It Stinks! (The Case Against Hillary Clinton

When you open the refrigerator and it stinks, you know something is rotten in there.  Likewise, when the FBI failed to recommend that Hillary Clinton be prosecuted, you know something is rotten in our government.

If you still think the FBI and the Justice Department are independent from the White House and political pressure as they were designed to be, either you just crawled out from under a rock or you are hopelessly naive.

Days before the FBI made its findings public, Obama announced that he was endorsing Hillary Clinton to be his successor.  In fact, he was getting ready to board Air Force One with her to begin campaigning in North Carolina as the FBI press conference began.

Now I asked you, would Obama have made that announcement and made plans to join her campaign if he had not been assured that she would be cleared of criminal wrongdoing?  Would he have risked having such a blemish on his record for the sake of a few days?  

Consider the visual of walking down the steps of Air Force One with Hillary Clinton immediately after the FBI recommended she be prosecuted.  Obama is not the brightest person on the planet but, let’s face it, nobody is that dumb.

No, the fix was in.  No doubt it had been in for some time.   The only question is for how long and what kind of pressure was applied.

To add insult to injury, there was that “chance” 30-minute meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the woman who will make the final decision on whether to prosecute this case, aboard her private jet.

A chance meeting is when one encounters a friend in the checkout line at Walmart, not  when one waits for her jet to arrive and then boards with no one else present.   Each had security details on the tarmac that tried to intimidate those present by announcing there were to be “no pictures.”

Both Clinton and Lynch are lawyers (Clinton was disbarred) who knew that, given the circumstances, their private meeting was unethical, if not illegal.  Nevertheless, Clinton has always operated as if the law didn’t apply to him.  Lynch allowed it because she owes her career to the former president. Is that the message Clinton sought to deliver privately, or was it something even more sinister?   We will never know.

Within hours of that meeting, Hillary shamelessly announced that she would retain Lynch as her attorney general should she become president.

So, what’s a girl who wants to keep flying high on the public dime supposed to do?  Lynch refused to recuse herself from the case saying that she would accept the recommendation of the FBI.  Then, she hedged giving the Clintons and President Obama an added measure of security should the FBI director go rogue.  He didn’t.

Director Comey, who looked as though he had just swallowed a prickly pine cone, went before the cameras yesterday and laid out a clear-cut case for prosecuting the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.  Then he walked it back.

“Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information,” said, Comey, “there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

No clear evidence?   Didn’t Clinton set up that private server and instruct her immediate staff to use it for all her correspondence?   Does Clinton and the FBI director think we are stupid?  How can one do the job of Secretary of State without receiving and sending classified material?

In fact, Comey dutifully pointed out that his investigation found that Clinton, despite her denials, sent or received 110 such emails.

Comey also stated that, “even if information is not marked ‘classified’ in an e-mail, participants who know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated to protect it.”   If that is not “gross negligence,” which is a felony subject to a fine and/or jail time, what is?

The FBI director tagged his incredulous remarks by saying “(T)his is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. . .”  In fact, others have been prosecuted for doing far less.

This was a political decision and it stinks!

I, like so many Americans, are dismayed that the choice for president has come down to Trump or Clinton.  We could do better than Trump.  However,  let’s be clear:  There is no one worse than Hillary Clinton.

11 thoughts on “It Stinks! (The Case Against Hillary Clinton

  1. I have been saying this for years and getting a lot of hate and flak from people……

    The U.S. government is the most corrupt, criminal, deceitful and dishonest government on the planet…..

    The american people, as a nation, have become the biggest group of FOOLS and willfully ignorant COWARDS on the planet…..

    When the american people are finally capable of being honest with themselves about themselves and their country’s situation……

    It will be too late……America will have a Castro’s Cuba style government….

    It is already in operation…..


    1. If we the people could just break ourselves from voting for all those incumbents when we go into the voting booth. Most people can’t be bothered to learn who represents them in the House and Senate. Therefore they complain but are reluctant to fire them.


  2. Our “living, breathing” Constitution has been murdered; our Republic has been lost; and we have not the slightest vestige of the rule of law. The elites can commit any crime and get away with it; we serfs can be railroaded into prison merely for telling the truth. So be it…we are bound by natural law, by God’s law, but not by the laws enforced by the elites.
    As for Comey and the FBI, our Founding Fathers never intended that we be controlled by a myriad of federal laws, or that there be any kind of a national police force. The FBI has been morally compromised from its inception…consider Ruby Ridge, Waco, the first WTC bombing, Whitey Bulger, etc. As for Comey, like Hoover, he was a well-connected lawyer and never a street cop.


  3. Hello, Jane. Great article, as usual.
    So what happened to Comey being an apolitical, straight-arrow, above reproach sort of guy? Turns out, in my book, he is none if that! It now appears that, ala Lynch, he wants to keep his own job if Hillary is elected, God forbid! So, I can think of a few other terms that the letters FBI stand for. What about “Full of Bull Institute,” or “Federal Bureau of Incompetence,” to name a couple?
    By the way, Trump wasn’t my choice during the primaries, either. I voted for Cruz. But since then, Trump has become our only choice.


