How to Get the Fed out of Our Public Schools

We now know that Omar Mateen, the mass murderer who shot up that gay night club in Orlando, had experimented with homosexuality, visited gay dating sites and was a regular at Pulse.

I would not pretend to know what was going on inside the mind of a man who would do such a thing.  However, we do know that his life was in conflict, born into a strict Muslim family and educated in our public schools which are now training grounds for this kind of sexual activity.

If you are not aware of this fact, than you simply don’t know what is going on in your local school.  

For years, pro-homosexual organizations and the teachers’ union (National Education Assoication, NEA) have pressured our public schools to integrate anything-goes sex education into the curricula.  The surprising thing is that it faced very little resistance.

By the early 1980’s, the book Changing Bodies; Changing Lives, was being utilized in health classes.  It was classified as “supplemental material,”  in order to circumvent nosy parents.

It encouraged students to begin experimenting with all manner of sexual activity: “Most people are neither ‘all straight’ or ‘all gay.’  It helps to picture a line with ‘gay’ on one side and ‘straight’ on the other.  There are people all long the line…Some people believe that an openness to loving, sexual relationships with both sexes (called bisexuality) is our true nature.”

There was no large national outcry from parents over this.  Therefore, the envelope was pushed further and further and now homosexuality is being presented as early as kindergarten as a normal, immutable trait that should be validated.

It is little wonder that so many young people, like Mateen, now struggle with issues of gender identity.  It is also little wonder that the acceptance of gay marriage is highest among the young.

It wasn’t long before the Department of Education, which was created by President Jimmy Carter as a payoff to the NEA, put a toe in the water of the fight to normalize the gay lifestyle under the guise of promoting health and safety.   Now, the DOEd, is all in.

It must not appear that gay activists are alone in their struggle to undermine American’s moral underpinnings, thus the term LGBT which stand for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual.  What’s a bisexual?  Someone who is obviously sexually promiscuous.  What’s a transexual?  There is no clear-cut definition.  That is  just one reason why the DOEd’s recent letter to our public schools advising them that they must allow transexual students to use the restroom or locker room of their choice is so problematic.

How long must we allow these federal anything-goes-as-long-as-it-goes-with-a-condom sex advocates to control our schools?  Isn’t it time we said, “Enough”?   Isn’t it time we insist that those seeking our vote for federal offices, including the highest office in our land, pledge to pull the DOEd out by its unconstitutional roots?

Our founding fathers wisely left the education of our children in the hands of state and local governments, where it could be controlled by the parents.  The DOEd uses our tax dollars to turn that upside down.

Today, more and more parents are fleeing to private schools or choosing to homeschool.  While this works for some, it is simply a Band-Aid for the moral decline that is undermining our nation.   Many, particularly those stuck on the lower rungs of the economic ladder, will never see this as an option.

We are commanded to love and care for our neighbors.  Therefore, we simply cannot neglect our neighbors whose children are stuck in the public schools.

Don’t wait for the next president or Congress to act.  Kick the fed out of your local schools yourself.  There is a simple way to take control.  It’s through the ballot box and it’s not as difficult as it seems.

It’s not an accident that most school board elections generally are held in off-years, when there are no national offices at stake that capture our attention and drive us to the polls.  These are low turnout elections, but the NEA spends millions to get their hand-picked candidates elected.  Generally, only those with a vested interest in using the DOEd’s education dollars turn out to vote.  Imagine what could happen if every church in America had a get-out-the-vote campaign for these elections!

Staggers the imagination!

Remember, the school board election — not the presidential election — is the most important election we have when it comes to preserving America’s future, because free nations simply cannot endure without strong more underpinnings.

9 thoughts on “How to Get the Fed out of Our Public Schools

  1. The leftists seem not at all bothered by the fact that a member of one of their protected classes…a Muslim…murdered members of another class worshipped by the left…sexual perverts. Since the killer was a homosexual or bisexual as well as a Muslim, he belonged to two privileged groups at once. Actually, sexual perversion, despite being forbidden by the Koran, is nearly epidemic in the Muslim world, for Muslims, like leftists, are accomplished hypocrites. And I find it interesting that so many of America’s worst serial killers were homosexuals and lesbians. When one part of the human psyche…the sex drive…is twisted, all too often the entire personality is warped.
    The groups most beloved by the left have one thing in common: they are evil.


