Where the Rubber Meets the Road (On Illegal Immigration)

This is the month the rubber will meet the road when it comes to illegal immigration.  Does the new Republican-controlled Congress mean what it says on this subject or is it all a political game?

This month we will find out if the Republican-controlled Senate will approve a radical left-wing ideologue as attorney general.  In testimony before the Judiciary Committee Loretta Lynch let it be known that she has no intention of enforcing our immigration laws.

This is also the month that we will find out if Congress will defund Obama’s illegal amnesty.

Make no mistake.  Republicans are in complete control  of Congress and they have the support of the overwhelming majority of the public on this issue, but will they hold the line on illegal immigration or will they cave in to political pressure from the White House and the Washington press corps?  

On February 28, funding for the Department of Homeland Security runs out unless Congress passes another appropriations bill to run the agency.  The House passed a bill to do just that, but it also prevents any of that money from being used to implement the president’s executive orders in 2012 and 2014 giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Now we will see if Mitch McConnell is up to the task of getting the bill through the upper chamber.

Have you heard that the Democrats are united and will prevent a vote on any DHS funding bill that includes the rider to prevent the Obama amnesty from being implemented?  Of course you have.  In fact, they made good on that promise on Tuesday.

Have you heard what McConnell will do if he can’t pick off six Democrats (the number necessary to prevent a filibuster) to allow a vote on the measure?    Of course you haven’t.

It would be a great help if McConnell would show a little resolve on the issue, but no.  He just whines about not having a filibuster-proof majority.   If he had a filibuster-proof majority he would whine about not having a veto-proof majority, and if he had that he, no doubt, would find something else to whine about.

A real leader would simply say, “No DHS appropriations bill that funds Obama amnesty is getting through this Senate!  No way!”

Have you heard what will actually happen if the DHS appropriations bill fails to pass?

Democrats have given us an end of the word scenario.  “It would leave us vulnerable to a terrorist attack.  The borders would not be defended (they are not being defended now).  Every airplane would be vulnerable,” etc, etc, etc.

The reality is if this bill fails to pass all essential personnel will remain on the job.   That includes  Border Patrol, Secret Service, TSA, Coast Guard, and Immigration and Custom Enforcement.  Only non-essential DHS personnel would be affected.  (Would that be a bad thing?)

Of course you haven’t heard that because McConnell and his chief lieutenants can’t be bothered.  These Senate leaders also can’t be bothered to make the case that Democrats are putting amnesty for illegal aliens ahead of support for our national security.

Then, again, have you heard that McConnell can not keep his own caucus together?   One Republican, Dean Heller  (R-Nev.), actually voted with the Democrats on Tuesday.  Another,  Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), didn’t vote and still another, Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), was second-guessing his own vote indicating he may side with Democrats.

Congress has control of the pursestrings and has every right to say how our money can be spent.  It also has a responsibility to see that our laws are faithfully executed and that would include withholding the money necessary to implement executive overreach.

McConnell has promised another cloture vote on Thursday.  Perhaps he thinks this will prove his conservative bona fides or perhaps it is a sop to folks like Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

McConnell can hold 100 cloture votes, but if he’s waving the white flag of surrender at the same time, it will make no difference.

While McConnell is whining about the fact that the mean old Democrats will not let this bill come up for a vote, he is promising them a vote on Loretta Lynch, Obama’s controversial nominee for attorney general who believes illegal aliens have an absolute right to work here.

Our sweet little Senate Majority Leader simply will not put his foot down.  I think we’ve seen enough of McConnell’s resolve.  Clearly he hasn’t any.

The rubber has met the road and it has disintegrated.


3 thoughts on “Where the Rubber Meets the Road (On Illegal Immigration)

  1. Unfortunately the Republicans are in “complete control in Congress” and Republicans are not Conservatives. Many (if not most) Republicans are Democrat Lite. And Senator Orrin Hatch unfortunately represents Utah where I presently live but he is NOT my Senator. He was elected by the vast number of uninformed voters that dominate elections just as Senator Mitch McConnell was elected. When are voters going to get their heads screwed on right??
    The record of these men (using the term loosly) should be more than sufficient for voters to boot them out and replace them with the likes of Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. If that ever happens we will return to common sense and legislative sanity.


  2. Only 25 “Republicans” voted against Weeping John Boehner, proof that the rank and file Republican politicians are devoid of courage and principle, and will follow their RINO leaders, who follow the Muslim imposter Hussein Obaminable, who is leading our former Republic to its final doom. The monster hates Whites because it is a racist, and it hates America because it is a communist (meaning “fascist”). It is time for us to admit the horrible, incredible truth.
    Loretta Lynch will be confirmed and will be just as vile and corrupt as Eric Smirker. Obamacare will not be repealed. Border control will not be enforced. Only armed rebellion can save us now.
    This will end bloody.


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