A Christian Response to the Border Crisis

The current crisis at the border due to the influx of thousand of young people and some children has tugged at our heartstrings and rightfully so.

The U.S. is a welcoming country.  We grant permanent legal status to a million applicants a year and temporary visas to countless others as tourists, students or the much abused H-1B program where businesses import workers claiming they can’t find qualified U.S. citizens to fill their job requirements.  In addition, we admit thousands more as refugees fleeing persecution based on religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.

Despite what you may have heard, the illegals crossing our southern border do not fall into the refugee category.  Most are from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.  The problems in these countries are nothing new.  All of these governments receive aid from the U.S. but they are inept and fraught with corruption.

Most of the young people who are showing up at our southern border are there because of the unwillingness of this administration to enforce our immigration laws and the mixed messages being sent on amnesty, particularly for the young.

In August 2013, the administration issued an order through Immigration and Customs Enforcement called the Parental Interest Directive.  It essentially prevents agents from detaining anyone who is the caretaker of a child.  As a result, many innocent children are being exploited, brought here as a way to bypass the system; and worse, used as human shields by those who want to harm us.

This has to stop!

Some are misusing the Christian faith, taking passages from the Bible out of context in an effort to support the recent influx of law breakers.  As Christians, we are commanded to help the poor.  However, the Bible also tells us that the poor will always be with us.

Compared to our southern neighbors, the U.S. is a rich country, even though we are in debt (which is not Biblical) up to our eyeballs, much of it to communist China.  We simply cannot absorb all the poor people in Central America.  So the question becomes how can I best help the poor in these and other poorer Third World countries?

One thing is sure.  We cannot help the poor in other countries by destroying our own.

According to the Bible, our first responsibility is to take care of the poor within our own family.  It doesn’t matter why they are poor.  Our responsibility is to help them get back on their feet and many times that involves education and some discipline.  Then, the Bible instructs us to care for the poor among us.  This does not include law breakers.

We are a country of laws.  Without laws we have anarchy.  Paul, the primary author of the New Testament, was a Roman citizen.  In Romans 13 he writes, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities.”  And in I Timothy he writes that the law is for the “lawless and disobedient.”

Our policy and the lack of enforcement are subjecting young Central American children to kidnapping, harm and even death.  We know these people are here illegally.  We don’t need the judicial system to make that determination.

The Bible says that if anyone allows a child to stumble, “better a millstone be hung around his neck and be thrown into the sea.”

The most humane thing we can do for the children on our southern border is to set up processing centers in their countries of origin and safely return them to their relatives along with instructions on how to legally apply to become a U.S. resident.

The Bible also says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

If we allow these children to stay, we are teaching them that it pays to break the law.

Want to help children in Third World countries?  Educate them in their home countries. Then, they will have the will and the means to change their governments.   This is possible through many worthwhile Christian organizations.  I work through Childcare Worldwide.

No, you cannot solve the problems of every poor child but you as an individual can help one or more so “don’t grow weary of well-doing.” (Galatians 6:9)

Unfortunately, governments often use their power to do wrong.  In a republic, we the people are, in effect, Caesar.  We are responsible for the actions of our president and our elected representatives. They are our employees.  As citizens, we have a responsibility to give them direction and, when they do wrong, we have a responsibility to remove them.


4 thoughts on “A Christian Response to the Border Crisis

  1. Invasion
    We send guns to Mexico in a US Government Sponsored “FAST AND FURIOUS” Why we may ask?
    Now a couple of years later we have an INVASION coming from/through Mexico , Why we ask?
    Are we the Americans to question our moral decision to allow or not allow this invasion.
    Are we the benefactors of the world?
    Our cities and towns are in danger from this invasion. The health issues, diseases we have not had to deal with in years, a Trojan Horse that will sweep across our land.
    Obama is drumming up more angst and problems with Americans, I believe this is his goal.
    We have ways of helping countries where sickness and poverty exists: The PEACE COPS, UNICEF, Hands Across The World, Missionaries.
    It is not our job to take illegals who trespasses across our borders. 1 million immigrates come to America through the legal system each year, enough already.
    Jane, you state it well and we are at only the beginning of the invasion as terrorists slip across the border while our Boarder Patrol acts as nursemaids and have to play the Political Correct game.
    America sleeps while the Caliphate seeps into the very bones of our precious land.


  2. Of course, the Obaminable Hussein and its leftist and Islamist cronies deliberately orchestrated this latest phase of the invasion beginning many months ago. This is not about helping the Central American “children,” many of whom are adult gang members. It is about the planned destruction of what remains of our once vibrant economy and our once free Republic.
    It is part of the war that has been going on for centuries, arguably since before recorded history…a war against Christianity and Judaism, against Judeo-Christian morality, against marriage and the family, against freedom and prosperity. Ultimately it is a war against Mankind and against God.
    Our Unpresident, with its Muslim name “Hussein,” with its history of having attended a Muslim school, its bowing to the King of Arabia, its constant praise of Islam, its support of terrorists and Islamists in Libya, Egypt, and Syria, its giving Muslims sensitive government jobs and security clearances, is indeed a Muslim itself. It is just as much a Muslim and just as barbaric and depraved as the ISIS “warriors” who bury children alive and behead little girls.
    It is far too late for peaceful protests, petitions, or voting this cabal of evil out of office. Only the most extreme actions will allow any of us to survive and have a chance of rebuilding the economy and establishing a new Republic. It is time for the Third American Revolution.


  3. Thanks for summarizing the Biblical view. Enough has been written as commentary by your readers so I’ll refrain from adding to the content. I greatly respect Wm Stoecker’s comments following your articles however I’m uncomfortable with the “Third American Revolution.” I believe we need to re-establish the Federal Govenment that we had before the creation of this current mess (EPA, Dept of Education, HHR, and the rest of the alpha- bureaucracies that stifle us).


  4. “America sleeps while the Caliphate seeps … into the very bones of our precious land.” – Monica’s bizarre hysteria has a certain poetry…


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