Marco Rubio was Right

Marco Rubio was exactly right when he said Barack Obama knows “exactly what he’s doing.”  He may have repeated himself three times too many in the New Hampshire debate, but the point Rubio made to counter his GOP opponents’ attack on his inexperience was spot on.

This should in no way be taken as an endorsement for the junior senator from Florida.  I believe that there is a good chance Rubio will be the eventual nominee.  However, he lost me when he dismissed the anchor baby problem by sweeping it under the ambiguous 14th Amendment.

Nevertheless, Rubio is right about Barack Obama.  He is without a doubt the most transformational president since Ronald Reagan.   

If the truth be known, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were simply place-holders.  There were the usual party squabbles, scandals, budget deals, tax hikes and cuts.  The economy went up and down.  There were wars and scrimmages, the savings and loan debacle, recessions, the bubble and the housing crisis.

However, throughout their terms, the ship of state sailed a relatively steady course.  The national debt, the growth of government and the number of onerous regulations were on a slow but steady climb.  Meanwhile  the leaders of both political parties played footsie, content to do nothing for fear they would damage their chance of being re-elected.

The problems we are facing in this country are not a result of Obama’s inexperience.  The problems we are facing in this country are a direct result of Obama’s resolve to transform this country from a capitalist free-market economy to a socialist system which he believes to be better, fairer and socially just.

Barack Obama, the community organizer and one-term senator whose lofty rhetoric about “hope and change” was swept to victory on a tide of optimism, and why not?  The nation had just experienced the biggest recession since the Great Depression and we were all ready for something better.

Those who had studied his record were aware of his long-term goals and objectives.   However, I for one, was optimistic as the first American black president was sworn into office, believing that he would take a more pragmatic approach.

When Obama began a hard left turn, I shared my dismay with a friend, a high level congressional staffer whose Senate office had been located next to Obama’s.   He had gotten to know our 44th president and his staff quite well during that time.

He said, “Jane, if you or I were elected president, would we do the things we feel really need to be done for this country or would we simply do the things that would get us past the next election?”

“We would do the things that we feel need to be done for this country,” I responded matter-of-factly.   “That’s exactly what Obama is doing,” he explained.  “Obama is a true believer.  In his heart of  hearts, he’s a Marxist and he really doesn’t care about his next election.”

Obviously the American people didn’t care about it ether.  In 2012,  with so many people out of work,  the economy in the tank and his policies universally unpopular, Mickey Mouse should have beaten him.   Then, at the 11th hour, along came Hurricane Sandy.  Mitt Romney, who was not a good candidate, suspended his campaign.   Chris Christie gave Obama that bear hug on the Jersey shore.  Our hearts went out to this small sympathetic figure amid the rubble.  He was trying so hard . . .

It should be obvious to everyone by now that Obama was not simply trying, he was and is doing it — transforming this once great and powerful country that was a beacon of hope to the rest of the world into one that is easily bullied.

In seven short years, he nearly doubled the national debt.  He weakened our military.  He kicked sand in the face of our friends and strengthened our enemies.  He opened our borders and created an atmosphere of lawlessness.  He further divided the races.  He took over one-sixth of our economy.  He kicked the rungs out from under the ladder of opportunity, put more people on the public dole and abused the power of his office.

With little or no push-back from the weak-kneed Republican leaders in Congress, it is little wonder that there is a general feeling of helplessness among so many.  They are willing to give up what’s left of their freedom to a leader who will promise to give them something — anything — for nothing.

Yes, Obama has successfully transformed Amerka.

6 thoughts on “Marco Rubio was Right

  1. King Hussein’s agenda is nothing less than the deliberate destruction of what is left of America. It is not just that he is a communist (fascist). It is literally trying…successfully…to wreck the country. If it was simply misguided and foolish it would, now and then, accidentally do something beneficial. But every action it has taken is clearly designed to implode the economy, bring about a multi-sided race and religious war, and leave us vulnerable to terrorism, nuclear holocaust, and North Korean EMP attack.
    If EMP, nuclear war, or economic collapse doesn’t get us first, the Muslim invasion orchestrated by the Muslim in the Rainbow House will finish us as a nation. Everyone should prep; everyone should be armed; and everyone should be prepared to fight for life, property, and the restoration of our late, great Republic.


  2. Straight arrow of truth about the OBama destruction of “Amerika.”

    My question is whether we have the will to turn our country around? Can the damage ever be fixed? I grieve for the younger generation and the debt they will inherit.


  3. If anyone had done their homework way back, they would have known the king Husseins intentions. He has done a great job in bringing America down to his level. Queen Hillary with her progressive/communist objective added to the pile makes for a lousy situation. Can we pull our once great country back? It will be a hard row.
    Yes Jane, I had hoped in spite of my knowledge, that our first black President would try and represent his race for the betterment of black Americans, instead he has brought about more division, poverty and a lack of trust for all groups.
    I pray daily that somehow God will bring us a strong, righteous man or woman to lead us back on the path of a Great America.
    Oh! how I hate the term groups we are always being defined as liberal, right wing, black, white, Asian, Catholic, Muslim, extreme this or that. Stop boxing me in and shut up!I am an American. Now follow the Constitution Mr. President.


  4. Boy did we get hustled by Obama and his administration. Our congress and house also let us down. We need to open our eyes and elect leaders that will help rebuild our country, make it strong again and destroy this socialist system Obama built.



    I’m giving you a link to a blog site run by Mike Miller, a former aide to President Ronald Reagan. Mike has some thoughts on Marco Rubio as well that concur with your thoughts Jane. Mike has said we need another Ronald Reagan type of Conservative to help restore our nation. I just hope Senator Marco Rubio, whether elected for President, VP or Senator stands up to 0bama, Reid & Pelosi’s nasty failed policies, and helps out in turning them around.


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