all Christians should be.


  28. So from what I am getting from your article is: if I buy a box of Girl Scout cookies, some of the proceeds go to GSUSA who has an international link with WAGGS who has a link with International Planned Parenthood, who provides alternatives to pregnant women in other countries.
    That is supposed to mean that I promote or the (7 year old) girl I buy these cookies from some how hate men, don’t believe in god and will become “free loving” prostitutes.
    So is that also supposed to mean that if I tithe to a christian religeon of note, that I am supporting the rape of children?! That seems to be a much more direct line….and you want to talk about anti-god.
    With this line of thought you are wrong.


  29. Bobbi
    The GS does a fine job in exploiting it’s youth as it seems. It puts little girls out there to sell cookies, places high demands on the returns and then uses the money for self serving purposes as well as other purposes that have nothing to do with GS. Have you ever seen the financials on GS? Do you actually know how much the top GS administrator makes? They are paid very well, so those cookies are going to organizations I do not support as well as paying huge salaries to people who believe in things I do not believe in. So, why would I support them? Well, the cute little girl does make it hard to say no, but I am guessing that is intentional on their part. It is not the girls of GS fault, but why would I choose to put my daughter in something questionable in my eyes when a far better alternative exists (AHG), one in which the founder does not make oodles of cash and supports the values I hold dear. One in which there is no questions about where money may or may not be going to. Oh yeah, getting back on the Planned Parenthood thing, just to be clear, I would not agree that abortion is an “alternative” to pregnancy. Where I come from, abortion is murder and, as a matter of fact, has caused the deaths of more people than in all of the wars put together. In fact it has resulted in the deaths of the amount of people that fit into 18 states, or 52 million. That is not any insignificant number and it is not only overseas that we are talking about (although I do believe those living in other countries are just as human as those living here). So, NO, I want my money to be no part of that blood money collection. As for the Catholic church and the children, well there obviously have been problems within the church but there have been problems in every denomination as well, not just the Catholic faith. The Catholic faith is the one that has received the most attention because it is the largest. And, I think you are just making a hate statement when you refer to “supporting the rape of children” because there are so many wonderful priests and deacons, you obviously have no idea. The Church has taken action to prevent this from ever happening again and I support it wholeheartedly because I know the Jesus did as well, and that is good enough for me (I am thinking that you could not say the same thing about GS)


  30. It amazes me that someone would strike at the GUSA in such a viscious attack. I was a Girl Scout and am presently a Girl Scout Leader along with my daughter. We meet at a Baptist Church each Monday evening. We include God in meetings and we do not shy away from Religous considerations – Girl Scouts always say Grace by singing before they eat a meal.
    I suppose that anyone can read anything into just about any organization if they chose to do so. I am not wassting my time reading your entir attack. I hope and pray you find something worthwhile to do with all your spare time. In comparison, what are your feelings and findings related to the BSUSA? FOrging ahead with my troop towards encouraging girls to be all they can be.


  31. Jane, thank you again for your excellent research and commitment to sharing the truth. There will always be people who choose to be in the dark about what is going on with GSUSA just because their own troops is ‘clean’. At least you have given families fair warning, and an opportunity to make an informed choice. Jane is there any way you can help me with a piece of documentation? In your WND article “Girl Scouts Go Hard Left and downhill” you stated “The highlight of the convention was the unveiling of the latest “Journeys” program inspired by the Ashland Institute and created with the help of Brian Bacon of the Oxford Leadership Academy” Can you point me to the supporting documents that show the role that Ashland and Oxford played in the Journeys program? I know several pastors who would be very interested in knowing that the GS Journeys program being taught in their churches has influence from two new age groups founded by former cult leaders. Thanks for your help.


  32. Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve truly loved browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing for your feed and I am hoping you write once more very soon!


  33. Not only will I go out and buy hundreds of boxes of “Feminist” cookies, I’m going to continue to donate time and money to the Girl Scout organization to make sure that girls have the opportunity to have a voice in the world just like the opportunity given to you Ms. Chastain. Fortunately, we don’t live in 1950 where your voice is stuck and we can dismiss you as an out-of-touch old lady.


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