Republicans more Fun than Democrats

In a recent New York magazine interview, Saturday Night Live boss Lorne Michaels revealed an interesting fact that gives us some insight as to why late night TV hosts are more likely to demean Republicans than Democrats.  “Republicans are easier for us than Democrats,” said Michaels.  “Democrats tend to take it personally; Republicans think it’s funny.”

In other words, Democrats have no sense of humor.  They take themselves much too seriously while Republicans can laugh at themselves.

You would think a revelation like this from the king of comedy, who now is shaping the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon  as well as Late Night with Seth Myers, would be front page news, but no!

However, Brent Bozell and Tim Graham did reference this fact in a column for Media Research Center which suggested that Fallon is Obama’s new BFF.

I was surprised to discover that, according to a study from the Center for Media and Public Affairs done on the first half of 2013, Democrats were the target of 70 percent more late night jokes than were Republicans.

However, with the exception of New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner (who is political toast), the attacks were not personal as they often are with Republicans.  You can joke about a Democrat’s policy but not about his intellect, looks, family, money, ethics, etc.

Also, consider that 2013 was a year to take free shots at Democrats.  There was no election so nothing was at stake.

Go back to 2012.  It was a different story.  Mitt Romney was the target of 148 late night jokes, compared to Obama’s 62.

Democrats not only can’t take a joke.  They seek to punish anyone who gets out of line or simply disagrees with them.

I first noticed this back in the 70s.  After paying my dues as the first woman sportscaster, I decided to have a little fun with a show explaining sports to folks, using, gasp, humor.   It ran inside the sports segment on the local news in most major television markets.

I explained the pick in basketball by using men and women with grocery carts in the supermarket.  I once played the part of a hockey puck by dressing in black and sliding around the ice on a disk.

While on a publicity tour in the nation’s capital, I addressed a luncheon held by WRC-TV.  I told jokes and stories about some of the mishaps that occurred as we filmed the 240 segments to several hundred fans who had turned out for this event.

Afterwards, one hefty woman in sensible shoes greeted me with a scowl on her face.  She said, “I enjoyed (not) your speech but you need to find a better choice of words!”  She had objected to my terms “gals and guys.”

That day I learned why the words “angry” and “feminist” are interchangeable.   In her vocabulary the only acceptable term for a female was “woman,” period.

But dressing me down for this causal reference to men and women was not enough.  She and her friends thought it was wrong for a female sportscaster to joke about sports.  In their infinite wisdom, they decided I was “talking down to women.”

FYI:  The show was not designed for women.  I designed it for my husband whose hobby was road racing.  He didn’t know much about the sports I spent most of my time covering.  He was always asking me questions.  However, most men simply won’t ask questions about sports. It’s not consider macho.  That show was designed for them.

Nevertheless, these angry feminists began burning me in effigy and calling station managers demanding that my program be removed.

At that time, I was a Democrat and a political novice.   Still, I was their albatross.  I did not adhere to their social agenda or demand to step in front of the sportscaster line.  I proved that anyone can make her way to the front by putting in the work and the hours.

Over the years, I discovered, as Lorne Michaels did,  that if a Republican doesn’t agree with your ideas on governance or social issues, she may try to change your mind by using sound arguments.  However, if you disagree, she doesn’t take it personally.

On the other hand, if a Democrat doesn’t agree with you, he or she is likely to attack you personally and call you the worst kind of names.

Republicans, tend to love God and obey His precepts.  This gives them a peace that passes all understanding.   They also love this country and their neighbors, even those with whom they disagree and . . . they are free to laugh!


2 thoughts on “Republicans more Fun than Democrats

  1. Democrats seem to live a subjective life; everything is serious and focused on their life and beliefs. Republicans can look at things objectively; everything has some humor in it and misguided comments and liberal ideas are full of laughs, plus if conservatives and their ideas and ideology are attacked we see the attackers as naive and their deficiency in worldly wisdom or informed judgment is a burdensome handicap for which we have a subdued sympathy, feeling that all humans can be so afflicted and we thank God we are not among those so deficient. We therefore smile, nod knowingly, and move on. 🙂


  2. It is obvious that Democrats can’t be happy.

    How can they be with “Global Warming” about to destroy the world, rich people having more money than poor people, gals being paid less than guys, gals being forced to buy their own birth control pills, etc?

    Republicans are happy because they can smell BS and democrats can’t.


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