Defending Elizabeth Warren

Let me make one thing perfectly clear:  If I lost my mind and moved to Taxachusetts, I would not vote for Elizabeth Warren for the U.S. Senate.  Truth is, Warren, who misrepresented herself as a minority in order to gain affirmative action status and get a job at Harvard, would be unlikely to get my vote for dog catcher in “The Old Colony” or any other state.

The fact that Warren has Roseanne Barr campaigning for her is all you really need to know about her challenge to Scott Brown, R-Mass, for the seat once held by Teddy Kennedy.  Warren is a left-wing opportunist who never sees a government program she doesn’t like and alternately beats the tomtoms of class warfare, angry feminism and gay activism in her bid to hitch a ride to Washington.

That said, the latest attack against her is over-the-top.  Last weekend, the Boston Herald reported that this Cherokee wannabe, who has railed against predatory banks and heartless foreclosures, had, in the 90’s, turned a tidy profit by purchasing foreclosed homes and flipping them.

Furthermore, the article implies that “Princess Moneybags” took advantage of some family members by giving them personal, high-interest loans, so that they, too, could profit from these homes.

While some are celebrating the fact that she has been “hoisted on her own petard,”  I maintain this to be a valid defense against the charge that she has nothing but bats flying around in that breezy little blond head of hers.

Much to the chagrin of the income redistribution crowd that supports her, this proves that, deep-down, Ms. Warren is, horrors,  a capitalist.

Why would her relatives agree to high-interest loans at 9.5 percent if they could get one at the going rate at a local bank?   Obviously, her relatives were not the best credit risks.  So, underneath that bleeding heart, “Pocahontas the 32nd” is, gasp, a shrewd businesswoman.

For the record, Ms. Warren did nothing wrong by buying foreclosed homes, fixing them up and reselling them at a profit.  She did nothing wrong by making those high-interest loans to her relatives or employing an enterprising nephew to do the repairs and alterations.

Unfortunately for the Warren warrior, this is not the kind of thing that gets the average liberal Democrat a ticket to ride the political gravy train.  Relatives helping relatives instead of relying on the government, what a concept! What if this caught on? It could be the end of welfare as we know it.  How would she profit from the votes of all those poverty pimps?

Liberals believe that the underclass cannot possibly achieve anything without a government program.  Liberals also believe that profiting from real estate is verboten and should never be allowed.

In 2008, Rep. Rob Emanuel, who would become Obama’s chief of staff, railed against buying and flipping homes “as if they were pancakes.”  Liberals blamed those who dared to commit such dastardly deeds for causing the financial crises along with the Bush Administration,.

Cursed are those who know that the real blame lies with liberals like Jimmy Carter who, in 1970, signed “The Community Reinvestment Act” which required banks to make “investments” in low quality assets.

Liberals then passed legislation requiring Fannie and Freddie, the government-sponsored enterprises that purchase and securitize mortgages, to devote a percentage of their lending to support “affordable housing,” the euphemism for giving loans to people who otherwise would not qualify.  This created a boom in the housing market that simply could not be sustained and unfortunately caused many otherwise responsible people to buy houses they could barely afford during good times.

The “American Dream,” became  the “American Right.” Damn the banks that made the loans for those homes and dared to foreclose when those loans went unpaid.   Damn the landlords who provide comfortable, affordable housing for those who aren’t prepared for home ownership.

Yes, in liberal speak there are “good incomes” and “bad incomes.”  Income from rent is considered bad income.  That’s why Obama plans to tax it at a higher rate.

Income from dividends and stocks – the investments made by prudent citizens who want to finance their own retirement instead of living off the government – also is considered bad income.  The Obama Administration wants to tax these capital gains as ordinary income,  which will dash the hopes and dreams of many seniors.   How dare they reach their “golden years” independent of those with the political power to destroy them!

Yes, Elizabeth Warren is a sharp businesswoman.  Unfortunately, like many other rich liberals, she also is a hypocrite.

5 thoughts on “Defending Elizabeth Warren

  1. A fair comment Jane on E. Warren. It is interesting how the liberals love to slam success in the open forum while do their little/big deals in the back room.I am all for those who are successful in business as long as it is legal, afterall who does the hiring?
    With regards to the bad loans forged by Barney Frank. The truth is hidden behind a bank of fog called blame the other guy. Now we continue to spiral down into debt crises. Government then squeezes the senior who has been diligent in saving for retierment.
    While our government will tax us to poverty so they can try and hold up their house of bolsa wood filled with trillions of debt.


  2. An excellent expose of the hypocritic left when it comes to capitalism and also a concise history of the mess the liberals perpetrated on the banks, home owners/buyers, and the economy as a result of the “housing bubble” that resulted from their false theories and heavy-handed meddling in sound business practices.
    Bravo to Jane Chastain for her perception in separating and exposing the disguised and usually hidden capitalism in liberals from their publicly professed persona of helping the underprivileged and the “little guy” while their ideology and meddling only result in giving those groups the proverbial shaft.
    I love renovating and “flipping” houses, having done a half-dozen myself. It is creative, fun, and can be profitable if done correctly. It is also good for neighborhoods by turning blighted properties into jewels and all without the meddling “help” of some government program.
    It appears that if Elizabeth Warren was honest with herself she would realize she is a conservative in her heart and only endorses liberalism in her hollow head.
    I loved this article and the comments “Taxachusetts” and “Cherokee wannabe.” With the “right” (in two ways) writer, the truth will out.


  3. Really Jane?

    How many liberals are there who really believe. If you reduce the number by:

    The trial lawyers,
    The people making profits from the Federal handouts,
    The just plain crooks working the system,
    the politicians who use the brand to be elected
    and those who have no idea,

    There are only about five true libersls left and we can deport them.


  4. Great article Jane. I don’t like Elizabeth warren but I don’t have a problem with making a lot of money in the private sector. I just don’t like her hypocrisy. Typical limosine liberal.


  5. When I recently read this, I thought it could not be true. So I looked some more and to my disappointment, found that it was. Not just the flipping whic she railed against, but the fact that she was on the TARP committee at the time. Isn’t this like insider trading?


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