Who’s Lying in the Senate?

On Friday, Ted Cruz created quite a stir went he broke protocol on the Senate floor and accused Mitch McConnell of lying.

If that is true, and it appears it is, we now know that the majority leader has a lot of company.  I will offer proof that all of the Democrats and about half of the Republicans are guilty of the same thing.

Have your senators talked about how they want to rein in corporate welfare and cut out all unnecessary spending?  Of course they have!  A procedural vote to allow the highway bill to move forward with an amendment that would reauthorize a little-known government agency, the Export-Import Bank, proves it.  http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=114&session=1&vote=00254

It also proves that there are far more Democrats infected with corporate greed than Republicans, but unfortunately the GOP Senate leader is among them.  McConnell made a big show of voting against allowing the amendment to advance.  However, he is the one who orchestrated the vote. His corporate donors got the message.  It’s hypocritical!

If you don’t know if your senators should be retained or not, this vote should make it abundantly clear.  McConnell, and every senator who voted “yea” is cheating on us.   They are robbing taxpayers to pay off their corporate cronies.

If you are not familiar with the Ex-Im Bank, you should be.  It’s Exhibit Number One when it comes to government waste.   It takes the hard earned tax dollars from working people: clerks, auto mechanics, nurses, teachers, plumbers, factory workers, etc.  and gives it to some of America’s largest corporations:  G.E., Boeing, John Deer, Dell, and Caterpillar to finance their business ventures overseas.

If those ventures succeed, taxpayers get nothing for this investment.  If those ventures fail we are left holding bag for more debt.  It’s a lose-lose situation.  Who in their right mind would make such an investment?   Two-thirds of the Senate would on your behalf.

Why?  They do it for their large corporate donors who give money to keep them in power and keep the rest of us living from paycheck to paycheck.  Wise up!  Pay attention!

The worst part of all is that the reauthorization for this behemoth depression-era agency expired on June 30.   It was the only real accomplishment of the all Republican-led Congress until McConnell resurrected it over the weekend.

Don’t bother questioning one of the senators who voted for this abomination.  He or she will tell you that American companies need Ex-Im to compete globally.  Don’t believe it!  Ninety-nine percent of American companies that compete globally don’t get these handouts and 93% of this money goes to just five giant corporations.

The bottom line is that corporations like G.E and Boeing can get conventional financing for their business ventures in other countries, but its easier and cheaper just to pay off the politicians that we keep reelecting.

One can hope that the House of Representatives will put its foot down and reject this amendment … One can hope!

Meanwhile, print out a copy of this vote and review it when one of your senators is up for reelection.  Dump all those Democrat traitors who tell you they are looking out for the little guy, and dump all those Republicans who lie to their constituents about balancing the budget and shrinking government!

Be advised:  Some of these senators voted against the bill on final passage — because their vote wasn’t needed.  This, too, is hypocritical!

Unfortunately, senators are only up for reelection every six years.  You will have to wait a while for some like McConnell, who escaped a challenge in the last election by telling voters how things would be different if Republicans were in the majority.

Senator Cruz was right to call out McConnell for lying to GOP members of the Senate when he promised there was no deal to bring up an amendment to reauthorize Ex-Im.  He also was right when he listed the accomplishments of the new Republican majority in the Senate:

  • In December, it passed a $1 trillion pork-ladened “cromnibus”
  • Voted to fund Obamacare
  • Voted to fund Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty
  • Rammed through the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General

Cruz then asked, “Which of those decisions would be one iota different if Harry Reid were still majority Leader?”

The sad truth is not one!

Sunday, Senators Hatch, Cornyn, and Alexander chastised Cruz for speaking out.  The rest of the GOP sat silently.

Republican senators have been infected with “terminal niceness” and it’s killing us.

5 thoughts on “Who’s Lying in the Senate?

  1. Whether flag waving, chest pounding, USA shouting Americans want to admit it or not…

    The U.S. government is the most corrupt, criminal, deceitful and dishonest government on the planet….


  2. What is different now is that Cruz and Trump are openly accusing the GOP Quislings. And not only Ms. Chastain, but formerly mainstream Republican news commentators and writers like Joseph Farah, Rush Limbaugh, Rush’s brother, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and others are finally turning on the RINO leaders.
    And then there are the TPP, the latest revelations about Planned Butchery, the Iran treaty that is not a treaty, and the slow leak of Queen Reptile’s e mails.
    Our former Republic is entering uncharted territory and no one knows what will happen, save that things will get a whole lot worse before they get better.


  3. Thank you Jane, this is an eye-opener for me. I am fortunate to be represented by Senator Mike Lee and Representative Jason Chaffetz but Orrin Hatch is one of the biggest embarrassments Utah has seen in a long time. I don’t know how we reach the low-information voters with the truth and change their one-track mind. I’ve been reading and studying the art of persuasion and it is a tough field. It seems that once a person declares themselves to be affiliated with some group, whether it is political, religious, and even sports fans – they seem to be glued to their earlier declaration – incomprehensible but a fact of human nature. One thing we can do is limit voting to one vote per person and stop anyone who is a recent immigrant from voting until they learn about our history and the Western World’s 1,000 years of progress seeking individual freedom – that means not being ruled by a government. My favorite book is M. Stanton Evans’ book “The Theme Is Freedom” published in 1994 by Regnery. Every voter should study it and every politician should be tested on its contents before they can file for elective office – from dog catcher to POTUS – and that goes for appointees also – SCOTUS.


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