Charlie Rangel Preaches Jesus

“What would Jesus do?” is a popular question posed by Christians facing moral dilemmas.

However, the man using it over the weekend was none other than Charlie Rangel, the disgraced slick-talking New York congressman who was caught cheating on his taxes while chairing the committee responsible for the tax code.

No, Rangel hasn’t found religion but he isn’t above using it when it suits his purpose.    He’s been doing nonstop press interviews trying to prevent Republicans from following through on their promise to cut the size of our bloated government and get federal spending under control.   

As the nation approaches its current limit on borrowing, Republicans are demanding entitlement reform and spending cuts to balance the nation’s books.  Mr. Rangel and his Democrat colleagues want to raise taxes.  Rangel has presented the stalemate as a struggle between the evil “haves” and the helpless “have nots.”  He chastised ministers, priests, rabbis and imams for not speaking up for the down trodden –  the people he claims to really care about — not the super rich he routinely shakes down in return for tax breaks and other favors.

Rangel claimed the richest Americans have the lowest tax rates since the 1950s?  Not true: The current federal top marginal rate is 35%, which is four points higher than it was under George H.  Bush, and seven points higher than it was under Ronald Reagan. So, where did he get that one?

Most likely, he repeated (incorrectly) an incorrect item thrown out on Wednesday by the president at his Twitter Town Hall Meeting.  Obama stated, “We actually now have the lowest tax rates since the 1950s.”  Either Rangel and Obama are two of the world’s biggest liars or they are absolute nincompoops.  And these are the people running the country!

Why does the media let these men get away with these outrageous statements?  Guess reporters  are too busy taking apart every word uttered by Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann to notice.

It is true that overall tax revenues collected as a percentage of GDP this year are the lowest since 1950, but that has nothing to do with our high tax rates.  It is due to the recession and tax loopholes carved out by politicians like Rangel.  Anybody say tax reform?

Rangel went on: “Are you your brother’s keeper? Do we have obligations as a nation? Should we be allowed to kill?  (He’s never been concerned about killing defenseless children in the womb.) Do we have an obligation to educate our kids, to get involved in creating jobs, to take care of our poor, to take care of our sick and to take care of those people that we know cannot take care of themselves?”

This is the same Charlie Rangel who also said, “If you think when I get up there with St. Peter and I find out there are different cards and Jesus doesn’t count as much as I thought, I am not playing the Jesus card.”

Liberals, like Rangel, don’t seem to understand the important difference between Christian charity and government welfare.  Charity is a gift given by an individuals out of true love for his or her neighbor. Where charity is warm and personal, welfare is cold.

In the 60s, the Great Society programs that have done so much to destroy the moral underpinnings of this nation sprang from those who truly believed that a government handout was better than a personal hand up.  Over the years, welfare developed into an entitlement — a right of those who do not hold jobs for whatever reason, or those who have children out of wedlock, to receive checks.

I have often wondered why liberals vigorously defend our broken welfare system.   Maybe  it’s because liberals don’t trust their neighbors to be as charitable as they are.   Maybe it’s because they think that if the government forces everyone to give, they can give less.  Therefore, they will end up with more.  Or, maybe, just maybe, it’s because they think government welfare lets them completely off the hook.  It does not!

Gifts that are freely given are not only important in the eyes of God, they do as much for the givers as they do for those on the receiving end of these selfless acts of love.

Yes, there are a lot of good, moral, hard-working people hurting now.  What they need most are jobs – jobs that will come when we stop our out-of-control government spending and create some certainty in the marketplace.   The last thing these people need is a tax on the job creators.

The last thing Christians need is a sermon from Charlie Rangel about Jesus.

4 thoughts on “Charlie Rangel Preaches Jesus

  1. But liberals do trust their neighbors to be as generous as they are. Look at the figures and liberals do not give to the churches and the poor. Look at the Vice President Biden who gave one tenth of one percent of his income to charity. The Liberals think everyone is like that which means that the government has to step in.


  2. Jane, A sermon from Charlie Rangel is like trying to mix oil and water. You have pretty much scored him. About all I can do is ask him some questions:
    Does he imply that he himself has fulfilled all these
    kindly services?
    Does he think those rich people who paid their taxes
    are foolish?
    How many jobs has he created?
    Has he tried to reform the socialist schools?
    How charitable is he or does he just believe in giving
    away other people’s money?
    Should the government force him to give to the poor?
    Has he ever heard: “the gift without the giver is
    How many tax loopholes has he closed?
    Which citizens should pay taxes and which should just
    ignore them?
    Would he give up his fancy limousine in order to help
    care for the poor?


  3. I like your columns. Keep up the good work. You make a lot of sense. I got saved when I was 14 but I’ve never heard congressman Rangel’s testimony. I like what James wrote in James 2:15-17,”If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, And any of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed in filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful for the body; what doth it profit? Even so faith without works, is dead, being alone. James wasn’t preaching works salvation. What he was saying was if your saved it’s going to show up in your life. That’s how you help the less fortunate. With the gospel. So not only can they go to heaven but they can be productive members of society instead of being a burden. This is true love.


  4. While Rangel blurts out “What Would Jesus Do,” he has conveniently forgotten the command that will get him in trouble with God: “Do Not Use The Name Of The Lord In Vain!” Rangel demonstrates the lack of respect for God by using God’s name in vain.

    If I were face to face with Chucky-boy, I would tell him that he has put himself in danger by using God’s name in vain.

    One thing Jesus would not do: Rob the rich to enable the poor man’s greed.


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