That Giant Sucking Sound

President Obama will address a joint session of Congress to reveal his plan to put America back to work, but you may not be able to hear his words. They will be drowned out by a deafening roar.

No, it will not be from hysterical laughter on the GOP side of the aisle.

No, it will not be from a rush of economic activity just outside the Capitol because the savior of the planet has come up with a new idea.

No, it will not be from the throngs of union workers bowing down outside on the sidewalk in worshipful adoration.

No, it will not be the emanations from overcrowded cell towers due to the sheer volume of calls placed by investors to their brokers.

That noise you hear is a giant sucking sound produced by an overactive government draining the life’s blood out of our fragile economy.

Although we don’t know the exact details of Obama’s most recent revelation, we do know that he will call for more government spending that will burden generations of yet unborn taxpayers so their parents, grandparents and great grandparents can go on right on partying as if money were no object. Money is no object in Washington as long as there are a few taxpayers still standing.

In the great one’s mind, it is the almighty government that must train us for jobs the government must create or finance. We, in turn, will spend the borrowed money we earn on things we really don’t need or could do without in order to produce Obamatopia.

If you choose not to participate in these latest government make-work projects, no worries. The government will continue to pay you not to work. You can sign up for free food, free housing, free medical care and free money to buy whatever just for “being there.”

This, of course, is against the American way, which according to the left-wing urging Obama onward, is hopelessly outdated and oppressive. How 20th Century! Haven’t you heard that food, shelter and healthcare are now “rights” not products to be attained by hard work and achievement.

The old fashioned folks, who still believe in living within one’s means and prefer real work to government work, will be disappointed in Obama’s speech.

The word “stimulus,” which is now toxic to taxpayers, will be replaced with words like school construction, infrastructure bank, new hire tax credit and subsidized job training.  Obama will call for an extension of the payroll tax credit, the Build America Bonds program and unemployment insurance.  All of these things will grown government and government indebtedness.

Although some states have begun tightening their belts, these latest proposals will cause many to finance projects they cannot afford using union labor that is 22 percent higher than the national average.

There is no evidence to suggest that private sector employers will rush out and hire more workers they cannot afford in order to produce goods or services where there is no demand with a couple of thousand dollars in tax credits.

Increased demand will come with a growing economy and the economy will not grow while there is uncertainty. There is plenty of money in corporate America but Obama has given corporate American no reason to expand. There are private investors sitting on cash eager to invest in new and innovative products but Obama has given them no reason to invest.

Obama had no real world or management experience when we hired him to be the nation’s CEO. If anyone could benefit from job training it is he!

No president can be expected to know everything necessary to run the country. A good president surrounds himself with experts to give him sound advice. Unfortunately Obama has surrounded himself with left-wing yes-men who suffer from the same RWD (Real World Deficiency) Syndrome he does. I offer Alan Kreuger, his pick to head his Council of Economic Advisers, as Exhibit Number One. Kreuger, the architect of “Cash for Clunkers,” is an academic who is touted as an expert on unemployment.

Obama doesn’t need an expert on unemployment!  He needs an expert on EMPLOYMENT!

Obama simply does not understand how the private sector works. He doesn’t like it. He doesn’t trust it. He wants to regulate it. He wants to tax it. He wants to control it.

The government is not the answer, but it is the only answer we are going to get from this president.

Yes, that deafening roar you hear is a giant sucking sound and, if Obama gets his way, it will get louder.




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