Public Schools: How We Lost Them

If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.  Mark 9:42

It’s little wonder that children in public schools from religious households are likely to dabble with all manner of sexual activity before they graduate.  In many, if not most, school districts they are constantly being told that anything-goes-as-long-as-it-goes-with-a-condom and that one lifestyle is just as good as another.  It’s a constant drumbeat from kindergarten through high school.

Our young people are being pushed to experiment with both sexes to find out if they are straight or gay.  Then, they are told that bisexuality may be their true nature.  If none of that works, why not try identifying with the opposite gender?   Now, the Department of Education has informed schools that they must let students use the restroom or locker room of their choice in order to conduct these experiments or simply sneak a peek at the opposite sex.

It’s little wonder that many Christians have given up on the nation’s public schools.   Others feel trapped and simply try to combat the the anything-goes hedonistic message their children receive at school with a strong moral message at home.  It’s an uphill battle.  Children are in school or involved in school activities some 40 hours a week.  If you subtract the hours they spend sleeping and doing homework, you can readily see the imbalance.  

Most high school seniors cannot tell you the year our country was founded or give you the name of one Supreme Court justice but they can list the brand names of all the condoms they carry in their pocket or purse.

While education is not at the top of the list of most voter concerns, it’s just one of the reasons there is a backlash against politicians in general and Washington in particular.   Education is just one of the many issues that led voters to Donald Trump, who, at first, promised that he would abolish the Department of Education and now is suggesting that he would leave parts of it in place.

Have you noticed that it’s often easier to curse the darkness than simply look in the mirror?   It’s time we recognize where the problem lies.  It’s not in Washington.  It’s with us.

Our founding fathers wisely left education in the hands of state and local communities.  The Department of Education has no official function.  It was created by Jimmy Carter as a payoff to the National Education Association, the nation’s largest union and, for all practical purposes, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the radical left and the Democratic Party.  Its primary function is to gobble tax dollars which it uses to coerce states and local school districts into doing its bidding.

You can get rid of the Department of Education, which is an important first step, but you will not solve the problem until you have driven all NEA-backed candidates off local school boards.

Want to know exactly when and where we lost the nation’s public schools to those who are now turning them into training grounds for all manner of sexual deviancy? The turning point was the Los Angeles Unified School Board election in April of 1991.  Before that election was held, L.A. Unified was given the responsibility of writing the AIDS education curriculum for the entire country by the Centers for Disease Control.   AIDS education was used as the wedge issue to mainstream the teaching of homosexuality in our schools.

Four of the seven seats on that board were up for grabs. There were Christians running in all four districts, but they had very little support because the churches were asleep.   Meanwhile, the  NEA was spending a ton of money promoting its hand-picked candidates.

The Sunday before the election, I was handing out flyers in my church parking lot. I handed one to a gentleman and asked, “Are you going to vote in the election on Tuesday?”

He gave me a blank stare and said, “What election?”

I said, “School board.”

He said, “Oh, I only vote in the big ones.”

That was the big one!  All four NEA-backed candidates won and took control.  Jeff Horton, a homosexual activist who “came out” immediately after he was elected, became chairman of the board and took charge of AIDS education.  It’s been downhill ever since.

The NEA does not represent the views of the average classroom teacher and it’s not a friend of parents.  (See a list of its current resolutions )

If we are ever to regain control of our nation, we must regain control of our schools at the local level and raise up a new generation of citizens.

4 thoughts on “Public Schools: How We Lost Them

  1. When something is broken beyond fixing, it must be scrapped. Not only must we abolish the DOE (along with the EPA and BLM and other alphabet agencies), but we need to abolish public “schools” altogether and rely on private schools and home schooling. The public schools long ago degenerated into indoc centers designed to dumb down, indoctrinate, and morally degrade America’s children. Parents, especially religious parents, who leave their precious children in these soul-destroying institutions must one day answer to God.


  2. Amen, William Stoecker! My longtime belief is that we need to educate our children better with accurate information about the history of our freedom and how to preserve it. It all begins with the freedom of the individual that was a new concept introduced by the Holy Bible some over two thousand years ago. The source of my info is M. Stanford Evans deeply researched book, The Theme is Freedom. It should be a mandatory read for all civil servants, elected officials, and especially school teachers. Truth is truth and the current curriculum is about 180 degrees out of phase.


  3. Public schools are center for blinding the next generation, except it has already hit. We see the brain washing of the youth the polluting of their minds, innocence stolen, sex is thrust at us daily a never ever ending battle to keep our focus on the good. The confusion our children will grow up with will send them on the path to Pompeii (sp). The best course dump DOE encourage home schooling and private schools with values. I truely fear we will be reaping the winds of destruction because we neglected to call all to accountability as we slept and forgot the God of our inheritance.
    Jane you are right we should be watching at the local level, after all rotteness starts at the bottom of the barrel.
    I cry out: 2Chonicles 7:14


  4. I believe OUR KIDS should not be brain washed with UNPROVEN Policies or EDUCATIONAL content. WHO the heck comes up with this stuff any way? My gosh.

    Also, the Teachers who do the grunt of the work should be paid like any respectable or influencial job should be paid. After all, OUR Teachers have a SAY in HOW OUR Students turn out and future leaders for that MATTER as well. If the GOVERNMENT can’t find the money to pay OUR teachers then take the money from the EDucational Department for gosh sakes!

    I had a favorite teacher, his name was SAM, he taught me about life, and everything else, including that it’s a good thing to laugh at yourself and have a sense of humor. I was happier back then, so what happened??? I grew up. Kids should not loose the ability to IMAGINE till much later in life or et all!

    I am GRATEFUL for my teachers that I learned from AND as far as I am concerned, teachers dont get enough credit financially to do their jobs. Let the teachers decide what to buy for their students and not the ED DEPARTMENT!!!!! GIve Teacher’s more credit in general financially and respectfully!!!

    Respectfully Yours,


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