The latest Feminist Farce

Women, listen up!  You are about to be bombarded with a series of falsehoods in an attempt to fool you into voting for Democrats and Barack Obama in the fall.  These people are not your protectors or even your friends. Friends don’t mislead friends.

The latest political gambit is the Paycheck Fairness Act.  Beware of the false label.  It should be labeled the Paycheck Rareness Act because it will lead to fewer jobs and lower pay, something none of us can afford.

It is built on a bridge of lies, which, when exposed, comes tumbling down.  Unfortunately, most don’t get beyond the label. 

It is opposed by most Republican legislators. Ask yourself: Why would any legislator be opposed to women being treated fairly in the workplace?  It is an incredibly bad bill.  It is, however, a bonanza for trial lawyers which are, coincidentally, some of the largest political donors.

At the center of this legislation is something called the wage gap that exists between women and men.  If you average all the wages payed to full-time male and female workers, women earn 77 cents for every dollar men earn.  Is this a result of discrimination?  Not at all.

Men who work full-time work 8-10 percent more hours per week than women who work full-time.  If you compare wages of men and women who work 40 hours a week without any other factors, then the gender wage ration increases to 86%.

However, if you compare the wages of similarly situated groups of men and women, the wage gap disappears.  For example, if you analyze jobs by specific occupations, job titles, responsibility, experience, training, along with any regional differences that might exist, the wages of men and women are almost identical.

This is something that should be celebrated!  But, no!   Radical feminists and their Democrat friends want to fool you into believing you are a victim and need these leftist  Democrats to fight for you.  Don’t be fooled!

The largest single factor in the wage gap is marriage and motherhood.  Most married women choose to take the major child-rearing role in the family because they feel they are better at it and they have that opportunity.

Yes, in this country, we still have choices that simply aren’t available in some societies.

Here’s the bottom line on the wage gap:  Women, on average, choose to work fewer hours.  We also choose jobs with pleasant, safe surroundings, flexible hours, less travel, more benefits with an easy entrance and exit.  In short, many of us choose to take time-off when our children are little and we want jobs that don’t leave us completely “used up” at the end of the day.

Would you give up those choices?

Another factor in the wage gap is that women are less likely to major in areas that teach job-specific skills.  Also, women avoid jobs that offer “back-loaded” compensation.

Here’s the really great news:  If you are willing to train for a job that will give you bottom-line responsibility, create an unbroken employment record, travel and put in long hours, you are just as likely as a man to wind up in the board room.  If that is your goal, the sky is the limit. Go for it!

Meanwhile, Democrats are basing their hopes in this election on fighting this non-problem.

The Paycheck Fairness Act encourages the bottom feeders of the legal profession to target women in lower wage jobs by making them (often unwilling) partners in class action law suits.   This bill actually requires women to opt out of these suits that can and will be filed against employers with as little as 15 employees.  It increases the size of the government bureaucracy and requires mounds of compliance paperwork. Furthermore, the targeted employers are guilty until they can prove themselves innocent.  Does that seem fair? It turns our legal system upside down.

It will increase the cost of doing business and, more specifically, the cost of employing women, which will result in smaller paychecks and higher unemployment.  It gives businesses more incentive to automate and move jobs offshore.

Most certainly, discrimination does exist.  However, with the Civil Rights Act, the Equal Employment Act, The Pregnancy Discrimination Act,  the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission we have the necessary tools to address it.

The answer is not bigger government, more regulations, more paper work and more class action lawsuits. These things suck the very life’s blood out of the economy and hurt women and their families.  Don’t fall for it!

One thought on “The latest Feminist Farce

  1. Thanks for this update on the latest Democrat shenanigans. This is one more attempt at government meddling in the free market. A person is generally paid what they are worth to the employer. Wage and salary figures forced on employers by government decree interferes with the concept of striving for excellence as a measurement of a person’s value to their employer. Let’s stay with the free market system, it works (when government does not!).


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