Obama Surrenders to Iran; Boehner Surrenders to Obama

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave John Boehner a lesson in leadership by risking his political career to come here to address a joint session of Congress. In that speech, Netanyahu made a compelling case for our country standing up to Iran over nuclear weapons.

With the Israeli election just two weeks away, Netanyahu faced enormous pressure in Israel and here in the United States from those urging him to stay home. Nevertheless, he threw caution to the wind and used his time to lecture Barack Obama on the dangers of striking a dangerous deal with Iran which will allow that country to remain a hair’s breadth away from becoming a nuclear power and essentially get nothing in return.

Unfortunately, this lesson was lost on Boehner. Shortly after Netanyahu left the House Chamber, Boehner offered his unconditional surrender to Barack Obama over his illegal amnesty and, in return, got nothing, nada, zilch!

The deal Obama is offering Iran can mean the destruction of Israel and will undermine the peace and security of the free world; the deal Boehner gave Obama undermines our rule of law and, over the long term, our security and his own political future.

Nevertheless, Boehner was willing to cave in to the president and fund his illegal amnesty in order to retain the speaker’s gavel for a few more meaningless years. And, make no mistake, Republican control of Congress with Boehner as speaker will be meaningless!

Last fall, Obama’s executive order granting amnesty for some five million illegal aliens was the last straw for most Americans. The polls show voters overwhelmingly elected Republicans over Democrats for one reason and one reason alone: to stop this executive overreach.

Our founding fathers gave us divided government, each with a check on the other two. Congress’s check on the executive branch is the power of the purse. Boehner angered conservatives by passing an omnibus bill that funded the government through September 2015 before the new Republican-led Congress could be seated. The only exception was the Department of Homeland Security. Ostensively, that was to allow the new guys an opportunity to defund Obama’s illegal action

Anyone who has been paying attention should have known that the new Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, was not up to the task. In fact, it should be obvious that he supports Obama’s illegal action because it gives his business supporters a fresh supply of cheap labor.

Boehner dutifully passed a DHS appropriations bill sans funding for Obama’s amnesty but, despite all his tough talk in the beginning, it appears he never intended to fight for it.

A real leader works tirelessly to make a case for what he or she believes with all guns firing. As incredulous as it may seem, instead of attacking Democrats for holding up the bill, as Boehner should have, a group aligned with the speaker has been running TV ads attacking conservative Republicans!

Now, Boehner is blaming the Senate, and Senate leaders are blaming the Democrats. Let’s be clear: A real leader doesn’t offer excuses. A real leader, leads!

A real leader would have gone on every television news program and every political talk show until he had no more breath. The silence from McConnell was deafening. The silence from Boehner was almost as bad. How many political shows did Boehner make last weekend? Just one, Face the Nation. It was to bask in the glory of his invitation to Netanyahu and to run up the white flag of surrender on the DHS bill.

When asked by host John Dickerson if he made a deal with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Boehner said, “The promise I made to Ms. Pelosi, is . . . that we would follow regular order.”

“Regular order” was code for an obscure procedural rule that allowed him to reverse an earlier vote on the DHS bill which contained no restrictions on Obama’s amnesty. This was possible because his co-conspirator in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, passed the Democrat’s bill. Then, when Senate Democrats, surprise, surprise, voted against going to conference with the House to work out the differences, voila!

At that point, Boehner ran up his white flag and encouraged 75 squishy Republicans to go along with the Democrats and join his unconditional surrender.

By coming to the U.S., Netanyahu placed himself in danger of losing his election. It is no secret that he is under tremendous pressure from his left and his right. Nevertheless, Netanyahu boldly put it all on the line to do the right thing. That’s statesmanship, something that is solely lacking with the current congressional leadership.

4 thoughts on “Obama Surrenders to Iran; Boehner Surrenders to Obama

  1. Americans have been BETRAYED by their government…

    obama has paved the way for the U.S. government to be totally corrupt, criminal and lawless….

    Executive, Legislative, Judicial…….all corrupt, criminal and lawless….deceit has become the method of operation….

    The U.S. government under obama has become the most corrupt, criminal and deceitful government on the planet…..

    Every area, every department, every aspect, every level….

    I am ashamed of America and present day americans……


  2. I groan I could puke! This farce of a Government of the people. As a legal immigrant and now an avowed American it grieves my heart to see where this once shining star of freedom has slid to the Progressive agenda. Lies seem to be the order of the day. Netanyhu gave America a lesson on what a true leader is. His speech will go down in history as one of the greatest. The sad part is history will show America’s leaders as weak. “I can only pray I am wrong.


  3. As the recently deceased conservative leader/author M. Stanton Evans stated in his book “The Theme Is Freedom” as far back as 1994, we are no longer a country with a constitution. And everything has gone further downhill since then. The ignorance is in the low-information or no-information voters and the legislators they repeatedly place in office along with the chief of the Executive Branch. Along with the low- and no- information voters, we can also place blame on those conservatives who don’t vote because their preferred candidate was not on the ballet. Hikers who seek to be on the other side of the Grand Canyon don’t get there with a single leap, they get there by taking several small steps which eventually gets the job done.


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