Cruzing for a President (Why many Conservatives still have Doubts)

If you want an anti-establishment candidate who is a constitutional conservative than Ted Cruz is your guy.

If you want someone who is not beholden to the power brokers in Washington, Ted Cruz is your guy.

If you want someone who will stand by his principles and not be swayed, Ted Cruz is your guy.

If you want a candidate who has the toughest stance on illegal and legal immigration, Ted Cruz, (See Numbers USA Scorecard is your guy.

If you want a candidate who would cut Washington down to size and abolish five government agencies, and another 25 bureaus and commissions Cruz has listed them.

If you want a candidate who has the fairest and most pro-growth tax plan, Cruz wins again, hands down.

Then why, oh why, do so many conservative Republicans and Reagan Democrats still have reservations about this man?

Cruz was not my first choice.  I preferred someone who had never held elected office.  That said,  I’m not willing to go with one who has been, and still is, all over the map like Donald Trump.  You never know where he is going to land, except on the issue of using public domain to take private property for commercial purposes.  He’s been consistent on that one thing.

You would think if Donald Trump is a really smart man (and he continuously tells us he is) that he would have studied the major issues confronting us by now, but, no.  He’s too busy giving television interviews and jetting around the country telling us that he will make America GREAT by making really GOOD DEALS and it will be HUGE!

If you have bothered to really listen to Trump for any length of time you have to be confused or hypnotized.

Even on his signature issue of immigration, he’s been all over the map.  We’re going to build a wall but it’s going to have a really BIG door.  And we’ll send all those who have come here illegally home but we’ll let the REALLY GOOD ONES come back.  “But we’re going to take the high ground. We’re going to do what’s right. Some (illegal aliens) are going to have to go. And some, we’re just going to see what happens. It’s a very, very big subject, and a very complicated subject. . . .”

Yeah, right!

Nevertheless, I continually run into staunch conservatives who seem less than enthusiastic about this man.  When questioned, here are their main concerns:

  • Did he cheat on his wife?  This is perhaps the most troubling of all.  The source of this story is the  tabloid National Enquirer whose owner is a Trump supporter.  In the past, it has done hit pieces on Ben Carson and Marco Rubio.  Unlike the Carson and Rubio pieces which each had  a kernel of truth (if one is into kernels that have no real substance) the Cruz piece had none.  Zilch!  There was not one source for this alleged rumor.  In fact, the only name mentioned was Roger Stone, a political operative and former Trump advisor.  No legitimate news source would touch it.
  • Does he lie?  When Trump gets mad, he calls people names.  He dubbed Ted Cruz “Lying Ted.”  No substance, but Trump has proven that if you throw something out there often enough, it sticks, at least with some.
  • Nobody likes him.  Partly true, at least among the party establishment and present and former Senate leaders.  That is because he is the only senator I have observed in all my years watching Washington who was not afraid to call out GOP leaders who lie to their constituents and their fellow senators.  The most memorable case was last summer when Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allowed the Democrats to add an amendment to the highway bill that reauthorized the EX-IM Bank, the poster child for corporate welfare, which was something he promised his colleagues he would never do.

Mike Lee was the first senator to risk leadership’s wrath to endorse him.  It should be noted that the Senate is anything but democratic and the party leader wields a big stick.  It’s a different story in the lower chamber where some 30 of the most conservative House members proudly endorsed Cruz’s candidacy.  He is their hero and he should be yours.

Let’s be clear, some of his senate colleagues don’t like him because he has shown them up.   In this case respect is more important than friendship.




2 thoughts on “Cruzing for a President (Why many Conservatives still have Doubts)

  1. On the other hand, Cruz and his wife are closely tied to Goldman Sachs, a bank we patriots do not trust. And Cruz has recently flipped on issues like a wall on the border, the TPP, and citizenship for illegal aliens. The fact is that we cannot really trust either Cruz or Trump, but the elites in both parties clearly hate and fear Trump the most, which many of us consider an unintended endorsement (as far as we are concerned).
    We can trust all the other potential candidates…we can trust them to continue King Hussein’s planned destruction of what remains of America. Let us hope and pray that either Trump or Cruz is nominated and elected…and actually keeps his promises.


  2. If you want another “marco rubio”, Cruz is your man.

    Cruz is another rubio. Lots of talk, lots of pandering, lots of going over to the RINO side as soon as it behooves him.

    Cruz has fallen for the establishment lies of getting him the nomination and the Presidency.

    Cruz is a pawn. Being used just like the gang of eight used rubio.

    Being a first term Senator isn’t really all that great of an experience.


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