Fake News

Media bias is a fact of life.  Discerning citizens who regularly read newspapers or watch a nightly newscast have noticed a distinct slant to the left that gets more extreme with each passing year.  Polls showing the preferences and voting patterns of journalists show it, and a number of peer reviewed studies confirm it.  While most Americans identify as moderate to conservative, the news media is decidedly liberal.

The question I am asked quite often is, “Why?” 

One study attempted to explain it away by looking at the areas where reporters are concentrated.  The majorly of our news coverage comes from media centers in New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Chicago, which are all Democratic strongholds but there is more to it than that.

For a number of years the liberal national media was balanced by moderate to conservative reporters working at local newspapers and television stations, but this is no longer the case.  Most local reporters desire to become national reporters, so they tend to emulate and adopt the group think that springs from above with the hope of being noticed, or at least accepted, by those who serve as gatekeepers for those jobs in the large media distribution outlets.

There was a time, when reporters prided themselves in being fiercely independent. However, if you think peer pressure is just something you deal with in high school, think again.  Peer pressure is a reality in the nation’s newsrooms.  In fact, a reporter or editor’s job may depend on whether or not he or she falls in line with the conventional wisdom.

So, how did liberalism become the gold standard in today’s newsrooms?

Our political news originates from Washington, D. C.  Those who report the news depend on access to the leaders at the top.   In order to gain access to these leaders, reporters must go through their staffs:  the communications director or, more importantly, the chief of staff.   Solid friendships understandably develop through these day to day contacts.

While staffers control access and amass a considerable amount of power on the Capitol Hill, these workers are underpaid, under appreciated and largely unknown outside the beltway.  Nevertheless, these jobs are highly coveted.  Most begin an as unpaid volunteers or interns and slowly work their way up the political food chain.  By the time they reach middle age, they are looking for something better.  Some run for office themselves to gain more power.  Others become lobbyists to gain money.  Still others took jobs in the media to gain visibility and influence.  Those looking for jobs in the media turn to their friends — the very people they helped over years.

Most people forget that Republicans have had control of Washington for a very short time.  The Democrats had a lock on both houses of Congress for 34 of the 40 years from 1954 through 1994 — the very years when television news came into its own.

The news media needs access to the Speaker of the House, the majority party leaders and those powerful committee chairs.  Those members are the big “gets” for any reporter, for any network. The other members are just set dressing.  They are grateful for any coverage at all.

The majority party controls every committee.  They hold a majority on every committee and pick the committee chairmen.  In 1994, Newt Gingrich broke the Democratic lock with his Contract with America, when Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, however they have not held it consistently.

Over the years, those who ran the nation’s newsrooms, print and broadcast, became beholden to the staffers who granted them access to these powerful leaders. Therefore, when those staffers begin looking for media jobs, they were hired.

By the time television became the dominate force it is today, it was a wholly owned subsidy of the Democratic left and many of those former political staffers have or have had key positions that shape the news.  They, in-turn, hired more friends, friends of friends or family members of prominent Democrats.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and CNN’s Christiane Amanpour are visible examples of those with ties to the Clinton Administration. CBS News President David Rhodes, Disney/ABC  Television Group President Ben Sherwood and CNN Vice President and Deputy Washington Bureau Chief Virginia Moseley all have close ties to the Obama Administration.

Therefore, even though Republicans now control the White House and Congress, the media feels free — if not obliged — to ridicule, chide or belittle our present Republican leaders.

That is why so many important stories that are unfavorable to Democrats go uncovered.  That is why we have so much “fake news.”

4 thoughts on “Fake News

  1. I watch a bit of Fox News but take even that network with more than a grain of salt. Sean Hannity, Judge Pirro, and Tucker Carlson are generally trustworthy. But it has been years since I watched anything on the other networks or read a newspaper or news magazine (apart from the John Birchers’ “New American” magazine.
    For real news we still have the internet, even though a great deal of that is also controlled by the same fascist elites who control the print media.


  2. Thank you for the explanation of the history and relationships between Washington staffers and the media. That explains a lot!


  3. One reason that goes further back is the deficiency of our education system (and lack of teaching Christian values). If our students were taught the truth about our founding, and comparisons drawn with other countries’ governments, plus the abundance of blessings that we enjoy (and that our citizenry so blindly take for granted), we surely would have a stronger conservative foundation among the current and following generations. Without teaching the differences between what we enjoy and what the alternatives are, and pointing out the liberal fumbles when men try to overly control rather than use principles of free enterprise, we will have these people moving into controlling positions without a foundation of correct values, as has happened already.

    In addition, a strong moral character should be part of growing-up education, usually found when Christian values become internalized by the students – right vs. wrong, honesty vs. cheating, caring for others as opposed to selfishness, and a sense of ethical values that a person of character refuses to compromise. I would not seek a position where my ethical values needed to be compromised, nor would others if they were taught correctly.

    Those who compromise their ethical standards for advancement or monetary gain could very well be contributing to reduced longevity due to internal illnesses brought about by the inner turmoil subconsciously caused by their internal mental conflict. They may think they are getting away with something but the universe seeks balance – karma will balance things out and the yin will be offset by yang. Basically Christian teachings with some Buddhism, Hinduism, and Mandarin Chinese philosophy tossed in.


  4. I have found a wonderful unbiased news source on my cable system called “RT Television.” They provide a refreshing view of the world that we don’t normally see with “fake” media. They recently exposed a wonderful documentary about how the ukrainians have covered up the fact that THEY blew up the Malaysian Airliner two summers ago, not Russia. If you don’t get RT on your cable system, it would help to complain to them to request it.


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