  4. Dear Jane,
    My husband worked in the aerospace industry for 30+ years, and held many FBI secret clearances. If he had done only some of the things H. Clinton has done, his clearances would have been stripped away. Even if the FBI is not going to prosecute Hillary, at the very least they need to make sure she holds no secret clearances – ever. It would logically follow that the President of the US must have secret clearances. Therefore Clinton should be declared unfit to run for the office of President of the United States.


  5. Yup! The fix was in. I didn’t know enough about Comey to comment until he showed his true colors – no ethics (black-hearted), Democrat blue, and a strong streak of yellow (afraid or intimidated to take a truthful stand). So the Clintons skate again, both Bill with his unethical meeting, and Hillary continues her Teflon career. However, I trust The Donald and have been a Trump supporter since back about 2012 when he toyed with running for President. He was quoted that he’d spend $600 million to run for President and in an essay (never published) I wrote I stated that we should pay him $600 million for a four-year term and our Treasury would reap several billions on a comparatively small investment, and I showed the numbers to back up that statement. So… contrary to many people who are reluctant to back The Donald, I’ll willingly admit to a five year following and three Trump bumper stickers on my old mini-van. Sometimes you’ve just got to take a stand. He is far from ideal, but he is the man we need at this point in our national progress. Let’s Make America Great Again, greater than its ever been.


  6. Great job Jane! Thanks for telling the truth!
    In Mexico the police make $300 a month. The Cartel comes to them and says “We’ll give you $5,000 a month and your family will stay alive, do you want to work with us?”
    A call was no doubt placed to Comey saying, “we know where your children go to school and where your wife works. We’ll be watching your testimony.”


  7. Sadly, you may be right. On the other hand, if she truly had nefarious intentions, which she clearly does not, it’d be easier to just supply protected info to enemies of the country than simply be careless and … hope that someone hacks her email?

    It might come down, too, to what is actionable. Is her email gaff actually a crime or just really dumb? One or the other, but which?

    My mind goes to Reagan and his arms-for-hostages move, and George H Bush using seized cocaine money to arm the Contras of Nicaragua. Good old Ollie North and his document shredding. Clearly more DELIBERATE law breaking, on the part of presidents, to meet a political end, than using the wrong email account. And of course they weren’t charged, either.


    1. There are laws that deal with the willful transfer of classified information. The one she obviously broke involved gross negligence. As for nefarious intent, it appears she did all this to hide the Clinton Foundation’s Ponzi scheme (and who knows what else) which is still under investigation. She deleted 30,000 emails she should have handed over (love notes to Bill who does do email, etc) with a simple “trust me.”

      Good try with trying to chance the subject or was that the “everybody’s doing it” dodge.


  8. I don’t think that mentioning that recent presidents got away with more overt and law-avoiding activity is changing the subject.

    The “gross negligence” is a good point. The whole affair is very troubling to me.

    A Ponzi scheme involves investments and returns. Some investors thought a foundation was an investment operation? That makes no sense to me. It also makes no sense that she hid anything by sending it all through any email server at all, which could be subpoenaed. I think she was just careless and stupid on this one.


  9. America is defined as developed nation however it hasn’t been able to balance its checkbook even by a Million-dollar difference let alone Billions. No, it’s out of balance by the Trillions and on top of it it’s Justice arm of the country designed to keep checks and balances in our government hasn’t been enforcing the law….even a third world country like Brazil has a justice department going after corruption in its government….arresting close to 500 politicians and businessmen and impeaching the president (who just before impeachment did a power play to protect the former president from arrest by hiring him on her staff just weeks before his scheduled arrest). Despite Brazil’s sickening corruption at the highest level, the Brazilian justices are going after cronies and will not stop until justice prevails in Brazil. America should start taking notes after the Brazilian justice department. Who would have figured a third world country like Brazil would lead example for America the Great….we certainly need a whole lot more than just a president to make America great again. We need an entire government overhaul. Those in the justice department enforcing justice need our support and those not doing their job need to be removed by the people. This will all depend on when the American people make the decision to care enough to turn off the TV reality shows, stop idolizing and obsessing over the entertainment industry and time take out of their day to get involved in making America great again and working to ensure the people elected into any office are working the offices within the confines by which they are designed and not abusing and using them for personal gain (agenda and self-profit).

    Hilary and recent power play by the Clintons Attorney General Loretta Lynch is awfully similar to the power play by recently impeached Brazilian President, Dilma. Who do these people think they are? Dilma and Hilary are not above the law but only if let them. We might enforce our laws. A law is only a law when it’s enforced! People, please demand justice. When we have Justice at the top it flows to the bottom where you and me are. Do you want someone that committed a crime against you to get away with it? Think about it…this is not about political platform or our opinion of issues, it’s about law and order – justice must prevail in America.


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