The Amateur

There is a place for amateurs. However, there are times when you definitely need a professional. Most people would never call an amateur to put in a driveway or install a new roof. You wouldn’t want an amateur to build your house or do the wiring. You wouldn’t want an amateur to do your dental work or perform heart surgery. Let’s face it. Most people wouldn’t let an amateur cut their hair or do their nails.

Likewise, if you own a business, you wouldn’t hire amateurs to design your products, construct you assembly lines, do your accounting or manage your employees. If you need someone to run that business, you would hire the most experienced person with the best track record you can afford.

Then why, oh why, would anyone consider hiring an amateur to manage the largest business in the world, the United States Government?

We, the voters, did that, not once but twice. Is it any wonder that the economy is stuck in low gear and workforce participation is at a 35 year low? Prior to becoming president of the United States, Barack Obama had never run so much as a lemonade stand. One could have expected that, at the very least, he would surrounded himself with a capable team of advisers, but no.

When Obama came into office, he did not select one Cabinet member who had any private sector, real-world CEO experience. His Cabinet is still extremely thin in that department.

It should not be a surprise that most of Obama’s efforts to bring this country back from a recession have fallen flat: tax hikes, increased regulations, increase handouts and the biggest job killer of all – Obamacare.

Our president was still wet behind the ears as a senator when he was elected to run the country. He was barely out of campaign mode. Is it any wonder that with the country mired in debt and economic stagnation, American prestige at an all time low and Obamacare a dismal failure he has gone back to the one and only thing he knows, campaigning?

Instead of “hope and change” for the next 10 months we will have “envy and greed.” In an effort to keep the Senate safely under Democratic control and save his Unaffordable Care Act, Obama is going to concentrate on something he would have us believe is the problem: “income inequality.”

However, he will not tell us is that income inequality has gown dramatically while he has been in office. Since the recession officially ended, 93 percent of income gain has gone to the top 1 percent. Clearly his policies aren’t working. He wants us to believe that the answer to this problem is simply to tax the evil rich and raise the minimum wage, which is the training wage.

Not only would his solution suppress job creation, it would cut the first rung on the ladder of opportunity right out from under a lot of people.

Obama would have us believe that the reason some are poor is because others are rich. In his economy, life is a zero-sum game.

That’s not how it works. In a free society there always will be income inequality. There always will be people who are willing to work harder, longer and make more personal sacrifices in order to earn more. Others want more free time or prefer jobs or causes that earn less but give them more personal satisfaction.

Our Constitution guarantees every individual equal opportunity. It does not guarantee an equal result. That is called socialism or communism.

The first permanent English colony established at Jamestown was a collective. About half the men were English gentlemen who felt “entitled” to live off the sweat of the others. As a result, the colony almost died out until Capt. John Smith enacted the biblical principle, those who will not work will not eat.

A few years later, when the colonists were allowed to own property, they worked even harder. Imagine that!

Our system of capitalism is not perfect, but it has given us the highest living standard in the world.

The problem is not the minimum wage or a lack of job training or capital. It’s a lack of good-paying jobs.

We need lower taxes – especially corporate taxes – and less regulation. We need a government that will get out of the way as businesses are created and expand, creating good-paying jobs, not one that is micro managed by an amateur.

2 thoughts on “The Amateur

  1. When “The People” do not have the common sense to check out who they are voting for and leave it to 3rd. rate reporting of a biased media we will rue the day, which we are doing now. There were enough voices calling out in the wilderness to be aware, to check the background of Obama and his friends. A little wisdom and research would have saved us all this grief.
    America that I love and chose to become a citizen of has fallen down a hole of laziness and entitlements, a sad reflection of what America used to be.
    Until the good people stand up and call an end to PC and call for the revival of American toughness we will wallow in the mud of discontent, a country of forgotten ideals and fortitude.


  2. It would be bad enough if the Obaminable Hussein and its cronies were simply inept, ivory tower theorists. But, in fact, they are even worse than that. If someone is merely stupid he will, now and then, by accident, do something right. But absolutely everything the Unpresident has done has clearly served to damage our economy, destroy the middle class, destroy our freedom, destroy our sovereignty, reduce our domestic energy production…I could go on like this for a page or two.
    And even its “income redistribution” is yet another example of the obvious hypocrisy of the left and the endless gullibility of the American sheeple. For it gave trillions in “bailouts” to companies “too big to fail,” effectively redistributing income from the dying middle class to its billionaire supporters, while it and its “wife” and its leftist comrades enjoyed the lifestyles of the rich and famous.
    Much of this was reported even by our corrupt, controlled media, but the sheeple chose to believe, not the evidence of their senses,evidence right under their noses, right in front of them, but instead dutifully believed the lies they were fed by the elites.


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