The Democrats Terrible, Tumultuous Temper Tantrums

The hallmark of democratic governments is the smooth transition of power from one duly elected leader and duly elected legislature to the next.  Never before in our history have we seen an outgoing president and the leaders of his losing political party so hellbent on tripping up those who will succeed them.

Obama set the stage by inviting the president-elect to the White House for a friendly chat and then snatching the welcome matt right from under his feet as he was leaving the White House.

After jetting off to Hawaii for another luxury vacation, costing taxpayer millions of $$$ (, it became obvious that Obama left land mines for his successor, hoping they will blow up during some portion of  Trump’s initial stay in the White House.  Between rounds of golf, he gave orders to throw Israel under the bus at the United Nations.  He expelled 35 Russian diplomats.  He used an arcane statue to block oil drilling in much of the Arctic and portions of the Atlantic Ocean in an obvious attempt to keep Trump from making good on his promise to use all available fuel reserves and take actions to allow more off-shore drilling.  He used another arcane statue to grab 1.6 million acres of valuable land in Utah and Nevada, two states that helped put Trump over the top.

Obama is going to extreme lengths to make it difficult for Trump to roll back job killing federal regulations that have been crippling economic growth by releasing hundreds more in the waning days of his administration.  Word is that this administration is eyeing $44.1 billion in midnight regulations, in addition to the $150 billion in regulatory costs already published, as he goes out the door.

To add insult to injury, Obama isn’t planning to go quietly into retirement.  Unlike previous presidents who go home and largely remain quiet in order to give their successors a chance to govern, the Obamas’ leased a mansion and office space in Washington, D.C., just minutes from the White House. Their new home features a large courtyard big enough to accommodate his entire adoring Washington press corps from which he is expected to regularly launch guided missiles aimed toward his former residence.

Obama’s actions represent little more than a terrible, tumultuous temper tantrum thrown by a child who didn’t get his way, hardly befitting a president of the United States.   As Trump has grown more popular since his election, and the country is in a euphoric state in anticipation of an improved economy under his guidance,  Obama’s actions have become more and more extreme.

It is little wonder that Chuck Schumer, the Senate’s new majority leader who is known as a consummate deal-maker, is now throwing a bit of a temper tantrum of his own over Trump’s cabinet picks.   While unable to do anything but kick, thrash about and wail, Schumer has promised to do what he can to hold up and possibly derail eight of Trump’s selections.

Schumer is demanding at least two days of hearings per Cabinet pick, and hearings for no more than two choices in any one week week for his shenanigans.  He is hoping to buy enough time for his antics to kick up enough dust to scare at least three Republicans into nixing the president-elect’s nominees to head State, Justice, Education, Health and Human Services, Labor, Treasury, Environmental Protection and the Office of Management and Budget.

Now is the time for Mitch McConnell to show us if he is a man of his word or simply a political mouse.  Is  he is going to go along with Trump’s plans to reform Washington or simply play footsie with the Democrats so as not to upset the political dynasties that have existed for far too long in the United States Senate?

Schumer’s chief complaint is that some of these nominees have made billions off the industries they will be tasked with regulating.  Others have been critical of the agencies they are nominated to head.  In short, these men and women are not only knowledgeable, but ready, willing and able to take on the task of reining them in.

A president is entitled to select the team he puts on the field.  The first 100 days are critical to any new administration.  It is important that these nominees be approved without delay.

Let Obama and the Democrat leaders have their temper tantrums if they must.  Just ignore them.

2 thoughts on “The Democrats Terrible, Tumultuous Temper Tantrums

  1. We’ll be lucky if Obama doesn’t get us into a nuclear war before it leaves the White House, or cancel the election. As for the despicable little Chuckie Schumer, there are enough traitorous RINOs around that he might be able to derail Trump’s nominees. On the other hand, many Demoncraps have got to be having second thoughts and worrying about their own reelection. And, in coming weeks, the leftists will incite riots and violent, disruptive protests that will turn more and more people against them.
    And never, ever underestimate Trump.


  2. Great article! I’ve copied it for future reference when some of my associates (in volunteer work) conveniently “forget” about Obama’s atrocious actions during his last few weeks and days in office.
    I also appreciated Mr. Stoecker’s comment. I’m sure the three of us would enjoy each other’s company immensely if we got together some early afternoon, sat around a table, had a beer (or two)and talked politics, the Obama vs. the incoming Trump administrations. Surely the sun would set before we barely got a good start. Impossible with Mr. Stoecker in Sacramento (I believe – I lived there for 16 years), and Mrs. Chastain in So. Calif., and me in Pleasant Grove Utah. But I can dream can’t I?


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