Boy Scouts follow Girl Scouts Downhill (Last of a Three-Part Series)

There is a reason that the Boy Scouts of America have not partnered with the Girl Scouts USA.  The two organizations would appear to be natural affiliates but at their core, they are now miles apart.  That may be about to change.   

The issue that has divided them are the principles on which the two organizations were founded:  A belief in God and a pledge to abide by the moral truths that are revealed in His Word.  

  •  In the 70’s, the Girl Scouts put feminist icon Betty Friedan on its national governing board. It wasn’t long before the Girl Scouts began purging its materials of all positive references to homemakers.
  •  In 1980, the organizations changed its policy on homosexuality and welcomed lesbians as scouts and troop leaders.
  • In 1993, the Girl Scouts took aim at the Creator himself, making God an option by inserting an asterisk by the word “God” in the Promise.  

Due to public outrage and loss of enrollment, that asterisk was removed from the latest Girl Scout Handbook.  Don’t be fooled.  Instead, girls are simply being instructed that when reciting the Promise they are “free to substitute their own wording for God’”  In other words, a girl is free to pledge to do her duty to herself as any good atheist would.  

The Girl Scouts make it clear that they are a “secular organization” but allow God to come along as long as He doesn’t stir up any trouble or interfere with their “all inclusive” policy of accepting anyone and everything.  Although the word “diversity” has replaced sexual orientation on the official GSUSA website,  that policy remains in force and now includes transvestites.  

You might say that Randall Stephenson, the influential chairman of AT&T, is the Boy Scouts’ Betty Friedan.  As first vice-president of the BSA’s Executive Board, he is next in line to become president.  Stephenson and his side-kick, James Turley, the CEO of Ernst & Young, persuaded the other board members to go along with a resolution that will be voted on by the National Council on May 24.

Stephenson and Turley are between a rock and a hard place.  Their companies bowed to political pressure and included “sexual orientation” —  the term invented by homosexuals to make this practice appear to be immutable —  in their non-discrimination policy.  

How do they square this circle of channeling company funds into the BSA, an organization that restricts its membership to those who take an oath to “God and Country” and pledge to keep themselves “morally straight”?   By leading the Boy Scouts away from their moral underpinnings.    

These two should have been axed long ago but their companies have donated millions to the Boy Scouts and it has become obvious that money is more important to this board than God.  

By promoting this resolution they are hiding behind the premise that, since sexual conduct of any kind is contrary to the virtues of Scouting, young people who declare themselves to be homosexual just come to that realization all by themselves.   

The rest of the board is either intimidated or in denial.  Their proposal is a slippery slope because it keeps the ban in place that prevents homosexuals from becoming Scout Leaders.  Anyone with half a brain knows this policy cannot stand.

In the past, the BSA has had its problems with sexual molestation with over 99 percent of it homosexual in nature.  They brought in so-called “experts” to whitewash this problem.  Their experts point out that not all of these molesters “self-identify as homosexuals” so they really  don’t count.  

The members who will be voting on this resolution need to examine what happen in the Girl Scouts.  

In the 1997 book “On My Honor:  Lesbians Reflect on Their Scouting Experience,” Marcia Munson revealed that she was first introduced to lesbianism at a Girl Scout camp when she was only 13.  Is the BSA really prepared for this?  

While political correctness would have us believe that one is “born gay,” science provides evidence that homosexual desires develop primarily as a result of psychological and environmental influences and (here is the important part) early experiences. 

The Bible says, “If anyone causes one of these  little ones — those who believe in me —  to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

When you throw out God’s principles, what’s next?  Will the BSA go the way of the Girl Scouts and give the Creator the boot?

You can’t serve both God and money.   It’s money that is the real issue here.  

4 thoughts on “Boy Scouts follow Girl Scouts Downhill (Last of a Three-Part Series)

  1. “When many parents think of Girl Scouts, they imagine young girls in uniform selling Thin Mints and Tagalong cookies – not learning about stone labyrinths, world peace, global warming, yoga, avatars, smudging incense, Zen gardens and feminist, communist and lesbian role models. But that’s exactly what many of 2.7 million Girl Scouts will learn about with a new curriculum called “Journeys” released last year.” Read more at

    I’ve known about the degenerate leadership of the Girl Scouts for 50 years and would have no part of putting my three daughters in their organization or under their immoral influence. But the Boy Scouts have bravely stood up against the pressures of liberalism and immorality for 103 years. However, the founder of the Boy Scouts, our brother in Christ, Baden Powell, would have had a heart attack if he had heard that his work would end with “morally straight” in the scout oath being redefined by those leaders of today’s BSA that are so spineless as to include homosexuality. I am one of 5 Eagle Scouts among my brothers. In the fifties and sixties my father was a scout master of Troop 178, Encino, CA for nearly 15 years. I was a scout master of that troop as well. My son is an Eagle Scout.

    Because of my hyperactive childhood I did not do well in grammar school and high school. Had it not been for scouting, where I excelled in all physical activities, and where my interest was held by the academic requirements of the rank advancements, I likely would have had such a defeated outlook on life that I would not have gone to college, done well in the work place or started 2 successful businesses. I firmly believe that scouting gave me a life changing opportunity and provided training for many skills I’ve used my entire life. There are six people that can thank scouting for their lives that I saved through first-aid, swimming life-saving, common sense, and confident pro-action in all of these life threatening emergencies.

    Boy Scouts, and Explorer Scouts can be as old as 18 years. They interact with boys as young as 10 years. See for the facts of the risk of homosexual men and boys. Homosexuals are 100 times more likely to molest prepubescent and pubescent children than heterosexuals. To see this institution, so vital to boys becoming men and leaders, taken over by perverted predators is more than I can bear.

    If the BSA vote goes to immoral leftists in May when the leadership votes, evil will have triumphed over righteousness and the BSA will become a byword like the Girl Scouts had. “Like a muddied spring or a polluted well are the righteous who give way to the wicked.” Proverbs 25:26.

    Alan Allison


  2. Thank you Jane for this three-part series, an eyeopener for sure. I’m sorry to learn that this nobel institution, promoting high standards and instilling correct principles in boys and young men, is about to fall victim to evil men and their evil propensities. Pressures of the current culture are a tsunami-like wave that good men seem willing not to oppose. Yet, the principles of God and Christ should give strength to those who can alter the current course and reset the BSA back on the right track. “I can do all things through Christ who stengthens me.”


  3. When the powers that be decided to open up Boy Scouting to so-called “gay” scouting, they opened up the entire program to special need scouting help for gender identity boys. Regardless of the upcoming vote, the day is soon coming that the dye has been cast on the Boy Scouts of AMerica.


  4. Alan, you are not telling the truth… Show me your evidence for the quote,” Homosexuals are 100 times more likely to molest prepubescent and pubescent children than heterosexuals.” Citing WND and Freerepublic were two huge failures! Crackpot journalism at its best. Its a shame that the indoctrination of children, for so many years, has led to this type of discrimination.


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