A Victory for the Great Unwashed (Now GOP Leaders must Put Up or Shut Up)

I was born in what was then a deep blue state, into a Democratic family.  Among my kin you were either a Democrat or un-American.  As a youngster I asked my parents, “Why are we Democrats?”  They answered, “Because Democrats are for the working people.”

My parents both worked very hard and so I just accepted that.  When I turned 18, I registered to vote and proudly voted in every election.  I didn’t know anything about the issues, but I voted.  When I became a parent, I began to study the issues and realized that Democrats were not what they seemed.  They supported principles that undermined the working class, small business owners and immigrants who wanted their shot at the American dream.   As the years rolled by, these Democrats took positions that were, well, un-American.

Much to my chagrin, I discovered, that Republicans weren’t much better.  Although, they talked a good ballgame about law and order, the free enterprise system and protecting the rights of the minority by defending the Constitution, they were afraid to make the case for these beliefs.  They were gradually taken over by political correctness and were unwilling to fight for anything for fear of losing their precious seats in Congress and their small grip on what power they had left.

Donald Trump’s win was a victory for the forgotten working class:  those people who plow the fields, stock the shelves, police our streets and make the trains run on time.   Exit polls show that one of the defining issues was that voters wanted a “strong leader.”

Far from the Clinton blowout the media and the pundits expected, people seemingly came out of the woodwork to vote for Trump.  In doing so, they kept the House and the Senate firmly in control of his party which, frankly, didn’t deserve it.  Now, all those GOP leaders finally will have to put up or shut up.

It is no secret that this country can control its borders if there is the will to do it.  Long ago, Republicans made an unholy bargain with Democrats to keep the status quo.  GOP leaders wanted to reward their big business friends who wanted cheap labor and Democrats simply wanted votes.  Trump was right when he said that a country that does not control its borders is not a country.

Even Hispanics understand this.  Almost a third of them voted for Trump despite the scare tactics employed by the Democrats and the Spanish language media.   Hispanics, like all immigrants, sacrificed a lot to come here, and they, too, want their shot at the American dream.

Perhaps the largest single group energized by his campaign was evangelicals who turned out in numbers that we haven’t seen in decades.

Though Trump, in the early stages, showed that he had very little understanding of Christianity, he appeared to have gathered knowledge and an appreciation of this faith and its followers along the way.   When he vowed to protect the Constitution which guarantees religious freedom for all people, this awakened the downtrodden Christian juggernaut that supported Ronald Reagan and, to a lesser extent, George W. Bush.

In the end, we have a future president who seems to have matured late in life and especially on the campaign trail.   Trump was humbled by the plight of the working class and the faith and trust it put in him.   He clearly lacked the skills and polish of a seasoned politician, but gained knowledge of the issues and solidified his positions along the way.

Trump defeated a woman who based her campaign on dragging up his decades-old misdeeds and some of his early unvarnished remarks on the campaign trial.   It was his past against her more recent unethical, if not illegal, behavior.

We eventually will elect a woman president, but one more deserving than Hillary Clinton.  We simply will have no part in elevating a lier who stayed married to and enabled a man who was a serial womanizer and abuser in order to ride his coattails.  Good riddance!

The best news of all:  The jig is now up for all those Republican and Democrats in Congress who have pretended to work for the people who elected them for far too long while robbing us blind.

We gave the GOP control of the House of Representatives, where all spending bills must originate, but they blamed their lack of resolve on the fact that they didn’t control the Senate.  We gave them control of the Senate, and they blamed the president.

Thanks to Donald Trump, the GOP now has complete control.  There is no place left for it to hide!

6 thoughts on “A Victory for the Great Unwashed (Now GOP Leaders must Put Up or Shut Up)

  1. America approached the brink…and stepped back and headed in a new direction. Had Hillary pulled off enough vote fraud to be “elected” the war-mongering lunatic would probably have led us into a world-destroying nuclear war with Russia. Remember, Putin is only our “enemy” because Bush 43, Bill Clinton, and Obama have threatened him by expanding NATO and attempting to overthrow the Syrian government.
    We are still in great danger. The fascists may assassinate Trump, or start a nuclear war after all, or use a false flag event as an excuse for martial law.
    But we are entering uncharted territory. If Trump survives and is able to implement at least some of the policies he has promised, we may avoid the worst…nuclear war or economic collapse. And if he reforms Justice and the FBI and starts a real investigation of Obama and Bill and the Hillary and their cronies it will likely lead, step by step, into some truly shocking revelations.


  2. Some of the stuff you say makes sense. Why not stick to that?

    You like Trump, fine. But to claim that after 70 years that he’s “gathered knowledge and an appreciation of [Christianity] and its followers along the way” in the last few months is ridiculous. He could clearly care less.

    And I don’t understand your criticism of someone who didn’t divorce her spouse following infidelity, excepting of course your ability to read her mind.

    One day you’re crowing your habit of calling your hubby if you have grab a drink w/ a colleague, and the next you can’t forgive someone for sticking w/ their spouse. And basically claiming that staying married to a “serial womanizer” disqualifies someone for leadership, then getting behind someone who boasts about grabbing women’s private parts while he’s married (he’s clearly cheated. Often. Hello.) is just plain odd.


  3. I trust Trump. He is a doer and thinker or he wouldn’t have risen, over the years, to the level that qualifies him for the presidency in many people’s minds. He gets things done “ahead of schedule and under budget.” I liked his comment a few months ago that there is nothing wrong with getting along with the Russians. The third paragraph of Pat Buchanan’s article of May 3, 2016 cites some provocative moves the US and NATO have made that would make me uneasy if I were a Russian citizen. We don’t need to have an “enemy” to constantly keep us politically oriented toward being a stanch citizen. Google Buchanan’s article, you may wish to copy if for proper balance when considering foreign affairs and military movements. I’ve been a Trumper since 2012 when he indicated an interest in running for the Presidency and I was holding my breath way too long on November 8th as I watched the election returns. Pray, it is effective, and have faith in good things happening. Thank God for his blessings, Amen.


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