Go ahead. Crown her Queen!

The British must be laughing at us.  We shake our heads and wonder why they have tolerated, if not worshipped, their royalty, while we, unofficially, do the same.

In England, the prime minister is burdened with the task of running the country.  He does the heavy lifting while the royals carry nothing at all.  They are coddled in luxury.  The queen is one of the richest people on earth, but the state supports her lavish lifestyle and that of the entire royal family.  It caters to their every whim.

Queen Elizabeth expects the “royal treatment,” much like our would-be queen, Hillary.

Most politicians are called by their surnames:  Governors Walker, Bush and Jindal; Senators  Cruz, Paul and Rubio; Dr. Carson; etc., but not Mrs. Clinton.  It is simply Hillary.  It’s on her campaign posters, buttons and signs.

Some believe it’s to separate herself from her husband.  She shunned his surname until it became necessary to hide her feminist leanings in order to help him regain the Arkansas governor’s mansion.  Once in the White House, it was Hillary Rodham-Clinton and now it is simply “Hillary.”

This is how it is done with the royals.  A monarch only uses his or her given name, as in Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, etc.

Last year, we learned that the poor Queen Elizabeth was “strapped for cash” and had to dip into the royal reserve fund.  How can a woman who owns Balmoral Castle,  a 50,000-acre estate in the Scottish Highlands along with stud farms, personal art and fine jewelry worth over $500 million be strapped for cash?

The same way Hillary Clinton can claim she was “dead broke” when she left the White House while buying a multi-million dollar mansion in Chappaqua, New York, and a second multi-million home on Embassy Row in Washington, D.C.  Add to that $200,000 per year that goes to former presidents, another half million and change for an office, money for staff, travel funds and franking privileges, all that while traveling in private jets to luxury vacation sites.

Some say the Bush family is the closest thing we have to a would-be American dynasty.  However, the Bushes would never pass for royalty.   They are simple people.  Instead of the Hamptons,  Bush 43 vacationed at his ranch in Texas, cleared brush and drove, gasp, a pick-up truck.  Still does.

Hillary hasn’t driven in 20 years.  Although she gave up her private jet for a two-day road trip to Iowa to identify with the “little people,” her luxury van was outfitted in a manner that would rival a royal coach.

Meanwhile, Princess Chelsea bedecks the cover of Elle magazine, in a $1500 Gucci Dress and a $7,000 Cartier bracelet allowing us a glimpse of the royal daughter — just enough to satisfy our thirst to know what its like to live in her elite world of privilege.

While the British spend between $50 and $300 million a year on the royals, depending on who is doing the counting and what is counted, most citizens of the British empire, feel they are getting their money’s worth.   The royals preside at official events, bestow honors, attend charity events and provide an endless source of entertainment for the citizenry.

Whenever there is a royal event like a wedding or a birth, it helps the economy, as the public buys teacups and trinkets displaying their likenesses to commemorate these special occasions.

Royal watching, is a kind of endless soap opera on steroids. So it is with the Clintons.  There seems to be a fascination with this family like no other.  Therefore, I propose that we just crown Hillary queen and be done with it.  Though she has held many titles, her record of accomplishment is virtually nil, with the exception of successfully skirting the law and handling the many family scandals.

According to a POLITICO analysis of budget documents, by election day 2016, taxpayers will have shelled out $16 million for the care and feeding of the Clintons, more than for any other former president.

So let’s just grant Hillary another $20 to $30 million a year to be queen.  Set her up in a palace and charge admission to tour it.  Put her image on coffee mugs and baby rattles.

That will spare her the need to solicit donations from foreign governments and will spare us additional congressional investigations.   She will officially be above the law.  Then we can elect someone with the ability to run the government like a business and let her revel in the pomp and circumstance.

All hail Queen Hillary!



7 thoughts on “Go ahead. Crown her Queen!

  1. Bill Clinton is a slime ball. But, Hillary is a truly despicable human being. The fact that she’s still around show how decadent this country has become.

    Putting a person with her background and history forth to be President of the United States and having so many people support her, clearly shows just how corrupt and foolish America has become.


    1. I think it shows how lazy we have become. We can’t be bothered to look at a candidates record. Hillary’s abuse of power and contempt for the law are legion. Nevertheless, people support her because they know her name.


  2. Great sense of humor. Now if first names are required why not just vote for me and I will try and abolish the office. After all, that place is far in need of a good deep cleaning.

    I have ‘royal’ blood flowing through my veins from some of my ancestors and that might mean I fit one of the requirements? I am also a ‘Natural Born Citizen’, in the fact that both my parents were born on the native soil of America as was I.

    Seriously, it is hard enough to put up with her as she is. Queen Hillary? I am already sick of hearing her called that.

    Guess I will have to pass on that vote.
    You did though make me smile.

    As a side note, I told my dog I was running him for the office and he has been howling all night and today. I guess I had better tell him I was just joking?


  3. Just think, Jane (can we call you that?), George Bush I gave us the Clintons. Dan Quayle warned GB1 that if he signed the 1990 tax increase, he would be a one-termer – his career would be over. Dan was right. Democrats wanted a tax increase and someone to blame it on. Liberal Republican advisors also pushed George I to do it. Great columns you write. Reading the Internet (selectively) beats overrated Fox News all over the place. Georgia used to be loaded with Yellow Dogs, now Ga. voters are a lot sharper than years back.


    1. Yes, I remember those yellow dogs in Georgia. I was once one of them. I grew up thinking Democrats were for working people. Then I started watching them and realized they were just using us. Now those mainstream Republicans are doing the same thing.


  4. Jane,
    Please do not equate the Queen of England with Hillary, horrors!
    Has Hillary workd on a farm picking veggies? Quenn Elizabeth did during WW2 along with her sister as did many like the girls from my school, part of survival during the war.
    The Queen also meets with the Prime Minister on a regular basis to discuss issues. She even has the power to dissolve Parliment.
    The royal family certainly brings tourists to GB to see the pagentry. I can take walks and ride horses in the royal parks that they maintain. Air Force One costs $200 thousand an hour to fly and we the tax payer pay.


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