Obama Declares War! (On Alaska)

Finally, Obama has declared war, not on tyrants like Iran’s Ali Khamenei  or bullies like Russia’s Vladimer Putin, or even the Islamic militants who are dedicated to our destruction.  No, Obama has declared war on Alaska!

On Sunday, just days after Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, released a bill that would permit drilling in a small area in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the president launched a cruise missile in her direction, aimed at locking up the vast oil reserves in the area forever.

Through his minions, the president announced plans to set aside another 12 million acres in ANWR as “wilderness” which would effectively eliminate any chance of utilizing this valuable resource.

If there is any issue that unites Democrats, Republicans and Independents in the state, it is opening a small — teeny is more like it — area of ANWR’s costal plain for drilling.   Continue reading “Obama Declares War! (On Alaska)”

Have yourself a furry little Christmas

J. Crew recently bowed to pressure from animal-rights activists and stopped selling fur after People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals staged an 11-week protest against the retailer. Yes, “Christmas” isn’t the only thing taking it on the chin this winter.

Want to strike a blow against political correctness, assert your independence and help the one class of farmers who are not looking for government handouts? Buy fur. There is nothing that exasperates the radical left more than a woman or a man wearing a fur coat or jacket. Continue reading “Have yourself a furry little Christmas”

The Fur Flies

After last week’s column on why I am going back to wearing fur again, I received a ton of e-mail. Some could best be described as toxic waste: I was scolded, lectured, preached to and called names.

I also heard from many others who are tired of being intimidated by the radical animal-rights movement. They, too, have decided to wear fur again and want to know where to go to enlist in the war against these extremists. Continue reading “The Fur Flies”

Why this Bunny will Wear Fur again

Thanksgiving was particularly cold. As I prepared to go to a dinner party, I reached back into an area of my closet for rarely used items and pulled out a silk zipper bag. There was dust on the top, and I realized that it had not been disturbed since I placed it there the day we moved into our new house eight years ago. I was afraid to look inside.

Much to my delight, the red fox jacket was every bit as beautiful as it was the day it was purchased 20 years earlier.

I hadn’t worn fur for a good 10 years. I had allowed myself to be intimidated by a few radical animal-rights extremists. I had kidded myself into thinking that if I just bided my time, these people would tire of their tirades and the whole anti-fur movement would just die out.

This never works. All it does is empower them. Continue reading “Why this Bunny will Wear Fur again”