Give the Lady a Break

Liberals hate professional conservative women because they fly in the face of left-wing dogma. That is a given. But, why is it that so many on the right refuse to give accomplished women like Michele Bachmann their due?

I secretly hoped that Bachmann would not enter the 2012 presidential race. Frankly, I didn’t want to be put in a position of having to defend her considerable accomplishments. It’s a thankless job.

Nevertheless, now that Bachmann is in this race, can’t we give her a break?

The latest attacks on the Minnesota congresswoman are coming from within her party from – of all places – Iowa. They began the day after her victory in the Straw Poll, and they have intensified with each passing day.

The big gripe, it seems, is that Bachmann is now behaving like a “rock star” and is no longer a man, er woman, of the people.

Judd Saul, who helped organize the Blackhawk County Lincoln Day Dinner in her hometown of Waterloo, was one of the first to air this complaint. Saul was widely quoted as saying that Bachmann’s behavior at the dinner left folks “kinda pi—d.”

What did Bachmann do that was so terrible? She showed up late and didn’t immediately jump out of her campaign bus or chow down with “the folks.” Also, the locals were miffed that Bachmann didn’t hang around talking until the tables had been cleared or the last dog died as keynote speaker Rick Perry had done.

Let’s examine Bachmann’s schedule and what passed for a life leading up to that dinner.

Bachmann didn’t diss the folks in her hometown, far from it. Waterloo was the site from which she launched her presidential campaign. She spent the better part of two months crisscrossing the state shaking hands and talking to anyone who was willing to listen, stressing her “Iowa values.” At every stop she proclaimed, “Everything I need to know I learned in Iowa.”

In the run up to the Straw Poll, her schedule was exhausting. There was the prep for the debate on Thursday night between campaign stops where she had to find a way to outshine the seven male candidates. Friday’s schedule included stops in Indianola, Pella, the Iowa State Fair and a Dallas County GOP fundraiser. There was barely time to sleep before she would meet the faithful on the campus of Iowa State University on Saturday and try to win over any undecided voters between speeches and media interviews.

Through all of this she had to look bandbox perfect. All the guys had to do was make sure their hair was combed and their collar straight. They could even sweat a little – but Bachmann’s makeup had to be right, lipstick perfectly applied with just the right amount of gloss and hair appropriately fluffed. In short, she had to walk a fine line or risked being labeled either a Jezebel or a hag.

Bachmann would duck into her trailer for quick touch-ups. Then, it was back out the door where she was all smiles despite being on her feet all day in high heels.

After she won the Straw Poll by a mere 152 votes, there were more speeches and non-stop interviews.

The next morning, dog tired, she faced her biggest test to date when she appeared on every major Sunday news show where she artfully dodged the long knives of the media elite on “Meet the Press,” “This Week” and “Face the Nation” … no small feat!

She was really looking forward to a well-deserved few hours of rest and a chance to kick off her shoes and spend time with family at a reunion at Lake Mills. That opportunity vanished after Perry tried to upstage her by throwing his hat in the ring on the very day of the Straw Poll and then showed up on Sunday, fresh as a daisy, to give the keynote address in her hometown.

Bachmann had to put in an appearance at that dinner. She was dammed if she didn’t, but she had to be physically and mentally exhausted at that point.

I have no firsthand knowledge of what transpired in her campaign bus after the trip to Waterloo, but I’m guessing she required an hour of quiet time with her head on a pillow and her feet propped up, followed by a major makeover and maybe a blood transfusion or two.

Then, she bounced out of that bus with her game face on for another half hour or so which, after what she had just been through, was a heroic achievement.

Give the lady a break!

3 thoughts on “Give the Lady a Break

  1. Jane, as much as we would love for Michele Bachmann to have a break, it just won’t happen. Needing a break in politics will be drummed up as weakness by her opponents and the press. Since she’s being called crazy anyway, she should wear slacks with orthotic shoes and blouses with long sleeves that she can roll up with the rest of them for all of those “working for you” photo ops. If she ditches the makeup and keeps her hair in a simple ponytail she call tell voters she has the confidence to do without womanly accoutrements in order to get the job done. Sure, it would be seen as crazy. Or, it might be viewed as being incredibly brave. And her feet will thank her!


  2. Really Jane, after being mother to 27 or so being on the campaign trail has to seem like a vacation. Being Rick Perry’s VP will really leave her nothing to do.


  3. I don’t like Bachman’s politics but I’ll stick to your point.

    I was impressed with McCain and Obama’s stamina through the 2008 campaign. If Bachman is flagging now because of a busy week, why make excuses for her? If she can’t arive at a scheduled event and be present and engaging now, how out of it will she be in a year?

    I wonder if you’d make these same excuses for a man.


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