The Border Crises in the U.S. and Israel

The border crises in the U.S. and Israel are not that complicated.  Draw on your parenting experience and follow me.

You have two siblings who are fighting.  The younger one is injured and comes running to you for help.  You punish the older child, but despite all your efforts at peace making, this scenario is repeated again and again until you finally discover that the younger one is the real aggressor.  He picks on his peaceful, larger brother until the older boy can stand it no longer and finally retaliates in an attempt to put an end to the conflict.  The younger brother’s reward is seeing his older brother punished.  And, yes, it is worth the occasional bloody nose.

The problem is solved when the younger one is finally held accountable and punished for his misdeeds.  

In the Middle East, Israel is the peaceful, stronger child.  Hamas is the weaker, relentless aggressor who has pounded Israel with rockets causing the Jewish state to retaliate with deadly force.  This, too, is a familiar scenario and it will continue as long as the world rewards the aggressor.  Hamas is playing a deadly game, using innocent children as human shields in order to gain its objective —  the complete destruction of Israel.

The conflict on our southern border is strangely similar.  Those who are intent on breaking into our country and doing us harm also are using young people as human shields.

The Israelis are doing their best to protect the innocents, sending text messages and dropping leaflets telling the Palestinian residents to flee to safe zones before bombing the terrorists.  However, there will be no safe zone in the U.S. if the chaos on our border with Mexico is allowed to continue.

Our law enforcement agencies are completely tied up with the flood of young illegal immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. This is allowing terrorists from Islamic countries with ties to South America to slip into our country undetected.  If you think this is not happening you are completely naive.

While these young people are being lured here with the promise of a reward (amnesty) by the current administration, those bent on our destruction are exploiting known corridors which are largely off-limits to our Border Patrol and law enforcement agencies.

Most U.S. citizens are unaware that 40 percent of our border with Mexico is controlled, not by the Border Patrol, but by the Department of Interior or the U.S. Forrest Service.  A plethora of environmental regulations interfere with with Border Patrol’s ability to drive, build the needed infrastructure and install surveillance equipment.  This is insane!

Those in charge of the Border Patrol say they work well with the various agencies involved but the truth is, if they don’t mouth the party line of this administration, they are toast.  Retired agents and whistle blowers tell a different story.   Who are you going to believe?  Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows its those agents who live in fear of stepping on an endangered plant or toad.

How does Israel control its border with Syria?  Two simple fences.  In between are land mines.

We should clear a five-mile swatch along the border and put up Border Patrol stations manned with rotating personnel.  Kick the Department of the Interior and the Forrest Service out and give the Border Patrol the authority and equipment needed to interdict anyone picked up on surveillance cameras within a matter of minutes.  That’s the kind of environmental protection we need at the border!

According to Carolyn Glick, the Middle East expert who writes for the Jerusalem Post, plane loads of Iranian Revolutionary Guard personnel are landing in Caracas every week receiving Venezuelan passports.  The largest embassy in Nicaragua belongs to — you guessed it — Iran.

To date, only a small percentage of illegals caught sneaking across our southern border are from terror-sponsoring states.   Unfortunately, we don’t know how many are actually making their way into this country through this largely unpatrolled area because the Obama Administration has allowed the naro gangs and terrorists to food the zone with innocent young people.  This has to stop!

The House of Representatives has a deeply flawed plan to amend the William Wilberforce law, allow these young people to be processed within a week and sent home.  Democrats are opposed.

If Republicans are serious about ending the crisis, they will go back to the drawing board,  forgo the August recess, stay in Washington and make their case to the American people, with or without the Democrats.  This isn’t likely to happen.

The real difference between the crisis here and the one in Israel is that Israel takes their’s seriously.

2 thoughts on “The Border Crises in the U.S. and Israel

  1. An excellent observation and comparison of border violations with the two countries. And the last line drips with truth.

    The essence of the article is frightening. Where will the big terrorist strikes against us occur? It’s just a matter of time before we are hit with several 9-11 attacks, likely all at the same time. Our power grid is surely one of their targets.


  2. The mass media are outraged that the Jews dare to fight back against the monsters who wish to exterminate them. They ignore the attacks on Israel and focus on the “sufferings” of the “Palestinians.”
    Recently on the news I saw video of a “Palestinian” man running, carrying an “injured” child to, presumably, a hospital or clinic. The child had no limbs missing, no bandages, no blood, and no sign of distress, and the camera was in just the right position to tape the man as he ran toward it and passed it, and then the camera operator panned to follow him. As a former TV camera man, I figure that they may have done at least two takes to get it just right.
    This was preceded by a video of a “Palestinian” woman, hands raised high in their typical posture, wailing loudly over the “loss” of some “loved one,” but where is the proof that she lost anyone at all? The final scene was of (presumably) a clinic, where “injured” children were on beds. Again, there was no blood, nothing missing, no sign of pain, but at least this time the videographers had put a few bandages on them.
    There is no denying that some civilians in Gaza have been killed or injured, most of them because Hamas would not allow them to leave the area, and because the “heroic warriors of Allah” use their women and children to shield their rockets, which they use to murder Jewish civilians.
    If I was in charge of Israel I would cut off all electricity and water to the Muslims in Gaza, and wage unending war against them until every last one had died or left the area. And you don’t want to hear what I would do on our southern border…it would be, let us say, politically incorrect.


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