Have yourself a furry little Christmas

J. Crew recently bowed to pressure from animal-rights activists and stopped selling fur after People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals staged an 11-week protest against the retailer. Yes, “Christmas” isn’t the only thing taking it on the chin this winter.

Want to strike a blow against political correctness, assert your independence and help the one class of farmers who are not looking for government handouts? Buy fur. There is nothing that exasperates the radical left more than a woman or a man wearing a fur coat or jacket.

Fur makes a woman look glamorous and a man look macho. Liberals approve of neither. It upsets their idea of a unisex utopia. Think about that for a moment. Have you ever seen any glamorous liberal women or macho liberal men outside of Hollywood? The Hollywood elite can be forgiven this sin because they do it for their craft. After all, a star’s got to eat!

Speaking of eating, most of these folks think nothing of dining on steak and lobster. They also wear cashmere and look down on the rest of us from the comfort of leather seats in their SUVs. If a creature has fur, it’s verboten for humans to make use of it. If it has feathers, a shell, scales or hide, it is fair game.

Some misguided folks think they are doing their bit for Mother Nature by wearing faux fur. Have any idea how many gallons of petroleum it takes to make all this stuff? Also, faux fur is piling up in landfills at a rapid rate. Real fur biodegrades. The faux variety will be around for the next 600 years!

Thankfully, fur is making a comeback with the younger crowd. More important than the look, fur keeps you warm and comfortable. The fake stuff doesn’t breathe. It’s the same as wearing those rigid plastic shoes.

I rediscovered the practical aspect of fur a couple of years ago. While searching for something to wear to a dinner party on a cold winter night, I came across a fox jacket I had placed in the back of my closet more than a decade earlier. It was as beautiful as ever. I wore it to the party that night. Now I wear it every chance I get.

Fur truly is the gift that keeps on giving because, when it’s properly cared for, it will last a lifetime. Unlike the faux variety that gets trashed after a season or two, fur is as versatile as it is cost effective. You can wear it with everything from jeans to evening gowns. Can’t afford that coat or jacket? How about fur trim, a vest or earmuffs?

What if one of those radical animal-rights activist throws red paint on you? No problem! Just take your garment into any fur retailer. The Fur Information Council of America will reimburse the company for the cleaning of the coat.

That fear campaign mounted by radical animal-rights activists was mostly just hype. Some bought old furs and staged the paint-throwing events. Nevertheless, these tactics were effective. That’s why I left my fur jacket in the back of my closet all those years. I thought that if I just stopped wearing fur, the radicals would go away. That didn’t work. It never works. It simply empowered them.

Some people stopped wearing fur out of genuine concern for animals. Animal-rights activism is big business and has given rise to animal snuff films. Yes, sadly some animals have been killed in gruesome ways in these films, just to raise more money for those in animal activism.

Just as there are strict regulations governing livestock and the care of animals used in medical research, humane care standards developed by the American Veterinary Medical Association have been implemented by the fur industry and many of the animals used in the fur trade are raised on farms just like cows and chickens.

The animals used in the fur trade are treated humanely, unlike the treatment they give and receive in the wild when then become dinner for other animals or dine on other animals themselves.

I respect true vegetarians. Few in number, most are peaceful and consistent in their views. However, we must not give in to the radical animal activists who are shaking down corporations, trashing research labs, demonizing fishermen, and terrorizing schools that have students dissecting frogs and clams in science lab.

This fear and intimidation has to stop. That is why I hope you will buy and wear fur this Christmas. I will be wearing mine.

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