Boy Scouts: Blowin’ in the Wind of “Change” (2nd of a 3-Part Series)

                                      “Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.”  Mark Twain

Dealing with a sticky issue and want to pass the buck?  The timeworn established practice is to conduct a study.  That is how the Executive Committee responsible for governing the Boy Scouts of America decided to deal with the issue of opening its ranks to homosexuals.

The results of this “study” led to a proposal that will be presented to roughly 1400 voting members of its National Council on May 24.  It is a compromise that will please no one: admit homosexual youth but keep the ban in place that prevents openly gay adults from becoming Scout leaders.  

A closer look at the Executive Summary released to the media reveals the twisted logic and the true agenda of those charged with running this prestigious youth organization.

The “key findings” are revealing.  Some are in italics below.

  • Attitudes and opinions among Americans related to gay and lesbian relationships have changed rapidly over the past three years.

This is not about upholding the values that have made Scouting Scouting. It is about public opinion. 

  • Parents in three of four BSA regions oppose the current membership policy.

A closer look reveals it is not about the opinion of the parents of boys  involved in scouting. This survey had to include parents in general in order to reach this conclusion.   It is well understood that conservative parents channel their boys into Scouting because of its emphasis on conservative values, while more liberal parents choose other activities for their children.

However, the same slight-of-hand was used to make it appear that the majority of the boys in Scouting wish to change the policy.

Not true!  In fact, three of the four BSA regions recommended “no change to the current policy.”

  • Slightly more members of the Board and Advisory Council initially supported the current policy, but Board members reversed themselves to slightly opposing the current rules after responding to the scenarios.

In other words, members of the Board and Advisory Council were manipulated!

One surprise:  Only 33 percent of those identified as “major donors” support a change but  — and this is key — the majority of current and former corporations that have or are now supporting Scouting support a change.  

It is clear that this capitulation is about keeping those large corporate donors who have been pressured by gay rights activists.   Money is the bottom line!  

But just how much money is really needed to fund scouting?   You need a few pup tents, a printing press, computers, a small national staff, local campgrounds and the insurance to protect the organization and its volunteers.  You do not the tens of millions that are poured into the national organization and its sprawling reserves.

The Summit in West Virginia covers over 10,600 acres and, when finished, will soak up hundreds of millions of dollars.  It will be more of a monument to the adults who run scouting than the boys in the local troops.

By far the most troubling aspect of “the study” were the four “experts,” on child safety who were consulted: David Finkelhor, W. Walter Menninger, Charol Shakeshaft,  and Victor Vieth.  They are said to be “consistent” in findings such as this 

  • The nearly universal opinion among sexual abuse authorities is that same-sex sexual interest or same-sex sexual experience, either in adults or youth, is NOT a risk factor for sexually abusing children. 

This flies in the face of common sense:  Almost all sex crimes against children are committed by men and over 1/3 of these crimes are with boys. In other words, they are homosexual in nature.  Since only between 1-3 percent of the population is gay, one must assume that homosexual men, in particular, are a problem for youth organizations.

At least two of these experts, Finkelhor and Shakeshaft, have explained this away by pointing out that a great number of the men who victimize young boys are not “self-identified homosexuals.”  

Ah, that makes all the difference.  We don’t count those who commit homosexual acts but don’t “self-identify” as homosexuals.  We don’t count pedophiles who only want to commit homosexual acts with children.  Also, we don’t count those who have been married to women or those the popular culture would identify as bi-sexual.

This proposed resolution puts the Boy Scouts on a slippery slope.   Any rational person knows it will not stop with admitting self-identified gay youth.   Who could defend the policy of admitting a gay teen and then kicking him out of Scouting on his 18th birthday?

Gay activists are patient.  They take incremental victories.  Apparently some activists on the Executive Committee are willing to do the same.

                       Next Week:  Following the Girl Scouts’ Example


5 thoughts on “Boy Scouts: Blowin’ in the Wind of “Change” (2nd of a 3-Part Series)

  1. The love of money is the root of all evil, including compromising principles and tordepoing a longstanding moral organization that was foundational in the development of exemplary citizens.
    This latest grab for money is not new to the hierarchy of the Scouts. The Boy Scouts of America, while being a vehicle (excuse) for soliciting large amounts of money dating back into the 1970’s (that I’m aware of), has stayed on the moral path, survived, and been effective.
    But this latest money-grabbing tactic flies so much in the face of the Almighty that the Scouts of old will surely fail in attracting the level of quality youth necessary for it to continue.


  2. As a boy in Houston back in the nineteen fifties I joined the Boy Scouts, and, although I never advanced in rank, I enjoyed the hiking and camping and the friends I made. A number of years ago I revisited the Scout camp I had attended as a boy.
    During those years I never encountered or even heard of a single pervert Scout or leader. Most of our Scout Masters were WWII vets, members of the “greatest generation.”
    Now the Scouts, along with most of the Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, are in a headlong rush toward self-destruction. An evil madness seems to have taken hold, even among the people who should be the heart of the resistance.


  3. When considering the opinion of experts regarding the safety of children, this might be helpful.
    The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) was, according to their website, inspired by the success of a campaign in Boston’s gay community and clearly supportive of the LGTB agenda.
    According to their NAMBLA website, their organization is “strongly opposed to age-of-consent laws and other restrictions that deny men and boys full enjoyment of their bodies…” They further cite that consensual loving relationships between younger and older people should not be criminalized.
    While the gay community often vehemently stands against pedophilia publically, it was this particular organization an others like it that, in 1993, cost the North American GLBT community UN acceptance and a place at the international table. The concern by the UN was the abuse of children.
    That place at the table was not restored by the UN until 2011 when the community disallowed the membership of NAMBLA and others like it. Clearly, the fact that it took 18 years to remove NAMBLA and others from their membership shows more than tacit acceptance of what NAMBLA stands for.
    It is evident that the Boy Scouts practice of sound principle has given way to valuing prosperity and perception over the protection of the youth in their charge. Perhaps the Scouts should consult the Catholic Church regarding the cost of just one sexual abuse lawsuit.
    Lest I be misunderstood, it’s not the money so much as it is the cruel torment of those who were subjected to the abuse….torment that often lasts a lifetime.
    Just what is protecting the life of a child worth?


  4. Dion, your ignorance is showing. nambla is for pedophiles not homosexuals. Homosexuality and pedophillia are not related. Try again and use some critical thinking skills when possible.


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