Merry Christmas, Iraq

Deck the halls with boughs of holly! Tis the season to be jolly!Where is the most joyful place on earth these days?

It is Iraq, where, last week, millions of its citizens turned out to vote for the first truly democratic government in the history of the Arab Middle East.

The Kurds and Shiites weren’t the only ones dancing in the streets. The Sunnis joined the party after deciding that ballots are better than bullets when it comes to settling differences with your neighbors.

Perhaps the biggest smiles in Iraq are on the faces of American GIs who have been on the front lines of the struggle to defeat terrorists in that country. Despite all the naysayers here at home, they are re-enlisting in record numbers. Yes, the members of the U.S. military know the meaning of a job well done and want to stay in Iraq until the task is completed.

We liberated Iraq from one of the most brutal dictators on the face of the earth. We returned sovereignty back to the Iraqi people just a year and a half ago. These new Iraqi citizens are barely 18 months old. You don’t walk out on an 18-month-old tike and say, “Sorry kid, you’re on your own. You’ve got to pull your own weight now.”

But alas, alas, there is a group of left-wing Americans – most wearing the label of big “D” Democrat (should be Dumicrat) – who want us to do just that. As members of the minority party, they are playing the role of “bad Santas” this Christmas, anxious to deliver lumps of coal into the stockings of the political neophytes in this fledgling nation.

For months now, this growing chorus of big “D” Dumicrats has been telling us that the war in Iraq is not winnable. What planet are they from? There is no way these Iraqi little “d” democrats can lose with the most powerful military in the world standing beside them! The only way they can lose is for us to cut and run – to abandon our new friends while they are still in the process of learning to stand on their own.

The naysayers will, of course, point to cries of election fraud, which is something we still deal with here in this country. The democratic process is by its very nature messy, but worth it! Just ask the Iraqi people.

It is estimated that 70 percent of Iraq’s citizens ignored threats from terrorists, walked to the polls – driving was prohibited – then stood in long lines for hours in order to cast a ballot.

How many people in this country do you think would show up at the polls if they had to walk? Scary thought, isn’t it?

Truth is, the Bush Administration, the U.S. military and the American taxpayers have handed the people of Iraq an early Christmas present and, if we stay the course, it will be a priceless gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving.

Sunday, Sen. Carl Levin, leading Dumicrat on the Armed Services Committee, was a guest on “Meet the Press.” He did his best to throw cold water on the progress in Iraq. He was particularly critical of the recently approved Iraqi constitution and said the administration should pressure Iraq to make changes.

What changes, in Levin’s view, need to be made? (This is insightful!)

First, the winning party should share power. Is that wishful thinking? Bet he wishes the Republicans who control the White House and Congress would share power with the Dumicrats.

Also, he thinks the regions should not have the ability to control their own security. Would he have our governors abolish the state police and put the National Guard under federal control?

Finally – and I love this part –the different regions should share their oil revenue. Tell that to Alaska’s citizens who receive dividend checks each year from the sale of oil on their public land.

Better still, make the land around Iraq’s oil fields a wildlife preserve. Surely Levin and his friends could help the Sunnis find some endangered cactus or kangaroo rat in the oil rich land of their neighbors. Instead of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Iraq could establish the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. Then, declare all the oil off limits.

Now that’s an Iraq the Dumicrats could love!

How do Iraqis feel about Levin and the Dumicrats?

Iraqi citizen Betty Dawisha, proudly holding her purple finger in the air put it best, “Anybody who doesn’t appreciate what America has done and President Bush, let them go to hell.”

Fa la la la la, la la, la la!

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