The Power of One

Much has been written about the power of one.  One person can literally change the world.  Most of us look at such individuals as exceptional people, those blessed with a great talent or skill.  We tell ourselves, “Certainly, this doesn’t apply to people like me.”

We’re full of excuses like I’m too young or too old or too busy.  Perhaps we hesitate because our perspective is simply too large.  What if we didn’t set out to change the world, just the world around us.

Recently, I was moved by reports from two individuals, one who could be classified too young, the other too old.

On February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day, John Pisciotta, was shopping at his local Target.  He was shocked to discover a large display of Fifty Shades of Grey products on an end-cap in the pharmacy, right next to some children’s items.  This included “No Peeking” blindfolds, a “Massage Me” candle, bath and massage oils, lubricant and even a set of “his and her’s” vibrating (not for your finger) “love rings.”

By now, most everyone has heard of 50 Shades of Grey, the racy sadomasochistic book trilogy and movie, which is setting box-office records.

Dr. Pisciotta, a retired college professor who is 70 years old, is way past the age of being shocked by this kind of merchandise, but he was shocked to see it in a family store and appalled to see it in a place accessible to children.  He asked to speak with the manager and expressed his concern and displeasure that Target would feature this merchandise.  It wasn’t long before a second manager arrived to defend the company’s decision.

At the end of this conversation, Pisciotta handed the manager his card from Pro-Life Waco, an organization for which he has volunteered many years and now serves as president.  The card included the groups web address.  The Pro-Life Waco site features the groups activities which include local demonstrations at businesses supporting abortion and anything-goes sex education.  Recently, the group held demonstrations at a local bank, car dealership and donut shop that sponsored Planned Parenthood’s pornographic sex indoctrination program for teens and pre-teens “Nobody’s Fool.”

These demonstrations effectively ended those sponsorships.

Pisciotta, undaunted by the reception he had received at Target, decided to call the store the following Monday to register another complain.  Much to his surprise, the person who answered the phone told him that the display had been dismantled and returned because of a complaint from an elderly gentleman.

This was not just any elderly gentleman. This is a man who saw a need a filled it.  This is the power of one.

John was comfortable in his role as a economics professor at Baylor University when his heart was broken over abortion.  He sat on the fence for some time, not wanting to make waves.  In 1994, he attended a rally led by Flip Benam, to call attention to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, setting up shop in his home town.

Two years later, Barbara Myers, Pro-Life Waco’s founder, wanted to send out a newsletter but couldn’t afford the stamps.  John bought them for her.  It’s taken 19 years, but PPH’s abortion facility in Waco finally closed it’s doors.  That’s the power of one plus one.

Unbeknown to Target, John had planned a demonstration at the store for the following Monday.  Instead, he posted an announcement on the groups Facebook page Hometown Pro-Life Action, a network of over 3,000, and others began making complaints.  As a result, Target stores in Temple and Round Rock (northern Austin) also pulled their displays.  Stores in Houston and Georgetown have moved their displays from an end-cap to a less visible location.  That’s the power of one, plus one, plus one more.

On the other end of the age spectrum is 12-year-old C.J. Pearson.  He’s the student council president at Columbia Middle School and the founder of Young Georgians in Government, an organization fighting for conservatives principles and engaging young people in the political process.  Pearson is six years away from voting age, but he’s already worked on a couple of political campaigns and has written legislation making its way through the Georgia legislature.  His first Youtube video has over 2,000 hits, but his latest calling out Barack Obama  has gone viral and has been viewed some 700,000 times.

Pearson set out the educate young people in his state but he’s now inspiring young and old throughout in the entire country.

What’s holding you back?

One thought on “The Power of One

  1. Meditate and listen for ideas that may direct you toward a calling in your life. Follow the one that seems the strongest. That may not be your calling but will be a step in the right direction. You will find it as you progress and action on it may bring an enlightenment not seen by anyone in the world to this time. And in this nation, with our history of providing individuals the freedom to take action on their calling and commitment, dedicated individuals can make huge differences in the lives of others. Those of us who are answering to our calling do this for our contribution and not for any financial windfall. Personal growth and fulfillment of our life comes from service to others and with others toward a common goal.


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