Donald’s Diapers Are Showing

Donald Trump is expected to win big in his home state of New York next week.  No surprise there.  New York voters have a record of picking poor candidates and the GOP presidential primary will be no exception.

For those who have yet to vote, Trump’s recent loses in Wisconsin and Colorado should be far more instructive than his expected win in New York.   It’s not in the “thrill of victory” but in the “agony of defeat” that one’s true character shines.  

Trump has been whining and crying for the last week, making baseless charges which have become the hallmark of his campaign.  After his crushing defeat in Wisconsin, he accused Cruz of illegally coordinating with PACs  without  so much as a shred of evidence.  His campaign called Cruz “a puppet of the GOP establishment — he is a Trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from Mr. Trump.”  This is laughable!

After Colorado it got worse.  Donald Trump, who claims to be the smartest person on the planet, showed us how ill-prepared he is for the tangled web that has become the GOP primary process.   The man who has offered little insight as to how he is going to handle the most pressing problems we face as a nation, other than to say he will make really good deals and surround himself with really smart people, simply blew it.  The man running Trump’s campaign in Colorado was a doofus who was dumped at the 11th hour.

Did Donald Trump simply acknowledge his mistake and congratulate the winner?   No, he cried foul again and he whined and cried.  He went on twitter  “How is it possible that the people of the great State of Colorado never got to vote in the Republican Primary? Great anger – totally unfair!” He hit the airways and he cried some more.   Maybe that’s just his way of grabbing the headlines and dominating the news cycle but it’s getting old.

Earth to Trump:  Colorado is not a primary state.   It’s a caucus-convention state and has been for the better part of the last century.

For the record, I hate the primary process.   I wish every state had the same system but I especially hate the winner-take-all states.  In these states a large percentage of voters are truly disenfranchised.  Did Donald Trump complain about the fact that 55 percent of Florida voters went to the polls for naught?  If he did I must have missed that.

I also hate the fact that in some states, voters from one party can choose to vote in the other party’s primary, which really skews the process.  If your candidate is a shoo-in, simply vote for the weakest candidate in the other party’s primary.   And, don’t kid yourself.  That’s how Trump got a lot of his votes.

This year, the primary process is particularly bad.  It was front-loaded in an attempt to help the presumptive favorite to make sure he or she wouldn’t be wounded in a long, drawn-out race.  It backfired.   However, the candidate who has benefited the most from this process is none other than the crybaby Donald Trump.   Trump now has 45 percent of the delegates even though he had captured only 37 percent of the vote.

Nevertheless, the primary process was set well before Donald Trump got in the race.  You want to win this game, you have to play by the rules, unless, of course, you are a spoiled little rich kid used to getting his way.  This pampered little crybaby wants them changed mid-game so he can win.   If he doesn’t, he is threatening to take his ball and go home — in this case, run as a third party candidate which will hand the election to Hillary Clinton.  Maybe that was the plan all along.

The other thing that’s getting old is his name calling.  Trump not only hurls insults at those who had the audacity to run against him, he saves his worst invectives for the few members of the press courageous enough to challenge him or bring up his record, pass mistakes or inconsistencies.   Stupid, loser, lier, boring, dummy, failed writer, clown, highly overrated, flunky are just some of the adjectives he has used against Megyn Kelley, Charles Krauthammer, Rich Lowry, Chuck Todd  and S.E. Cupp.

Now it appears the race will not be decided until the last primaries are held.  Good thing.  Voters who are willing to examine the candidates will see this man for what he is, a spoiled little crybaby who never grew up.


11 thoughts on “Donald’s Diapers Are Showing

  1. I like what Trump stands for. fiscal responsibility, controlled borders, national sovereignty (avoiding TPP and other trade deals), returning education to local control, severely overhaul or disband and start over with the EPA, stop Muslims from entering our country until “we figure out what the hell is going on,” and similar subjects. Equally important, breaking the stranglehold the establishment has on our political choices for leading our country. He is the only one who seems to recognize this, is willing to challenge the direction our country is going, and take corrective action. While he has several rough edges and mannerisms, I’m willing to put with these to put our country back on track, which I believe he will do.


    1. Warren, go back to my last column and go to the links I provided. Then you will see that Trump is not the strongest on the issue we care about. He has already squished on almost everything. If you go to Numbers USA you will see that Cruse is even stronger on immigration, even before Trump bean to squish.


