Flynn’s Dismissal Highlights the Difference Between Obama and Trump

Donald Trump lost a valuable member of his team when Michael Flynn was forced to fall on his sword and resign as his national security advisor.  Flynn’s crime had nothing to do with the Russians, but his failure to tell the truth about his December conversation with Sergey Kislyak.

One can appreciate Flynn’s hesitancy to tell (then) Vice-president Elect Mike Pence that he had discussed the sanctions Obama had recently imposed on Russia with the Kremlin Ambassador.  It wasn’t illegal.  In fact, it was to be expected that Flynn would be laying the groundwork for what lies ahead.   However, in light of all the accusations about Russia’s attempt to skew our election in favor of Trump, Flynn probably wanted to avoid throwing unnecessary fuel on that media-fanned fire.

Does anyone remember that cosy little conversation Barack Obama had in March of 2012 with outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at the global nuclear security summit in Seoul, South Korea?  Obama was caught on tape asking Medvedev to ask his successor, Vladimir Putin, to give hims “space” until after the November election when he would have more flexibility to deal with thorny issues like missile defense.  

After Obama’s famous “reset” with Russia, he turned a blind eye to Russian aggression and drug his feet on the bi-lateral missile shield announced by George W. Bush that was to be installed in Poland and the Czech Republic, finally scrapping the idea.  Obama’s conversation, like Flynn’s, was perfectly legal but politically embarrassing.

Yes, Obama finally began a missile installation in Romania last spring, which is designed to defeat short and median-range missiles, but his delay gave the Russians time to redesign their missiles to defeat it.   So much for all that tough talk about the Russians and the sanctions he imposed on his way out of the door of the White House.

The important lesson in all of this is the truth matters to Trump as it never did to Obama.   After all, Obama never knew about Clinton’s insecure email server even though he was sending messages to her through that address.  Oh yes, he never knew that the attack in Benghazi was anything more than a spontaneous reaction to an internet film and, yes, under Obamacare, “if you like your (insurance) plan you can keep it,”  and on and on.

In short, Flynn lied about something that, in the whole scheme of things, was relatively unimportant.  In doing so he lost the confidence of his commander-in-chief.  Like it or not, if you don’t have your word, you don’t have anything.  How can anyone believe you ever again.

That is something that seems to be completely lost on the Democrats who wanted to elect their lying queen, Hillary Clinton to the highest office in the land.  They have their panties and their boxer shorts in such a twist over their losses in the election that they are out to take down this president and the country be damned.  They have the long knives out for anyone he appoints to any office.

They are gleeful over the demise of Michael Flynn, not simply because he was a valuable member of Trump’s team but because he understood that radial Islamic extremists pose a threat to the civilized world.  Flynn was helping Trump with his plans to defeat it and keep the country safe.

If Democrats have their way, Flynn will not be the only casualty of this administration.  Trump has assembled a remarkable team, one that is capable of upending the status quo.   However, the Democrats have sought to demonize his appointees.  A notable exception is Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, the wife of the Senate majority leader.  Not a big surprise.   Mitch McConnell is the epitome of the Washington establishment.   He is their secret BFF.

If Trump is to succeed, he must redouble his efforts in order to get past the roadblocks set up by the Democrats and the old dogs in his own party.

Therefore, when Trump picks a replacement for Flynn, he must get someone every bit as tough and knowledgeable.  This appears to be retired Vice Adm. Robert Harward.

The same goes for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and his lower court appointments.  If any are derailed, his next appointments should be even more committed to the principle of judicial restrain and upholding the U.S. Constitution as it is, not as the liberals wish it to be in their kumbaya world.

3 thoughts on “Flynn’s Dismissal Highlights the Difference Between Obama and Trump

  1. There’s no question that the Democrats and their willing accomplices, the media, are sabotaging everything they can that is on President Trump’s agenda. At one time the other party was “The Loyal Opposition.” Now they are not only in opposition, but dutifully bent on subversion and overthrow of the current administration – that’s sedition! A classical example of the dictionary’s definition. I believe that the dismissal of General Flynn was too early, but I’m not knowledgeable about the intimate details. Nevertheless, a high level pow-wow might have resolved this without playing into the liberals’ (Democrats and media) hands and rewarding their tactics and playbook.


  2. And let us not forget that Hillary helped to arrange the sale of a good deal of our uranium to Russia, and King Hussein allowed technology transfers to that country. But now the Demoncrats and my leftist acquaintances here in the People’s Republic of Sacramento are born-again cold warriors. They urged unilateral disarmament when the Soviet Union was truly the evil empire, yet they hate the nationalist strong man, Putin, although he has never attacked or threatened any vital US interest.
    But then “leftist” and “hypocrite” are virtually synonymous.


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