Obama Declares War! (On Alaska)

Finally, Obama has declared war, not on tyrants like Iran’s Ali Khamenei  or bullies like Russia’s Vladimer Putin, or even the Islamic militants who are dedicated to our destruction.  No, Obama has declared war on Alaska!

On Sunday, just days after Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, released a bill that would permit drilling in a small area in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the president launched a cruise missile in her direction, aimed at locking up the vast oil reserves in the area forever.

Through his minions, the president announced plans to set aside another 12 million acres in ANWR as “wilderness” which would effectively eliminate any chance of utilizing this valuable resource.

If there is any issue that unites Democrats, Republicans and Independents in the state, it is opening a small — teeny is more like it — area of ANWR’s costal plain for drilling.  

Little wonder that Alaska’s congressional representatives came out swinging after the announcement.   Sen. Murkowski, the new chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, was taken completely by surprise.  She, rightly, wants to know why this administration “is willing to negotiate with Iran but not Alaska.”

Obviously, this it is a case of “shoot first and ask questions later,” if at all.  It is clear that Obama knows nothing about her state.  Anyone remember when Texas Governor Rick Perry pleaded with Obama to visit the border with him in order to see the problems there firsthand.   At that time, Obama was in the Longhorn State for a fundraiser but couldn’t be bothered.

You would think that if ANWR is so vital to preserve in its entirety Obama would have, at the very least, visited the area, but no!  He’s never even visited Alaska.  If he had, he would know that the major points in his administration’s statements on ANWR were lies.

The Lie:

  • Drilling for oil in the Coastal Plain “could irreparably damage this ecological treasure and harm the Alaska Native communities who still depend on the caribou for subsistence.”

The Truth:

  • Native Alaskans who live near the area overwhelmingly support current legislation to open up this area of the Costal Plain for drilling.   ANWR is roughly the size of South Carolina and the impact area would be about the size of your average airport.
  • In nearby Prudhoe Bay, the caribou herd that migrates through there actually increased after drilling began and a pipeline was installed.  When drilling began, it was roughly 3,000. Today it’s roughly 23,000.  Far from being put off by the structures, the caribou actually gravitate toward the gravel pads which keep insects away.  See for yourself. http://www.anwr.org/features/pdfs/caribou-facts.pdf.
  • Environmentalist cannot point to a single species that has become extinct as a result of drilling at Prudhoe Bay or any that has been reduced.

The Lie:

  • The Coastal Plain of the Arctic Refuge is one of the few remaining places in the country as pristine today as it was when the oldest Alaska Native communities first set eyes on it.  It is too precious to put at risk. By designating the area as wilderness, Congress could preserve the Coastal Plain in perpetuity — ensuring that this wild, free, beautiful, and bountiful place remains in trust for Alaska Natives and for all Americans

The Truth

  • The White House released pictures of beautiful snowcapped mountains teaming with wildlife.  This is not the tundra area in question, which is dark and freezing in the winter.  It’s flat and featureless, dotted with mosquito infested bogs in summer.  The area needed for the oil is about one-twentieth the size of Washington, DC.  Furthermore, is far from pristine.  There is a military base nearby as well as a village with and roads, houses and schools.

Before this designation, Alaska had 58 million acres of wilderness or more than half of all land with that level of protection in the entire United States.

The state of Alaska’s economy is delicately balanced with about 1/3 coming from oil, 1/3  from other sources and 1/3 from the federal government, the highest per capita in the country.

Imagine how much better off Alaska would be with the thousands of private sector jobs that would be created if this vast oil reserve could be used.

Imagine a U.S. that is allowed to use its natural resources and is no longer dependent on OPEC.

Imagine a White House that is no longer beholden to radical environmentalists.

Botton line:  Less oil means more windmills for Obama’s supporters.  Less oil means more dependent Alaskans.  Less oil means a more dependent, less secure United States.



3 thoughts on “Obama Declares War! (On Alaska)

  1. This is another example of Obama’s continued suppression of anything that would bolster our economy. He has repeatedly taken actions that thwart free enterprise and the economic growth and stength we’ve experienced in the past. There is something much deeper in his agenda than catering to radical environmentalists. I contend that anything he can do to reduce the influence of the United States makes his agenda successful. With some modest research and documentation, a book could be written supporting my contention. The truth is in his actions and it is incontroverible.


  2. Sad that the president could not even be bothered to look on Google at ANWR or at least ask his school age children to check out the area. With little or no effort we can soon seee the truth as Jane has laid out.
    I believe when land is designated “Wilderness” it then comes under the ‘International Union’ thereby America looses control of those lands.!!
    Alaskans seem to have managed their State very effectivley with out the Federal Government interference.
    Obama is following his plan to change America, need I say more.


  3. Jane,
    I believe that the caustic, sarcastic, radical, wild, leftist ravings of “Jimmy Brown” are from none other than our friend J.G..


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