What Women Want

In the 2000 comedy, “What Women Want,” Helen Hunt sent Mel Gibson home with a basket of feminine products to try in an effort to gain insight on how to design a successful ad campaign.

Makes sense:  The hand that rocks the cradle still rules the world.

The fairer sex does not hold a majority in Congress.  We do not hold the majority of seats in the boardrooms of this country but, make no mistake, we control finance.  It is well understood that women balance most of the checkbooks and buy most of the products sold in this country.  We also influence elections.

That’s why political operatives stay up late into the night trying to figure us out.   Unfortunately, most are sidetracked by a known-it-all group of angry feminists who claim to speak for the rest of us.

Sunday, Kristen Gillibrand was strutting her stuff on ABC’s This Week.  She is a prime example of the arrogance of the political class in general and liberal women in particular.

Gillibrand began her political career by morphing conservatism in upstate New York.  After being appointed to fill Hillary Clinton’s vacate senate seat, she became, according to the National Journal, one of the two most liberal senators in Washington.

Her arrogance was on full display when she was sent out to defend ObamaCare over the weekend.  When the going gets tough, the tough wrap themselves in the cloak of concern for what they see as the poor and down trodden “women of America.”

When asked if Obama can regain the trust of the American people, Gillibrand skillfully changed the subject and told about taking her son to the emergency room for an asthma attack.  She opined, “And I looked in the eyes of all the other mothers in the emergency room, these are mothers who don’t have health care . . .”

Later, to avoid another hard question, Gillibrand returned to her saga,  “Those mothers in the emergency room who don’t have access to affordable health care.  I can’t tell you how frightening it is when your kid can’t breathe. It is a horrible moment. And I looked at every mother, and I’m telling you, we have to fix health care in this country.”  Boohoo! Sob, sob!

I wonder how many of those poor kids she is so concerned about breathing were subjected to tobacco smoke from her biggest law client,  Philip Morris?   It was tobacco money that helped get her elected.

Her generalization about those other mothers in the emergency room not having health care was over the top.  After all, she was in the emergency room wasn’t she?   And, she has the best health care the taxpayer’s can buy.

As for affordable health care,  she and her liberal friends in Congress have done their very best to make sure that those of us who still pay our bills are paying a lot more than we should for policies that include things we don’t want and will never use.  All she cares about is making more and more Americans wards of the state.

The more dependents, the more votes for leftist Democrats and hapless Republicans who listen to charlatans like Gillibrand and are running scared.

It makes no sense to allow the federal government to take over health care and push everyone into a single payer system where only political elites like Gillibrand can be assured of quality care.

Gillibrand began the interview by repeating the lie that was used to justify having the government take over one-sixth of our economy.   “(T)his is about everyday people needing access to affordable health care. They don’t want their coverage dropped because of a pre-existing condition.”  This is against the law and has been for years!

Then, she arrogantly proceeded to tell us what we want:  “They want their kids covered up to 26.”    And, what we need:   “The whole point of the plan is to cover things people need, like preventive care, birth control, pregnancy.”

Real women are quite capable of adding and subtracting.  We are capable of choosing a plan that is adequate for us and/or our families.  We don’t need Big Brother or Big Sister telling us what to buy.

According to the latest Pew Poll, only 23 percent of all women consider themselves to be pushy feminists like Gillibrand.  That represents only 20 percent of our total voting age population.

Want to find out “What Women Want”?  Rather than listening to these phony whiners, the men in Washington would be far better off taking a cue from Mel Gibson’s character in the movie: Give yourself a facial!  Try the pantyhose!



2 thoughts on “What Women Want

  1. What I want is for my children and their posterity to not be saddled with overwhelming debt. I want their places of employment to offer good paying jobs that provide a future for them and not the current “McJobs” available.

    I desire for them the freedoms that I have been privileged to enjoy as an American. Are my dreams for them, which desire their best interests, attainable or purely a fantasy?


  2. Although a writer, I’m somewhat at a loss for words. I believe what women want is about the same thing that men want. In health care as well as lifestyle.
    We won’t have much chance to declare or receive what we (men and women) want as long as liberalism and the big government mentality prevails in our country. The best thing we could do is return to the private sector, almost everything the Federal Government is involved in right now. I recently saw where libraries that are contracted out to private enterprise are used more than under government control and more people have been hired as librarians, more volunteers have decided to participate, and at a savings to the treasury of the cities and counties where this experiment has been implemented. Return health care to private enterprise, reestablish the doctor/patient relationship, including direct payment, and improvements in all areas of health care will blossom into the best medical system in the world, which we are not at the present time.


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