  2. I’m not going to slog through your nonsense, but I knew literally days after I hit puberty in about 1978. People were so ignorantly freaked out by gays back then that they literally demonized gays, as their twisted and scared imaginations imagined god only know what.

    I think part of the problem then was that that phobic atmosphere forced gays to hide, then we were blamed for hiding and trying to be invisible … like if we were trying that hard to “fool” people, we must be hiding something awful, when in fact we were just trying to survive.

    Anyway, despite the absurd atmosphere of the fairly recent past, I remained gay and do to this day. Certainly no “training” was required to make me gay, since I didn’t even know gays existed for years after I realized I was gay, due to the phobic media and societal blackout on homosexuality. Fortunately, TIMES HAVE CHANGED and many gay kids now get the support they need, in and out of school.


  3. I’m not that clear on how to differentiate between an NEA sponsored school board member and one who has the best interests of families and children and our communities in their hearts. Surely the candidates that have motives that are contrary to families and children and our communities will do their best to disguise who they really are. As for Mike’s post, I am not able to accept same sex attraction – it is so contrary to nature and the physical construction of human beings that I’m certain I’ll see this behavior as a deliberate decision and not one that is foisted upon a person without their cooperation. There may be rare exceptions when male hormones are not produced in a young male’s body, but as nature survives from generation to generation in all species, same sex attraction is contrary to nature. I can’t think of anything more ugly.


    1. Warren, anyone approved or endorsed by the NEA should not be on the school board. The NEA does not represent the average teacher, only the most radical agenda. One has only to review the resolutions passed each year at its annual convention to see that it is anti family.


  4. Warren, do you worry about “naturalness” a lot? Do you walk miles to the store, because walking is more “natural” than driving? Do you turn off the heat and shiver, because being cold is mankind’s “natural” state when a cold front moves in? Do you wear any clothes? Is your yard a prairie? And I hope you’re not eating any food grown in a field, that’s highly unnatural. Better to hit the woods and find some berries. I could go on.

    You must shudder whenever a plane flies over. It’s so “contrary to nature” that people are up there. In the air!!! Get down from there! you must think. What would nature say!?

    The entire basis of human living is to not be “natural.” If you want to be natural, go live naked in a cave. My observation is that NO ONE worries about what’s “natural” until the gay issue comes up, then all of sudden it’s just terribly important to them. The natural” argument is incredibly lame.

    And believe me, same sex attraction is very real, despite your childish rejection of reality and middle school-level reference to hormones.

    Also, who cares about “species survival?” I think we passed any worry on that issue when the population hit seven billion. What a silly thing to worry about!!!


  5. At Mike: Your comments are delusional and a desperate attempt to justify abnormal behavior. Nothing you said makes any sense. As to natural, if you had the slightest inkling of who God is, what God is, and any appreciation of your life as a human being created by God, you would confess your sins, seek Jesus as your Savior, and with sincerity in your heart, the Holy Spirit would soon inhabit you and you would be a different (read “normal”) person. People should pray for you; if anyone needs prayer, you do. You would be a changed person seeking your purpose here on earth to serve humanity as God’s instrument and you would see your life with the primary focus in your mind, heart, and service and not located below your belt.


  6. Jane – thank you for educating us on the issue and how it’s evolved and been completely warped by extremist. I’m amazed that less than 4% of the population(1) can demand our entire system to change to meet their unique needs. I should rally a bunch of natural blonde Caucasian females and demand personalized rights and ways of life for everyone to adhere to and live by. And why stop there, we should just take this group and start demanding unique rights and pushing our agenda at colleges like Howard University. LGBT group appears to be so entitled and pushing their agenda on everyone else not the other way around.



    Key findings from the research briefed in the article referenced above are as follows:

    • An estimated 3.5% of adults in the United States identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual and an estimated 0.3% of adults are transgender.
    • This implies that there are approximately 9 million LGBT Americans, a figure roughly equivalent to the population of New Jersey.


  7. Warren, what I wrote makes sense. You may disagree, but it’s not nonsensical. And it’s silly to describe my comments as “delusional.”

    As for the meticulously constructed Christian paradigm, invented by highly imaginative minds out of thin air, I’m simply not interested. It’s too ridiculous. So you can stop throwing it at me.


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