Leno Gets a Lesson in Cruz Control

Jay Leno is a car aficionado.  He collects them. He knows them.  He works on them and delights in driving them.

However, Friday night the junior senator from Texas gave the late night comic a lesson on one option he may have missed, Cruz control.

I am a big Leno fan.  I’m rarely up that late but I tape his shows and watch his opening monologue the next night for laughs.

His political jokes are sometimes over the top, but, for the most part, they accurately reflect what is going on in Washington and give us some much-needed comedy relief.  His barbs are often cleaver and insightful.

Another thing I appreciate about Leno is that he picks on everyone, Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians.  It makes no difference.

Leno claims to be fiscally conservative but socially liberal.  Although he and his wife support Democrat candidates, for the most part, he is extremely fair.  Not surprising, among late night hosts, his show has the largest number of self-identified conservative and Republican viewers.

I usually hit the “off” button after the monologue but occasionally stay tuned for another segment that catches my interest.

Leno is almost always affable and polite with his guests, even with those he has mercilessly skewered and those with whom he openly disagrees.  The rare exception was his treatment of Michele Bachmann.   It was out of character and shameful! Clearly, Leno was out to end her political career and he succeeded.

Friday night, it was evident that Leno was out to do the same thing to Ted Cruz.  The attempt fell flat.  To use another automotive term, it backfired, leaving the senator with a new group of fans and thousand of others who want to hear more.

Clearly the Leno interview was a setup.  The first personality in the guest chair, usually just slides over when the next guest appears. It didn’t happen with Bachmann and it didn’t happen Friday night.  Obviously, these celebs were warned ahead of time to get out of Dodge.

Leno was tense in the introduction.  Poised for the kill as he read from the prompter, “My next guest has been in office for less than a year and he is already seen as one of the most polarizing figures in Washington. . .”

There were none of his usual softballs.  Leno’s first question was meant to cut Cruz down to size.  Leno: “I’ve been reading a lot about you lately, and they describe you as aggressive, arrogant and abrasive. Accurate?”

Cruz fired back, “Well, I don’t know that you can believe everything you read.”

Leno then pressed him to provide his own adjectives.  Cruz crushed Leno’s stereotype  and showed his humility when he chose the word “amazed” —   “to be where I am” and “have an opportunity to serve.”  This gave Cruz an opening to tell his “son of an immigrant” life story.

Leno is well-known for his “JayWalking” segments where he tests young people on their knowledge of major political and historical events.

However, in this interview, it was the comedian who showed his ignorance when he accused Cruz of shutting down the government and then stated, “John Roberts — Republican, pretty much — said this is the law. Obamacare is the law of the land. Let’s move on. Isn’t that true?”

Leno based other questions around these regurgitated liberal lies:

  • People lost their jobs (Cruz’s fault) during the government shutdown (Government workers got free, paid vacations)
  • Cruz has focused on social issues
  • Cruz’s father (a pastor) has been talking against gays
  • Cruz is against gun laws that require background checks.
  • ObamaCare will help his state of Texas

So, where is Leno getting his information?  My guess is from his wife, Marvis, who is heavily involved with Eleanor’s Smeal’s Feminist Majority (not).  Just check out its website.   It’s full of feminist rants, lies, half-truths and misleading information.  Liberals simply cannot win their arguments without them.

Despite what you may have read, Cruz turned every Jay Leno assertion around and hit one question after another out of the park.  It’s well-worth reading the transcript (http://lonelyconservative.com/2013/11/video-ted-cruz-on-the-tonight-show/) or watching the video.

Leno got some applause but Cruz’s applause lines were bigger, especially when he said  that the biggest problem in Washington is “entrenched politicians” and that “ObamCare is the biggest job killer in this country.”   Another Cruz winner: “We ought to empower patients rather than government bureaucrats getting between you and your doctor.”

I’ll be sorry to see Leno leave the Tonight Show.  However, if he’s looking for a new job, this interview just proved he ought to stick to comedy.

2 thoughts on “Leno Gets a Lesson in Cruz Control

  1. Thanks Jane for an enlightening article. I too like the Leno monologue and watch it frequently but I missed the Cruz interview so this was a boost to my positive interest in Cruz. I’ll use the link to read the transcript. Keep up the great reporting, WFR


  2. Jane, loved the article re. Leno and Cruz. Jay does go after both sides in the monologue but the interviews are very different. If you compare the Obama interview with the Cruz interview there was a big difference. Getting invited to the right parties in Hollywood and inside the Beltway is really important. Was that the motivation for John Roberts or did Obama have something on him? I guess we’ll never know. We do have Obamacare though.


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