Surprise, Surprise, Teachers’ Union Endorses Obama

The bumbling, vice president who was put in charge of:

  • touting the administration’s record on transparency (his speeches are often off-limits to the press)
  • ensuring that the $787-billion stimulus spending was done wisely (cost taxpayers $278,000 per job)
  • holding fund raisers to help Democrat Party keep control of the House of Representatives (GOP now holds a 48-seat advantage)
  • reaching a budget compromise last winter (veep got rolled, Bush tax cuts were extended)
  • getting a solution to the debt ceiling crisis (don’t hold your breath)

finally won one!

On Sunday, Joe Biden addressed the National Education Association.  The next day the nation’s most powerful union decided to, surprise, surprise, endorse Obama for president in 2012.

What a shocker! That ranks right up there with these headlines:

  • “Florida is hot and humid this summer”
  • “Parking is expensive in New York City”
  • “ California is earthquake prone”
  • “ Prayer increases in times of trouble.”

So, how did the vice president woo the teachers’ union and get it to support his boss in hisreelection bid?  By breathing.  Seriously, there is nothing Biden could have done or said that would have changed the outcome.   Where else is the NEA going to go?

The Democrat Party has proved to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the nation’s unions, big and small.  It has shamelessly supported taking away a worker’s right to cast a secret ballot in union elections.  It has shamelessly carved out a tax exemption for  union workers’ Cadillac heath care plans, which it abhors for other Americans.  It has passed laws requiring the government to hire union workers for jobs at two and three times the going rate in a given state or community.  And, in the state of Wisconsin, Democrat lawmakers even fled the state in an attempt to prevent a vote on a bill to help level the playing field between the private sector and the unionized public sector.

Most Americans now realize that the big reason our education system is fourteenth – not first –  in the world is teacher tenure and the NEA.   Obama tried to capitalize on the growing opposition to the union’s lock on education by appearing to support real education reform.   He has opposed a voucher system that would enable private schools to compete with public schools but has given some lip service to student testing and teacher accountability.  This caused some minor consternation among the NEA faithful.  Not anymore!

On Sunday, the vice-president gave the NEA a coded message as to how to get around the administration’s call for accountability.  Biden said,   “It’s your obligation to tell us how we make sure we have the best (teachers).”     Did you get that?  Biden wants to put the fox in this chicken coop.

On Monday, the union took his advise and, for the first time, affirmed a policy to allow school districts to evaluate teachers.  However, the NEA made clear that it opposes “high-stakes, test-driven evaluations.”  All tests currently being used are deemed by the NEA to be unacceptable.

To be valid in the eyes of the union, the test would have to measure both “student learning and a teacher’s performance.”   Now how in the world would you do that?  Ask the student taking the test how hard his or her teacher tried?  Get serious!    Either a student knows the required material or he doesn’t.   If the student knows the material, the teacher did a good job.  It’s as simple as that.

Yes, the teachers’ union is now willing to lead the discussion on how to evaluate teachers.  Isn’t that nice?  It, in effect, wants to shape the policy that determines what success in the classroom looks like.   If a school district is required to give the union the job of doing the evaluation, we will be back to square one.

In his opening remarks, Biden tried to identify with classroom teachers and touted his wife’s teaching experience.  He said, “When you are an educator . . . you hang out with, you’re friends with . . . you raise your children with . . . other people involved in education.”

What the veep conveniently left out is this: If you are a teacher your kids may play with other teachers’ kids but they are not going to public schools.  Public school teachers are more likely to send their kids to private schools than the population as a whole because most public school teachers understand that the system favored by the NEA protects bad teachers and failing schools.

Most public school teachers are dedicated individuals, but the crowd shaping national NEA policy is, for the most part, a radical bunch and they are only out for themselves.

3 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise, Teachers’ Union Endorses Obama


    In the article, the following contradictory statement is made by National Education Association president Dennis Van Roekel:

    “We as a nation have to get our priorities right. We cannot sacrifice our students’ futures by shortchanging them now.”

    In light of Dennis Van Roekel’s actions regarding his and the NEA’s support and endorsement of Mr. Obama for president, Dennis Van Roekel’s words are in complete and direct opposition to facts AND he is BLATANTLY IGNORANT, either willingly or unwillingly, of Mr. Obama’s actions and positions where children are concerned.

    Mr. Barack Obama is a deceptive and manipulative child-murderer whose true intentions have not yet been fully manifested and he SHOULD NOT be trusted in any way.

    Barack Obama falsely professes to be a Christian while his every action is anything but.

    ***Barack Obama has ruthlessly and mercilessly helped murder scores of thousands of children in their mother’s wombs by proxy.

    And to show his disdain for human life, he even publicly declared regarding murdering children….
    “I will not yield and Planned Parenthood will not yield.”

    What part of sacrificing the future a child does Mr. Van Roekel not understand in the murdering of that very child?

    What is wrong with these so-called “educators” who are supposed to have at least a little common sense?

    How is that Mr. Obama shamelessly and arrogantly helps murder children and yet these would-be teachers and NEA presidents endorse him as someone who does the children good?….ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND UTTER NONSENSE!

    According to the number of murders he has helped commit, there is no bigger terrorist on American soil than Mr. Barack Obama.




  2. Jane. The subject of public education always interests me as I spent 28 years in the public schools of North Carolina, Georgia and Texas. I agree the NEA is a liberal organization that has evil intent for students. I would never join it. It is heavily infiltrated with socialists and communists with a radical agenda to brainwash the next generation. The Department of Education is equally destructive. It should be abolished. Today’s public schools are little more than training ground for socialism, communism, globalism and hedonism. We can thank John Dewey, an avowed athiest , for that and those families who backed and financed him( Rockefellers and Carnegies). As a professor and head of the Teachers College at New York’s Columbia University, he spewed his liberalism on many prospective teachers and superintendenbts.His Hegelian system had no God, no soul, no morals absolutes, no consequences of sin. Today’s students are suffering from this influence.

    Being 84 years old, I remember when public schools were great institutions of Classical learning. In 1941-43, my high school curriculum consisted of 4 years of English, 2 years of history( American and North Carolina), 1 year of Latin, 2 years of French, 3 years of algebra, 1 year of geometry, 1 year of science and electives. Today’s students have “social studies” instead of history. The curriculum includes
    sex education, alternate lifestyles, mind control,behavioral modification, diversity, multiculturism, globalism, and NO patriotism or Religion. As is said: “The curriculum is dumbed down”
    so we can turn out work units to be used by big corporations. More and more money is spent;less and less learning takes place.
    The federal government and the “shadow government”who
    are promoting this agenda are always looking for someone to blame. Naturally, it would not be prudent to openly disclose their purposeful agenda. So at this point in time the teachers are the scapegoats.
    “Let’s blame and test the teachers”. (Colleges and universities have already done that). “Maybe the public will drink the cool aid”. Testing teachers is a futile exercise. Who is capable?? Neither the government nor the NEA is the solution. They are the problem. Schools should be returned to local and state control and the curriculum brought under control.


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