Ten Best Conservative New Year’s Resolutions

Feeling a little guilty because you were caught up in the holiday rush and failed to make New Year’s resolutions?   It’s not too late.   January is a time to reassess, revitalize and invest in some worthwhile habits that will improve your life and the lives of those around you.

Many of my conservative friends tell me they have stopped watching the news.  It’s just too depressing.  With Obama as president, liberals in control of the Senate and Republican leaders in the House quaking in their boots, it looks as if the country will continue to decline as we complete the long, slow march toward socialism.  Can anything stop it?  Many conservatives have just given up.

I’ve found the best cure for this kind of blues is to do something positive.  Don’t worry about the results.   Don’t be dismayed by what you can’t control.  By the grace of God, we still have our Republic so there is hope.  Do what you can.  Others will be inspired by your enthusiasm.  It’s contagious.

Where to begin?  Concentrate your energy on what matters most, our youth.  The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he (or she) should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  The left stole this idea from Proverbs.  The force on the left may not believe in the Great I AM but it has taken over public education in this country and it controls most of our colleges and universities.  We are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the next generation.

Begin by taking some baby steps to level this playing field:

  1. Vow to cast an intelligent vote in the next school board election.  This is, by far, the most important election in our country today.  Most people have no idea when this occurs.  In many counties, it’s in the “off years” (the years between congressional and presidential elections.  That’s by design. Generally, the only people who turn out or care about this election are those who have a financial interest at stake:  the unions.
  2. Begin looking for a worthy candidate for the next school board election and support him or her financially.  (Don’t worry about the amount.  Just give what you can.)
  3. If you can’t find a worthy candidate, help to recruit someone or run yourself.
  4. Volunteer your time for this candidate.  Most of us don’t have a lot of time.  Just do something.  Get members of you Sunday School Class or your Bible Study to help with this effort.
  5. Educate yourself on the goals of the National Education Association, the nation’s largest teachers union.  Eagle Forum can provide you with information as well as a list of the NEA’s latest resolutions.  Pass these out to your friends.
  6. Stop procrastinating.  Get your kids and your grandkids out of Scouting.  The Girl Scouts turned away from God and begin teaching a leftist agenda many years ago. www.speaknowgirlscouts.com.  Last year the Boy Scouts abandoned its moorings when it began accepting “gay” members.  There are good alternative organizations like American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA.
  7. Start or sponsor a troop for one of the above organizations in your church or community.
  8. Don’t buy the cookies!  Girl Scout cookie sales are right around the corner.  Don’t want to disappoint an eager young cookie seller?  Prepare a letter offering to give a donation (the largest you can afford) to the troop if it will change its affiliation to the American Heritage Girls.  Include your email and cell phone so leaders can follow up.  Make plenty of copies and hand them out to each girl you meet.
  9. Plug into the National Taxpayers Union Foundation www.ntu.org.  Get its latest report card on your congressional representatives.  Pay special attention to who represents you in the House of Representatives.  He or she is your closest link to Washington.  Remember, by law, all spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives.  Nothing can be spent unless the House says it can be spent.  Therefore, a lot of blame for our out-of-control spending can be laid at the feet of Republicans who control the House.   Stop supporting lawmakers who are robbing the next generation.
  10. Join a local Tea-Party group.

Remember this law of physics:  A body at rest tends to stay at rest until acted upon by an outside force.  Be that force in your family, your church, your neighborhood.  Don’t worry about the results.  Just get moving!  At the very least, you will feel a lot better about what is going on around you.

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