  2. Oh BTW, I failed to mention that Trump has some responsible supporters including Ann Coulter, Steve Malzberg & Dennis Michael Lynch (both on Newsmax TV), and Pat Buchanan. Buchanan’s two articles dated March 29th (Is Trump Right About NATO?) and April 5th (What Trump Has Wrought) are worth reading for Buchanan’s thoughtful analysis and comments. I believe Trump has the vision and backbone that has been lacking at the top level for many years.


    1. Trump has only a handful of solid conservatives. Cruz has hundreds. Coulter gave him her support early on (before he started taking everything back) like she did with Romney and Mitch McConnell. Now she stuck.


  3. You personally hate Trump. That’s been obvious for a while now. It’s ok, let it out. But, you really need to back off those fellow republicans that have chosen to support Trump for whatever reason.

    I suppose you think the writers and signers of the Declaration of Independence were just showing their diapers when they sent King George their letter complaining about his rules and laws.

    Trump is not a politician. You media types are hooked on trained politicians. You want more of the same. More trained politicians. They make you feel comfortable and safe in knowing what they will say and how they will say it. You want a person that plays the politician game and “acts” like your idea of how a politician should act.

    You want more of the same. You got it in “Marco” Cruz. He has shown he is a Rubio clone. Jump to any group that promises to get him what he wants. A man that is very comfortable in bypassing voters.

    The media continues to dis and insult those that have used the option that Trump has offered. Something other than a trained sameo sameo politician.

    As the old hag hillary would say; What difference does it make at this point anyway. The shoddy, dishonest and bias way the GOP & RNC have, as well as other candidates, have treated fellow Republicans…It’s not going to matter who the nominee is now.

    Republicans are on tract to NEVER win the WH back again. And, lose the Senate, House along with local and State elections all over the country. From 2012 on the party balance will be so slanted they will be lucky to get a local dog catcher elected.

    Once again, the smug, self-righteous, elitist attitude of big shot Republicans and media has scuttled the party. They have sabotaged the 2026 elections.

    Republicans didn’t deserve another chance in 2014, but voters gave them another chance anyway.

    No more…


    1. Franklin, I don’t hate Trump. I’m just sad he won’t stick to a position. You heard him say things we all believe in and want to see accomplished and you have overlooked the fact that he’s taken almost all back. He hasn’t even done the work to memorize the points in the few policy papers he has that others wrote for him. He’s been all over the map. Beyond being a media star, he won’t do the serious work.

      Cruz has proven himself in the short time he’s been in the Senate. He stands firm against power.

      Most Trump supporters have blinders on. Don’t be one of them. The reason Trump won’t debate Cruz is that Cruz would show him up for what he is. Trump talks tough but, like most bullies, he’s a coward. He will destroy Hillary with facts. All Trump know how to do is hurl meaningless insults. We had one president who acts like he’s God. Trump Really believes it.

      As for Rubio, Trump is considering him for VP.


  4. He lost me at “Let’s ban all (1.6 billion) Muslims from entering the U.S.” Every person is an individual, and every individual has value. Lumping all Muslims together as criminals is wrong and un-American. It saddens and scares me that many millions of Americans don’t know this.


    1. In Trump’s defense, he said we need to stop all immigration from these countries until we can properly vet the applicants. Makes perfect sense to most people. We have lost control.


  5. Thank U, Jane, for truly understanding & revealing the REAL D. Trump! Your commentary clearly demonstrates your research talents & I fully agree that D. Trump is a media created candidate. He has no substance, no principles, demeans women, and has a problem with the truth. Please continue your analysis for we in the hinterland want facts and not words of “we will win, we will win big” without facts telling us how D. Trump plans to “win and win big!”


  6. I disagree. I respectfully feel that opinion comes from hysteria and is not rationale and would send a devastating message. That solution takes the added step of blocking, for instance, Kurds and Christians, just because they’re from a Muslim-majority country. Granted, it’d be easier to block people by nation of origin rather than faith. Still, according to Pew Research, “As of 2010, there are 49 countries in which Muslims comprise more than 50% of the population.” Our world will not be healed by closing the door to so much of the world. And is it practical vs extreme? How many hundreds of daily airline flights would be cancelled while we work this out, and for what?

    I’d guess the number of people killed by Americans in the America vs foreigners in America is gargantuan. Treating a billion people as criminals under the circumstance makes no sense to this person.


  7. Thanks for your response. You validated every point I made.

    You don’t like Trump, fine, don’t vote for Trump.

    but, take your trained practiced indoctrination media blinders off. You media types can only see through the lens of your journalism indoctrination.

    Media types can only see with one view. And, everything else has to be wrong or blinded if it doesn’t match up with that pattern you were taught.

    It may come as a surprise to you but there are other people in this world besides trained “journalist”.


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