The “Shred of Evidence” Against the Clintons

For all practical purposes the Clintons are a political team.  In the run-up to the 1992 presidential election, we were told we could “buy one, get one free.”  They would be “co-presidents.”

That line didn’t sit too well with the public so it eventually was dropped from the campaign.  Hillary took a more retiring role until Bill was elected.  However, once the deal was consummated with the American electorate, all that changed.  Hillary was the first first lady to move into the West Wing, where White House insiders have testified that she ruled this roost.

In his book, The Dysfunctional President, psychologist and historian Dr. Paul Fick made a compelling case that, when Hillary was away on a trip, no big decisions were made until she returned.  Bill simply couldn’t, or wouldn’t, function without her.  Through their triumphs and many scandals they often quarreled, but they never ceased to function as a united political machine.   

To attempt to separate Bill’s wheeling and dealing, his overpaid speeches and donations to the family foundation from the decisions she made as secretary of state is like trying to separate strands of intertwined overcooked spaghetti.   It’s hard to prove a “quid pro quo” under normal circumstances but, in this case, it may be impossible since she unlawfully destroyed her emails.

However, the amount of circumstantial evidence in the deal that allowed foundation donors to obtain uranium contracts which led to Russia’s acquiring much of the world’s supply of this critical resource is overwhelming.  Unfortunately, it is a tangled web that will tax the brains of average voters.

Want something that is crystal clear?  There is more than a “shred of evidence” which should disqualify Hillary from holding public office again.  It is the very same evidence that should have disqualified Bill from ever becoming president.  This Clinton team lies!

The latest example is on full display in the Kazakhstan/Russia/uranium/Clinton Foundation deal that went down, thanks to Jo Becker, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter at the New York Times.  Ms. Becker was following up on the connections between Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation unearthed by author Peter Schweizer for his book Clinton Cash when she revisited a story she did several years ago.

It involved a meeting that took place at the Clinton home in Chappaqua between Mr. Clinton, Frank Giustra (the Clinton donor who made a bundle in the deal) and Kazakh officials.  Both Clinton and Giustra denied the meeting took place until confronted by Becker who informed them that there were photographs.

If this little arrangement was on the up-and-up why would they lie about this meeting at the Clinton home?  Hmm!

There is a lot that we will never know about the Clintons’ shady dealings involving cattle futures, Whitewater, the Rose Law Firm’s billing records, Travelgate, their dealings with the many “bimbo eruptions,”  the Lincoln bedroom and, more recently, Benghazi and Uranium One.  However here’s what we do know:  They lie.

They have been caught in one lie after another since before they stepped on the national political stage.  Unfortunately, the public was so enamored with Bill that most voters decided to overlook this deep character flaw.

The rest is history.  Character counts.  Truthfulness is the very least we should require of those seeking public office.

This reminds me of a conversation I had many years ago with my, then, seven-year-old son.  When I picked him up at school that day he had a long face.  “Did you get a bad slip today honey?” I asked.

“Slips!” he said with tears in his eyes.  He held them up for me to see.  The darker the slip the worse this misdeed.  One was yellow.  The other was an ominous orange.

He had failed to do a homework assignment.  When questioned, he lied to try to escape blame and was caught in that lie.  Now my son’s Christian school treated lying on a par with bank robbery.  He had been sent to the principal and then to the pastor over the school.

I pulled the car over to the side of the road and we had a long discussion.  I told him that he was lucky to have learned such a valuable lesson at a young age.  If you don’t have your word, no one can believe anything you say.

That’s why I didn’t vote for Bill Clinton and I won’t vote for Hillary.  I could never tell my son, “Remember that conversation we had on the side of the road when you were seven?  I was wrong.”

Truthfulness matters.  It always has and always will.



7 thoughts on “The “Shred of Evidence” Against the Clintons

  1. Some 318 million people now live here in our former Republic, and we only have one President at a time, for four to eight years. There are at least a few million people who are absolutely honest, highly principled, well educated, courageous, and experienced at management and leadership.
    If we chose our leaders by lottery we would seldom be as badly ruled as we have been for the last few decades. And Slick and Queen Reptile are bad to the bone. Slick can do a better impersonation of a human being than she can, but her mindless, squealing worshipers may propel the Demonic Duo back into the White House…especially if the “Republicans,” masters of political suicide, nominate the Court Jebster.


  2. The rest is history. Character counts. Truthfulness is the very least we should require of those seeking public office.

    Here is the MAJOR problem in America. The problem that will be the root cause of the downfall of America….

    Character no longer matters in America. Truthfulness is no longer a qualification or requirement for public office or even practiced much by Americans.

    The lack of character and honesty will be the root cause of the downfall of America…..

    All other reasons stem from this……..


  3. Jane, I remember how the Clintons covered up their scandals with death threats. I remember Sharlene Wilson calling up on short notice to grant you interviews, and how I dropped what I was doing at a moment’s notice to get it taped for your show. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still issuing death threats against anyone who gets in their way.


  4. The Clinton Cabal has a lengthy history of influence peddling. Bill peddled state commissions to the highest bidders when he was governor of Arkansas. That money was circulated back for vote buying purposes. This dysfunctional couple’s latest scandals are more of the same.


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