Trump’s Biggest Deal

(2008 Clinton Campaign ad)

It’s 3 A.M., and your children are safe and asleep but there’s a phone and  it’s ringing in the White House . . .  

          (Implication:  Whom do you want to answer?)

In 2017, if Hillary Clinton is in the White House, she will pick up the phone when it’s from Donald Trump.  She will owe him, big time, and she likely will do whatever he asks.

If Donald Trump runs as a third party candidate, the man who brags about owning politicians will own this president of the United States because he will have put her there.   If he plays his cards right, he could become the richest man in the world at our expense.  Currently on the Forbes 500, Trump is 405th. 

It is no secret that Bill Clinton called Donald Trump just before he decided to run for president and encouraged him to become “more engaged” with the GOP.  It also is no secret that Trump is contemplating a third party run if the Republican Party denies him the nomination.  This thin-skinned billionaire with too much time on his hands will go to any length to get revenge for a slight, real or perceived.

Trump prides himself as the consummate dealmaker.  So has he made or will he make the ultimate deal with the Clintons — a deal that will give Hillary the White House much the way Ross Perot gave it to her husband in 1992?

Donald Trump loves to talk about leverage.  He has the ability to fool enough low information voters on the right to assure a Clinton third term.  That’s real leverage!

Let’s be clear.  Trump is a wealthy man but he is not the financial genius he claims to be nor did he make it on his own.  He inherited wealth from his father.  He also learned to wheel and deal, often at the expense of others.

Some of that ugliness came out in the debate.  When asked about the four Trump companies that had filed for bankruptcy, he had no remorse.  Nor did he feel the need to make the lenders whole who were left holding the bag for billions in these investments.  Instead Trump said, “Let me just tell you about the lenders. First of all, these lenders aren’t babies. These are total killers. These are not the nice, sweet little people that you think.  Okay?”

His bottom line was one of the oldest excuses in the book “everybody’s doing it.”  Trump told Chris Wallace, “Because I have used the laws of this country just like the greatest people that you read about every day in business. . .”

For the low information voter who still believes that Trump can save us, I have a news flash:  It is not hard to make money when you have money.  Also, it is not simply the people that he calls “total killers” that he is willing to take advantage of.

Thanks to John Stossel, we know that Trump once tried to take the property of an elderly widow through eminent domain so he could turn it into a parking lot for limos at his Atlantic City casino.  Fortunately for Vera Coking, the widow, that was before the infamous Kelso Supreme Court decision that sanctioned this form of government thievery.   Trump says he believes in small government,  but actively supports Kelso and single-payer health care.

The record shows that Trump has used his wealth like a club.  In addition to being a bully, he makes charges he can’t substantiate.  He’s also lazy.  He’s running for president but he’s failed to offer any real plans or do the work necessary to discuss the issues.  Therefore, his positions are subject to change at a moment’s notice.

Last week, Trump wanted to shut down the government over funding Planned Parenthood.  Now, he says he will fund PP, just not so much.  Hum.

Clearly Trump thought he could skate by last week’s debate on the strength of his personality and name-calling.  Despite all his “I won the debate” bluster, he was mistaken.  A new nationwide Rasmussen poll shows his support has dropped by a third.  While the results are still being sorted out, a Suffolk poll in Iowa had some interesting details.  It showed that Trump’s support is highest, surprise, surprise,  among those who didn’t watch the debate!

If Trump made or makes the deal to run as a third party candidate to give Hillary the White House, it would be his biggest deal ever.  He’s not as smart as he thinks he is, but he is a lot smarter than what is left of his supporters.


4 thoughts on “Trump’s Biggest Deal

  1. As usual, everything Ms. Chastain has said is absolutely true. Trump is a man who appears to have no strong principles, and he has for years been close to Bill and Hillary Clinton. A third party run would likely throw the election to the Hillary, assuming she survives her ever-increasing troubles…and, given the massive corruption of our legal system, and, indeed, our entire government, she just might.
    Trump is not to be trusted, but then none of the candidates seem entirely trustworthy; certainly those like the Court Jebster, approved by the RINO elite, can be depended upon to finish destroying our former Republic.


  2. I once volunteered in a campaign to oppose a state amendment where the amendment summary was worded by the Secretary of State to hide the real truth in the fine print not on the ballot. That is when I learned a sad lesson that the UNINFORMED voter would be a bigger problem than our opponents and we had a massive voter education mission ahead of us. We tried hard but lost. What you see in a candidate in the media is often not at all what you get. We must do our homework! Thanks, Jane, for helping with that education!


  3. Why else would Bill Clinton call Trump and encourage him to run in the GOP Presidential race for 2016 if it isn’t to get Hilary elected?? The clever Clintons have this strategy up their sleeve to undo the Republican chances. Mr. Trump wants to compare himself to President Ronald Reagan because Reagan was once a Democrat. There is no comparison. Ronald Reagan made perfect sense when he spoke. Listening to Donald Trump is like listening to half completed sentences without any substance. It is frightening to me as an American that ANY percent of our population would take this person seriously!! It seems people are enamored with Donald’s wealth and celebrity. These things will not save our country! Furthermore, what will take place at Donald’s first Press Conference if he should win? Talk about a temper tantrum!! He will have a major melt down because he won’t be able to fire any journalist with a tough question.


  4. Jane,

    I’m noticing a tactic that liberals used in 2008 to swindle the voters into voting for Barack 0bama: the ear tickling trick. Trump is no Ronald Reagan. He is blowing hot air, and we will get burned if he runs as a third party candidate. I hope someone derails Hillary’s run and knocks her out of the race in the primaries, even if it’s that left wing extremist “Weekend At” Bernie Sanders. At least Bernie won’t hire thugs to assassinate his opponents or issue death threats against them, unlike the Clintons. If Hillary gets nominated, I fear for Sharlene Wilson’s life, as I haven’t forgotten about all the times she called collect to give you the scoop on what was going on.

    This time, I’m using my site name to frustrate liberal trolls. It’s funny watching them suffer meltdowns over things that are politically incorrect and true.


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