Why Obamacare must Go

The first order of business for the new Congress is the repeal of Obamacare.  The American people demand it.  The only people who seem to be happy with Obama’s signature achievement are those who are rich or getting it for free, or nearly free.

Dig a little deeper you will find that the bleeding-heart liberal rich with their on-call concierge physicians or so-called Cadillac plans are the only ones truly happy because they are unaffected.  Those who get Obamacare free through the expansion of Medicaid, or nearly free, have found it is a trap because fewer and fewer doctors are willing to take these patients.  The doctors who do require long waits.  It’s call rationing which is a hallmark of socialized medicine or Obamacare-Lite, as the case may be.

For the average guy or gal, Obamacare has been a disaster.  My cousin Lori is a case in point.  As an adjunct college professor she was informed that she would no longer be eligible for company health benefits for 2017.  The college then offered her the ability to self-pay through Obamacare.

In Lori’s state, Kansas, she discovered that she would have to shell out $5,000 dollars for the privilege of paying another $5,000 in deductibles for a policy that offered everything from soup to nuts — abortions to psychiatric care, etc. —  assuming she got pass the additional $10,000 initial expense.  And they had the nerve to call it The Affordable Care Act!  That means well checkups,  prescriptions, doctor visits, tests, etc would be on her dime.   For most middle class workers, this makes no sense.

Lori, who is of sound mind and whose children are grown, then sought out a private insurance agent and came up with a plan that met her needs with a deductible she could handle and a premium she could afford.   Voila!

But her story didn’t end there.  Before she signed on the dotted line, her agent explained that if she chose that plan, she would incur a tax penalty which amounted to $1500 because her plan was not a “government approved” plan.

What?  Wait a cotton-picking minute!  Lori, like most people, seemed to remember President Obama, with his shirtsleeves rolled up (indicating that he was working so hard on our behalf) telling us if we liked the plan we have we could keep it (9.3 million lost their coverage during the first open enrollment period) and if not we would be able to choose the government plan or any other private plan.  Lori, who has never been without health care coverage, discovered that if she took the plan that was right for her, she would be required to pay that tax right along with those who chose to remain uninsured.  She was was justifiably outraged!

Meanwhile, The Affordable Care Act was supposed to drive all health care costs down.  The average annual premium reduction was supposed to save the average family $2500. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o65vMUk5so But wait!  In 2017, in the Obamacare exchanges in 39 states, the average premium increase for the benchmark plan is 25 percent.

Families with coverage through their employers have not fared any better.  Their average premiums have increased $4,372 from 2010 to 2016.   Those employees who are lucky enough to have plans all or partially paid for by their employers have seen their wages stagnate as a result of these increased health care premiums.

Now, Obama is trying to make us feel better by telling us that his plan has actually bent the projected cost curve down.  But wait another minute!  The decline in projected health care spending growth largely occurred prior to the passage of Obamacare, primarily due to the recession.

One thing is sure. When Obamacare is replaced, those with preexisting conditions simply cannot be allowed to hop aboard at any time with no penalty if insurance is to be affordable.   That would be like calling an insurance agent and demanding homeowner’s insurance after your house is on fire or auto insurance after a collision.

I know what it is like to deal with a preexisting condition.  My husband has congenital heart issues.  Therefore, we were in our state’s high risk pool.   We were charged higher rates, which was only fair, but we had excellent coverage.

Now, we look back on those those “high premiums” as a bargain.   They were much lower than what the average family is shelling out today due to Obamacare.   May it rest in peace.


10 thoughts on “Why Obamacare must Go

  1. Without a doubt Obama-Care must go, but we are giving this “Legislation” to much validity. Along with getting RID of this, we must demand that Congress become more Responsible, and not endorse Illegal “BILLS’. The House could not pass Obama-Care, so Harry Reid, violated the Law , and took Bill HR-3590, (A Veterans Housing Bill, just passed in the House),gutted the existing language and installed Obama-Care. NO ONE SAID ANYTHING. In other-words this Obama-Care never was introduced and /or passed in the House, therefore does NOT really exist……it is Illegal!! **Check the record.


  2. I reluctantly have Obamacare because my individual insurance was higher than my house payment and then when I moved out of state they dropped me. If I take early social security, I will pay all of it to healthcare plus more. I have pre-existing chronic but not life-threatening conditions but cannot afford individual insurance if the pre-existing raises the premium as much as before Obamacare, so until I am eligible for Medicare, I am at the mercy of whatever the replacement is. I hope they will address what the insurance companies are doing to make premiums unaffordable no matter who pays. They are the real culprits in my opinion, and the hospitals who are categorized “in-network” by the insurance companies but contract out many in-hospital services to out of network contractors without telling us. This happened twice this year to me and I had to pay 100 percent out of pocket!


  3. Before Obamacare was passed without anyone actually reading it, we had a pretty good health care system, and most of us patriots pointed out that it could be improved with less government control, rather than more. Allowing people to choose from a greater variety of options (like insuring young, healthy people only for catastrophic illnesses and injuries if they wished) and allowing all insurance companies to compete in every state would have made the system even better.
    But then, improving the system was never really the goal of our fascist would-be masters.


  4. One thing I find facinating about the ACA and Republicans is that Republicans, who normally could care less about government expense (observe the Reagan era, or the two trillion GW Bush absolutely insisted we flush down the Iraq War) all of a sudden they have a huge problem with the cost of the ACA.

    Whether one likes the ACA or not, a lot of people worked for years to create, enact and implement it. Trump’s promise to repeal and replace will show him just how long and hard a 70 year old is going to have to actually work to keep create a new insurance system.


  5. I’m glad I am beyond this mess called ACA or Obamacare. Sorry to read about Lori’s situation, caught between a rock and a hard place. I am confident that competition and individual payments (not a third-party payee)are the two most important things to control costs. Anytime the government gets involved in anything, simply BEWARE!


  6. Yes must go Why I have to pay panelty. Obama Care must switch to optional instead requirements. I have to pay panelty no insurance it is so stupid things ever in my life Donald Trump help us for those who working hard people


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